What God Expects Of You

DreamI always emphasize the fact that dream interpretation as a science is a safe psychotherapeutical treatment because you are in great danger when you trust methods based on ignorance, theories, and subjective interpretations. Your mental health is a very serious matter. You cannot trust ignorant doctors.

You can trust God, the dream producer, who also is the creator of your planet. He gave you everything you have. He is very generous because He is trying to transform your satanic anti-conscience into human conscience. This is why you have free and safe psychotherapy in your dreams.

The mental health treatment sent by God to your conscience in the dream images contains all the information you need in order to eliminate your anti-conscience through consciousness, and simultaneously develop your human conscience.

When your anti-conscience becomes more human through consciousness it becomes weaker, and your human conscience becomes stronger. This means that when you eliminate your anti-conscience you don’t kill it; you gradually transform it into human conscience.

Your anti-conscience gradually becomes a positive part of your conscience and has the behavior of a human being. When a part of your anti-conscience becomes conscious content, it starts having human characteristics.

Consciousness is the comprehension of your mistakes and the comprehension that you have to correct these mistakes, and stop making them in your life. As you acquire consciousness, your anti-conscience loses its power and your human conscience becomes stronger.

Your idiotic anti-conscience is the absence of consciousness. Its reasoning system is absurd. You have to transform this absurd and evil content into positive content by obeying the divine guidance, so that it may become a positive component of your human conscience.

Now that I managed to simplify Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation you can learn God’s symbolic language in dreams independently of your educational level.

However, transforming your anti-conscience into human content is a very difficult matter. You have to precisely obey the divine guidance in order to do something as difficult as the transformation of a demon into a human being. You have to be serious.

Don’t think that I’m telling you that learning the dream language is a simple matter because I want to make you believe that everything is simple. Understanding the meaning of dreams is only the beginning of the process you have to follow.

Since the anti-conscience occupies the biggest part of your brain, this means that you are a demon. However, you have a human conscience, which was given to you by God to help you fight the absurdity of your anti-conscience. Therefore, you must believe that you are the human being existent in a satanic brain, which didn’t evolve like you, the human being existent into your human conscience.

You are totally different from the demon you came from. You like goodness. You want to be happy. You hate terror. So, you have to help God transform you into a real human being, with a human heart.

Your human conscience was artificially created by God, who developed a part of the demon’s conscience in order to create you, the conscious human being existent in your human conscience. Your conscience is one-sided and under-developed because you must develop your conscience yourself.

God gave you partial consciousness. The consciousness you receive from God is not enough. You have to consciously understand many things you disregard, and pay attention to many other details that compose your reality.

God couldn’t give you a fully developed conscience without your participation. You must acquire consciousness by understanding your mistakes yourself. You have to become more intelligent by developing the atrophied parts of your conscience.

You are not a robot. You have to work and understand everything based on your own intelligence.

Why God Created Our Planet

The anti-conscience already existed before the creation of our planet, since our planet was specially created with the intention to transform our satanic anti-conscience into human conscience.

Through dream translation I learned that our universe is a copy of an older universe where life had first appeared.

I found two very interesting videos, which prove the existence of God by showing you that the image you have about the human evolution is false.

In the first one you will verify that new scientific discoveries prove that Darwin’s theory of evolution is based on erroneous conclusions.

The author talks about new discoveries in geology, showing how Darwin’s suppositions cannot be accepted with the knowledge we have today. He explains the importance of the philosophical interpretation of a scientific discovery, and a lot more.

What Darwin Didn’t Know

The second video is long because it is a documentary that shows you the complexity of the animal life and the perfect organization of all organisms. We have to admit the existence of an intelligent mind that perfectly organized so many complex systems.

You will see that the human evolution was not as it was presented to us with the drawings of different types of prehistoric men. We cannot know the characteristics of the face of a person or animal based on the skulls we find.

Perhaps the first human beings had the same characteristics of the human race today. The different skulls found could simply belong to different human races.

The Signs Of God’s Existence

Many scientific discoveries made by many scientists who desired power and glory were false, and many discoveries of the past were misinterpreted. Thanks to scientific discoveries that happened in the 20th century, these false discoveries were uncovered. However, atheists keep defending Darwin’s theory because it justifies their materialism.

Atheists affirm that we don’t need to believe in God in order to have a moral notion that defines our behavior. They don’t pay attention to the fact that our society is immoral and indifferent exactly because most people in the modern era embrace atheism as if it was the most intelligent option today.

Atheists supposedly defend our freedom, declaring that we must make our decisions based on our rational conclusions. They forget that thoughts without feelings can be based on cruel conclusions.

Without sensitivity we cannot have sense of justice. We depend on God and His goodness to understand what is right or wrong.

Science is related to philosophy because the way that the scientific discoveries are interpreted and presented can change the real importance of these discoveries, or distort their meaning. Our immoral and hypocritical world keeps distorting everything.

The marketing purpose, or the intention to use psychological manipulation for other reasons always is behind everything that is presented to you in books, magazines, newspapers, the TV, movies, schools, universities, and so on.

All the information you have is distorted in some way, with a certain purpose in mind.

This means that the information that comes from ignorant human beings is doubtable and cannot be taken seriously. I’m not saying that there are no exceptions to this rule; but dishonesty prevails in our world.

Carl Jung was an exception because he was a serious researcher. His dream theories were real discoveries, which were confirmed by many scientific discoveries that happened after his death. There are some people like him who say the truth (at least in some aspects), but this is rare.

You can safely trust only the information that comes from God in your dreams and in your religion. However, you should have in mind that the human race distorted the real meaning of all religions, which were all created by God to help us transform the demon we inherit into our brain and psyche into a positive component of our human conscience.

You will be more enlightened in dreams. God shows you very well what is happening to you, the truth about the world, the truth about those who are around you, and everything that is important for you and your mental stability.

The Meaning Of Life

When I discovered the existence of the anti-conscience in the human brain I understood why my independent research had to be so different. I had to follow a direction totally different from the directions followed by today’s mental health therapists in order to discover that we have inherited a wild conscience, which occupies the biggest part of our brain.

The anti-conscience is a terrible demon. Only God knows how to tame this monster, the same way that only God knows the formula of life.

God created all planets, stars, and comets with the intention to create our planet in a special way. Our planet had to work like an open hospital for our absurd anti-conscience.

The theory of the ‘big bang’ that represents the beginning of our universe was proved thanks to new scientific discoveries, what means that we know for sure that our universe had a beginning and a creator. Even though many atheists don’t want to admit that the new discoveries made by astronomers and physicians prove God’s existence, you have to be objective.

You have to recognize that we need a creator who prepared and organized the functioning of our planet, and the big variation of animal and vegetable species existent on earth.

Our planet was specially created to help us eliminate our satanic anti-conscience through consciousness. This is why all animals and plants give us examples. Everything that composes our complex planet gives us a lesson.

God also created various religions with the intention to help us understand the importance of our spiritual reality and help us eliminate our anti-conscience, but this is not enough because we are disobedient.

The Natural Mental Health Treatment Sent By God

God’s mental health treatment in dreams is created depending on our personality and life biography. God knows that we need special help in order to eliminate our anti-conscience, and this is why He works like a private psychotherapist for every human being.

You may wonder how this is possible. I don’t know how God can create dreams for every person as if He could dedicate all His time to everyone of us, but I could understand that everything in our daily life has the same symbolic meaning it has in our dreams.

If you know the dream language, you can read the symbolic meaning of your reality the same way you translate the symbolic meaning of your dreams. This way, you have more information about your reality and the future.

Therefore, our dreams are produced depending on what happens in our daily reality in combination with what happens in our brain. God knows various codes that can help Him automatically translate our behavior and the daily facts of our lives into symbolic messages, which are then sent to us in our dreams, the same way He knows the DNA code, and many other codes.

God probably has many computers, or many other advanced tools we cannot imagine.

Even though we ignore how exactly the information we receive in dreams is produced, we know that this information is specially made for everyone of us. Everyone has dreams about their own lives, their problems, and their mental condition.

God works like a private therapist for every human being at the same time. He is everywhere, with everyone.

Therefore, you are not alone. You have a savior sending you important messages in your dreams.

This alternative is better than anything you could possibly desire. You can be transformed into a wise and sensitive human being, and never have mental health problems in your life.

You only have to precisely obey the guidance you receive from God in your dreams, when you are sleeping. God couldn’t be more generous.

However, if you are disobedient, your treatment will be long. The fight against absurdity and the development of your human conscience depend on your personal efforts. Your own conscience must wake up and see everything you cannot see today.

This process depends on your participation, and on your cooperation with your doctor; the divine unconscious mind.

Your obedience is indispensable, but your ego doesn’t let you accept obeying the divine guidance for numerous selfish reasons. You have to combat the absurd thoughts sent by your anti-conscience to your conscience, and your ego’s negative reactions.

The End Of A Tragedy

Your contact with God through dream messages opens new horizons for you. This is an alternative you didn’t imagine you could have.

Now you are able to have a direct communication with God because you can understand His messages in your dreams, since I simplified and I completed Carl Jung’s complicated method of dream interpretation. Only his method helps you understand God’s words in dreams.

Nobody else could discover everything that Jung did with his complex and long research. He looked for the meaning of the dream language like an archaeologist. This is why he respected the real meaning of this language. He could give us a scientific definition of our psychological system based on the information he found in dreams.

The scientific method of dream interpretation is scientific because it is based on Carl Jung’s discoveries and on my discoveries after following his steps, thanks to his method.

God is sending messages to the human race in dreams from the beginning of our existence, as many ancient civilizations had observed. However, our satanic anti-conscience didn’t let the world understand the real meaning of the dream language. This meaning was distorted by numerous impostors in our history, and it keeps being distorted until today.

My work is putting an end to all misconceptions about dreams. I’m proving to the world that Carl Jung was a genius who managed to discover how to read God’s words in dreams. The ignorant and superficial world couldn’t understand the importance of his discoveries. My simplifications are helping the world evaluate Jung’s discoveries.

My work is mainly putting an end to God’s pain. This is the most important matter of all.

My work is the result of my obedience to the divine guidance. Everything I discovered was practically given to me because I was following the unconscious clues in my dreams. I was not making a research based on my curiosity.

I obeyed the divine guidance like a soldier because I was afraid of my absurdity and the absurdity of the world. With time I could understand God’s plan much better, but I still ignored many things that I could understand only later.

Therefore, my research and my discoveries cannot be attributed to my intelligence.

I was an ignorant young woman who was trying to solve her own psychological problems, when I discovered that God is the dream producer (confirming Jung’s discovery) and I started doing only what the unconscious mind was showing me in my dreams, and not what my own conscience desired.

This means that I was putting God’s plan into practice, without clearly understanding this complex plan. I didn’t know God’s intentions from the beginning.

I couldn’t imagine that I would have to continue Carl Jung’s research and become a mental health therapist. I couldn’t imagine that I would have to prove God’s existence to the world.

I was obeying the guidance I had without understanding why I had to do everything the way God was showing me. I could understand many things later, when I could have a better vision of the truth.

God is desperately trying to eliminate evilness and transform the anti-conscience into human conscience during billions of years without success, because evilness is too strong. God depends on our cooperation.

We can reproduce because the anti-conscience of many people have more probability to change and become human than the anti-conscience of only one person. God created a planet where the anti-conscience would have the chance to observe its own behavior through many ways, in many other people.

God prepared me to be able to continue Jung’s research, the same way He prepared Carl Jung to be able to discover the real meaning of dreams, and the same way He prepared many other people for the comprehension of the tragedy that marks the human life, and God’s life.

We have to stop accepting the absurd thoughts of our anti-conscience.

God was trying to show us the meaning of our lives on earth from the beginning of our existence, but only now we were finally able to understand everything.

Now that we made many scientific discoveries – besides our philosophical and literary speculations, the human race can finally understand the complex truth that was incomprehensible for us before, when we ignored too much.

God suffers very much because we are disobedient and indifferent. He gave us a human conscience with the intention to help us develop our conscience, by fighting the absurdity of the demon. If we don’t obey God’s guidance, our anti-conscience easily destroys our human conscience.

The demon is too powerful because it occupies the biggest part of our brain.

We have the moral obligation to pay attention to God’s suffering because He is trying to transform our satanic anti-conscience into human conscience during billions of years. He is tired.

God depends on our cooperation. We cannot become conscious human beings if we don’t consciously understand the truths we observe. We have to fight the cruelty of our anti-conscience and become sensitive human beings.

Instead of complaining because we have this obligation we have to understand that God didn’t abandon our anti-conscience in eternal terror and despair. He is trying to transform the satanic nature of our wild conscience into human nature in order to save it from eternal suffering.

However, the anti-conscience is absurd and it doesn’t want to be cured. It insists on destroying the human conscience we receive from God.

We have to help God cure our absurd anti-conscience thanks to our obedience to His guidance, instead of agreeing with the absurdity of the demon, and having negative reactions.

We are not God’s slaves. We must obey His guidance because we agree with His peaceful philosophy of life.

Your Purpose

I showed you that our planet was specially created by God with the intention to transform our anti-conscience into human conscience, and that what you know about the human evolution was distorted and misinterpreted.

I also showed you that God sends you the psychological treatment you need in your dreams. This treatment is specially prepared only for you, depending on your personality and life.

Then, I showed you that God suffers with your indifference to His guidance.

You should have understood that you are alive because you have the obligation to stop being a demon and become a real human being. The impression that you are alive in order to be happy is false.

You may believe you don’t have the behavior of a demon because you are ignorant and you cannot see the traces of the anti-conscience reflected in your behavior, but these traces belong to your personality. If you don’t believe me, you will find more information by translating the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method. God will generously give you numerous explanations in dreams.

You have the moral obligation to become a perfect human being and attain spiritual perfection, so that you may help God eliminate craziness and terror on earth.

When you will become a perfect human being you can be happy, but until you will achieve this goal you must follow an indispensable process of transformation.

Therefore, don’t waste your time pursuing material pleasures. The hypocritical world is misleading you. You must learn how to be wise and sensitive.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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