The Natural Psychological Treatment Sent By God

Dream SymbolThe meaning of dreams is extremely important, even though the world ignores the real importance of the dream messages. Now that I simplified, clarified, and completed Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation everyone can verify that his method accurately translates God’s words in dreams.

After mastering the dream language you will discover numerous signs in your daily life that help you understand your reality and predict the future exactly like dreams, since God is everywhere. You have symbolic signs all the time. First of all you have to learn the dream language and understand its symbolism.

The wisdom contained in the dream messages clearly proves that God is alive and speaks in dreams, as many ancient civilizations had concluded. However, their knowledge was not transmitted to the world.

Carl Jung managed to give us specific scientific explanations about the meaning of dreams and our mental health. Thanks to his method we can verify that the divine unconscious mind knows everything. This is an impressive truth.

My discoveries give you more explanations. By obeying the divine guidance in dreams, I discovered the existence of a wild conscience, which works in parallel with our human conscience and generates mental illnesses within our conscience. I named it anti-conscience because it tries to destroy our conscience through craziness.

We have free psychotherapy in dreams because we need psychotherapy. Everything in the nature of our planet helps us follow a natural psychological treatment, but there are also many obstacles to our development because there is too much evilness and absurdity into our anti-conscience.

Everything in our planet has the intention to help the development of our conscience. We already receive the treatment we need in our dreams because this special treatment is indispensable. We only have to learn the dream language and obey the divine guidance in order to be cured.

The creation of our planet was not the result of pure chance. The universe was precisely prepared through numerous physical laws that couldn’t have appeared by chance because the same laws prevail everywhere.

Many physicians affirm that everything in the universe is exactly as it must be in order to permit the existence of life on earth. This means that there was an entire preparation in the universe for the formation of our planet with the necessary conditions for the development of life.

Many astronomers were forced to abandon their atheistic attitude after verifying that the existence of a plan for the formation of the universe proves the necessity of a creator. We have to admit the existence of a superior brain that organized and prepared everything with mathematical precision, so that the universe could work the way it does.

The astronomer Fred Hoyle affirms that we are naïve if we believe that the first live cell could have appeared by chance in our young planet. If the formation of the first live cell was the result of accidental molecular combinations, we still needed many billions of years of attempts until the right formula could be finally found.

Hoyle also affirms that the same way, the big variety of animal and vegetable species existent on our planet couldn’t have appeared by chance in our young planet. This supposition is unreal. We must admit the existence of a creator.

The biologist and ethologist Konrad Lorenz and many other biologists verified that there are a series of behavioral programs already prepared in every animal’s cognitive mechanism. This is why all animals are able to survive in a dangerous environment where they have many natural enemies, from the beginning of their lives.

All animals already know what to do when they are in danger or when they are hungry, before learning this behavior from other members of their species. They are able to successfully kill their prey with the right movements in their first attempt.

This means that all animals are prepared to act according to certain behavioral programs. Who prepared and organized all these programs?

The existence of God can be proved through numerous ways. The scientific method of dream interpretation gives you scientific and religious explanations that help you understand everything much better.

Why We Like To Be Atheists

Most people in our atheistic and materialistic world are controlled or influenced by their anti-conscience. This is why they prefer to be free instead of respecting the divine guidance.

Even after having many confirmations of the existence of God the world insists on being atheistic because we like violence, immorality, hypocrisy, and greed. We like to believe that God is not necessary and disrespect His laws.

We don’t want to forgive our enemies. We don’t want to show compassion for anyone. We like to be selfish and cruel. We like to have many material pleasures, without caring about anything else.

Now that the dream language was clarified everyone is gradually understanding that this negative attitude goes against our own interests. We should prefer to be wise and sensitive instead of preferring our violent and selfish behavior. We have to consciously organize our behavior.

We like to be violent because we have a wild nature. However, violence is destructive. We must learn how to preserve peace.

If you believe you have a peaceful nature you should remember how you behave when someone does something against you. You can be calm and reasonable when everything is fine and you are following your routine, but if something unexpected will make you angry, you will have the chance to verify your violent nature.

If you are violent whenever something unpleasant happens to you, you have a violent behavior; even if you usually are kind and polite. You may be a civilized person, but you are not a saint.

If you are not a saint, you are mentally ill. The world doesn’t understand this fact, but now that you know that you have inherited a satanic anti-conscience, you can understand this truth.

Evilness generates absurdity and terror, even when it doesn’t seem to be so evil. Whatever is a little bit evil is dangerous and generates absurdity and terror in the future.

We are ignorant and idiotic. This is why we believe that we must be a little bit evil sometimes. We don’t think that this means that we are bad. We like to believe that our false goodness mixed with evilness must be accepted as if it was a reasonable attitude.

We believe we must defend ourselves first of all – because we are selfish. Therefore, the acceptance of evilness sometimes seems to be more advantageous for us.

We cannot respect the truth when it goes against our personal interests. We like to distort the truth to our advantage with convenient lies.

This is why we make numerous mistakes, and we are constantly influenced by our anti-conscience.

This is why we like to be atheists. Our ambiguous attitude generates numerous obstacles for our development.

The scientific method of dream interpretation helps you clarify your mind and understand your mistakes. You have the chance to be corrected and enlightened by God.

Recognizing Your Ignorance

My research was based on my obedience to the divine guidance in dreams, since I could recognize the depth of my ignorance, and the superiority of the divine wisdom. I was prepared to be able to understand how ignorant I was when I had to deal with the necessity to stop doing whatever I desired.

I accepted to be so obedient because I could understand my inferiority.

After discovering the existence of the anti-conscience in the human brain I had a very strong reason to obey the divine guidance. You will make the same conclusion when you will understand your dangerous position because you have a satanic anti-conscience and you are in a cruel world.

I was an average person. My opinion about the world and the human life was like most people’s opinion in our historical time. When I understood the depth of my ignorance, I learned the truth about the human brain and the meaning of life.

I had to abandon all the knowledge I believed I had in order to understand the truth as it really was.

You have to humbly recognize your ignorance like I did, even if according to the ignorant and hypocritical world you seem to be intelligent and you know many important things. What really matters is not the superficial knowledge you may have. There are many important things you ignore.

When you will learn more about how your brain works and what determines your behavior in your dreams, you will understand how ignorant you really are. The more you will learn, better you will understand the depth of your ignorance.

For example, in the past we didn’t know that there were more planets in the universe. We ignored everything about the vast space, the sun and the stars. Today that many planets were discovered, we can understand how much we still ignore about the universe.

Instead of trying to make adaptations and defending your points of view, you must humbly recognize your vast ignorance. This recognition is indispensable because you must learn how to think and feel like a perfect human being. You cannot have this knowledge if you will follow the mindset of the materialistic world.

The Animal Nature

Why did God create a planet with so many wild animals that violently kill other animals?

The wild animal nature is as evil as the nature of our satanic anti-conscience because we need many examples to understand the barbarity of our cruel behavior. We believe that a lion is not ‘cruel’ because it kills other animals with the intention to eat them. This is not something it does because it likes to kill animals, but in order to survive.

However, the fact that lions are killers means that they are violent and evil creatures. Wild animals that are natural killers reflect the anger and the evilness existent into our anti-conscience.

We believe that the wild animals are not cruel because we are used with the wild nature of our planet. However, they have a cruel behavior exactly in order to show us how violent we are. We are killers too.

The wild animals reflect the cruelty of our anti-conscience. The peaceful animals reflect the characteristics of our human conscience.

Everything in our planet is related to the necessity to cure our absurd anti-conscience. We have many examples of absurdity and many examples of sound mental health. Everything in our planet is part of our process of transformation. Everything gives us a lesson.

The prehistoric man was a violent animal that could think. Man gradually developed his intelligence during a very long process of transformation. However, the biggest part of the human brain still remains in a primitive stage. The part that was developed and has human characteristics was artificially developed by God.

This is why we have to develop our conscience during our lives. We receive a human conscience that depends on our personal efforts to be developed. God gives us the beginning of a human conscience and we have to complete it, in order to abandon our evil animal nature.

We are violent murderers who must become peaceful human beings.

The Human Conscience

Your human conscience is a gift. You already are born with a tiny human conscience that works based on human characteristics, even though the biggest part of your brain belongs to your wild conscience, the satanic anti-conscience, which hates your human conscience.

Your human conscience is a cover that keeps the demon deep inside your brain, in the bottom of your psyche. Your anti-conscience is constantly trying to find ways to invade your human conscience with its absurd thoughts and control your behavior.

Your conscience must obey the divine guidance because alone you won’t be able to escape the logical traps of your anti-conscience. The anti-conscience is idiotic, but it is intelligent enough to prepare numerous logical traps for your under-developed conscience, and numerous mental illnesses.

Only if you will respect your moral principles will you manage to keep your human conscience alive. If you will abandon your moral principles and you will accept immorality, your anti-conscience will take advantage of this mistake to destroy your conscience through craziness.

Craziness is total absurdity, terror, violence, and despair. This means that craziness is invincible. When you see a furious man breaking every object around him, you understand that he is crazy. However, until he will come to this point, he will follow a long process.

This means that you must learn how to prevent craziness, before being a victim of your wild conscience.

Your human conscience must deal with the existence of craziness. In other words, you have to protect your conscience from all the absurdity that is constantly attacking your conscience.

Your human conscience is very powerful, but it is attacked all the time. You must have the courage to respect your moral principles in all life situations if you want to protect your sanity.

You need God’s help because there are many temptations in the world. You have to be careful. You won’t be able to respect your moral principles in all situations. You need God’s enlightenment.

Your human conscience is a precious gift you must protect and develop, while you are in a very dangerous reality; the reality of all wild animals.

The biggest part of your brain must belong to your human conscience, and not to your satanic anti-conscience. God works like a psychotherapist who helps you transform your wild conscience into human conscience.

Dreams about animals give you information about other people’s personality, even though many dream symbols based on animals have a specific meaning, and they don’t represent other people.

After learning the meaning of the most important dream symbols, you will be able to know the animals that represent other people, like the lion. The lion in dreams represents a possessive, demanding, and violent person.

The symbolic meaning of dreams gives you information about the outside world and the people who are important for you in order to protect your mental health, and help you evolve.

You will verify that by translating the meaning of dreams you will acquire sound mental health that lasts for life because it is based on wisdom and sanctity.

Your human conscience becomes powerful when you abandon your animal nature and you understand the importance of the abstract spiritual reality. This is a difference like abandoning the reasoning system of an under-developed primate to understand the complex reasoning system of an intelligent human being of the 21st century.

You will suddenly evolve, surpassing many generations in a short period of time because you will have access to the divine wisdom. You will also stop being bothered by the absurd thoughts of your anti-conscience. This relief will change your life.

Your human conscience will clearly understand the importance of goodness. You will like to be a good person. You won’t feel any satisfaction on being cruel and arrogant. You won’t like to be snobbish. You will like to be humble and friendly.

The world is so absurd that you cannot understand the beauty of goodness. Many people believe that we need what is bad to be able to evaluate what is good, while this is not a necessity, but the result of our stupidity. We should pay attention to what is good because it is better, it is beautiful, and it is safe.

Imagine how wonderful our population would be if everyone in the world had attained sanctity and everyone had the behavior of an angel. We would surely be able to solve all the problems that keep torturing the human race from the beginning of our existence.

This is God’s intention. He wants to transform all human beings into saints. If we will obey His guidance in dreams and in our religion we will achieve this goal, and understand the power of our spiritual reality.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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