Going Beyond Carl Jung’s Trip To The Self

Dream ImageI simplified Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation and I continued his dangerous research in the unknown region of the human psyche in order to show you what exists in your brain and psyche, and how to protect your mental health.

Jung believed that only those who had the necessity to understand who they really are – because they needed this knowledge to solve their psychological problems – should make the trip to the Self. Otherwise, he believed that a person shouldn’t explore their unconscious mind through dream translation. This was a dangerous research.

He was afraid of craziness. He knew that craziness was inherited, but he didn’t know that we have a wild conscience because he stopped his research at a certain point. I had to continue his research from that point and on.

I could discover the existence of the anti-conscience because I precisely obeyed the unconscious guidance. Therefore, I could better understand the meaning of dreams. All dreams help the dreamer fight the absurdity imposed by the anti-conscience, which is our primitive conscience and didn’t evolve with time.

This is why my advice is the opposite. I tell you that you must urgently follow psychotherapy through dream translation because you must prevent craziness; even if you don’t believe you have psychological problems.

Jung believed that our conscience was more powerful than it really is. He ignored the fact that the biggest part of our brain belongs to our absurd and evil anti-conscience.

He kept telling his readers that the speculation of the unconscious content was not for everyone. It was only for the heroes who had the courage to make a trip of self-discovery, because they needed special answers. He named it the trip to the Self because by following a series of steps, the dreamer discovers who he/she really is, and he finds the unconscious mind, which is God’s mind.

I discovered that our anti-conscience occupies the biggest part of our brain, while our tiny human conscience is only a spot. Therefore, we are more demons than human beings. We have to develop our conscience through consciousness in order to become really human.

I tell you from the beginning that you have inherited a satanic anti-conscience, showing you what you have to do to eliminate it, and become more intelligent. This knowledge is a precious advantage. It means that you begin your trip to the Self already knowing what you will find in the end.

Why Did God Create Dinosaurs?

Many astronomers and physicians affirm that the creation of our planet was precisely planned. There was a big preparation for the formation of the right conditions for the development of life on earth. Therefore, we have to admit the existence of a creator.

The first animals that appeared on our planet had a simplistic and rudimentary shape. Why did God create dinosaurs if He already knew what He wanted to create?

Was He making tests? Why did He have to create dinosaurs before creating the animals we know today?

God created these animals because He wanted to show us that the formation of the animal life was the result of a very long process of transformation. He knew that we would discover this fact by analyzing their fossils.

The mysterious appearance of the prehistoric man shows us that the human race had to follow a long evolutionary process until we could arrive to our current intellectual level.

The first human beings had primitive characteristics because God had to show us that we followed a long evolutionary process, and we have to keep following this process. We are still very far from wisdom.

Our planet was specially created in order to help us transform our primitive anti-conscience into human conscience, like the tiny human conscience we receive from God when we are born.

The anti-conscience is a demon because it is disorganized, idiotic, and violent. We have to tame our anti-conscience by obeying the divine guidance, even when we dislike God’s rules because we have a wild nature. These rules are based on wisdom and sanctity.

All religions are composed by a series of rules that must be respected because all religions were created by the same God. All religions work like psychotherapy for our absurd anti-conscience and for our one-sided human conscience. We have to develop our conscience through consciousness while we are alive.

Acquiring Consciousness

When you translate the meaning of your dreams you follow a process that eliminates the absurdity of your anti-conscience through consciousness. Your human conscience becomes stronger and your anti-conscience becomes weaker.

Through dream translation based on the scientific method you manage to acquire consciousness faster, and in a guaranteed and safe way, since you obey the divine guidance.

You don’t act based on your suppositions or based on someone else’s opinion. You follow a path that will surely help you become more intelligent and sensitive because God doesn’t make mistakes.

Right now you are not using the biggest part of your brain power because it belongs to your anti-conscience. Through dream translation you will eliminate your anti-conscience, and then develop your human conscience without limits.

Going Beyond The Trip To The Self

While Carl Jung had defined the end of the trip to the Self at a certain point, I discovered that you must continue this trip and meet your anti-conscience. This is a dangerous meeting, but it helps you understand the truth about your mental condition.

When you meet your anti-conscience you realize that there is a monster in your brain. Everyone inherits the same monster in their anti-conscience, but depending on everyone’s personality and life biography, it will be more or less visible in their behavior.

Some people are predetermined to lose their mind at a certain point of their lives because they have inherited a strong anti-conscience. This was my case. I was very lucky because I found the divine wisdom in dreams, while I was predetermined to be a cruel monster like my father, who was schizophrenic.

Only with me he was very generous and kind because I was exactly like him; I inherited his facial traces and many of his personality traces. However, he was a monster to everyone else.

I remember that when I was around 11-years-old my mother told me that he tortured a poor employee, who had to travel from the city where my parents had a factory to Sao Paulo (in Brazil, where we lived) in order to be paid. My father made the poor man wait for him around two hours for no reason.

He was at our apartment, which was in the building next to my parents’ store. He could easily go to the store and pay the employee, who was waiting for him there, and who had to go back to his city after being paid. However, my father made him wait two hours probably because he wanted to make his employee understand that he had to be patient and never complain for any reason.

My father always cared about his own interests, without showing compassion for anyone. He liked to be cruel.

I was afraid to end up like him because I was exactly like him in too many ways. There were many similarities in our behavior.

Unfortunately, I really became cruel like my father when I became an adult. I was afraid of my thoughts and my behavior.

I studied Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation so well that in the end I was able to continue his research because I was too afraid of my absurdity. I knew that I had to be careful. My father’s example didn’t let me disregard the danger I was exposed to.

Other people have a weaker anti-conscience and a stronger human conscience. This is why they seem to be balanced, but this is a false impression. Their mental stability always is in danger.

The meeting with the anti-conscience is represented in dreams by the river and the bridge. The dreamer must cross the river through the bridge and meet his/her anti-conscience at the other side.

Most people have great difficulty on crossing the river. This happens because they refuse to admit their absurdity. They are afraid to verify the existence of their evil and absurd self.

This is why they have frequent dreams about being in a river with a boat. This means that they are afraid of the confrontation with their anti-conscience and they are making a research. They are trying to understand all the dangers of the meeting with their anti-conscience before crossing the river.

Other dreamers have dreams about swimming in the river, or being half immersed in the river and walking in the water. These dreamers are materialistic and superficial. They have no courage to face the challenge. They need more time to get adapted to the necessity to face their absurd anti-conscience because they don’t accept the idea that they could be absurd.

These dreams are common. All dreamers have dreams about the river and their attitude before the challenge they must face.

When you go beyond the point where Jung stopped his research, the meeting with the anti-conscience will be represented by a trip to Syria. Syria represents hell because in this country the worst torture techniques were found in the remote past. Damascus is widely believed to be the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world.

When you go to Syria in a dream you go to hell because you understand how barbarous and evil your anti-conscience is, and how far from balance you are because you have this absurd content in your brain.

After the trip to Syria you will have a dream about the death of your ego. This is a scaring experience, but you will realize that your ego is only an idol. It is not you. Your ego is the center of your human conscience. However, there are many other parts of your personality that define your behavior.

The death of your ego represents humbleness. At this point you definitively stop being proud of yourself, and you understand your inferiority. You have no doubt that you are an under-developed primate.

The process of consciousness you follow beyond Carl Jung’s trip to the Self is bitter.

Your anti-conscience is worse than a monster from a horror movie because it is in your own brain; it is not in the outside world. You have to fight a demon that is in your own brain and can read your thoughts. It can also send you absurd thoughts and mislead your conscience.

Only by obeying the divine guidance can you fight the absurdity of your anti-conscience. All the psychotherapeutical methods of the ignorant world are unable to deal with the craziness of the anti-conscience.

There is too much absurdity in the human brain.

The Satanic Anti-Conscience

Your satanic anti-conscience generates mental illnesses within your conscience through absurd thoughts and unbearable symptoms like dizziness, panic attacks, blackouts, and hallucinations. It also generates accidents, traumatic experiences, and many other misfortunes in your daily life.

You must be afraid of this terrible truth.

You would be shocked if you would learn what kind of crimes are committed everyday in our crazy world. Many things never appear on the newspapers, and even when they do, there are many details that are not shown to the public.

The same monster that controls the behavior of cruel murderers lives in your brain. Your tiny human conscience must control your behavior without letting this monster invade your conscience.

You must be grateful because I had the courage to discover this truth and fight the anti-conscience to give you this lesson. Now you know that you have a terrible enemy in your brain and you must offer resistance to its absurd suggestions.

Now you also know how to understand God’s guidance in your dreams, and find all the solutions you need in order to eliminate your worst enemy through consciousness. Everything depends on your seriousness.

I don’t know how God manages to eliminate the demon. I don’t know how God composes our dreams, or how He decides which information must be sent to the dreamer. I’m merely a dream translator and a helper.

Only God knows how to cure everyone’s mental health problems.

The anti-conscience is an invincible enemy.

I understand how a mental illness is formed, I understand all the problems of the dreamer when I translate his/her dreams, but I if I would work based on the knowledge I have, I would never be able to cure anyone. I have to read the divine guidance in everyone’s dreams to understand how they can be cured.

Even with all the knowledge I have after translating numerous dreams for many people since 1990, I don’t know what exactly I would have to teach a patient in order to help him/her restore his human conscience. Only God knows what kind of information can eliminate everyone’s absurdity, depending on their personality and life biography.

You can become a professional dream translator like me and help God cure other people’s mental health problems. The therapy is in everyone’s dreams. You only have to translate the dream messages, and help the dreamer put the divine guidance into practice in his/her daily life.

God makes miracles. I’ve seen many people who had severe mental illnesses find sound mental health through dream translation at a certain point of their therapy, even though they were disobedient and stubborn.

I didn’t believe they could be cured. However, they were cured because God knew how to show them everything they had to understand. Otherwise, they would never abandon the same point.

I don’t know how God can be so patient and produce so many dreams about the same matters, in so many different ways. God is a genius. He is a doctor, a teacher, a priest, a philosopher, and an artist.

Did you know that most people have dreams about the same mistakes around one hundred times?

This fact proves that we are idiotic. We are not able to change our behavior even when we recognize our mistakes. We need repeated lessons until we will finally understand what must be changed in our behavior.

Human Evolution

The truth is that we have to follow a very long evolutionary process. The biggest part of our brain still thinks like a prehistoric man.

Many people in the world are exactly like my father, even though they pretend to be human. Other people have different mental illnesses, but they are not in a better situation.

A few people have a very strong human conscience and they are not affected by the absurdity and the evilness they have inherited, but they are suffocated by the global absurdity.

The truth I’m showing you is tragic, but you can be an exception. You can obey the divine guidance and escape the tragic destiny of your ancestors. You will become a hero, and save the world thanks to your wisdom.

When more people will follow dream therapy according to the scientific method everything will be much better. The world will gradually change.

Right now we are in a difficult historical time because the world is discovering the bitter truth.

However, later we will start seeing the positive results of this comprehension. Our world will stop being a living hell. Everyone will respect the divine guidance in dreams, and everyone will respect their religion.

We will put an end to all the horrors that mark the barbarous modern civilization, and to all the horrors that always tortured the human race.

Finding Sound Mental Health

You will have difficulties on getting adapted to the fact that you must obey the divine guidance. Your selfish ego will disagree with this necessity.

You have to be intelligent and understand that God is wise and He wants to transform you into a perfect human being. Your obedience is indispensable. You have to obey the divine guidance because God knows what He is doing when He gives you a certain guidance. He is your doctor.

If you want to be cured and find sound mental health you have to do what your doctor tells you to, and not whatever you may desire. Since you are sick, you have to be careful.

You are sick because you have inherited an anti-conscience from the beginning of your life.

In order to acquire sound mental health you have to follow a long process of consciousness. You have to be humble, obedient, and patient.

This is hard because you have an impatient and aggressive behavior, which is generated by your wild nature. You want to see results fast. You don’t want to work. You have many absurd intentions.

You have to fight your tendency to be lazy and impatient. You have to be an obedient patient and student.

Remember that the human race is following a very long process of development for years and years. You are part of the human race. This means that you are an under-developed primate like everyone else. You have a lot to learn.

Even if you believe you are a genius, you are ignorant. You have to attain sanctity in order to be a mentally healthy individual.

You have to be humble and obedient, even though you will tend to be arrogant and disobedient.

I had to bear a lot because I was very far from sound mental health, but I was extremely obedient. I understood that if I wanted to win the fight against craziness, I had to be obedient and careful.

If you will obey the divine guidance and you will care about cultivating goodness in your heart, you will eliminate your wild side and consciously use all of your brain power.

However, obeying the divine guidance in a cruel world where everyone is indifferent is not a simple matter. Many times you will feel that this is too hard. You will tend to disregard the truth and follow the lies of the hypocritical world like everyone else.

Don’t let the false impressions mislead you and bother your evolution.

You can have a brilliant destiny if you will obey the divine guidance in your dreams. You must care about using all of your brain power, without being satisfied with the limited capacity of your conscience.

You have to be persistent and always remember that God knows what is better for you, even when you cannot understand His plan.

You are so far from perfection that you cannot really understand many things. On the other hand, there are many things that God cannot clearly explain before you will face various life challenges. Your own intelligence must be developed.

Until you will become a wise human being you won’t be able to understand God’s wisdom in many points.

Many times you will predict the future in dreams, but there are also times when you won’t be able to predict something because you will be tested. Or, there are many dangers in your reality, and you cannot learn the truth before being protected. There are many complications in life. God cannot show you everything beforehand.

Even if you have objections, you have to do what God tells you to because you are ignorant and absurd. You will be wise if you will recognize your ignorance and respect the divine wisdom in all situations.

A wise person is able to recognize the superiority of the divine wisdom. A wise person is not selfish and competitive.

When you will develop your conscience you will become really wise. You will automatically do what God would tell you to if you still needed His lessons. In other words, you will automatically have the behavior of a saint.

Sound mental health depends on goodness. You will become a mentally healthy human being when you will be sensitive. In order to become really sensitive you have to eliminate your absurd tendencies. This is not a matter of personal decision. You have to change your behavior through psychotherapy, and gradually understand all your mistakes.

You make too many mistakes because you are influenced or controlled by your anti-conscience, and because you are a slave for your psychological type. You have to understand these mistakes through dream translation, and learn how to completely change your attitude.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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