Is Happiness A Utopia Or A Valid Purpose?

Happiness You want to be happy. You believe you have the chance to do many exciting things while you are alive. However, your dangerous reality is not a funny place.

Here you must be careful, and protect your mental health. Your happiness cannot be perfect. You must accept suffering.

You can be relatively happy, but not as happy if you were living in a paradise. First of all you have to pass through a process of transformation. You must learn how to behave, so that you may avoid making mistakes.

There are many complications in your reality. You must learn how to deal with them. Finding happiness depends on getting prepared to solve life’s problems.

You will be happy if you will learn how to be a sensible and sensitive human being. However, you have to learn what exists behind the apparent reality, so that you may understand how to protect yourself from the evil world.

The world is absurd and evil because our animal nature prevails in our behavior. We are violent primates who pretend to be reasonable.

There is a solution for the human race because God is not a myth. God is the dream producer, as Carl Jung had discovered before me, even though he didn’t understand the real importance of his discovery.

Many people are solving their psychological problems trough dream translation. You can easily learn the dream language now that I simplified Jung’s method. Even people who have severe mental illnesses are learning the dream language thanks to my simplifications.

This method works because it is based on divine wisdom, and there is a lot more than psychotherapy in the dream messages. Your dreams contain precious knowledge. They help you understand that finding happiness depends on preparing the necessary conditions that will enable you to achieve this goal.

You have to transform your personality and prepare your future. Without the necessary preparation you will make many mistakes.

God knows this fact, and this is why He sends you precious guidance in your dreams. Your dreams show you how the future will be unfolded and how you must behave.

Overcoming Many Obstacles At The Same Time

You listen to the lies of the hypocritical world, and this is why you believe that everything is simple. The truth is that life is complicated and dangerous. You have to overcome many obstacles at the same time.

Since you have inherited a satanic anti-conscience and your human conscience is under-developed, you have to work hard in order to transform your personality. You have to be serious.

I will talk about my own case. When I was young I had the behavior of a dictator and I used to become very angry with everyone’s mistakes. Since everyone kept making mistakes because human beings are irresponsible, I always was angry. So, I couldn’t find peace.

I had to learn how to forgive others. This was a very difficult matter for me because I was easily contaminated by hatred.

I saw that it was terrible to hate someone. I didn’t want to hate anyone. I didn’t want to be cruel and absurd like my father, but I saw that my behavior was like his behavior when I became an adult.

I was cruel. I recognized this fact and I wanted to change, but it was hard. It seemed to be impossible.

My example shows you that transforming your personality can be hard if you are as absurd and evil as I was when I was in the beginning of my psychotherapy.

At the same time, you have to deal with the absurdity of the world. The hypocritical world works based on financial power, terror, violence, immorality, indifference, and greed. Most people are controlled by their satanic anti-conscience, instead of eliminating it through consciousness.

This is a tragic reality that must change.

You have to deal with this reality, while you follow a process of psychological and spiritual transformation, which also works like a method of mind empowerment, by translating the meaning of your dreams and obeying the divine guidance.

God made me learn how to be humble by making me accept facing numerous humiliations in order to defend my discoveries about the absurdity of the human race. I had to face proud scientists, proud priests, and many aggressive people who didn’t like my sincerity.

Why did I have to show to the world the bitter truth I had discovered after continuing Carl Jung’s research?

I verified that human beings are demons with a human face. I had to show this truth to the world because this way everyone will understand the importance of obeying the divine guidance in dreams.

Do you think that I liked God’s idea? Do you think that I agreed with the fact that I had to accept being offended when I would reveal to the world what I could discover in the human brain?

I hated my position, but I could logically understand that I had to accept the attacks of those who were controlled by their anti-conscience. They didn’t want to admit the satanic origin of the human being because this way their evilness would be uncovered.

On the other hand, I agreed with the fact that I deserved to be punished because I was cruel and I was a sinner. I deserved to be humiliated because I was arrogant.

You may have a similar vision when you will analyze your psychological content.

The beginning is hard because you must change your behavior, but in the continuation everything becomes exciting. By obeying the divine guidance you stop making horrible mistakes and you become a superior person.

I wouldn’t be here giving you lessons if I wouldn’t stop being aggressive after understanding the importance of forgiveness.

Forgiveness is a wonderful solution, but you cannot forgive anyone when you are contaminated by hatred. I delayed to understand the importance of forgiveness because I kept remembering my own pain. I didn’t think about anything else.

I hated the idea to forgive my terrible enemies. I believed that they deserved to be horribly punished.

Why should I care? I didn’t think I should care about forgiving them. They didn’t deserve forgiveness.

With time God helped me understand that I had to forgive my enemies, independently of the fact that they didn’t deserve forgiveness. I had to have a human reaction and understand their imperfections. They were beasts, but I had to behave like a human being.

My forgiveness shouldn’t depend on what they did against me. It had to depend on my heart. I had to forgive them because I had a good hearth.

I had to show compassion and understand that they were not acting like conscious human beings. My attitude had to be the attitude of a wise and sensitive human being, independently of their behavior.

Until I could understand everything I’m showing you, I believed that I would never learn how to forgive anyone. I believe that God had unreal expectations from me. Everything seemed to be impossible.

God kept reminding me that I didn’t deserve forgiveness the same way, but He was giving me the chance to become a mentally healthy woman if I would obey His guidance. His guidance was painful for me but I had to suffer because there was no other way. I had to stop having the behavior of a monster, and become sensitive.

I couldn’t believe I would manage to calm down in the beginning because my thoughts were based on erroneous concepts. When I learned how to think, and everything I had to take into consideration before making conclusions, I understood my mistakes. I also became more sensitive because I stopped being proud and distant.

My behavior and my intentions changed. I stopped liking to show off. I didn’t want to make anyone feel less intelligent than me. I didn’t want to make anyone sad with my words.

You will have your challenges, and your own comprehension. I’m showing you the progress I made to give you an idea of how you will think after understanding the truth about the human brain.

You will realize that your happiness depends on the way you react. Your behavior defines your destiny. Your attitude depends on your conscience, and not on the challenges you face.

How Dangerous Is Your Reality?

You reality is very dangerous. There are numerous dangers threatening your peace of mind all the time. You don’t pay attention to all these dangers if you feel protected, but they don’t stop threatening you.

You must care about your survival, your obligations, and many other matters.

You must protect yourself from false friends and hidden enemies. You have to avoid believing in the lies of the world. You must be realistic.

You must be prepared to deal with many surprises in life.

In a few words, you have to solve too many problems. This is why you need the divine guidance in your dreams.

Thanks to dream translation you will find many explanations. This alternative will give you relief and safety, even if in the beginning you will suffer in order to transform your personality.

I was very self-confident because I always was applauded. I was very intelligent, even though I became idiotic when I became neurotic, but I couldn’t see the truth when I was young and I was proud of my intelligence. Later I saw how ridiculous I was, but I’m showing you that I had the behavior of someone who was not afraid of anything.

Perhaps your case is totally different. You can be shy and insecure, and underestimate your capacities. Most people are insecure. They have different problems. They don’t trust themselves. There are numerous different cases.

The point is that the process of transformation you must follow is not a simple matter, even if you are not neurotic like me when I was in the beginning of my psychotherapy. This process depends on your work. You have to pay attention to your own behavior, and control your behavior.

You will dislike this necessity because you like to be free. You don’t know that you are exposed to numerous dangers. However, when you will get used with the necessity to pay attention to your behavior and never do anything without pondering your actions, this attitude will be a habit.

You will stop doing things without thinking, or without really understanding the meaning of your actions. You will become a serious and mature person.

Then, you will understand that you really had to transform your personality and stop making all the mistakes you were making in the past. You will be grateful for following this process of transformation.

Right now you cannot evaluate the importance of this process because you didn’t see it happening into practice. You have to translate the meaning of your dreams and follow the guidance you have in order to understand how it works.

Your dreams criticize your behavior. You have dreams about things that are part of your daily life, but all dream images have a symbolic meaning. You only seem to have dreams about facts that belong to your daily reality. These facts have a different meaning according to the dream language.

For example, if you live in a cold place where there is snow all the time, you will have dreams about being in the snow, and not about being in a tropical island. However, the meaning of dreams is symbolic. The messages contained in your dreams must be translated according to the dream language.

This is how you will understand the wisdom existent behind the images that belong to your daily reality. For example, the snow in dreams represents great danger. If you live in a country where there is too much snow, this means that you must realize all the dangers that are threatening your mental health. You tend to disregard all dangers.

If you live in a tropical island, you have the tendency to live isolated, even if you seem to have a normal social life. Your life and your dreams are connected.

God uses images that belong to your daily reality to give you symbolic messages because your daily reality already is as it must be in order to reflect the truth about your mental health, and help you overcome your difficulties.

Now you can understand that happiness is a relative value because it has meaning only in relation to something else. You can find happiness in certain areas depending on a series of factors, if you will stop making mistakes and you will be serious and careful. Your happiness will have meaning if you will be happy for being a better person.

The selfish image of happiness imposed by the hypocritical world is false. This happiness is based on having material pleasures and disregarding your evolutionary process. You must care about becoming a perfect human being, and not about having many advantages in life.

Finding Real Happiness

Real happiness is based on goodness. Goodness gives you authentic happiness because you are sincere. You look for your perfect match, without accepting relationships with the wrong person. You respect the truth and you are honest, even if you are tired and you could have advantages if you were evil.

You never abandon your moral principles. You never forget that only goodness can save you from eternal suffering.

Goodness and sound mental health are synonyms. However, you don’t know the real importance of goodness, and your satanic anti-conscience keeps making you believe that evilness is more advantageous for you.

You live in a crazy world where everyone is immoral, even though everyone pretends to be morally correct.

You need God’s support. The fact that you can understand God’s words in dreams thanks to my simplifications opens new horizons for you.

God surely knows how to help you find authentic happiness. He won’t disappoint you.

When you trust the dream messages, you trust the divine wisdom. The scientific translations really help you understand God’s thoughts and His advice in your dreams.

You will verify this fact when you will translate your dreams according to the scientific method. You will see that the information contained in the dream messages really is related to what is happening to you.

For example if you have frequent dreams about forgetting something or losing your things this means that your ego is making many costly mistakes. When you will think about this matter and you will relate it to your daily life, you will discover your mistakes. This will be a revelation for you.

I remember that when I was able to understand the unconscious messages I verified that I was idiotic in many ways. I didn’t pay attention to many negative signs that should have shown me that I was making mistakes. I made many mistakes in life because of my stupidity, while I believed that I was intelligent.

When I started understanding all my mistakes I found the explanations I was looking for. I saw that I really couldn’t be happy if I was making so many costly mistakes.

This was a sad comprehension, but at least I was aware of the truth. You will feel the same way. You will understand your life, the reasons why you had the life biography you did, and many other things you cannot suppose.

The information you have in dreams is true consolation, even when you realize that you made mistakes because you understand why everything is going wrong. Then, you are guided and you learn how to solve your problems. You don’t act based on your suppositions.

You stop living in the darkness of your ignorance. You have access to God’s wisdom. This is a privilege.

The Power Of Dreams

The ignorant world cannot imagine the real power of the dream messages. You will be able to have superior knowledge thanks to your communication with God through dream translation if you will study the dream language for a while. Learning a language is not something impossible. On the contrary, it is quite simple.

Some people have more difficulties, but everyone can surely learn a foreign language. The dream language is made of images instead of words, and it talks about the dreamer’s mental health most of the time, besides giving information and guidance about many other matters related to the dreamer’s life.

Everyone can understand Jung’s method thanks to my clarifications and simplifications. You won’t be an exception. Even if you don’t think you are intelligent, you will learn this language if you will care about this matter.

Some people tell me that the dream language is complicated in the beginning, but when they start translating other people’s dreams they verify that they are able to understand the meaning of dreams. They couldn’t trust their capacity to understand this language when they were translating their own dreams, but they see that they are able to translate other people’s dreams and help them find useful information in the dream messages.

This point is very important when you study the dream language. You have to translate other people’s dreams to really understand the meaning of dreams. Later you will better translate your own dreams.

You will verify the power of dreams when you will learn Carl Jung’s method, which is the only right one, even though it is too complicated. Now that I simplified everything and I completed his research, there are no complications. I give you a road map, showing you every detail you must know.

The precious information, the predictions, and the detailed guidance you find in your dreams prove that a superior mind creates all dreams. The atheistic and materialistic world is gradually admitting the existence of God thanks to dream translation. Now that everyone can have a direct contact with God, everyone can verify that He speaks in dreams.

You may think that the fact that everyone can talk with God through dream messages is really incredible, especially in our atheistic historical time. However, this is the right historical time. We were unable to understand the truth before because we were too idiotic.

The fact that I could complete Carl Jung’s research in 1989 and that I managed to simplify his method of dream interpretation in 2007 (finally) didn’t happen by chance. I was obeying the divine guidance and putting God’s plan into practice. My work was prepared by God. I was simply following the guidance I had, like a soldier.

Anyone could be in my place. My merit is only my obedience. I carefully followed Carl Jung’s lessons and I precisely obeyed the divine guidance.

This is the right time for the transformation of the world into a place where everyone will have the chance to evolve. We have already verified that we will never be able to find peace without superior guidance.

Many modifications already are happening thanks to dream interpretation according to the scientific method.

You are lucky because you are learning how to find authentic happiness in life thanks to God’s guidance, instead of believing in the false information of the cruel world.

Now you know that you have to be realistic and carefully prepare the conditions that will help you find happiness that lasts for life. You also have to remember that this happiness has a relative value. Many times you have to accept suffering in order to preserve peace or help someone else.

You will be happy because you will find peace, love, and wisdom, but this doesn’t mean that you will live in a paradise. Earth is a place where you have to attain spiritual perfection. You can be happy, but you also have to accept suffering when necessary.

Therefore, don’t be naïve and don’t be lazy. You have to be well-organized and prudent.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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