Opening Your Eyes And Analyzing Your Reality

DreamThere are numerous signs that reflect our absurdity, but we don’t pay attention to their meaning, and we give them different definitions. The scientific method of dream interpretation helps you understand the truth about your mental health and the global absurdity.

Here is a list with the most shocking signs of absurdity in our world, which should have already convinced us that we need psychotherapy:

* Wars

* Crimes

* Mental Illnesses

* Poverty

* Prostitution

* Homosexuality

* Prisons

* Asylums

* Pollutions

* Hypocrisy

* Horror movies and books

* Violent heroes

Now, here is a short list that reflects our despair:

* Suicide attempts

* Self-Abuse

* Addictions

These lists prove that we are absurd creatures, confirming my discoveries. After continuing Carl Jung’s research into the unknown region of the human psyche through dream interpretation I found proof that God is the dream producer. After precisely obeying the divine guidance in my dreams, I discovered the existence of a satanic primitive conscience (anti-conscience) into the biggest part of the human brain and psyche.

In a few words, I discovered our satanic origin. We are not really human.

We receive a tiny human conscience from God, but we are basically demons, since our anti-conscience occupies the biggest part of our brain. We have to obey the divine guidance in dreams and in our religion, so that we may eliminate the demon through consciousness, and become really human.

When I started announcing my discoveries to those who were around me (in 1989) nobody wanted to believe me. I understood that I shouldn’t hope to be comprehended. Most people were revolted with the idea that human beings are demons. It was too demoralizing for their ego.


What about our goodness and all the good things that many human beings already did? How could I annulate all the positive characteristics of the human race and declare that human beings are demons?

I already explained that we receive a human conscience from God. This is why there is some goodness in our behavior, but our goodness is false. We are selfish and evil, even when we seem to be generous.

We use our social image in order to have many advantages. We do many things because we want to seem to be good, always with the intention to protect and satisfy our ego.

We are excellent actors.

All the horrors that keep happening in our world clearly prove our insanity. We try to get rid of the mentally ill by imprisoning them in asylums and we try to get rid of criminals by locking them in prisons. However, there are numerous dishonest and absurd human beings who never are discovered by our corrupt legal system.

Those who are not immediately affected by the lists of horrors that characterize our world seem to be reasonable because they are protected by their social position. However, they merely seem to be sensible and honest. If something bad will happen to them, they will lose their minds. They will have the behavior of criminals.

All human beings have a criminal mind because everyone inherits a satanic anti-conscience.

We have to develop the tiny human conscience we receive from God in order to become wise and sensitive human beings. This is how we will eliminate our evil side.

In order to develop our conscience we have to respect God’s laws. God demands from us the behavior of saints because only if we will attain spiritual perfection will we find peace.

The Catholic and the Orthodox Church distorted the divine guidance, and this is why we are not protected as we should. The clergy believes that God doesn’t demand too much from us. Many other religions distorted God’s lessons to the world.

However, God demands a perfect behavior from us. We are not simply forgiven because God is good and He understands our imperfections.

We have to eliminate the demon we have inherited into the biggest part of our brain, so that we may have the chance to use all of our brain power and evolve. This is an indispensable obligation.

We are suffering and wasting our time, while we can find peace and evolve without limits by obeying the divine guidance in our dreams and in our religion.

All religions were created by the same God. All religions help us eliminate the demon, and become really human. God made many different combinations to teach us the complexity of our spiritual reality. He also tried to find different ways to help us eliminate our satanic anti-conscience.

Now that I simplified Carl Jung’s complicated method of dream interpretation you can easily learn the dream language and understand God’s words in your dreams. This way you will have a direct communication with God, and directly understand what you have to do in order to eliminate your anti-conscience and use all of your brain power.

The Meaning Of Dreams And The Meaning Of Life

The hypocritical world ignores how absurd we really are, and it imposes more absurdity to our population. Our world works based on marketing, and marketers are immoral. They sell whatever their customers want to buy, without caring about the effect that their products may have on the development of their customers’ personality.

For example, people like horror stories because they like the idea to get revenge. This insane pleasure comes from our absurd anti-conscience.

We shouldn’t be glad when we see our enemies suffering. We should be sad because suffering is painful. Our distorted nature is the wild and evil nature of our anti-conscience, which keeps influencing our behavior.

Another tragic example is the fact that all our heroes are violent and horrible. Our children are used with monsters that have supernatural powers. They learn how to be violent from the beginning of their lives by playing violent games. We are destroying our children’s personality because we are promoting violence.

Did I exaggerate when I said that human beings are demons?

I don’t think so. Read again the lists of horrors that are part of the routine in our world.

You have to be serious. You have to recognize your absurdity because you belong to the absurd human race, and humbly obey the divine guidance in order to be cured.

You have to pass through a process of spiritual purification. This is the most important matter of your life.

The meaning of your dreams shows you the truth about the meaning of your life. You live in order to be transformed into a wise and sensitive human being. This is your mission.

You cannot ignore this process of transformation because you are in danger. If you won’t eliminate all the absurdity you have inherited into your anti-conscience, it will destroy your human conscience.

Your incomprehensible dreams reflect the truth about your mental condition and about the cruel world. This is why many dreams are unpleasant or scaring.

You have to fight the demon that occupies your brain. You also have to fight the entire world, where many demons are killing our population and destroying our planet.

You may believe that ‘everything is fine’ because you are superficial and you like to be inconsequential. Your dreams don’t let you believe in illusions. Your dreams reflect everything that is dangerous and bad in your personality and in the world.

The divine unconscious mind shows you all your mistakes and the mistakes of those who are around you. You understand everything you misunderstood in the past. You understand why you behave the way you do in various situations.

Thanks to this vision, you learn how to control your behavior and how to protect yourself and your family from the cruel world. You have to understand the truth as it is, so that you may really protect your mental stability.

Your dreams reflect your behavior, showing you how absurd you are, so that you may stop doing what your anti-conscience imposes to your conscience.

You must care about this matter because this is what defines the meaning of your life. You live in order to stop being a cruel rational animal and become a peaceful, calm, sensitive, sensible, and wise human being who will defend the justice of God in the world.

Everything else that is part of your life is not as important as your mission. Your process of psychological and spiritual transformation is essential. You have the moral obligation to find sound mental health and help the world follow your example. This is what God expects from you.

God is your doctor and your teacher, but He also is your judge. You are judged based on your goodness while you are alive and also after death. When you listen to your satanic anti-conscience, you are punished with diseases and numerous impossibilities.

By following the divine guidance in your dreams you will learn how to transform your personality, and how to stop making mistakes. This way you will guarantee your mental and physical health. You will also find spiritual health and wisdom.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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