Transforming Your Personality And Your Reality

DreamYour dreams reflect your mental condition, and the dangers of the outside world. By following the unconscious guidance in your dreams, you will find a powerful method to transform your personality and your reality.

This is a privilege. You will understand its importance when you will stop being bothered by the absurd thoughts of your anti-conscience.

Right now you don’t understand which thoughts are produced by your human conscience, and which ones are sent by your anti-conscience to your conscious mind. When you will be able to discern these thoughts, and you will stop being forced to pay attention to them, you will understand the big difference existent between sound mental health and absurdity.

First of all, you need a clear mind. You have to follow psychotherapy by translating the meaning of your dreams and doing what the unconscious mind shows you in your dreams.

Many times you won’t like what you will understand. For example, I was very lazy when I was young. I was a good student and writer, but I didn’t do anything else besides studying and writing. Everything else was too tiring and boring for me.

I grew up like a princess, but when I became a teen I helped my mother have a divorce, and my father stopped giving me money because he understood that I was helping her. I had to get adapted to this fact, but I was a spoiled child.

I had dreams about my laziness and I clearly understood that the solution for my problem was to work and do the things I hated. I was not a princess anymore. I had to work cleaning the house. I had to do all the things I hated.

I didn’t like this solution. I wanted to find magical ways to avoid having to work.

I abandoned dream interpretation because I didn’t like the dream messages. The beginning of my psychotherapy (in 1984) was difficult because I was neurotic.

However, I had many vivid dreams and I remembered all my dreams. I tried to translate the meaning of my dreams again. I needed psychotherapy because I always was angry and depressed, and I was pregnant. My son was born in the beginning of October. I was very afraid of my responsibility as a mother.

I followed Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation after verifying that it was the only one that helped me find helpful information in the dream messages, even though I didn’t really understand it in many points.

I kept having unpleasant dreams. Another dream that irritated me was about an article I had written for a magazine about the feminine and the masculine behavior in a relationship. The dream was clearly showing me that this article was incomplete and I was unable to write about this matter because I didn’t have enough knowledge. A man was negatively criticizing my work.

I hated the message I found in this dream. I was proud of my intelligence and I believed that what I had written was very good, but this dream showed me that I had a lot to learn about the masculine and the feminine behavior. I was a good writer, but I was ignorant.

I had many nightmares and bad dreams. However, I didn’t want to realize that I was absurd and silly. In the beginning I couldn’t agree with this fact.

I gradually understood the value of this information besides the negative reactions of my ego, especially when I started changing my behavior. I verified that I really was absurd and I had a lot to learn. The unconscious mind was showing me all my mistakes with the intention to help me correct my behavior.

Thanks to my example, you can understand that the unpleasant messages I found in my dreams were not invented by me. I was ignorant. I didn’t understand my absurdity. These messages were reflecting the divine guidance. God is the dream producer, and not our own imagination.

I had better dreams when I started keeping a dream journal and writing down all my dreams, and not only the interesting ones (in 1986). I had the impression that not all dreams were important.

I verified that all dreams are extremely important especially in 1987, when I was able to translate the meaning of many dream symbols. I still was studying and looking for more information about dreams, but I saw that all dreams were meaningful and contained wise lessons.

This was the beginning of my research and my adventures.

I’m telling you my story because you won’t like to verify that you are absurd and you make many mistakes. This is not a pleasant verification.

However, you have to understand your mistakes. If you don’t understand that what you are doing works against you and you keep doing what is bad for you, you keep being a victim of your wild conscience, which is absurd and evil.

The fact that we have inherited a satanic anti-conscience that keeps trying to destroy our conscience through craziness means that all human beings need psychotherapy. God creates dreams with special messages because we must fight absurdity and evilness.

How Scientific Is A Scientific Method?

I believe that everyone loves science in our historical time. We don’t trust anything that is not scientifically proven.

However, there are many complications in this matter. The biologist and physiologist Konrad Lorenz condemned the scientific community because our scientists refuse to take into consideration personal narrations. He discovered the diary of a woman who was teaching a deaf child how to speak in a certain form, but her diary was not accepted as a scientific document because it was a personal narration.

Nobody else could verify that everything was really as described by this woman. Therefore, her research was not taken into consideration. However, she discovered many important truths, and she found many interesting solutions.

Many important documents are not taking into consideration because they don’t follow the requirements of the scientific community of our historical time.

On the other hand, there are many theories that are presented as if they were facts. You never know how scientific a certain discovery really is, unless you have clear proof that it is valid.

The scientific method of dream interpretation was discovered by Carl Jung. His work was based on a complicated research that only a genius like him could make. This method also is based on my discoveries after continuing his research thanks to his method of dream interpretation.

Jung must be considered by the world as the scientist who managed to explain the meaning of the dream language in a comprehensible manner.

He was an excellent teacher. I learned his complicated method of dream interpretation by reading his books (numerous times, until I could really understand everything) because I was an obedient student. My obedience proves that my research was not based on my opinion.

When I became a dream expert and I verified that the unconscious mind that produces our dreams is God’s mind, I started precisely obeying the divine guidance in dreams (in January of 1988).

I verified that Jung’s method accurately translates God’s words in dreams because he could discover the meaning of the most important images for all civilizations of the world in all historical times.

I managed to better understand the dream language because I was a literature writer and I used to write inspired by the unconscious mind that gives us artistic talents, besides producing our dreams.

I concluded that all human beings must obey the divine guidance in dreams, disagreeing with Jung’s conclusions, even though I confirm that his discoveries are real. He didn’t believe he should obey the unconscious mind. I was obedient because I recognized the superiority of the divine wisdom and the depth of my ignorance.

I had verified that the human conscience is one-sided and under-developed. So, I didn’t trust my ignorant and deficient conscience. I trusted the divine wisdom, which was safe.

My research is scientific because I was obedient. I didn’t invent anything. I was a very good student, and a very obedient patient.

I was cured and I managed to cure many people through dream translation because I respected the dream language and the divine guidance.

I will give you more explanations that will help you verify that the scientific translations are based on real discoveries, and not on suppositions.

The meaning of dreams is specific. It doesn’t depend on the dreamer or on the dream interpreter. All dream images have a specific meaning that must be discovered. Carl Jung and I discovered the meaning of numerous dream symbols by comparing numerous dreams, the dreamers’ life biographies and their psychological problems.

Now that we already know the meaning of many dream symbols this is not a problem, but in the beginning discovering the meaning of a dream symbol was a difficult matter.

When you translate a document you transcribe the author’s words in another language. You don’t invent anything. You obey the rules of each language, and you respect the meaning given by the author to his/her text. You don’t have the right to distort this meaning.

In order to translate the meaning of a dream according to the meaning given by the dream producer (God) the dream translator must respect a series of rules.

The unconscious mind makes many combinations with the dream images in a disguised form because our anti-conscience must not understand the dream messages. The unconscious messages are secret messages sent to our conscience with the intention to protect our conscience from the absurdity of our anti-conscience.

Dreamers who are mentally ill have dreams with many different dream scenes that seem to be unrelated. There is no story, only a series of different dream images.

Why? Because dreams reflect the mental condition of the dreamer. When an individual is mentally ill his/her mind is confused.

The mentally ill also have many nightmares. Many of them have only nightmares.

People who have a strong human conscience have better dreams. Their dreams are well-organized, pleasant, and easier to be translated.

These differences prove that our dreams reflect our psychological system. Dreams follow a series of rules. They are not disorganized images.

The fact that there is no dream story when we read the dream based on the logical conclusions of our ignorant conscience doesn’t mean that the dream is disorganized. All dreams are meaningful and well-organized according to the dream language and the dream logic.

When we translate the meaning of a dream we translate dream scenes separately. In other words, we translate all the images that compose a scene.

For example, let’s suppose that you had a dream about being in a forest, and eating an apple. Then, the scene changed, and you were driving your car in a big city.

Dream Translation

You represent your ego in dreams.

The forest is related to your animal nature. Your ego was trying to understand your animal nature.

The apple represents wisdom.

Your ego was becoming wiser because you were analyzing your animal nature and you understood the origin of your wild behavior.

Your car represents your life. Since you were driving your car, this means that your ego is driving your life.

The city represents a dangerous place.

Even though you are trying to become wiser, you still want to drive your life based on your conscience (your ego) and not based on the unconscious guidance. You have to obey the divine guidance instead of insisting on your opinion if you want to really understand the truth. God must drive your life, and not your ego.

Since you have a wild nature, you must obey the divine guidance in order to tame your wild nature and become a peaceful human being.

You are in a dangerous place, and your animal nature must be transformed into human nature.

Therefore, the fact that you were in the forest is related to the fact that you were in a city, in your car. These two unrelated scenes are connected when we take into consideration their symbolic meaning. We translate the meaning of each image separately, and then we read the dream according to the dream logic.

The translation of the meaning of a dream is based on following the rules of the dream language, and respecting the meaning of the dream symbols. The dream translator rewrites the dream images in words that the dreamer can understand, after following all the necessary steps for a perfect dream translation.

There is no big difference between translating the dream language and translating the meaning of a language based only on words to another language based on words, like from English to Spanish. Every dream image contains an important message, and all the dream images together give you more information.

Carl Jung discovered the method of dream interpretation that translates the meaning that the unconscious mind gives to the dream images.

Everyone must recognize this truth. I simply simplified his method based on the divine guidance in dreams.

Jung was a genius that only a few people could understand. I found his work ready and this is why I managed to overcome my neurosis. He was a serious and sincere scientist.

The scientific translations are not based on suppositions, but on real discoveries that already were confirmed numerous times. My work is a continuation of Carl Jung’s research. It is based on his discoveries. I completed and I clarified his method of dream interpretation with the guidance I had from God in my dreams.

An ignorant woman like me would never be able to continue Jung’s research and understand how to cure mental illnesses without superior guidance. This obvious truth proves that God is an excellent teacher.

Who could imagine that an ignorant woman would someday become a psychiatrist and psychologist able to cure all mental illnesses through dream translation?

I couldn’t imagine that this was my destiny, but later I discovered many signs in my life that revealed a preparation for this mission.

Today you can follow my steps and become a professional dream translator like me. You will surely discover something important, and help the world find solutions that didn’t exist before. God will transform you into a true genius.

Changing Your Life

Most dreams are about your behavior and your future. By translating the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation you will have an internal vision of your psychological content.

God works like a private psychotherapist for you and for every individual. Your dreams help you follow a process of psychological transformation, spiritual purification, and mind empowerment.

As you change your behavior by obeying the divine guidance, you eliminate your absurd and evil anti-conscience, and your human conscience becomes stronger.

You learn how to develop your four psychological functions (thoughts, feelings, sensations, intuition) and how to have a balanced attitude (extroverted and introverted).

You become more sensitive. You stop liking violence. You understand the importance of goodness and peace.

You stop accepting immorality. You understand the importance of purity and loyalty.

Therefore, you have the behavior of a wise and sensitive human being.

Your life depends on your behavior because you live in order to transform your satanic anti-conscience into positive content through consciousness. When your behavior is positive, your life is positive.

If you have the behavior imposed by your anti-conscience and you are aggressive, unfair, selfish, and dishonest you cannot have a good life.

If you have a good life based on having many material pleasures you will be controlled by your anti-conscience the same way. This is not a good life. You have to become a perfect human being. You cannot waste your time having fun. This is a selfish and dangerous intention.

A good life is a meaningful life, which makes you glad because you learn many important truths, and because you have many interesting experiences. A good life is characterized by love, peace, and wisdom.

You have to forget the definitions of the false world. What really matters in life is what you learn from it, and how much you transform your personality thanks to this knowledge.

The Right Behavior

You may believe that the right behavior is a relative value, which depends on the situation, but this is a misconception generated by the ignorant world. The right behavior is based on wisdom and sensitivity. It doesn’t depend on the situation.

You have the right behavior when you are a sensible and sensitive human being in all situations. Your behavior must be the behavior of an intelligent and sensitive person independently of your environment.

This means that in every situation you will have the behavior of a conscious human being, and not the behavior of a violent and indifferent person. You won’t make the mistakes made by those who are controlled by their absurd and evil anti-conscience.

This is a protection and a relief that will make a big difference in your life. When you don’t listen to your anti-conscience’s thoughts and you don’t make mistakes, you never regret. You always are glad with your behavior and your actions, in all situations.

You have a well-defined personality. Your peace of mind cannot be disturbed by the global absurdity.

Your obedience to the divine guidance gives you the freedom to think like a conscious human being, without being manipulated by your satanic anti-conscience. You stop following the cruel mindset of your historical time and you are able to attain higher levels of knowledge.

God becomes your information source. You learn the truth about your reality without being misled by the hypocritical world.

You will verify that everything is related in your reality. Nothing works independently of something else. Nothing happens by chance. There are always numerous reasons for the formation of a problem.

Through dream translation you will have a better vision. Your reality won’t be confused and unpredictable.

You will be able to predict the future and understand the route you are following. Your extraordinary personality will help you achieve superior goals.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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Dream Therapy

If you are in a difficult situation, you can send your dreams to me for a professional dream translation and psychotherapy. I will help you solve your problems thanks to the unconscious guidance in your dreams.

After my initial help, you’ll learn how to translate your dreams yourself with my dynamic method of dream translation, derived from Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation. The unconscious wisdom will guide you forever, and help you acquire complete consciousness. Click here to Submit your Dreams

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