Achieving Perfection Through This Process Of Transformation

Dream SymbolsAll dreams contain important information and guidance, but only Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation helps you understand the divine guidance, and only my simplifications help you understand Jung’s complicated and obscure method. I completed and clarified his work, simplifying the dream language and the process of transformation you have to follow through dream translation.

The hypocritical world is misleading you by showing you that you have to feed your ego and care about having a good time. You don’t live in order to be happy and enjoy many material pleasures, without caring about your evolution.

You live in order to eliminate your wild conscience (anti-conscience) through consciousness, and become a calm and sensitive human being.

Earth is a place of transformation, which is in fact a hell where you are merely consoled by a few material pleasures.

You won’t be able to avoid suffering on earth.

God created your planet with the intention to transform your anti-conscience into a positive component of your human conscience. He depends on your obedience to the secret guidance you receive in your dreams, and on your obedience to the rules of your religion in order to transform you into a real human being.

All religions have a psychotherapeutical effect, exactly like your dreams. You should follow your own religion. If you are an atheist, you should follow the religion that is more familiar to you. Your religion protects you from the worst dangers of life, giving you clear directions.

Your dreams give you more information, and many explanations.

God’s existence is a fact, as I showed you in my previous articles. You can have a direct communication with God through dream messages. Now that I simplified Jung’s method this is not a problem.

However, the process of transformation you must follow is difficult because your anti-conscience occupies the biggest part of your brain and your one-sided conscience makes many mistakes.

Besides all difficulties you are lucky because I simplified the process of transformation you must follow; not only the dream language.

I will show you in a few words what is important in your process of transformation by using my own example. I keep using my own example because I have the right to publish my dreams, my life biography, and my psychological problems, but I don’t have the right to publish other people’s personal details and their dreams. I did it in the ebook Dream Interpretation as a Science after asking for permission. I cannot do the same in my articles.

My example is a good one because I was an average person and many people have the same mental health problems I did when I was young. On the other hand, I will show you the basic aspects in your process of transformation. I could use anyone’s example to give you this lesson.

The Beginning

I always was interested on the meaning of dreams because I had many meaningful dreams when I was a child, but I didn’t know how to understand the dream messages. When I was a teen I had many strange dreams, especially when I traveled to California (from Brazil, my country). This is why I cared about the meaning of dreams.

I read Sigmund Freud’s book about the interpretation of dreams, but his method didn’t work for all types of dreams.

When I was in California I had many dreams about my three little cousins. I was living with them, my aunt, and my uncle. According to Freud’s theory, dreams are wish fulfillments. So, I concluded that my dreams were showing me that I wished to be like my cousins.

I believed that this interpretation could be true. I didn’t like my position as a teen. I preferred to be a child like my cousins. Growing up was not so good. It was much better to be an irresponsible child.

However, this interpretation didn’t explain all the details of every dream, and it couldn’t be applied to many other types of dreams.

At that time (1979) I didn’t know Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation, but now that I do I can tell you that my little cousins represented three immature parts of my personality.

The number three in dreams is related to the three psychological functions that are not working in our conscience, but belong to our anti-conscience – in fact two psychological functions and a half, from the four psychological functions we have at our disposal: thoughts, feelings, sensations, and intuition.

Therefore, these three immature parts of my personality had each one the characteristics of one psychological function that wasn’t conscious, and had primitive characteristics. These immature parts of my personality were absurd and evil, and had to be transformed.

I belonged to the introverted psychological type based on thoughts, what means that my feelings were not working at all in the conscious field, since feelings are the opposite of thoughts.

When I was 15-years-old I faced a tragic car accident, and since then I became neurotic. I lost my faith and I became an aggressive atheist. When I was living in California (I was 18-years-old at that time) I still had this aggressive behavior. I was a revolted teen.

I abandoned dream interpretation after studying Freud’s method because I had to study the English language, and I always was trying to make friends. I didn’t want to be a lonely teen and stay all the time with my aunt and my noisy cousins.

I wanted to go back to Brazil after living for six months in the US, but my mother came to California to meet me and her brother, with the intention to travel to Greece in the continuation. She was taking advantage of the fact that she was free, after getting divorced. My father didn’t let her go anywhere. So, I had to go to Greece with my mother instead of going back to Brazil after my adventures in California.

I have many relatives in Greece because my parents are Greek. I had many other adventures in Greece.

When I was living in Athens I had a boyfriend who decided to rent a house for us, which would be also a place for his business. I was living with a Greek uncle’s family and my boyfriend was living with his parents and his brother. The house he rented was only a place where we could stay for a while when we didn’t go somewhere else.

I already was 19-years-old at that time. My boyfriend’s house was empty. We didn’t have furniture or anything else. We bought a few things, but we couldn’t spend too much.

So, I decided to paint something on the main wall of our living room instead of buying pictures. It was a different type of decoration.

I used to be a good designer when I was young. I made a strange surrealistic design on the wall. I liked the surrealistic style very much. My drawings always were abstract, but not too much. Anyone could understand the hidden meaning in them.

I drew the trunk of a tree that was cut, even though it was still planted on a garden, from which three heads were coming out as if they were fruits.

These three heads indicated that I was too rationalist. My body had no importance for me. Only my head was important.

We can translate the meaning of drawings the same way we translate the meaning of dreams. All images can be translated like dream images. By understanding their symbolic meaning you will find valid information, which will protect your mental health.

Image translation:

The tree in dreams represents life, an incentive of life; something that makes us desire to be alive.

The fact that the tree was cut and only the trunk remained means that I lost an incentive of life.

This incentive of life was love.

My heart was frozen. I had no feelings.

The three heads of the trunk represented the three psychological functions that were not working in my conscience, which had a rational aspect because my rationalism was too important for me at that time, and I didn’t care about my body.

Again, the number three was giving me an important message: I had to pay attention to the psychological functions that were not developed in my conscience. I had no feelings or sensations, only half-intuition, besides my thoughts.

In other words, I was totally insensitive. This was my main problem. I didn’t pay attention to the feelings of my heart and to the way that my body was feeling. My intuition worked only sometimes because it was half-developed.

I cared only about my thoughts. All my psychological functions were distorted by my excessive rationalism.

This image reflected my neurosis. I was not in love with my boyfriend, but I logically believed that he was a good partner. We seemed to have the same preferences in many aspects.

I got married to him, even though I didn’t love him.
I seriously cared about the meaning of dreams in the beginning of 1984, when I was 23-years-old and I was pregnant.

Exactly at that time I had a very vivid and meaningful dream that showed me that something would happen to my marriage.


I saw the double bed of my bedroom. I noticed two statues of naked dolls on the bed-side tables. The dolls were broken.

Then I saw that I was in an elevator with a man, but I couldn’t see his face. We were going up. I was worried because I was alone with him, even though I was a married woman. I knew that I was not supposed to be alone with that man.

Then, I saw an old woman, who was in a dark place, sitting on a chair. She told me something I couldn’t remember, and I woke up.

I was very impressed with this dream and I wrote it down, hoping that perhaps someday I would be able to understand its meaning.

This dream was predicting the fact that I would be tempted to betray my husband because I didn’t love him, four years before I actually met the ideal man for me in my daily life.

Dream translation:

I saw the double bed of my bedroom. I noticed two statues of naked dolls on the bed-side tables. The dolls were broken.

I represent my ego in dreams.

The two naked dolls represent my sexual immaturity.

The double bed is related to my sexuality.

The fact that the dolls were two means that they were related to the two psychological functions that were working in my conscience: thoughts and half intuition.

The fact that the dolls were naked means that my sexual immaturity was exposed.

The fact that they were broken means that I would understand that my sexual immaturity made me get married to the wrong man.

I was following the two psychological functions that were working in my conscience and disregarding the two psychological functions and a half that I was not using.

Then I saw that I was in an elevator with a man, but I couldn’t see his face.

The man without a face in dreams represents the animus, my perfect match.

I couldn’t see his face because I hadn’t met him yet.

The elevator is a dangerous tool that connects my ego to my conscience and my anti-conscience in a very fast way.

The fact that I was in an elevator with my perfect match means that I would suddenly understand that he was the ideal man for me.

We were going up.

This means that we were going to the conscious surface very fast. I would suddenly understand that he was my perfect match.

I was worried because I was alone with him, even though I was a married woman. I knew that I was not supposed to be alone with that man.

I would be tempted to betray my husband because I would fall in love with another man.

Then, I saw an old woman, who was in a dark place, sitting on a chair. She told me something I couldn’t remember, and I woke up.

The old woman in dreams represents the repetition of the common mistakes of the human race.

She was telling me that I would repeat these mistakes.

In other words, I would commit adultery and I would be indifferent to my son’s destiny.

This was a prediction, but I couldn’t understand the meaning of this dream, besides writing it down and thinking about it.

I could really understand the meaning of this dream when I was 27-years-old (in the beginning of 1988) and I really met my perfect match. I didn’t delay to understand that he was the ideal man for me, exactly as my dream had predicted.

If I knew how to accurately translate the meaning of dreams since 1979, I would follow psychotherapy and develop the psychological functions that were not working in my conscience. Therefore, I wouldn’t get married to the wrong man.

I got married to a man I didn’t love because I believed that he would be a good husband for me. This was a rational decision, and not a decision based on my feelings, since they were not working at all in my conscience.

What could you understand about my case?

My first dreams showed me that I was immature and I had to develop the three psychological functions that were not working in my conscience (my three little cousins).

My drawing on the wall showed me that these psychological functions had a rational aspect because I was too insensitive (the three heads coming out from a trunk). I didn’t care about my heart and my body.

Therefore, the first expressions of the unconscious mind I paid attention to were reflecting the main problem of my life. I was too absurd because I was insensitive. This means that I could be very cruel without feeling anything.

You will verify that the unconscious mind will show you your main problem in the first dreams you will care about.

These first dreams are very important. You will better understand their meaning a few years later, when many things will happen, and you will have a better vision of the truth.

Your first dreams show you your main problem because you belong to a certain psychological type (which is one-sided) and you are making many mistakes.

Your first dreams reflect your destiny and your mission.

Dream Predictions

When I started translating other people’s dreams I observed that everyone has numerous dreams about their main problem. Everyone has a main problem to solve, since everyone works based on only one main psychological function. Everyone has the obligation to stop making the mistakes of their psychological type, and stop being influenced by their anti-conscience.

Your dreams predict your destiny, based on your psychological type (which is determined by the psychological function that is more developed in your conscience). The challenges you have to face in life are based on the necessity to develop the psychological functions that you are not consciously using.

Even if you are not young, you can avoid facing many bitter experiences in life through dream translation. Your dreams always protect your mental stability, showing you how the future will be unfolded and what you have to do to avoid making mistakes, and triumph over life’s challenges.

A Difficult Personality

It would be better for me if I had avoided the wrong marriage, but at least I found dream interpretation before making more costly mistakes. Thanks to the guidance I had in my dreams I didn’t betray my husband, and I learned how to be a good mother.

You may wonder why I had this destiny and why I couldn’t avoid getting married to the wrong man since I cared about the meaning of dreams when I was 18-years-old, in 1979. However, everything was complicated and confusing for me.

I didn’t find the right method of dream interpretation from the beginning, and I couldn’t learn it immediately. I had to seriously study Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation for four years before understanding it, and his method was incomplete. I had to complete it with my discoveries.

On the other hand, when I was a teen I was too aggressive and I was an atheist. I wasn’t able to accept obeying the unconscious guidance in dreams, even before learning that the unconscious mind was God’s mind.

I had the personality of a dictator. I was impatient, demanding, vain, and stubborn. Therefore, my personality was responsible for the fact that I delayed to understand the truth.

When I was a teen I was hard to deal with. I wasn’t obedient.

The Real Meaning Of Predictions

When I met my perfect match I immediately fell in love with him. I couldn’t believe that something that I considered to be unreal could happen to me. I fell in love at first sight! This was a surprising experience.

I felt I knew that man. There was a magnetic field between us. I was impressed with everything; especially because I had a dream predicting this meeting the previous night. This was an incredible experience.

However, there was a big problem separating us. He was my husband’s best customer. He was married too, and many years older than me. He had children, and my son was 3-years-old.

This was a bad situation. Fortunately, I became a dream expert exactly when I met my perfect match. Therefore, I started precisely obeying the guidance I had in my dreams.

In the beginning I believed that the unconscious mind was helping me understand how to approach the man I was in love with, but in the end I understood that the unconscious mind was giving me information about him in order to make me abandon him, instead of betraying my husband.

I was a big hero who had the courage to obey the divine guidance instead of committing adultery because God made me think about the pain I would cause to my son and to the children of the man I was in love with, who were my age. They would never accept me. God make me think about numerous other problems.

So, I understood that I shouldn’t follow my wild feelings. I had to follow psychotherapy and obey the guidance I had in my dreams.

I was a hero, but at the same time, a big coward. I was afraid of my feelings and I didn’t trust my intuition when I understood that the man I fell in love with really was my perfect match. I preferred to pay attention to the thoughts that God sent me. These were the right thoughts, but again, they were thoughts.

Since I belonged to the introverted psychological type based on thoughts, for me respecting the importance of thoughts was part of my nature.

Even though I did the right thing because I obeyed the divine guidance and I didn’t make many other people suffer because of my sins, I wasn’t completely cured from my neurosis at that time. I couldn’t trust the love I felt for that man, and I couldn’t trust my intuition.

My heart and my sensations were not working. The love I felt was too strange and dangerous for me. I was afraid of it. I saw that I wouldn’t be able to control my behavior if I would meet that man again. He would simply possess me. For me it wasn’t so hard to listen to God’s thoughts. They were safe, while my feelings were dangerous.

I still was insensitive, even though the fact that I could meet my perfect match showed me that I made progress in my process of transformation (after four years of dream therapy) and I finally could feel love for my perfect match. My heart started working, but it was too frozen. I needed a lot more in order to really feel love.

The image of my drawing on the wall reflected a very sick personality. The fact that I had such personality when I was 19-years-old meant that I needed urgent psychotherapy, but at that time I didn’t care about the meaning of dreams.

The fact that I made the drawing directly on the wall meant that I was desperate. This was a sign of despair.

I seriously cared about the meaning of dreams only after making many mistakes, especially because I was afraid of my responsibilities as a mother. I always was angry and depressed. I understood that I needed psychological help. My son’s existence meant that I was responsible for his happiness. This was a big complication because I was an unhappy mother.

What could you understand from my case?

First of all you should have understood that I had to be prudent and care about my mental health after suffering from the accident, but I was ignorant. I tried to overcome my problems by myself.

If you had traumatic experiences, don’t wait for worse mental health problems to look for psychotherapy.

Of course, not all treatments will help you. Now you know that the only safe and efficient treatment you can have is the treatment sent by God in your dreams. Now you also know that learning the dream language is a simple matter.

Your treatment can be difficult if you are neurotic, but if you are merely depressed your treatment will be simpler. My case was one of the worst ones.

You should also have understood that the three heads were showing me my destiny. I had to develop the psychological functions that belonged to my anti-conscience. Otherwise, I would become a murderer.

I was too insensitive. Nothing could prevent me from being cruel if I didn’t feel pain in my heart, and if I couldn’t understand how other people were feeling.

The fact that I could be cured and become sensitive, patient, and calm was a difficult achievement. I had to be a big hero in order to follow the process of transformation that was necessary for me.

However, on the other hand I was cruel with the man I was in love with. I didn’t care about his feelings and his pain. I cared only about obeying the divine guidance and curing mental illnesses, without trying to meet him.

I gave him numerous explanations by phone and through many other ways, but I never followed my heart. I accepted to let this feeling remain suffocated in my heart because it was forbidden.

If I belonged to another psychological type, this suffocation wouldn’t be possible. God chose me for this mission because He knew that I would listen to His thoughts, and I would be obedient.

You may even say that God took advantage of my tendency to be rationalist in order to convince me to be loyal to my husband and then, become a mental health therapist, forgetting forever the man I was in live with.

God knew that I was too insensitive to follow my heart. This is why He prepared me for the completion of an important part of His plan for the elimination of craziness and terror on earth. Everything was very well-planned, based on numerous details.

So, I’m not a very big hero. The fact that I managed to find sound mental health and continue Carl Jung’s research was based on divine wisdom. God carefully prepared all the details of His complicated plan, the same way He carefully prepared all the details that permit the perfect functioning of our planet.

I was practically forced to obey God’s guidance. The fact that I discovered the existence of the anti-conscience exactly when I met my dangerous perfect match was an incredible coincidence that proved God’s actions.

The fact that I had to fight absurdity and bear the unbearable symptoms of craziness exactly after discovering the anti-conscience (during eight months) was another factor that seriously made me forget my love story. I had to face terror praying all the time.

And while I was bearing the unbearable symptoms of craziness like a hero, the man I loved killed my husband, pretending that he had a heart attack. He had the intention to make me go back to the factory where I used to work with my husband, and where I had met him when he came to our factory.

I was working in a store in the center of Athens, which belonged to my mother and my aunt. I stopped working with my husband in the factory because I was obeying the divine guidance in my dreams – even against my will. I didn’t want to abandon the factory where I had met my husband’s best customer. This was God’s idea.

God showed me that the man I loved would kill my husband in a way or another. He needed an important reason to go to our factory again, and he didn’t want to be in the position of a man who was stealing someone else’s wife.

I had to stay far from him. However, I learned the truth about my husband’s death only one year later, thanks to a dream. Otherwise, I would bear to stay far from him, since I would have proof that he wanted to marry me.

When my husband had died (in July of 1989) I believed that this was God’s will. I had a series of dreams about my husband’s mental illness. He was neurotic too. I understood that his death was helping him preserve his human conscience before losing his mind.

I didn’t believe that the man I loved wanted to have a serious relationship with me. I thought that he only wanted to have another lover. He was handsome, rich, and powerful. I didn’t think that he would get divorced and I would get divorced, and we would get married. This supposition seemed to be too unreal.

Of course, God made me think this way in order to make me stay far from my dangerous perfect match. I was following God’s reasoning system.

I was extremely obedient to the divine guidance because I understood how dangerous my position was. I was very afraid of everything.

God managed to separate me from my perfect match by using many different techniques. The fact that I precisely obeyed the divine guidance was prepared by God through many ways.

Even my obedience is not really my merit, even though it was very important and it did depend on my efforts most of the time. God created a perfect plan in order to manage to transform an insensitive creature like me into a hero. This was an impossible mission.

Many people tell me that they cannot believe that I was as terrible as I’m showing you, but I could clearly understand my absurdity without a doubt. The fact that I didn’t become a murderer is a miracle. An insensitive creature like me had no barrier before terror.

I understood that God was saving me from craziness and terror and I was grateful for having the chance to be saved, even though I didn’t deserve salvation. I wasn’t innocent. I was a terrible sinner.

If I had learned the truth about my husband’s death when he had died, I would indifferently accept my husband’s murder because I was in love with his best customer.

However, God made me believe that my husband’s death was His will, and He made me care about saving my sanity because I was attacked by my dangerous anti-conscience, after discovering its existence.

For me it was more important not to kill anyone and not to indifferently accept a murder as an accomplice than to develop my feelings for my perfect match.

My insensitivity was very dangerous.

After all my adventures fighting craziness and avoiding the man I wanted so much, God made me care about curing others through dream translation. I had to become a doctor.

I didn’t believe that my story was worse than many other people’s stories; on the contrary. At least I was saved at the last minute. Everything could be worse.

How could I care about my love story while I was learning that many people have terrible life biographies, terrible experiences in life, and terrible mental illnesses? My tragic love story didn’t seem to be as tragic as it really was among so many other tragedies.

I didn’t become a murderer. I was more than grateful for this reason. I was sorry for those who had to fight their anti-conscience like I did.

Accepting My Obligation

I believe that I became a good mother. Well, my son doesn’t think that I’m a perfect mother, but many of his friends told me they wished they had a mother like me. Of course, I was not a perfect mother, but I tried to be one and my son knows I did.

On the other hand, he always was a disobedient son. I don’t think he should complain. I always had to go to his school because he always was playing in the classroom and distracting other students instead of paying attention to the teacher. All his teachers knew me. I kept going to the school to listen to their problems because my son was an indifferent student. My son believed that I should defend him, but I always agreed with his teachers.

God gave me a disobedient son to show me how important my obedience to His guidance really was. I had to understand the pain of someone who was trying to teach a child how to behave without having his cooperation.

God kept me busy through many ways. I also had to work in a store with my mother, besides curing many people through dream translation without payment. I even spent money to help them in many other ways. I was a nun helping them, and not a cold psychotherapist.

I had to attain sanctity by helping many people overcome their mental illnesses and improve their lives. Attaining sanctity was a purpose I had never supposed that a person like me would ever care about, but it was part of God’s plan.

I believed that God had unreal expectations from me. The three heads that marked my serious mental health problem appeared also as personages in a strange romance I started writing after facing the tragic car accident, when I was a teen. These three heads meant that I was too rationalist and too insensitive. The repetition of these dream symbols meant that my case was too serious.

How could an insensitive creature like me attain sanctity? Doesn’t it sound too impossible to become true?

I obeyed God’s guidance even without agreeing with God’s plan. I knew that I was ignorant and God always was right. His plan for the elimination of craziness and terror was more important than my pain or my personal opinion.

However, sanctity seemed to be a state of perfection more than unattainable.

How could God have such expectation from creatures that have a satanic anti-conscience and an under-developed conscience?

God knows that this is a difficult process of transformation, but He wants to transform all human beings into saints. He created our planet and He created our human conscience with the intention to achieve this goal. Everything He did was done because He wants to transform all human beings into saints. This is His main purpose.

Everyone must follow the path that will help them develop the psychological functions they are not using, before making costly mistakes. Everyone must find peace and attain sanctity. This is a new concept, but this is God’s solution.

If you disagree with God’s purpose, you can make your questions before sleeping and wait for His answers in your dreams. You will have many explanations that will help you agree with this purpose.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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