Divine Revelations And Scientific Explanations In Dreams

Divine RevelationsThe fact that I could discover the existence of the satanic anti-conscience into the biggest part of the human brain is a miracle. I seemed to be a genius from the beginning of my path because I was precisely obeying the divine guidance, but I was ignorant. My merit is only my obedience.

I disagreed with God’s guidance because it was based on my suffering. God never did anything to make me avoid suffering. On the contrary, all His solutions included the fact that I had to suffer very much in order to do what was necessary for the completion of His plan.

I always obeyed the divine guidance besides disagreeing with my pain because I knew that God was wise and I was ignorant, absurd, and evil. I knew that I deserved to be punished because I had to stop being indifferent and cruel. On the other hand, I was ready to commit adultery because I was in love with my husband’s best customer.

God showed me the truth about the human brain exactly at that moment of my life. I had to forget the man I loved and obey the divine guidance because I was a terrible sinner.

I couldn’t disagree with this fact.

I adored my husband’s best customer and I wanted him no matter what. I didn’t care about his children’s pain, and I didn’t care about my son’s pain.

God made me understand that I didn’t have the right to make our children suffer because I wanted to be happy with a man who was married to another woman. I also had to take into consideration many other people’s suffering and many other bad consequences in this relationship.

I disagreed with my pain because it was unbearable, but I was extremely obedient because I understood that God was saving me from craziness, and at the same time preserving my dignity. I never refused to do what was necessary. I complained a lot, but the fact that I would do what was necessary was a rule.

I agreed with the fact that I had to do what God was showing me, even when I hated His guidance. I knew that I was wrong. My behavior had to be corrected.

The first lesson I had about the anti-conscience was very strange, like everything in my story. I could have a better communication with the unconscious mind that produces our dreams after discovering that it is God’s mind, besides having information in my dreams. I was using a book written by Francisco Xavier, a Brazilian spiritual guide.

Later I wrote in a small notebook various codes based on the messages contained in Xavier’s book, what simplified my communication with God, even though it was basically complex. The information contained in my notebook was confirmed by the information I had in dreams.

This was a complicated and time consuming method of communication, but it worked. The information I had thanks to this direct communication was related to terror, violence, and immorality.

God kept talking about poverty, crimes, wars, terrorism, and all the horrors of the world. This was the only topic of our discussions. God didn’t talk about anything else.

Then, I discovered the existence of Satan in the human brain. The anti-conscience is Satan.

God told me that Satan generates mental illnesses within our conscience, accidents, and many other misfortunes in our daily reality because it has negative energy and it is very powerful. Satan is more powerful than God because evilness is destructive and simple. Goodness is constructive and demands many efforts.

This is why our world is ruled by Satan. The demon easily manages to destroy the human conscience we receive from God when we are born. It misleads our idiotic conscience with the false impression that evilness is smartness, while evilness generates terror and despair.

Satan is dishonest and sneaky. It does everything it can to destroy our conscience.

I was surprised with what I was discovering, but I was insensitive. I was not shocked with the truth. On the contrary, I was feeling comfortable and calm. When I asked God why I was so calm while He was talking about terror, God told me that it was because I was a terrible demon. My anti-conscience had practically destroyed my human conscience. This is why I was totally insensitive.

The anti-conscience has a distorted nature. It calms down with terror and it feels pleasure with violence. Since I was controlled by my anti-conscience I had the abnormal reactions of the anti-conscience.

Now you can understand why crazy murderers who commit a series of crimes have orgasm when they kill their victims. You can also understand the absurd pleasure of those who abuse their bodies. They have a strange pleasure when they hurt themselves and they start bleeding.

This crazy pleasure with terror indicates that their human conscience is controlled by their satanic anti-conscience. This is not human pleasure. The absurd pleasure with horrible and painful situations has a satanic nature.

Thanks to my direct communication with God thanks to Xavier’s codes and my dreams, I learned that the anti-conscience is a professional murderer. This is why it transforms a person into a cruel murderer when it manages to completely destroy their human conscience.

The anti-conscience knows how to kill a person and how to cut the parts of their body. Then, it puts these parts in plastic bags, and it throws them to the trash to get rid of the deceased.

These successive movements are like all the behavioral programs that organize the behavior of all animals, as Konrad Lorenz had discovered. God created animals that imitate the behavior of the anti-conscience through many ways in order to give us examples and lessons.

I looked for this information and I found many real examples of murderers who kill their victims and cut the parts of their body, throwing them to the trash in plastic bags. Some of these cases were discovered by the police.

They are very common.

The behavior of the anti-conscience is the behavior of a demon. The demon seems to be a human being because it has the same human face of the person it possesses, but its actions prove that it is not human.

The main purpose of the anti-conscience is to transform the person into a murderer instead of being tamed and controlled by their human conscience. In order to eliminate the dangerous anti-conscience we must seriously obey the divine guidance.

Some people become murderers, but other people manage to escape this tragic destiny because they are protected and helped. They have a strong human conscience and they have a good education.

However, if they will have many traumatic experiences they will be controlled by their anti-conscience. If something tragic will happen to them, they will become mentally ill. They are exposed to numerous dangers.

Everyone has a criminal mind and everyone can become a cruel murderer because everyone inherits a satanic anti-conscience, even if this is not visible in their personality and behavior. The anti-conscience generates numerous different mental illnesses, but its main purpose always is to spread terror and despair.

Everyone can have one of the numerous mental disorders generated by the anti-conscience at any time of their lives.

This is why everyone must indispensably follow psychotherapy in order to eliminate their satanic anti-conscience through consciousness. God sends us the psychotherapy we need in our dreams because He knows that we depend on His guidance to win the fight against the demon.

Religiosity also is very important in the fight against Satan. All religions are part of the same complex spiritual reality and all religions help us fight absurdity.

You should follow your own religion. It will protect you like mine.

Your religion will give you support, and your dreams will enlighten your path.

Understanding The Truth About The Human Brain

After discovering the existence of the anti-conscience I didn’t have time to think about this matter. I suddenly had to deal with various unbearable symptoms. My anti-conscience started attacking my conscience with the intention to generate a severe mental illness.

I had to offer resistance to all the absurd thoughts and the unbearable symptoms generated by the anti-conscience as if nothing was happening to me. I was working many hours in a store in the center of Athens (which belonged to my mother and my aunt), and I was silently praying all the time and remembering that I was fighting craziness. This fight lasted eight months.

Then, I stopped having absurd thoughts and unbearable symptoms. I had to get adapted to my reality after learning the truth about the human brain. This part was very hard, but not as hard as fighting absurdity.

I had to fight absurdity from the beginning of 1989 until September of this year, when I was 28-years-old. I worked for one year in a travel agency. One year later (in September of 1990) I had my first patient.

I cured a young woman who suffered from agoraphobia through dream translation. Her treatment lasted eight months like mine, even though my case was worse than hers. Eight months was the necessary time for a basic psychotherapy.

This was only the first treatment of a long list. After this simple case I had to deal with more complicated ones. However, I already knew all the stages of craziness. My fight against my anti-conscience showed me everything the demon can do to destroy our conscience.

So, from being an ignorant and neurotic researcher in the beginning of 1984, I became a mental health therapist in 1990. This miracle could happen because I precisely obeyed the divine guidance.

I don’t think you believe that I could learn how to cure mental illnesses in six years only by reading books written by ignorant human beings, but if you do, I have to clearly tell you that this is an illusion.

Mental illnesses are invincible diseases. Only God knows how to deal with them. Our psychiatrists, neurologists, and psychologists may try very hard to eliminate mental illnesses, but they are invincible. Our knowledge always will be insufficient before this danger.

We depend on the divine guidance to be able to deal with mental disorders. Everyone must recognize this truth with humbleness and gratitude because God didn’t abandon us.

God is an excellent doctor and teacher.

The lessons I had were superior. This is why I could clearly understand that our psychiatrists are doing everything the wrong way. Their dangerous medications destroy their patients’ immune system.

The mentally ill must fight absurdity by offering resistance to the absurdity of their anti-conscience, otherwise they will keep having absurd thoughts and unbearable symptoms forever and never recover their conscience.

You can find sound mental health and become a psychotherapist like me by following the divine guidance in your dreams, and help other people do the same after translating their dreams for them. The doctor is God, and not the dream translator. You only have to translate the unconscious messages and help everyone put the unconscious guidance into practice in their daily lives.

God knows how to solve everyone’s psychological problems. The dream translator simply follows God’s instructions.

This is why I could become a doctor so fast. I’m a doctor helper. The real doctor is God, even though I assume the full responsibility for everyone’s mental condition.

The safety of this psychotherapeutical method is guaranteed, while other methods are dangerous and inefficient. I’m not afraid to deal with severe mental illnesses because God is a genius and I simply obey His guidance.

I teach you how to understand the divine guidance and change your behavior after having this knowledge. Only God knows what kind of information can help you discover what you have to understand in order to solve your psychological problems.

If you don’t have time for studies I can translate your dreams for you, but this knowledge is not as complicated as it used to be when Carl Jung discovered the extraordinary method of dream interpretation that accurately transcribes God’s words in dreams.

I simplified and clarified his work. Learning the dream language is not a problem. The problem is the fight against your satanic anti-conscience.

Only by understanding God’s words in your dreams you won’t be automatically cured. You have to do what God shows you in your dreams. Your participation in your treatment is indispensable because you must acquire consciousness and become more intelligent as you fight your anti-conscience.

You must learn how to solve all problems and become wiser with the lessons you have. God cannot live your life on your behalf.

The knowledge you have must help you change your behavior and your life. This knowledge won’t help you if you disregard it in your daily life. This means that you have to be an obedient patient to see positive results.

Your conscience must work after understanding the divine guidance. You cannot be indifferent to the information you have.

I will give you an example to help you understand this part. Let’s suppose that you had a dream about one of your friends who is insecure and false.

Dream translation:

This friend represents a part of your personality that is insecure and false like him. You have to stop having this behavior because it is generated by your absurd anti-conscience.

Now, if you won’t do what the unconscious mind is telling you, you won’t be cured. If in your daily life when you are with your friends you keep having this insecure and false behavior, and i.e. you smile only in order to be kind, even though you dislike what someone else said, you are not obeying the guidance you had in your dream.

You have to fight this absurd behavior.

Why should you smile when you disagree with what someone else said?

Are you smiling because you want to seem to agree with your friends?

Or are you smiling because you don’t think before doing something?

I will make you these questions when I will translate your dream, but if you will translate this dream based on my lessons you must make them yourself.

God makes you think and try to understand why He sent you a certain message.

Whenever you will perceive that you have the tendency to have a false behavior because you want to be socially accepted, you must stop and change your attitude. Instead of smiling, you have to remain serious if you disagree with what someone said.

If you will keep smiling even though you know that this behavior is absurd, you won’t be cured. You have to consciously stop doing what is absurd after noticing it in your behavior.

Your participation is indispensable because you must learn how to control your behavior. You cannot be indifferent and keep making the same mistake, as if you didn’t know that your behavior is absurd.

Your dreams and your daily life are connected. Your dreams are about you, your mental health, your past, your traumas, your present and your future, the people who are important for you, the person you love, the dangers of the outside world that can affect your life, and many other matters that could have a negative impact on your mental condition.

When you have a strong human conscience the demon is buried in your brain. However, it can suddenly come out like an earthquake, depending on the experiences you may have in your daily life.

If you have an anti-conscience, you always are in danger. You must eliminate the demon through consciousness because it causes many damages all the time. It gradually destroys your conscience. It also causes many problems to your daily life, even if it is weak.

Now, imagine if you have a strong anti-conscience like me. I was very lucky because I found God’s wisdom in dreams, besides being in a bad position because I was mentally ill.

The anti-conscience always causes problems.

Now that you know that it exists, you have to care about eliminating it, even if you don’t have serious psychological problems. You don’t know when you could have to deal with absurd thoughts and unbearable symptoms.

Your anti-conscience is a dangerous monster. Even if it is not visible at all in your behavior, it is causing logical problems to your conscience and ruining your intelligence. It keeps trying to make you do stupid things that will put you in trouble.

You have to be a good student and patient and obey the divine guidance in your dreams, always trusting the divine wisdom and always remembering your inferiority. You must develop your one-sided and under-developed conscience in order to become really intelligent.

God gives you all the explanations you need in order to trust His guidance. You have many confirmations that He is telling you the truth in your dreams, in your behavior, and in your daily life.

Since you are fighting a sneaky demon, you must obey the secret guidance you receive in dream messages without doubting that God is telling you the truth. You must trust His sanctity and His undoubtable wisdom. Otherwise you won’t manage to escape the logical traps of the demon.

The anti-conscience’s absurd thoughts have a misleading logical appearance. You must be sure that what God is telling you is right, so that you may know the direction you must follow, while the demon will be trying to make you follow its absurd thoughts.

I fought absurd thoughts and unbearable symptoms praying all the time. I had to offer resistance to these strange thoughts and feelings without following them and without fainting. I saw all the stages that a mentally ill faces and all the attacks of the anti-conscience, offering resistance to them as if nothing was happening, until they finally stopped because they couldn’t kill my conscience.

I knew that I was fighting craziness. I was with God in this fight because I was praying all the time.

There was nothing scientific in this part of the fight against the absurdity of the anti-conscience. It was based on my faith and my obedience to the divine wisdom, while I was facing the unbearable symptoms generated by Satan.

The mentally ill are victims of the anti-conscience’s absurdity forever because they follow its absurd thoughts. These thoughts are contagious; it is very hard to ignore them. I didn’t follow these thoughts because I knew that they were sent by Satan.

During the eight months I fought the absurdity imposed by my anti-conscience I was fighting Satan, and not thinking in a scientific way. Later I named Satan as the ‘anti-conscience’ because it works against our conscience, trying to destroy it, and control our behavior. The word ‘anti’ in Greek means ‘against’, and it is used many times in many definitions.

I studied the scientific aspect of the fight against schizophrenia later. While I had to combat the unbearable symptoms sent by my anti-conscience I didn’t think that I was fighting schizophrenia, but that I was fighting the unbearable symptoms sent by Satan.

I was obeying the divine guidance and fighting the demon with courage because I had to learn how to cure mental illnesses, besides needing this knowledge in order to be cured from my own neurosis, which already had signs of schizophrenia.

Later I verified that I passed through all the stages of schizophrenia without losing my human conscience during the fight against Satan because I was offering resistance to these attacks, without believing that I was crazy. I knew that Satan was attacking my almost destroyed conscience.

The demon becomes more powerful when it manages to destroy a big portion of the person’s conscience.

I understood many things after reading various scientific books. For example, I didn’t know that the emptiness I had in my head sometimes during the fight against Satan was a ‘blackout’. I learned various definitions after fighting absurdity into practice, and winning the fight thanks to my resistance.

I would become schizophrenic and have to deal with these unbearable symptoms without having the divine guidance, if I wouldn’t discover the unconscious messages in dreams.

My case was difficult, but most people’s case is as complicated as mine. My case was not rare. On the contrary, my case was very common. Many people have to deal with severe mental illnesses in our world, but their absurdity is not reflected in their behavior during social occasions. Nobody knows how insane someone can be, even if this person has a good social image.

If I could show you the life biography of my patients and their dreams, you would understand that many people have very strange psychological problems. All these problems are caused by the satanic anti-conscience.

I faced the unbearable symptoms generated by the anti-conscience in order to show you how to offer resistance to them, and mainly in order to help you and your children never have to face them in your life. God used my case to give you this lesson.

The anti-conscience becomes stronger when it manages to destroy a portion of your conscience through craziness. You have to protect your conscience before facing the worst attacks of your anti-conscience – when it manages to destroy a big portion of your conscience.

I don’t know how I could survive after facing these attacks. God was holding me.

When the world will finally understand the importance of the dream messages, dream translation according to the scientific method will be like a vaccine against mental disorders for teens.

God’s words in dreams represent salvation, especially for the new generations. They won’t have to deal with mental health problems like us.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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