The Mental Health Treatment Your Ancestors Couldn’t Follow

Dream SymbolYour dreams have a psychotherapeutical effect because they are specially produced in order to help you acquire consciousness. Consciousness is basically the comprehension of your mistakes.

Your human conscience is one-sided and under-developed. You are either an introvert or an extrovert. You must learn how to have a balanced attitude.

You have four psychological functions:

* Thoughts

* Feelings

* Sensations

* Intuition

Your psychological type is defined by the psychological function that is more developed in your conscience and a second psychological function, half-developed. This second psychological function cannot be the opposite of your main psychological function.

So, if your psychological type is based on thoughts, your second psychological function can be based on sensations or intuition, but not on feelings because feelings are the opposite of thoughts.

If your psychological type is based on feelings, exactly the same happens. Your second psychological function can be based on sensations or intuition, but not on thoughts.

If your psychological type is based on sensations, your second psychological function can be based on thoughts or feelings, but not on intuition, because intuition is the opposite of sensations.

If your psychological type is based on intuition, exactly the same happens. Your second psychological function can be based on thoughts or feelings, but not on sensations.

Your thoughts help you think logically. If you belong to a psychological type based on thoughts you make your decisions exclusively based on thoughts, without taking your feelings into consideration. You basically ignore your sensations and your intuition, even if one of them is the second, half-developed psychological function that belongs to your psychological type.

The same happens with all the other psychological types. You always make your decisions exclusively based on the psychological function more developed in your conscience. Your second, half-developed psychological function helps you only sometimes.

You receive an under-developed conscience because you have to develop your intelligence during your life, otherwise you won’t evolve.

You acquire consciousness by facing various experiences in your life and learning something with them. This is a long process. If you will face it alone, you won’t learn what is really important.

God produces your dreams in order to help you acquire consciousness faster by directly eliminating your anti-conscience, and developing your human conscience. Your dreams show you what exists in your brain and what defines your behavior.

You need guidance because your conscience is deficient, as you could see with my explanations. All psychological types are absurd and tend to become neurotic with time. The psychological types were discovered by Carl Jung in 1920, when he published his work about this matter.

I could verify the precision of his descriptions in 1984. His definitions can be verified in the behavior of all human beings. Everyone belongs to one of the eight psychological types discovered by Jung: four introverted and four extroverted psychological types, which are based in each one of the four psychological functions we have at our disposal.

Your dreams give you information that helps you develop the psychological functions you are not consciously using.

People who belong to the introverted psychological type based on thoughts are anti-social and too proud of their intelligence. Their work takes time to be completely. They are able to do complicated tasks, but they are unable to have positive relationships. They are misunderstood by their environment.

People who belong to the extroverted psychological type based on thoughts believe that everything has an explanation based on what someone else already said. They agree with the mindset of their historical time. They insist on their points of view as if they reflected the absolute truth.

All introverted psychological types are anti-social.

All extroverted psychological types depend on other people for everything.

People who belong to the introverted psychological type based on feelings are mysterious and silent. Their feelings define everything in their lives. Their influence in their social environment is invisible, but they have a secret way to impose their feelings to everyone around them.

People who belong to the extroverted psychological type based on feelings depend on other people’s opinion. They are unable to make decisions alone. They are also unable to think rationally, without taking their feelings into consideration.

People who belong to the introverted psychological type based on sensations are incomprehensible. They follow their imagination, as if they didn’t need to have a real life – they are satisfied by imagining it.

People who belong to the extroverted psychological type based on sensations are materialistic and immoral. They care only about having material pleasures. Their psychological type defines the mindset of the modern civilization. They care only about having pleasant moments and feeling well.

People who belong to the introverted psychological type based on intuition are enigmatic. Their social environment cannot understand their behavior. They can be successful in life only if they will be artists. Otherwise, they will have a difficult life and become mentally ill.

People who belong to the extroverted psychological type based on intuition are always pursuing new opportunities and abandoning their previous findings. They are able to guess what will happen in the future, but they don’t know how to reap the benefits of their discoveries because they abandon old projects to begin new ones.

As you can see, every psychological type is absurd and one-sided.

My summary shows you a few characteristics of each psychological type, but this is enough to give you an idea of how they work. You can see that every person is unable to understand their reality as it is because everyone uses only one main psychological function, and another one only sometimes.

How can we live happily on earth if there are so many contrasting psychological types?

Carl Jung concluded that we had to respect the points of view of every psychological type.

I concluded that all psychological types need psychotherapy, before they will become neurotic. All psychological types they tend to become neurotic, since they are absurd.

After continuing Jung’s research and discovering the existence of the anti-conscience, I verified that the psychological functions that are not developed in our conscience belong to our anti-conscience. Since Jung couldn’t clearly see the anti-conscience like I did, he believed that many of the characteristics of the anti-conscience belonged to the unconscious mind.

He couldn’t understand the big difference existent between the divine unconscious mind that produces our dreams and works like a doctor, and our satanic anti-conscience that generates mental illnesses within our conscience. For him everything was obscure because he stopped his research at a certain point.

I clarified everything for you.

Every Psychological Type Is Problematic

You have to obey the divine guidance in your dreams in order to completely eliminate your anti-conscience and become more intelligent. You will also become more sensitive. You will learn how to pay attention to what each one of your psychological functions can understand.

If you belong to a psychological type based on feelings you will learn how to think rationally, without taking your feelings into consideration.

Those who belong to this psychological type are unable to be objective and look at their reality as it is because their feelings don’t let them pay attention to what they dislike. They always mix their feelings with their thoughts.

All psychological types make many ridiculous mistakes. This is why they become neurotic with time.

I looked at Carl Jung’s conclusions about the psychological types without doubting that the human conscience was absurd. He believed that our conscience was able to be reasonable because he was not mentally ill, but I (who was neurotic when I was studying his work) understood that we are in great danger because our conscience is one-sided.

A mental illness is very painful and dangerous. Everyone must care about preventing mental illnesses; especially now that I discovered that we inherit an absurd and evil anti-conscience, which occupies the biggest part of our brain.

This means that not only our one-sided conscience is absurd. We also have a huge anti-conscience, which is more absurd than our conscience. Everything is worse than Jung had concluded with the knowledge he had.

He believed that our conscience was able to decide what we should do in life. He was not afraid of the absurdity existent in all psychological types. He believed that this absurdity was part of the human nature.

Since I was neurotic, I became very sad with the truth when I saw that my behavior was exactly the behavior described by Carl Jung when he was talking about my psychological type. I belonged to the introverted psychological type based on thoughts. Jung also described my neurosis very clearly, as if he knew me and he was describing my behavior in his book.

Many psychologists wrote various definitions about the psychological types, but only Jung’s definitions are based on the unconscious guidance and exactly describe the human behavior.

Whenever the number two appears in a dream it is related to the two psychological functions that are working in the dreamer’s conscience (in fact one psychological function and a half). Whenever the number three appears in a dream it is related to the three psychological functions that belong to the anti-conscience (two psychological functions and a half).

When I read Jung’s definitions I understood why I made many mistakes in life, and why I become neurotic. This was a very sad lesson, besides being enlightening. I had the impression that I was intelligent, but I saw that I was in fact an idiot.

This is why I’m trying to help you understand that you have to follow psychotherapy through dream translation without disregarding the danger you are exposed to.

Your anti-conscience keeps trying to generate a mental illness within your conscience.

You have to change your attitude before being a victim of the craziness imposed by your satanic anti-conscience.

When you will already be neurotic, your treatment will be longer. You have to be prudent and eliminate your anti-conscience now, before being a victim of its absurdity.

If you are one-sided you cannot have a global vision of your reality.

You will eliminate your anti-conscience when you will develop the psychological functions that are not working in your conscience. God helps you follow this process with the information you have in your dreams.

Your problematic psychological type facilitates the destruction of your conscience for your absurd anti-conscience. You have to learn how to be a balanced human being instead of paying attention only to what your main psychological function cares about.

For example, if you belong to a psychological type based on thoughts you will make all your decisions based on thoughts, without taking your feelings into consideration, even the decision to get married, which should be made based on your feelings.

All psychological types must be transformed. We are basically absurd from birth, but we can acquire consciousness by obeying the divine guidance in dreams.

You have to be intelligent and care about preserving your mental stability. By translating the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method you will develop your human conscience and completely eliminate the absurdity of your wild nature. This is not a matter as complicated as it used to be, now that you can directly understand God’s guidance in your dreams.

My work helps you overcome the first big obstacle for the comprehension of the divine guidance. Learning the dream language is not a problem for you, as it was for me and for Jung’s students.

You have no idea of how lucky you are because my ebooks are ready and you can directly understand the divine guidance in your dreams, without making comparisons and without wasting time with numerous time consuming verifications.

I simplified the dream language because I found the essential by obeying the divine guidance, and I was a literature writer since 7-years-old. I also knew how to deal with translations because I speak three languages and I worked as a translator for a certain period of time translating documents from Greek to Portuguese when I was young.

Dream Logic

God speaks in a symbolic language made by images. This language is everywhere; not only in dreams. I continued Jung’s research, discovering a lot more. The explanations I found are amazing. God gives us symbolic messages all the time. In order to understand them, you have to learn the dream language and the dream logic.

The dream logic follows the divine reasoning system.

God’s language is based on His logical system, and not on the absurd logical system of your one-sided human conscience.

This means that you have to learn how to understand God’s superior vision of the truth.

You have a narrow vision, based on your psychological type. God helps you pay attention to the points you disregard. His answers in dreams don’t follow your reasoning system. He makes you think and analyze His answers based on His logic.

God is a teacher who helps you become more intelligent. This is why He doesn’t give you direct answers.

You have to follow God’s thoughts, and understand your position as a student and as a patient who is being cured from a mental illness, or who is trying to prevent a mental illness.

You want a ‘yes or no’ first of all, but God’s answers are complicated. God cannot simply show you everything the way you desire. In order to understand the truth you have to use more parts of your brain.

However, these parts belong to your anti-conscience. They have a wild form and behavior. They have to be developed based on human characteristics.

For example, when those who belong to a psychological type based on sensations become neurotic, they start having a strange intuition based on absurd suppositions because intuition is a psychological function that is the opposite of sensations, and never was consciously understood by their conscience.

Their intuition has an evil and absurd nature because this psychological function belongs to their anti-conscience, what means that it didn’t evolve. This is why they believe in many absurd suppositions that cannot stand based on a logical observation of the facts.

All psychological types make numerous costly mistakes when they become neurotic, besides making mistakes even before neurosis because they don’t pay attention to numerous details.

Neurosis is the first invasion of the anti-conscience into the conscious field. This is a dangerous invasion because the anti-conscience destroys the person’s conscience after invading it. Its absurd thoughts are loud and can be easily heard by their conscience, while before the invasion these absurd thoughts were weak.

With the invasion of the anti-conscience, all psychological types have the behavior imposed by the psychological function that is the opposite of their main psychological function, which is cruel and violent like the behavior of a lion.

You must follow a process of mind empowerment and psychological transformation that will also work as a process of spiritual purification because you have a wild nature. You must learn how to be a peaceful, calm, sensitive, patient, and reasonable human being.

God helps you tame the lion existent in your wild side. You learn how to stop having the violent behavior imposed by your absurd and evil nature.

The dream language is poetical and philosophical because your sensitivity must be developed, the same way that your intelligence must be developed while you understand the guidance you have in your dreams.

God teaches you the importance of goodness. This knowledge helps you stop making the mistakes of your psychological type. You stop being one-sided. You offer resistance to your anti-conscience’s absurd thoughts. Therefore, these thoughts become so weak that they cannot be heard.

God’s psychotherapy in dreams is based on the elimination of your anti-conscience and the development of your human conscience through consciousness. You gradually understand all the mistakes of your conscience and you definitively stop making mistakes.

Bad Dreams

Many people complain because they have bad dreams. Their dreams reflect their absurdity. Pleasant dreams have a poetical aspect, but nightmares have a shocking aspect because they are serious warnings for the dreamer.

Bad dreams are trying to open your eyes and help you understand the dangers you disregard (because your conscience is one-sided).

There are many other types of unpleasant dreams that irritate many people. For example, some people tell me that they were trying to forget their ex-boyfriend, but they keep having dreams about him. Why is the unconscious mind reminding them his existence instead of helping them forget him?

The answer is: because in order to forget your ex you must understand his mistakes, and not merely try to delete his existence from your mind. This is not possible.

You have to understand his mistakes because if you won’t understand them, when you will meet him again you will desire to be with him. Or, you will find another boyfriend who has the same behavior he had.

The unconscious mind has many important reasons to send you dreams about the person you love. You are ignorant. You cannot see all the dangers that are threatening your mental stability. You don’t know that your conscience is one-sided and that your anti-conscience always is trying to destroy your capacity to think logically.

You have to pay attention to the information you have in your dreams, so that you may learn how to find your perfect match. You don’t know who you really like. You have to understand many things.

Many people tell me that they will never do something that the unconscious mind shows them that they could do in the future. However, their next dreams show them how they could fall in a trap, without having the time to understand what was happening to them.

Your anti-conscience always prepares traps for your conscience. You have to understand that your conscience is in a dangerous position and obey the divine guidance, without believing that you can control your behavior.

Your anti-conscience is a strong lion that doesn’t accept to be tamed by your human conscience. It keeps trying to find ways to invade your conscience and control your behavior.

Your dreams are alarms. If you want to find sound mental health and authentic happiness you have to be careful. There are too many dangers threatening your fragile conscience.

Wild Tendencies And Moral Principles

Male lions practice infanticide, killing the young offspring of another lion when they manage to win the fight with this lion and take his territory. The female lion is indifferent to the fact that the new lion kills her offspring. She merely accepts her new sexual partner.

Lions have a cruel and indifferent behavior because they reflect the behavior of the anti-conscience, like all violent animals do. God created so many wild animals in order to show us how violent and indifferent our anti-conscience is, so that we may understand that we have to transform our violent nature into peaceful human nature.

God teaches us that we have to respect our moral principles and never kill anyone, for any reason. In our religion we receive a list of moral principles that we must respect because this way we learn how to have human reactions.

Our sensitivity is gradually awakened.

How could God make a male lion understand that killing the offspring of another lion is a barbarous crime? How could He make a female lion care about the death of its offspring?

The reactions of our anti-conscience are the reactions of a wild irrational animal, with the difference that the anti-conscience can think and prepare better traps for its victims. The anti-conscience is a wild monster that can think. It has no consciousness. It doesn’t understand the meaning of its actions.

The anti-conscience simply is able to prepare many traps for its victims, as if it was intelligent. Its intelligence is not enough for anything else.

The anti-conscience doesn’t care about anything else besides spreading terror. Its satanic nature cannot be corrected because the anti-conscience doesn’t accept learning and changing its violent behavior. It is a terrible demon.

God decided to create a human conscience partially developed, and artificially transform a part of the anti-conscience into human conscience, so that this human conscience could help Him transform the anti-conscience into human conscience.

This means that you are the human being created by God (your human conscience) in order to tame a demon (your anti-conscience), and transform this demon into human being. This demon is part of yourself, but it has a distorted nature that must be corrected. You must not identify yourself with the demon.

You are the human being created by God in order to help Him transform the demon into a human creature.

The psychological functions that belong to your anti-conscience have many wild tendencies, which are violent and immoral. A wild tendency is an instinctive behavior that is based on the absurdity of the anti-conscience.

You have to make many efforts to eliminate your wild conscience instead of passively accepting its absurdity. Your dreams show you how to face this challenge and win the battle against your violent anti-conscience. You must pay attention to the seriousness of this matter.

Carl Jung was wrong for believing that we could find peace based on our one-sided conscience. Some people manage to escape craziness, but this doesn’t mean that they are not mentally ill. The biggest part of our population is basically mentally ill.

The continuation of Carl Jung’s research proves that we are too absurd and we will never escape absurdity without obeying the divine guidance. We need God’s support. Our anti-conscience is a powerful wild animal.

God created us, the human beings concentrated into our tiny human conscience because He was unable to tame the anti-conscience alone. God needs our help.

Our conscience must obey His guidance, so that God may finally tame our anti-conscience, and transform it into human conscience. We will never win this battle alone. Even God cannot win the demon alone. He depends on our cooperation.

I’m showing you a tragic truth, but now that you know it you can protect your mental stability and evolve, instead of being a victim of your anti-conscience without knowing what is happening to you.

Read again my simple definitions of the psychological types in the beginning of this article. Try to understand how really absurd all human beings are only because each one of us makes our decisions based on only one psychological function.

You must control your behavior and develop all your psychological functions, without being exposed to the dangerous influence of your anti-conscience. This is a serious matter.

In the past we didn’t know that microorganisms existed and this is why the human race was unable to combat numerous diseases. Today we follow various rules in order to eliminate the possibility of infections.

The same way, in the past we didn’t know that we had inherited absurdity in our brain. Today we know this fact thanks to God’s generosity. Everything I’m teaching you is based on the divine guidance in dreams, and not on my personal speculations.

God helped me discover the truth and learn how to eliminate the anti-conscience because He knew that I would help you avoid making the mistakes of your ancestors. He used my research and my discoveries to give you important lessons.

God could use someone else’s work. Any person could be prepared for this mission the way I was prepared, according to my life biography. I was lucky because I was chosen, even though I didn’t deserve salvation.

My work is based on my obedience. Therefore anyone who would be as obedient as I was could be the one who would give you lessons about everything I’m showing you today. My merit is only my obedience. I would never be able to continue Carl Jung’s research and discover a lot more based on my knowledge and my intelligence.

God is the genius who planed my journey with the intention to help me learn everything I’m showing you because He had the intention to save you and everyone else; not only me. He wouldn’t work so hard in order to show me the truth about the human brain with the intention to save me from schizophrenia. He transformed me into a doctor and a teacher.

I couldn’t imagine that this was my destiny. I was guided from the beginning to the end, and I always obeyed the divine guidance with seriousness. The anti-conscience is a very dangerous enemy.

I could clearly understand this fact from the beginning, because I had to deal with the unbearable symptoms sent by the anti-conscience from the beginning of my research, after disagreeing with Jung’s last conclusions, besides agreeing with everything else. I prove that His discoveries were real and must be respected, but I also show to the world that Jung didn’t know how absurd we really are.

The fact that I could win the fight against the anti-conscience and cure many people through dream translation was not something I could suppose in the beginning of my research.

God helped us discover the computers and the internet exactly when my work was ready, after nineteen years of research and cures. The internet is a fantastic alternative we didn’t have before. It is exactly what I needed in order to show to everyone in the world what I could discover. The fact that the internet became popular exactly when I finally finished my long research was a meaningful coincidence.

Thanks to the internet you can immediately learn everything I’m showing you. You can also submit your dreams for professional translation and talk with me through email messages. This is another privilege.

Everything is simple for you today, even though the truth is that eliminating your anti-conscience is not a simple matter. You have many alternatives your ancestors didn’t have, but your anti-conscience is a demon. This means that it is worse than a lion.

If you will be serious and obedient, you will manage to transform your difficult process of transformation into a simple process. Everything depends on your obedience to the divine guidance, and on your seriousness.

Wish I could find my own work ready when I was young. I wouldn’t have made all the mistakes that generated my neurosis. Carl Jung’s work was too complicated and obscure, and I already had made many costly mistakes before finding it. Today you have a clear vision of the truth as it is.

Everyone in our hypocritical world is trying to show you how you can be happy in a crazy world, besides facing so many problems everyday.

I’m showing you how you can become a mentally healthy human being, so that you may have the chance to find authentic happiness in life. The information I’m giving you has a very unpleasant side, but the truth is complex. In the end of your process of transformation you will find wisdom and peace.

Pay attention to the lives of all wild animals. They always are fighting and trying to survive, in a battle that never ends.

Our society must be different. We have to stop being animals and understand the importance of our spiritual reality. This is how we will find peace and happiness.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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