Curing Mental Illnesses Through Consciousness

Wild ConscienceMy research was based on the divine guidance, since I verified that Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation accurately translates God’s words in dreams. Jung was a scientist and this is why he didn’t fall down on his knees after discovering that the unconscious mind that produces our dreams is God’s mind. I had a religious attitude and I precisely obeyed the divine guidance.

I was a literature writer who used to write inspired by a magical inspiration sent by the unconscious mind that produces our dreams. The unconscious mind was the real author of my poems and stories. Many other writers write inspired by the unconscious mind, as Carl Jung had observed. Therefore, I was connected to the unconscious mind thanks to my literary creations.

I also had a strong religious education in a Catholic school during twelve years. I understood my position before God’s wisdom. Therefore, I realized that God was wise and I had to obey the divine guidance because God knew what was better for me.

I had this revelation when I was 28-years-old, in the beginning of 1989.

Now, think about this situation. Would you accept to precisely obey the divine guidance in your dreams?

Would you stop doing what your conscience believed and obey God’s guidance, even against your will like I did?

Of course I hated suffering. I disagreed with God’s plan because it was based on my suffering. However, I could logically understand that God was right and I was wrong because God was wise and I was ignorant.

Perhaps Carl Jung didn’t feel that he was ignorant since he was a genius, but I could easily conclude that I was ignorant because in my case this fact was obvious.

Wish I could merely study in one or two universities and learn everything I had to know in order to become a psychiatrist and a psychologist through dream translation. This alternative would be very simple, but insufficient.

The lessons I had were not theoretical. I really had to fight craziness in the position of a patient, besides also being in the position of a doctor, since I was precisely obeying the divine guidance.

I had to be a doctor for myself by obeying the guidance I had. When I found sound mental health, I started curing others. I can cure mental illnesses because I understand the divine guidance in everyone’s dreams.

However, in order to really understand the divine guidance and understand how to help my patients find sound mental health through dream translation, I had to work hard curing many people into practice during two decades without payment.

I even spent money because I had to go to my patients’ house and help them in many other aspects of their daily lives like a good friend. I had to meet their family members and observe their behavior in all situations. I helped everyone like a nun, and not like a cold psychiatrist.

I was successful from the beginning because the real doctor is not me. I’m merely a dream translator and a helper. The treatment is given by God in the patient’s dreams. I can understand everything about everyone’s mental condition by translating the meaning of their dreams.

Now that I understood everything and I discovered a lot more, everything is simple for you. You can become a psychiatrist and psychologist if you will precisely obey the divine guidance. You can help the people you love overcome their mental health problems; especially if you are a parent.

Many people found solutions for problems that couldn’t be solved before because they didn’t have the cooperation of a mentally ill individual they loved. They were helped thanks to the information they had about this person in their dreams.

The Relationship Between Dreams And Mental Health

Most of your dreams are about you. The same happens with everyone else.

You usually appear in most dreams because you represent your ego. Your ego controls your behavior when your human conscience is strong, but it loses control when you listen to your anti-conscience’s absurd thoughts.

Your parents represent the worst parts of your personality. Your mother represents your absurd and evil anti-conscience, which has satanic characteristics.

Your father represents your one-sided human conscience, which must be developed. You are using only one and a half psychological function instead of using the four psychological functions you have at your disposal: thoughts, feelings, sensations, and intuition.

Every person in your dreams represents a part of your personality, but there are exceptions to this rule, depending on the type of dream.

Dreams about love have a different symbolism. They are not as complex as dreams about your mental health. The person you love doesn’t represent a part of your own personality. You have objective information about a special person in your dreams.

Many times you also have information about dead people. In this case they don’t represent parts of your own personality. However, other times dead people in dreams represent parts of your personality that you are imitating.

In order to understand if you are having information about a dead person, or if the dead person represents a part of your personality you have to pay attention to the dream logic, depending on the dream story.

Everything in a dream has a symbolic meaning that is related to your mental health. The fact that your parents represent the worst parts of your personality means that you must avoid repeating their mistakes.

You have to avoid being cruel and evil like your anti-conscience, and you have to avoid being absolutist and one-sided like your under-developed human conscience.

By translating the meaning of your dreams you will verify that all the knowledge of the world is false. You will clearly understand that the information you have in dreams comes from God and that this information can be trusted. The explanations you will have for every matter of your life will give you this confidence.

When you will translate other people’s dreams you will have the same vision you have when you analyze your psychological system in your dreams. You will understand everything about what is happening to them.

If they won’t cooperate with you relating their dreams, you will have information about them in your own dreams.

The divine unconscious mind is generous and gives you many explanations about everyone that is important for you, and everything that affects your life.

All dreams always are related to the dreamer’s mental health. Even the information that is given to the dreamer about the outside world always is related to the dreamer’s mental condition.

Even dream scenes that don’t seem to be important contain precious messages.

For example, if you will have a dream where you will simply see yourself sleeping in your bed, you may believe that this dream about sleeping is not important. However, all dream images are important. If you are sleeping in a dream, this means that you are resting instead of treating your mental illness. This dream image is a warning.

You must urgently follow the divine guidance in your dreams because your mental health is in danger. You are indifferent to this fact because you ignore its importance.

Understanding Absurdity

Many arrogant scientists were aggressive with me when I told them that today’s psychiatrists don’t know what they are doing. They despised my work because I didn’t study in one of the universities of the hypocritical world, and my research didn’t follow their narrow-minded methods.

If I wouldn’t follow a totally different path in order to understand how to cure mental illnesses I would never learn everything I had to know in order to make such miracle happen. Mental illnesses are invincible diseases.

I can say that today’s psychiatrists don’t know what they are doing because I have an internal vision of my patients mental condition by translating the meaning of their dreams. I know how dangerous psychiatric medication is for the individual.

Our doctors shouldn’t try to control the behavior of their patients with chemical substances because they ignore the internal functioning of the human brain. Their medications are harmful and must be forbidden. They destroy the patient’s immune system.

Craziness is the opposite of consciousness.

We cannot cure the lack of consciousness with chemical substances, without knowing how our thoughts are formed. Absurdity is generated by absurd thoughts. We can cure a mental illness based on a process of consciousness.

This means that all mental health problems must be cured through psychotherapy, without medication.

Until today we didn’t know which psychotherapy could be efficient for psychiatric treatments. The psychological treatments of the ignorant world are insufficient even for simple cases of depression.

Now that I managed to prove to the world that Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation is valid and that all dreams are produced by God, you can find a safe and effective treatment by translating the meaning of your dreams. I simplified and clarified Jung’s method for you.

I had the courage to precisely obey the divine guidance in dreams because I understood that human beings are in fact under-developed primates that have the behavior of demons.

For a modern young woman like me, obeying the guidance found in dreams was a big challenge. However, I understood that it would be more dangerous to follow my own conscience and believe in the lies of the world.

I understood that the fact that I could understand the divine guidance in dreams was a big advantage. I could trust God’s sanctity, but I couldn’t trust human beings.

I was lucky because I could learn how to eliminate absurdity through consciousness. My courageous decision to obey the guidance I had in dreams was a safe decision.

Modern people laugh with the idea of obeying the guidance contained in dreams because they ignore the real importance of the dream images.

Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation is so complicated that even Jungian psychoanalysts cannot understand it. Since most people are unable to understand the only method that accurately translates God’s words in dreams, they are unable to evaluate the importance of the dream messages.

The fact that I managed to simplify Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation eliminates a big barrier for the comprehension of the meaning of dreams. Now every individual can learn the dream language, independently of their educational level.

My work proves to the world that God is alive and everyone can have a direct communication with Him through dream messages. God answers all questions in dreams. Now that His symbolic language was comprehended and simplified, you can have this advantage, even if you don’t believe you are intelligent.

The comprehension of the meaning of dreams depends more on your sensitivity than on your intelligence.

Consciousness is a process of mind empowerment that helps you stop making mistakes, and become a wise human being. You must cultivate goodness in your heart, and become a humble person.

However, your nature is more wild than human. You have numerous automatic reactions that reflect the influence of your anti-conscience.

You become a conscious human being when you become sensitive.

If you have frequent dreams about being with your mother, this means that you are constantly controlled by your anti-conscience. In other words, you keep following the absurd thoughts of your primitive conscience. You have to stop listening to these thoughts.

All mental illnesses begin with absurd thoughts imposed by the anti-conscience to the person’s conscience. In order to eliminate your anti-conscience you must learn how to identify its absurd thoughts instead of following them.

Following a thought is a dangerous hypothesis for your under-developed human conscience. Your human conscience must become more intelligent and sensitive by using all your psychological functions. However, it is easily misled by the sneaky tricks of your anti-conscience.

Your anti-conscience imposes its thoughts to your conscience, and this is why our conscience cannot stop listening to these thoughts. You have to learn how to escape the anti-conscience’s logical traps.

How To Identify And Avoid Absurd Thoughts

It is very hard to understand if a thought is absurd or not. This is an extremely complicated matter that depends on numerous factors.

You may believe you can understand what is logical or illogical, but you have a partial vision of the truth. Many things you consider to be logical are in fact absurd. They seem to be logical because they are justified based on selfish excuses that are accepted as if they were valid arguments.

You need psychotherapy in order to understand the difference between absurdity and sound mental health. The knowledge you have about this matter is superficial, even if you are a scientist. The world ignores the truth about the human brain.

Sound mental health depends on goodness and wisdom. Consciousness is a process of transformation. When you become a conscious human being you transform the demon you came from into a human being.

The brain power used by your anti-conscience against your conscience stops generating mental illnesses within your conscience. This brain power starts helping your human conscience become stronger.

You are the human being concentrated into your tiny human conscience. You have to transform your anti-conscience into a human being like you by obeying the divine guidance in your dreams and in your religion.

You are immensely helped by your religion, the same way you are helped by your dreams. God helps you in a very simple way showing you the rules you have to respect according to your religion.

In your dreams, God helps you understand why you have to respect your religion, giving you many scientific explanations about your mind and your behavior.

First of all you have to transform your personality and stop having the violent and indifferent behavior imposed by your anti-conscience, along with its absurd thoughts. After following this process of transformation you will be able to easily identify the absurd thoughts of your anti-conscience.

Your mind will be clear. Therefore, you will be able to easily recognize and avoid strange thoughts. You will perceive that these thoughts are not like the thoughts produced by your human conscience, and send them away.

Right now your thoughts are confusing and contradictory. You have no conditions to recognize any difference between them.

On the other hand, getting rid of an absurd thought is not a simple matter. Many times the anti-conscience generates repetitive thoughts that never stop analyzing the same aspect, with the intention to make you desire to get revenge of someone.

The impositions of the anti-conscience can be strong, especially if you had traumatic experiences. You have to be careful and follow the divine guidance in your dreams before falling into logical traps.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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