Judging Your Reality Based On Real Information

GodCarl Jung discovered that all dreams are produced by the unconscious mind, which is a superior mind. He concluded that it was God’s mind, but he didn’t have a religious attitude. He verified that all dreams have a symbolic meaning, which can be totally different from the meaning they seem to have based on our conscious logic.

I proved to the world with my work that the unconscious mind really is God’s mind. I had a religious attitude after verifying God’s existence thanks to the wisdom contained in the dream messages. This is why I precisely obey the divine guidance in dreams. Jung was not obedient. He agreed with many things, but not with everything that the unconscious mind was showing him.

I realized that I had to respect God’s wisdom. I could clearly understand my ignorance. I was not proud of my scientific knowledge. I was a simple and ignorant person.

My obedience to the guidance I had in my dreams helped me discover the existence of an absurd and evil wild conscience (anti-conscience) in our brain. After having this knowledge I learned how to cure all mental illnesses by obeying the divine guidance in dreams.

However, until today many people think that ‘dreams are just dreams’, what means that they have no real importance. They believe that dreams are produced by our imagination, or that they reflect desires and fears buried in our subconscious mind.

In order to prove to the world that our dreams are extremely important because they contain divine guidance I have to overcome a big barrier. I have to show to the world that dreams are as important as our daily lives because they contain wise messages.

This is a fact that everyone can easily verify by submitting a dream for professional dream translation, or by learning the dream language thanks to my simplifications. However, if they despise the importance of dreams they cannot believe that we can take dream interpretation seriously.

Dreams seem to be abstract and incomprehensible. The dream language is complex. I had to work hard for two decades to be able to simplify Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation for you. This was a very difficult matter because there are too many details in a dream that must be translated.

A dream is an image collection. You have to write down every detail contained in every dream image, and analyze the meaning of every detail based on the dream language and the dream logic.

Only if you understand the rules of the dream language can you understand God’s messages in your dreams.

The fact that Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation is complicated and time consuming is not his fault. Every dream contains numerous details. In order to simplify his method I had to find out which images and which details were more important in every dream, by comparing numerous dreams from different dreamers during two decades.

Today you can immediately understand the meaning of a dream. This is a privilege that Carl Jung and his students couldn’t have because they ignored the existence of the anti-conscience and they didn’t know the meaning of numerous dream symbols that I could discover after numerous comparisons and cures.

Your dreams help you judge your reality based on real facts. You will verify that the information you find in your dreams will be confirmed in your daily life, thanks to many details you didn’t notice before, or thanks to many facts that will happen in your life. The information that comes from God can be trusted, while the information that comes from the false world is misleading.

For example, the hypocritical world pretends to respect social rules and laws based on justice. You believe that there are many serious and respectable people in the world, even though you know that there are also many dishonest and crazy people.

Your dreams show you the truth you cannot see. Your bad dreams and nightmares reflect the truth about your mental condition and about your situation in the cruel world. Dreams about animals show you the personality of the people you ignore. If you will have a dream about a fox after meeting someone, you will know that this person is sneaky and dangerous.

The next day you will be intrigued with the information you had in this dream. You were ready to believe that this dangerous person was sincere. This dream warning will open your eyes.

You will start discovering many signs of dishonesty in this person, which you didn’t notice before because you didn’t think you should look for indications of dishonesty in their behavior. They seemed to be so honest and sincere to your eyes that you couldn’t suppose you should judge them as if they were dangerous thieves.

The real importance of dreams is so impressive that after following dream translation you will stop believing in the hypocritical world.

The dream messages help you understand the meaning of your existence as a human being. Your life and your personality are clearly analyzed. You also have trustworthy information about the outside world, which always is related to your own life. God is a private psychologist who cares about every detail of your life.

Thanks to the knowledge you will find in your dreams, you will better understand your dangerous reality, and how to protect your mental health. Therefore, you will stop judging your reality based on the erroneous mindset of the modern civilization. You will respect the information God is giving you in your dreams. This information is superior and can be trusted.

You will avoid numerous dangers, and you won’t make all the mistakes you would make if you would act based on your suppositions.

Dreams are important lessons.

The False Knowledge Of The Hypocritical World

Human beings are not really human, since we inherit a satanic anti-conscience that occupies the biggest part of our brain. We are actors who pretend to be human. Our goodness is false and depends on numerous conditions.

Our selfishness is disgusting. We care so much about ourselves that we have no sense of justice.

We merely pretend to respect other people’ rights. Whenever we can have personal advantages in any situation we disregard our moral principles. Whenever we want to protect our selfish interests we become hypocritical liars.

Some people have a strong human conscience or their life conditions are so favorable that they seem to be good. However, if something will threaten their peace of mind, they will act like demons.

This is the truth about the human nature.

However, this truth is invisible to your eyes. You can see only the appearance. You have an external image. You don’t know what exists under the surface. This is why you believe that there is some goodness in the human race; especially if you are young and you didn’t have bitter experiences in life.

Everyone must indispensably eliminate their anti-conscience through dream therapy.

However, the cruel world doesn’t let you pay attention to this fact. The information you have from the hypocritical world is filtered based on financial interests. You learn what the world leaders let you know, and based on their distorted version of the truth.

You are induced to believe that the material world is more important than anything else. You believe that those who care about the spiritual reality are foolish.

While you follow the narrow-minded concepts of the modern civilization you don’t want to pay attention to the truth. You don’t want to understand the meaning of your life. You care only about having material pleasures, and nothing else.

You are a slave for your anti-conscience.

Everyone else is in the same situation, since everyone inherits an anti-conscience, and the anti-conscience usually manages to destroy everyone’s human conscience with its absurdity. The knowledge of the world is based on everyone’s absurd suppositions, and on the superficial way we interpret various scientific discoveries.

How much can the anti-conscience destroy an individual’s conscience? It depends on numerous factors. Some people are predetermined to acquire a severe mental illness from birth because their anti-conscience is too strong. Other people manage to keep their conscience alive, even though it is partially destroyed by their anti-conscience with time.

In any case, you don’t want to have an enemy destroying your human conscience and destroying your capacity to think based on human standards. You must get rid of this enemy by transforming your anti-conscience into a positive component of your human conscience.

Right now your tiny human conscience is only a spot, while your huge anti-conscience occupies the biggest part of your brain. You have to transform the absurd content existent into your anti-conscience into positive human content by obeying the divine guidance in your dreams.

This way, your human conscience will use the brain power used by your anti-conscience. You will become more intelligent and sensitive, and you will never again be threatened by a mental illness in your life.

Your anti-conscience will become only a spot, and your human conscience will occupy the biggest part of your brain. This process will help you overcome all problems based on wisdom and goodness.

Trusting God’s Wisdom

Through dream translation you will verify that you can trust God’s wisdom. You will clearly realize that the information of the hypocritical world is not valid at all.

The information you find in dreams is valid and it will surely help you in many ways.

The hypocritical world tries to feed your ego and encourage your selfishness with the intention to transform you into an insatiable consumer.

Now you have a way to learn the truth about your reality by having a direct communication with God. Your dreams give you this alternative. You will have real information about everything that is important for you. You won’t be misled by the camouflage of the world.

God shows you what exists behind the scenes. You will be able to perceive the falsity existent in everyone’s behavior. In rare circumstances you will be able to verify that some people have a strong human conscience and they never act like monsters. However, this is very rare in our crazy world.

You will be shocked when you will verify that many people you considered admirable are in fact selfish actors, like everyone else. Most people merely pretend to respect their moral principles.

Everyone needs psychotherapy.

If you will believe in the lies of the hypocritical world and you will disregard your mental health and your spiritual health, you will surely regret being so indifferent to your destiny.

God shows you in your dreams everything you must learn about the human nature, and how you can evolve. Your dreams help you understand the way you behave and what must be corrected in your behavior.

By correcting your behavioral mistakes, you eliminate your dangerous anti-conscience. You stop being a victim of its absurd thoughts. You understand the importance of goodness in life.

You stop accepting the immorality of the world. You care about finding your perfect match. You understand the importance of authentic happiness.

The world believes that evilness is a smart way to do things without making efforts, but this is a dangerous illusion. Your dreams help you understand that the cruel thoughts of your anti-conscience are absurd. They are not smart as the world believes.

Your dreams help you become sensitive, and stop accepting what is negative around you. You understand that your life has no meaning if you are not a pure human being.

You care about having true relationships, and not false friends. You care about being satisfied with your own behavior and your actions.

This way you feel better and you have a better life.

The impositions of the hypocritical world make you disregard your mental condition and create a false paradise surrounded by terror. You have to understand the absurdity existent in this concept, and work on transforming the world into a place where everyone will have a decent life.

You depend on your social environment. You cannot be indifferent to what happens to others.

The vision you have when you understand the divine wisdom helps you understand how important every matter is in your life. You stop closing your eyes before what is bad like you do now.

Your consciousness helps you stop being naïve and indifferent. You stop judging your reality based on ignorance. You understand the importance of goodness, justice, wisdom, love, and peace.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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