How To Live The Best Life You Can

WisdomLife seems to be beautiful. We want to be happy. We try very hard to achieve this goal. This is why we disregard what we dislike. We close our eyes before unpleasant verifications. We try to get adapted to absurd life conditions. We justify what is bad based on selfish concepts.

We like to be superficial.

Our happiness must have the chance to exist, independently of the horrors of the world, and independently of our personal problems.

We disregard many unpleasant facts, believing that there is nothing we can do about them. We like to concentrate our attention on our ambitions, our imagination, and the pleasant moments of life.

We like to have an optimistic mindset and believe that everything will be better and we will be successful in life. We look for methods of mind empowerment, we try to make a lot of money, and we believe that there are numerous alternatives at our disposal in life.

We want to have a perfect body. We want to enjoy all the material pleasures we can have.

We don’t want to analyze our mistakes. We want to have a positive mindset, and face all challenges without suffering.

If you will compare this attitude with what I could discover after continuing Carl Jung’s research through dream interpretation, you will realize that most people ignore many important matters they should learn in order to protect their mental stability and their happiness.

I’m really sorry for all the people who believe in numerous illusions. I was one of them, so I know how bitter it is to realize that everything you believed to be true is false, artificial, vulgar, empty, distorted, and harmful.

Consciousness is a bitter process, but ignorance is dangerous. When you acquire consciousness you can see what is bad everywhere.

Consciousness is based on perceiving the harmful effect of everything that is bad around you, but before giving you more explanations about this matter, I will show you a safe process of mind empowerment that will help you use all of your brain power, otherwise you will be discouraged with the comprehension you will have.

Perceiving The Negative Effect Of What Is Bad

I will show you first of all that the reason why I’m showing you the bitter truth I could discover by precisely obeying the divine guidance is the fact that this knowledge will help you become a genius, and a perfect human being.

God speaks in dreams, giving you answers for all questions in the dream messages. Since you can have a direct communication with God this way, this means that God is not a ghost.

Otherwise, how could you have answers for your questions in dreams?

Who could have sent you wise answers in the dream images?

Since you have answers, they come from a superior mind that is alive and active.

I’m proving God’s existence to the world thanks to the wisdom contained in the dream messages. Now that I simplified Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation everyone can easily verify that we have special information and guidance in dreams. Jung’s method is the only one that accurately translates God’s words. Everyone else’s method is false. My work proves this truth.

If Carl Jung’s method wasn’t able to translate God’s words in dreams, an ignorant woman like me would never be able continue his complicated and dangerous research (in 1989, when I was 28-years-old).

I was guided from the beginning to the end. I would never be able to cure mental illnesses without divine guidance.

Our psychiatrists are unable to cure mental illnesses because all mental disorders are generated by our satanic anti-conscience.

How could an ignorant young woman like me discover the existence of the anti-conscience in the human brain and learn how to fight invincible mental illnesses?

The information I had was superior. It didn’t come from idiotic human minds.

The existence of God is a fact you can verify by yourself. You have answers for all questions, and numerous explanations in dreams.

I’m also proving to the world that the human nature is not really human. The biggest part of our brain belongs to our wild conscience (anti-conscience) which is a rational animal without human feelings. This is a disappointing truth. Now we can understand why we are sinners from birth.

While God’s existence represents salvation for the human race, the existence of the satanic anti-conscience in our brain is a tragedy.

We can transform our anti-conscience into human content by obeying the divine guidance in dreams, but the fact that we have to follow this process of transformation is a sad necessity.

We cannot be happy before attaining perfection.

We want to be happy even though we have the behavior imposed by our anti-conscience, which is the behavior of a demon. This is impossible, but we cannot realize this truth because we are indifferent to terror. This is why there is poverty on earth.

Many people complain because God doesn’t help us solve our problems. I used to be one of them when I was a teen. I even became an atheist after facing a tragic car accident, because I was revolted with God’s decisions. I believed that if God existed, He didn’t know what He was doing. I used to blame Him for all the problems of the world, and for all the mistakes of the clergy.

I changed my mind when I became a young adult and I recognized the depth of my ignorance.

After discovering the existence of the anti-conscience and fighting its absurdity, and after translating many people’s dreams, I understood how far everyone is from sound mental health. Everything is very difficult for us because we are basically evil and absurd.

If you are afraid of your reality now that you know that everything is totally different from what the world makes you believe, you are having the right reaction before this shocking information.

God cannot help us too much. We are killing our population and destroying our planet because we are demons with a human face. Our destructions prove our insanity. The existence of poverty, terror, violence, immorality, hypocrisy, and greed in our crazy world confirm this fact. Wars, crimes, and suicide attempts are part of the routine for us.

The truth I’m presenting to the world is a scientific and religious explanation for all the horrors that characterize the human life. Since we have a satanic primitive conscience, we tend to think and behave like demons, even though we pretend to respect human values.

We are natural actors who pretend to think about the general well-being, but our generosity is false.

You may believe that this truth is really disappointing and prefer to ignore it. Many people act this way before something unpleasant. However, you have to be prudent. Now that you know the truth about the human reality you can avoid falling into many traps, and transform your personality.

If you will insist on believing in the dangerous illusions of the world, you will waste your time, and you will be exposed to numerous dangers.

On one hand you have the pleasant (but dangerous) illusions of the hypocritical world. On the other hand, the bitter truth about the human nature.

You have to accept the bitter truth and transform your personality, so that many other people may follow your example.

The solution for the human race is not to disregard what is bad. This is not a solution.

The solution is the transformation of all human beings into human creatures. We have to attain sanctity and spiritual perfection. Only this way will we find peace and happiness.

God already found all the answers for us. We are immensely helped by His wisdom.

Attaining Sanctity

Attaining sanctity seems to be an unachievable and painful goal.

Everyone is too far from perfection. Everyone knows that God’s method of purification is based on suffering and accepting sacrifices.

Who wants to follow this process of transformation?

This is not an exciting experience.

Poor God. He never manages to convince everyone that we have to attain sanctity to find the solution for all our problems.

Nobody agrees with the suffering they will have to bear until they will have the behavior of saints.

However, God is not false. This is why He shows you that you have to accept suffering in order to transform your personality and become a perfect human being. There is no other way.

You must learn how to have the behavior of a wise and sensitive human being after facing painful experiences because you are an insensitive demon. You are indifferent, cruel, selfish, lazy, impatient, dishonest, unfair, and greedy, even though you pretend to be a good person.

You don’t understand your evil side. You think that it is your self-defensive mechanism, but your negative side has a satanic origin. It is worse than it seems to be.

You have to realize this fact. The world gives you a false definition of who you are.

God shows you that you are a sinner, giving you many explanations in your dreams and in your religion. You have to follow a process of psychological and spiritual transformation through dream translation, so that you may stop suffering after becoming a perfect human being.

God is sincere and shows you the truth as it is.

Your satanic anti-conscience forces your conscience to follow its absurd thoughts because Satan is false. It imposes its lies to your conscience in an attractive way, even though you will suffer very much in the end. You are unaware of all the painful situations you will have to deal with after following its absurd suggestions.

This is how your anti-conscience manages to generate a mental illness within your conscience and control your behavior. You will end up on terror and despair, but you believe you will have positive results.

Your satanic anti-conscience prepares many traps for your conscience. This is why it easily manages to get your attention.

God shows you the truth and waits for you. You must decide to obey His guidance. You must accept respecting His laws. God cannot force you to become a saint.

If Satan was sincere you would never follow its thoughts. However, the demon is unethical, immoral, and dishonest. It makes you believe you will easily have numerous advantages in life, while it is preparing your grave.

God gives you information and lessons. Satan causes confusion and craziness.

Both are within your brain, fighting for the attention of your human conscience.

Finding Authentic Happiness

The fight between God and Satan is happening all the time, while you ignore what defines the meaning of your life.

You want to be happy and have many pleasant experiences in life, without becoming a perfect human being. You are glad with yourself, besides your imperfections. You believe you must be accepted the way you are because you believe in the illusions imposed by the world.

The truth is that if you are not a saint, you are a demon. You cannot be a neutral creature, neither good nor bad. If you are not an angel, you are a monster. Even if you are an angel most of the time, if you act like a monster sometimes, you are a monster. You have the impression that your negative side is not as negative as it really is, but you have to be serious.

I know that this is hard to believe and accept, but after the initial difficulty you will realize that you have to pay attention to what is bad and eliminate it from your psyche, your brain, and your life. If you will disregard the truth you will never become the person you were meant to be.

The indifference of the world doesn’t let you pay attention to your mistakes and defects. You don’t like to think about the negative aspects of your personality. However, this is necessary if you want to become an extraordinary person and achieve superior goals.

You have to realize your imperfections and correct your behavior. If you are insecure and childish you won’t achieve any goal. If you are aggressive you will make numerous mistakes. You must learn how to have the right behavior, so that you may do everything the best way you can.

Your psychological and spiritual transformation is very important if you want to find authentic happiness in life. However, there is more. You have a spirit. What happens after your death is more important than what happens during your life.

Your life is in fact a preparation for your death. You have to attain sanctity in order to abandon hell. Earth is in fact hell, but it looks like a paradise because it is not a heavily painful hell.

God created a pleasant hell for us in order to alleviate our pain while our personality is transformed. He created a beautiful planet for us in order to teach us the importance of beauty, besides transforming our personality through suffering. Earth is a hell that can be organized and stop being so painful, but we are too evil.

We transformed our planet into an unbearable hell for many people and a pleasant paradise for a few indifferent people who have no compassion for those who are suffering.

Everyone tries to be part of the indifferent group and have fun while they are alive. However, there are many painful experiences that they are not able to avoid. On the other hand, they will have to face a worse hell after death, since they didn’t transform their anti-conscience into human content while they were alive.

We have to stop trying to live in a private paradise surrounded by terror, while we have the behavior of demons. Instead of insisting on this absurd intention, we have to obey God’s guidance and have the behavior of saints.

Our ideas are crazy. We are unable to organize our world and our lives. We need God’s wisdom.

Everyone must become a wise and sensitive human being. Attaining spiritual perfection is what really matters in life, and after death.

You know that your life on earth cannot last more than around 90 years, but you don’t know how long your spirit will live in hell if you will be an indifferent sinner. You have to do everything you can to purify your spirit and go to heaven after death.

Your life defines the destiny of your spirit. Think about the seriousness of this fact.

You have numerous serious reasons to respect the divine guidance in your dreams. Even if you will think only about your life on earth, you will surely realize that you need protection.

However, you must think about the life of your spirit after death because you have to transform the demon you have inherited into your anti-conscience into a human being, like the human conscience God created for you.

Your human conscience is God’s gift. It was artificially created in order to help you eliminate the absurdity you have inherited into your anti-conscience. This is why your human conscience must be developed while you are alive.

You have to stop being an under-developed primate and become a conscious human being. Right now you don’t realize how idiotic your conscience really is because you believe you are intelligent.

When you will develop your human conscience through consciousness, you will understand how idiotic you were before, the same way you understand how much a baby ignores about the human life.

You know that a baby has a lot to learn. Your conscience has a lot to learn too. You are lucky because God exists and sends you precious lessons in dreams.

Now that I clarified everything for you, you can understand the real importance of your dreams. I wouldn’t dedicate my life to dream translation if it wasn’t an extremely important matter. I had many other alternatives at my disposal, especially because I was attractive. I belonged to the privileged part of the population that can live well on earth.

I preferred to transform my personality and obey the divine guidance because I could see everything I’m showing you.

God is an excellent doctor and teacher. God is also a priest. He helps you purify your spirit, and eliminate your immoral tendencies.

Now you know what you have to do in order to live the best life you can. The best life is not the one the crazy world describes. The best life comes when you transform your personality and you attain spiritual perfection.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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