Eliminating Complications That Can Ruin A Perfect Relationship

Perfect MatchToday I will show you that finding the right person for you is not enough. You won’t automatically have a perfect love relationship only by finding the ideal person.

If you want to have a perfect love relationship you have to be mentally healthy and your partner too. This is why the unconscious mind begins by transforming your personality, before showing you who your perfect match really is.

I already told you my story with my animus. Many people cannot understand why I couldn’t be happy with my perfect match after finding him. The truth is that he was mentally ill before meeting me. I had to help him find sound mental health because he was too sick.

Therefore, I became a mental health therapist not only because this was necessary for me and for everyone who needs psychotherapy, but because my perfect mach needed a special treatment in order to be cured. I’m still curing him.

His case is one of the worst ones, like my case. I was mentally ill too, but I was only neurotic. I could recuperate my human conscience, even though it was partially destroyed. His conscience already was totally destroyed.

I had to find sound mental health before becoming schizophrenic in order to be able to cure my perfect match, besides having to teach everything I could discover to the world, and help everyone else find sound mental health through dream translation.

We had similar personalities and similar mental illnesses. Without psychotherapy, I would become schizophrenic like him, but God was very generous with me.

I already told you that some treatments can take many years because the person’s anti-conscience managed to destroy a big portion of their conscience. These treatments are too long because they are too difficult.

This is why I’m trying to open your eyes before you will deal with a severe mental illness. God is persistent and patient, but when the patient doesn’t cooperate with his/her treatment and he has a severe mental illness, there are many complications. You have to follow dream therapy before acquiring a severe mental illness.

My example should also show you that you must care about finding your perfect match before getting married. Don’t get married to someone for one reason or another like I did. If you are not more than sure that you are getting married to the ideal person for you, don’t get married.

Don’t be impatient like everyone in our world. There is a perfect match for you. This is not a myth.

You will be compensated if you will be patient instead of getting involved with the wrong person.

Wish I wasn’t married when I found my perfect match. However, this was my destiny because he had to verify that I was a serious woman, and that I wouldn’t betray my husband, even though I was in love with him.

The truth is that I clearly showed to my perfect match that I loved him through many ways. I wasn’t innocent. I didn’t betray my husband because I was obeying the divine guidance in dreams, but I had the intention to do what God was trying to prevent.

Before discovering the existence of the anti-conscience in January of 1989 I had many dreams about my perfect match, showing me that he was too immoral and he had many lovers. I didn’t doubt that this was true because he was too handsome.

This information about my perfect match was only the introduction. God used his example to show me that all human beings are in fact demons. Then, He talked about terror.

I already had analyzed the evilness of many people I knew. So, I was gradually discovering the truth about the human brain. Thanks to the information I had, I understood that absurdity was generated by evilness.

At that time I started using a book written by Francisco Xavier, a Brazilian spiritual guide. This book had a symbolic meaning. It helped me have a better communication with the unconscious mind, besides having information in my dreams.

I was grateful because I had found that alternative, but my enthusiasm disappeared when I learned that my perfect match was a terrible person. God clearly showed me that he was an immoral monster; a disgusting man.

When I learned that he had killed my husband thanks to a dream in July of 1990 I was hoping that I would surely meet him again. I was surprised. I wanted to meet him running, but I had to make him respect God’s conditions.

I had already learned everything about the anti-conscience and I was going to the Catholic Church every Sunday, besides following religious seminars at a Catholic organization at the center of Athens. I already had followed a special treatment since January of 1989 until September of this year fighting the unbearable symptoms of my anti-conscience and winning the fight.

I also got adapted to my new religious mission. I had to prove God’s existence to the atheistic world, and not only continue Carl Jung’s psychiatric research and cure mental illnesses through dream translation.

The fact that I had to prove the existence of God and also convince the world to obey the divine guidance in dreams was harder than convincing the world that dreams have a psychotherapeutical effect.

Wish I was an average scientist. My mission was too complicated and strange.

I could learn the truth about my husband’s death only one year later because I had to stay far away from him. God did everything He could to hide the truth from me, and keep me busy fighting my terrible anti-conscience because I had to prevent schizophrenia.

When I learned the truth about my husband’s death I wanted to meet my perfect match immediately because I understood that he wanted to marry me, but I also understood that he was a monster. I couldn’t agree with his crime.

Thanks to my psychotherapy I could clearly understand the meaning of terror. I wasn’t as insensitive as before the therapy.

God’s solution for this situation was to convince him to confess his crime to a priest. This would be a private confession and he would be absolved, but he never agreed with it.

You are probably thinking that of course, he would never agree with this condition… This was what I thought too, but God demanded this confession. It seemed to be a big complication, but it has necessary for the recuperation of his human conscience.

The priest I would send him was my friend. He was an Italian priest who was living in Athens.

I told him that father Rosario was a serious and responsible person. He was not a superficial priest. He really believed in God.

The truth is that father Rosario was superficial in many ways, but he was the best priest I could find. At least he really believed in the existence of God and in God’s pain. Other priests and nuns believed hat God was indifferent to what happens on earth. Father Rosario could understand that God suffers because we are terrible sinners.

My perfect match hated the idea to confess his crime, even if only to this special priest. I wasted my time giving him numerous explanations, while knowing that he wouldn’t change his mind.

I had to convince him to accept God’s rules because this is how he will be completely cured. However, he doesn’t want to admit that he was responsible for my husband’s death, and he doesn’t believe in God.

He doesn’t accept obeying rules. He gives orders; he doesn’t obey anyone.

He is rich and powerful. He is not a person who accepts anything. Everything would be difficult even if he was an average person, but the fact that he is so rich means that there is no way he may need to accept obeying rules.

However, our relationship depends on his cooperation. He cannot keep doing whatever he may desire. He must be cured.

I’m giving you more explanations about my perfect match and my destiny to show you that there are many details you must know before being able to judge a certain case.

I’m trying to help you avoid having a similar destiny. If you will be wise and you will precisely obey the divine guidance in your dreams before getting involved with the wrong person, you will find your perfect match and have a perfect love relationship with him/her.

Finding your perfect match is not as hard as it seems to be. However, the most important matter is to have a perfect love relationship with the ideal person after finding him/her.

Just by finding your perfect match you won’t solve the biggest problem of your life. You still have to be able to live well with the ideal person. This is the most important part.

Finding Your Perfect Match When You Are Old

Many people discover their perfect match when they are not so young, or after having a divorce, etc. In this case there are many complications because when a person is not young this person has a past.

Most people have many traumatic experiences when they are young. So, if you will find your perfect match when you are older you will have to deal with his psychological problems.

Many divorced people are not able to have a perfect love relationship with the right person even when they find them. As I told you before, finding your soul mate is not as difficult as having the relationship you desire.

This is why you need psychotherapy before being able to find your perfect match. You have to be cured from your mental illness and become a mentally healthy individual.

If you belong to the human race, you are mentally ill from birth because you have an anti-conscience. Even your conscience is deficient because it is one-sided. You have to follow psychotherapy to stop having psychological problems, or to prevent future problems.

I had to be cured the same way that my perfect match had to be cured. Even though my position was much better, I had to become more sensitive by helping many people overcome their mental illnesses and their tragic problems. This process worked like psychotherapy for me. I was becoming more sensitive to the human pain and more generous.

I saw that many people have tragic life biographies and very strange problems that no one can imagine. Through dream translation I learned everyone’s secrets.

Most people merely pretend to be fine. Everyone has so many psychological and existential problems that they can hardly manage to go on.

They never find their perfect match because they keep getting involved with the wrong person. They keep looking for partners that have the same personality traces and make the same mistakes.

You have to follow dream therapy in order to find sound mental health, find your perfect match, and learn how to have a perfect love relationship with the ideal person.

If you will find your perfect match when you are old – even if very old, or not so old, it doesn’t matter, you have to follow dream therapy to learn how to cure your perfect match too, the same way I’m trying to cure mine. I hope his problem is not as serious as my perfect match’s problem.

Many people begin this path with enthusiasm, but they give up because of the difficulties. I’m showing you the truth as it is. Curing someone else’s mental illness is harder than following psychotherapy yourself. You cannot control other people’s behavior.

If you want to be able to cure your perfect match you have to be persistent.

If you will obey the divine guidance in your dreams, you will manage to cure your perfect match and have a perfect love relationship. Everything depends on your seriousness.

For example, if your perfect match is a divorced man who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder because his wife betrayed him, you have to help him understand that he can absolutely trust you because you really are a loyal wife. This necessity is tiring and unpleasant, but the person you love needs this psychotherapy.

The mental health problem your perfect match could have can be totally different. There are numerous different cases.

The unconscious mind gives you lessons, showing you how to cure the person you love thanks to your behavior. Therefore, even if you will find your perfect match after making a wrong marriage or in an age you couldn’t suppose something like that could happen to you, you can help the person you love overcome all obstacles and have a perfect love relationship with him.

What really matters is your attitude. Don’t give up with the difficulties of the way.

Helping someone trust another person again can seem to be an impossible mission. Every case has its complications. However, if you will obey the divine guidance, you will help this person understand that you are different.

I’m showing you my tragic love story to give you lessons, and show you what you must avoid. Many people found their perfect match and have a perfect relationship with him/her, but this is rare

As I told you in my previous article I never had the courage to try to meet my perfect match again because I couldn’t trust my feelings. I didn’t have the courage to meet him again even after discovering that he had killed my husband (while pretending that my husband had a heart attack) because I understood that he was sick. He was angry with me because I didn’t agree with his horrible plan.

Since I learned the truth one year later, I could understand that he had to be cured before meeting me again. I gave him numerous explanations, but besides all the complications I already mentioned, he doesn’t believe that I love him.

He concluded that I abandoned him because I didn’t love him, and not because I was obeying the divine guidance. Well, he doesn’t believe in God. Therefore, he thinks that I never loved him.

I have to prove God’s existence to all atheists and to all hypocrites who merely pretend to believe in God, and unfortunately also to my perfect match. I’m convincing many people that God exists and speaks in dreams, but my perfect match is not one of them. He hates me because he thinks that I don’t love him.

Of course, I would never think about demanding the confession of his crime to a priest. I don’t think that this idea seems to be mine.

However, I have to make him obey God’s will, the same way that I obey the divine guidance in all situations. I believe in God and I know that God knows why something must be done.

He thinks that I’m demanding this confession because I’m cruel and I have other intentions. He doesn’t forgive me because I abandoned him, no matter how many explanations I may give him. He believes that if I really loved him I would never abandon him.

I understood that I had to love God more than him. God needed and deserved my love more than him.

God needed my support to put an end to craziness and terror on earth. And my perfect match needed a long psychotherapy based on God’s rules, which he had to accept and respect, even if he hated them.

God’s rules are based on wisdom and goodness. I hated the divine guidance when I had to suffer very much in order to do what God was demanding from me, but I understood that I was wrong and God was right. This is why I was obedient, even against my will.

I could understand that God knew what was better for me, but most people don’t have this vision.

Who accepts respecting God’s rules in a crazy world that works based on immorality, violence, and greed?

Most people are disobedient, even if they are not as rich and powerful as my perfect match. This is why our world is a living hell.

You have to understand this fact and accept obeying God’s rules. He knows how you must behave.

I was intelligent enough to understand this truth from the beginning because I was prepared to be able to recognize it, but most people don’t have this enlightenment.

God worked hard preparing me to be able to understand how I should behave.

You have to obey the divine guidance even if you cannot understand the real importance of your obedience. I’m showing you that you are safe when you follow the divine guidance, even when it is unpleasant and painful.

God corrects your behavior and purifies your spirit. If you will be obedient, you will be rewarded in the future.

Understanding Your Perfect Match

Now I will show you the dreams I had before meeting my perfect match, which influenced my behavior and helped me understand many things about him.


I was in a boat in the sea with a man who was many years older than me. He was my husband. I was somehow surprised because I was married to him (and not to my real husband), but I accepted my position.

I had this dream in 1987, when I was 26-years-old, one year before meeting my perfect match.

I was making progress on dream translation and I was able to understand the meaning of numerous dream symbols, but I was not an expert yet. I was studying Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation from January of 1984, when I was pregnant.

I studied also all the methods of many other named psychotherapists before concluding that I should follow only Jung’s method.

I took dream interpretation very seriously since August of 1986, when I had many meaningful dreams that I could somehow understand when I translated their meaning based on Jung’s method. I abandoned all the other methods, and I precisely followed Jung’s steps.

Dream translation:

I was in a boat in the sea

I represent my ego.

The sea in dreams represents craziness.

The boat represents a dangerous research because is it unprotected from many dangers.

Therefore, my ego was making a dangerous research while facing craziness.

with a man who was many years older than me. He was my husband.

This man represented my perfect match, who was in fact many years older than me.

This dream was predicting the meeting with my animus and the fact that I would become his wife. The fact that he was my husband means that I belonged to him (and not necessarily that we were married).

We were making a dangerous research, while facing craziness. This means that we were mentally ill or we could become mentally ill.

I was somehow surprised because I was married to him (and not to my real husband), but I accepted my position.

This part of the dream was predicting my reaction. I would simply desire to be his wife, without caring about my husband.

At the time I had this dream I couldn’t understand it as clearly as I’m translating it today for you.

I started thinking about the possibility to get divorced when my husband and I had many problems because his mother died when I was pregnant, and his father was living with us since then. However, my son was a baby. My husband and I had many conversations, and we decided to wait for a while until the baby would grow up.

We were living together because we had a child together, and we worked together in our small factory, but we had already verified that our marriage was problematic.

I had thoughts about getting divorced, since I was not happy with my marriage. This dream showed me that perhaps the right man for me was not a young man like my husband.

God was trying to show me what would happen in the future, and helping me get prepared to face the challenge I would have to deal with the next year.

Then, I had another intriguing dream that made me understand that something related to a very different man would happen in my life.


I was with a man in a helicopter. We were a couple and we had a love relationship, but his wife was with us. I told him that his wife was with us, but he told me that it didn’t matter.

Dream translation:

I was with a man in a helicopter.

The helicopter represents a higher level of knowledge, but not high enough like the airplane. It represents a partial vision of the truth.

I represent my ego and the man represents my perfect match.

In this dream I could see his face, but I didn’t remember it very well. In a previous dream I had before meeting him, he had no face. I still didn’t know his facial traces because I hadn’t met him yet.

We were a couple and we had a love relationship, but his wife was with us.

This means that I was his lover. He had a love relationship with me, even though he was married.

Dreams about the person we love give us information about them. This dream was showing me that I had to be careful because my perfect match would desire to have a parallel relationship with me.

I told him that his wife was with us, but he told me that it didn’t matter.

This part of the dream was showing me that even though I would complain about his wife’s presence in his life he would insist on having a double life.

This dream irritated me very much. I hated the idea to be in the position of a lover.

This dream was preparing me to avoid being in a very negative position.

However, the fact that we were in a helicopter means that this was only a partial vision of the truth.

This would only seem to be the situation I would have to face, but I didn’t have an image of the situation as it really was because I couldn’t attain a higher level of knowledge yet – and travel by plane. I had a partial vision of the truth.

I couldn’t clearly understand the meaning of this dream at that time, but I believed that it was a serious warning. I shouldn’t accept such situation in my life.

So, the unconscious mind was gradually preparing me for a negative situation with my perfect match. I had to be very careful.

I knew that sooner or later I would get divorced. My husband and I were merely going on because of our son, and because we were together for years. It was not easy to make the decision to have a divorce, even though both of us knew that our marriage was in danger.

This dream about being with a man in a helicopter showed me that I couldn’t accept having a relationship with a married man.

I always was moralistic. So, this dream emphasized my morality.

However, besides being moralistic, when I fell in love with a married man (my animus) I forgot my moral principles. I was ready to commit adultery.

Don’t think that I was innocent and I would have the perfect behavior I had if I was not guided by the unconscious mind in my dreams and thanks to the codes I found in Xavier’s book.

This dream helped me fight my tendency to accept immorality, showing me a very big danger. I shouldn’t accept being the lover of a married man who would see me whenever was convenient for him.

I hated this position. I would never accept it in my life.

I was very worried after having this dream. I couldn’t forget it.

This warning was very important because it defined my behavior with my perfect match. Even though I was ready to abandon my moral principles, I also was very afraid of the unbearable situation of being the lover of a married man.

I didn’t forget this danger. At the time I had this dream I concluded that I shouldn’t care about a married man. When I would decide to get divorced, I had to find a divorced man.

However, when I met my animus in my daily life, this dream helped me maintain my dignity. I couldn’t avoid falling in love with a married man, but I could avoid having an immoral behavior.

More Information

After meeting my perfect match I had a dream showing me that I was too immature. I was very sincere. I hated lies, and I hated immorality. Sometimes I even was rude because of my exaggerated sincerity.

I wanted to tell my husband what I was feeling for his best customer. I didn’t want to hide the truth. I didn’t like the position of a wife who was hiding an affair. I understood that it was disgusting.

However, I was afraid that my husband could bother my relationship with his best customer, and he had already understood that something was going on between us.

It was a very strange situation. I could never imagine that I would have to hide a secret. I didn’t know how to behave.


I dreamt that I was a little girl who was holding a table tennis racket. However, a mysterious man wanted to play poker with me.

Dream translation:

I dreamt that I was a little girl who was holding a table tennis racket.

I represent my ego. Since I was a little girl, this means that my ego was childish.

Table tennis is a sport where two people play in an open way, it is a simple dispute.

The ball represents a problem. So when we play ping-pong one and another player send the problem to the other one, trying to send it in a way that the other one won’t be able to send the problem back (and therefore, will have to solve the problem).

This means that my childish ego had the intention to be sincere with my perfect match, and directly solve our relationship problem, without any mystery.

However, a mysterious man wanted to play poker with me.

The mysterious man represents my perfect match.

Poker is any of several card games in which a player bets that the value of his or her hand is greater than that of the hands held by others, so it is a hidden game based on psychological manipulation.

This means that my perfect match wanted to hide his intentions from me to analyze my reactions. He wanted to test me and see if he could trust me.

He couldn’t be sincere. My ideas were childish.

I was 27-years-old; I really was a child. I also liked to follow my imagination. I was ignorant and ridiculous.

I felt that I wasn’t able to be a mature woman who could have a relationship with a mature man. I was immature and stupid.

This dream was reflecting an obvious truth, but it opened my eyes. I couldn’t have the behavior of a child. I had to become a mature woman if I wanted to have a relationship with a mature man.

He kept making anonymous phone calls to our store, but when we talked by phone because he wanted to order merchandise he pretended that there was nothing happening between us. He was trying to make me tell him that I understood that he was trying to approach me, something like that.

He made many attempts to make me complain for some reason, but he was our best customer, I couldn’t complain. I was married, and I was afraid of him because he was married too.

Wish I had met him when both of us were divorced. The fact that he was married meant that he was very dangerous. I couldn’t let him transform me into another one of his lovers. He was too handsome and rich.

He was irresistible. He knew that. So, he was sure that any woman would accept having a love relationship with him. I was very afraid of this fact.

I knew that I was attractive, but I didn’t feel I could compete with all the beautiful women around him. My skin was too oily, my body was not so perfect, and I was not a model. I didn’t think that I could be special for him.

I was too jealous and possessive. I wouldn’t accept to know that he could have relationships with another woman. I had no courage to fight for his love and compete with all the beautiful women of the world, even if he would become my husband. He wouldn’t be loyal to me.

He had to officially prove that he had the intention to marry me and that he would always be loyal to me. I was very demanding in this point. I knew that I was in a very dangerous position.

Of course, he would never do something like that…

He only wanted to play with me for a while. I knew that it was an illusion to believe that he would care about helping me feel safe. He didn’t think about my position at all. He kept protecting his own position and trying to make me get exposed.

He always was trying to make me complain for some reason, or trying to make me tell him that I knew that he was the one who was calling me when he would make an anonymous phone call, and hold the phone without speaking.

I hated his method and I would never accept to be his lover.

His problem was that he was disgusted with all women. Since he was very handsome, he could easily attract any women. He never saw any resistance to his attempts whenever he tried to conquer a woman. Even though he was still married to the same wife, he had many lovers.

So, he was trying to make me have the same behavior he always found in all women. His personality was irritating.

At the same time he was glad for verifying that I was not immoral and I was not betraying my husband like other women did when he showed them his interest. He needed this psychotherapy.

I hated his techniques. I never helped him in any way, and I never had the behavior he was expecting from me.

I was disgusted with his behavior. He made me become more afraid of him because he insisted in his secret game. I understood that he would never have the courage to act like a man. He would keep trying to make me have the behavior of a prostitute.

I was hoping that he would find a way to come again to our factory for some reason, or clearly show me something, but he only made many irritating anonymous phone calls, always trying to make me expose myself to help him, while he was protected .

I was very afraid of him and very afraid to be in the position of a lover. I hated his personality. He seemed to be very cruel and selfish.

This situation lasted the entire year. I met him in January of 1988. In the end of this year the unconscious mind showed me that I had to pay more attention to the scientific book I was writing to prove to the world that only Carl Jung had discovered the right method of dream interpretation.

I told my husband that I wanted to stay more at home to write my book and take care of our son. Since he had an employee, he told me that he didn’t need my help in the factory. So, I stayed home writing.

I had the intention to go back to the factory after this period of time, but then I had to continue Carl Jung’s research. God told me that I had to stop working in the factory. I started working at my mother and aunt’s store (against my will because I didn’t want to abandon the factory where I met my perfect match and we could talk by phone, but I was obedient).

Then, I discovered the existence of the anti-conscience, and I forgot my love story.

I told my family that I had psychological problems. My husband tried to help me in the beginning, but in the end he told me that I was fine, and he was tired. Therefore, I decided to have a divorce. Of course, this also was God’s idea.

My marriage had no meaning. I didn’t love my husband and he didn’t love me. We made a big mistake when we decided to get married.

My mother helped me, taking care of my son. So, I had the chance to concentrate all my attention on the fight against the anti-conscience, while I was working at the store.

My perfect match was afraid of my decision. He saw that he was losing me. I left the factory, I left my husband, and I could live Greece, since I was from Brazil. At that time my mother and my Greek friends told me that it would be a good idea if I would travel to my country for a while and meet my old friends.

However, I was still fighting my anti-conscience. I didn’t feel I could travel alone.

I didn’t have time to think about this matter, because my husband suddenly had a supposed heart attack, which was caused by my perfect match, in July of 1989.

It seems that my perfect match was trying to desperately hold me and prevent me from going back to Brazil, and at the same time force me to go back to the small factory I had with my husband, where he could meet me again. He had an important reason to go there; my husband had died, and he could help me…

However, my husband’s death was part of his plan from the beginning. He was only waiting for the right opportunity, like a lion waits the right moment to attack its prey. This was what I could learn from God in my dreams, one year later, when I discovered the truth.

I didn’t go back to the factory. I let my brother-in-law deal with all the problems of my husband’s death. He had the help of his employee too. I wasn’t necessary. God told me to stay far from the factory, and I precisely obeyed the guidance I had.

My perfect match doesn’t believe that I didn’t understand that he was responsible for my husband’s death when my husband died. He believes that I understood the truth and I was avoiding him because I didn’t want him. However, I couldn’t imagine that he was responsible for what happened because I was too busy fighting my anti-conscience and I didn’t believe that he loved me.

Now I have to convince my perfect match that God is not a myth, so that he may confess his crime to a priest, and so that he may be absolved. This is necessary for his spiritual purification.

However, he doesn’t trust any woman, he doesn’t believe that I love him, and he doesn’t believe in God, besides being mentally ill.

My story shows you the negative aspects of not finding your perfect match before getting involved with someone else. My case also shows you that you will have to cure your perfect match from previous traumas if you find him or her later in your life.

The Other Side Of The Coin

If there were not so many impossibilities and difficulties, I probably wouldn’t stay far from my perfect match, but everything was very difficult. His factory was very far from ours and I didn’t drive. I didn’t know how to meet him. I couldn’t simply go to his house, since he was married.

He was too powerful, and I was too insignificant.

Perhaps if I would meet him again he would be kind. He was selfish and cruel with everyone around him, but since he loved me, he would be nice to me.

However, I had no way to meet him personally again. I depended on him. He had to come again to our factory, but this was not a simple matter. The reason why he came to our factory once was a rare exception. He couldn’t come to our factory again for an insignificant reason.

Since he didn’t come in one year, and he was merely playing with me, I was very disappointed with his behavior. My heart was broken. I understood that I was very silly because I believed that he could become my husband.

I already was discouraged from the beginning because he was too handsome and I knew that he wouldn’t be a loyal husband. When I saw that he never cared about protecting me and he kept trying to make me accept a secret relationship, I understood that I had to forget him.

Perhaps, if I could meet him again and we would get married our relationship would be good. However, there were many visible complications in our relationship, even in this case.

He was many years older than me and he didn’t trust any woman because he saw that all women accepted having a relationship with him, without exceptions. He knew that he was not the only handsome man in the world, and he was afraid because he was too old for me.

Therefore, he would be too jealous. He wouldn’t trust me. I was afraid of this fact.

I didn’t know him. I met him only once in my life. The information I had about him was based on what I could learn from our business relationship and mainly, what I could learn through dream translation.

I also was very afraid of the similarity existent between my destiny and my mother’s destiny. She got married to a man who was many years older than her, and who was schizophrenic. He tortured her through many ways.

I was afraid that my perfect match could be schizophrenic like my father, and he could have a terrible personality. I had numerous reasons to be afraid of him.

On the other hand, my psychological type had the tendency to be afraid of the opposite sex since my feelings were not developed, and I was too rational.

My fears, all the impossibilities and obstacles of the way, and God’s special techniques helped me stay far from my perfect match. Otherwise, I wouldn’t manage to have the behavior I did.

The fact that I managed to be so moralistic was a treatment for him, even though he wanted to possess me without having so many problems. He saw that he has to respect many rules if he wants to have a relationship with me.

This is a relief for him because he finally found a woman who respects her moral principles and offers resistance to his attempts to seduce her, without respecting her.

I couldn’t imagine that he needed this psychotherapy, but it was necessary for him. God was curing his mental illness with all the problems he had to face, and showing him that he could trust me because I don’t accept immorality.

God doesn’t abandon anyone. He is a doctor for all human beings.

The fact that I had to attain sanctity and obey the divine guidance in all situations helped him understand that there are women who are morally correct.

He had to learn this lesson, and feel better thanks to the existence of goodness. My goodness protected my mental health and my dignity. He can trust my goodness.

However, he doesn’t believe in my goodness. He still hates me because I abandoned him. He doesn’t forgive me. He cannot understand that I was forced to abandon him, against my will.

I didn’t want to become a hero. I wanted to be a sinner. I was a sinner. I wouldn’t mind doing something immoral in the end because I wanted him, even if he had a terrible personality.

Don’t think that the fact that I was moralistic was a real barrier. God traced a perfect plan in order to separate me from my perfect match, so that I could cure his mental illness even without his cooperation. His case had no solution. He really was schizophrenic like my father.

I was lucky because I didn’t become schizophrenic too, besides my tragic life biography. I also was lucky because I became a mental health therapist through dream translation.

I learned how to cure a patient even without having his/her cooperation. God gives us information about our patients in our dreams, the same way He gives us information about our perfect match.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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Dream Therapy

If you are in a difficult situation, you can send your dreams to me for a professional dream translation and psychotherapy. I will help you solve your problems thanks to the unconscious guidance in your dreams.

After my initial help, you’ll learn how to translate your dreams yourself with my dynamic method of dream translation, derived from Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation. The unconscious wisdom will guide you forever, and help you acquire complete consciousness. Click here to Submit your Dreams

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