Understanding The Influence Of Your Wild Conscience

Wild ConscienceThe existence of a wild conscience (anti-conscience) in the human brain is a tragedy. Your anti-conscience is a primitive conscience that thinks like a demon and generates mental illnesses within your human conscience.

You have inherited this terrible wild conscience because without it you wouldn’t be able to think.

Evilness is deep, but you have God’s help. God produces your dreams to enlighten your conscience and help you fight the absurdity you have inherited. God also created your religion in order to give you protection and guidance without scientific explanations.

Now that I simplified Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation you will find in your dreams explanations for religious mysteries, and understand the meaning of life and death. God works like a psychotherapist, a teacher, and a priest.

By translating the meaning of your dreams you will understand when and how you are influenced by your anti-conscience. This way you will stop having the erroneous behavior it imposes to your conscience.

When you think you can see only the content of your human conscience. You don’t understand that the absurd thoughts that invade your conscience come from your anti-conscience, and you ignore that your anti-conscience possesses the biggest part of your brain and is your enemy. You believe that the thoughts that pass through your mind are all formed by your conscious mind.

Thoughts are misleading. Understanding a thought’s absurdity is not a simple matter because all thoughts seem to have logical explanations, especially in the beginning of their formation. Even though the anti-conscience is basically idiotic, it is intelligent enough to mislead your idiotic conscience with its disguised thoughts.

Your conscience is idiotic too because it is under-developed and one-sided. You must develop your intelligence through dream translation.

In order to understand when your conscience is invaded by an absurd thought that comes from your anti-conscience you must follow dream therapy for at least 8 months. You will verify to your surprise that numerous of your thoughts don’t belong to your conscience.

Now that you are reading my words this comprehension seems to be too abstract for you, but you will learn many details about the behavior and the nature of your anti-conscience in your dreams, which will enable you to identify its logic. This is how you will be able to separate the absurd thoughts it sends to your conscience from your own thoughts.

This is like paying attention to a soft accent when someone speaks a foreign language. You will learn how to perceive imperceptible details that denounce the reasoning system of your anti-conscience in your thoughts.

Your anti-conscience speaks with your own voice as if it was yourself. However, your anti-conscience is Satan. It isn’t yourself. It belongs to you because it is part of your brain, but its personality is totally different from your human personality, and its intentions are totally different from your intentions as a human being.

You want to have many advantages in life, to be admired by everyone, and have many material pleasures. Your satanic anti-conscience wants to destroy your conscience and control your behavior, so that you may become a cruel murderer.

This is why it pretends to look for smart solutions for your problems, as if its purpose was to help you have everything you desire.

The anti-conscience’s influence doesn’t come from somebody else; it is in ‘your own’ thoughts. If you will follow these absurd thoughts you will end up on terror and despair, but this is not visible from the beginning.

You believe that you could really achieve your goals if you would do what your anti-conscience suggests. You don’t understand that this is a big trap.

You believe that ‘you’ want what your anti-conscience wants, but your anti-conscience makes you have absurd desires. It makes you desire what cannot belong to you, or a person who cannot be your partner, with the intention to destroy your capacity to think logically.

Illogical Thoughts With Logical Appearance

Illogical thoughts seem to be logical because they follow a certain logic. Logic is a reasoning system that helps you understand your reality and find solutions for your problems. Logic is the way you organize your thoughts.

If the way you organize your thoughts merely seems to be organized based on true concepts, but is in fact organized based on an absurd reasoning system, your thoughts are disorganized and dangerous.

For example, based on the logic of your human conscience you know that you have to help someone who is suffering. This is a logical conclusion because it comes from your education, from all the information you have about social behavior, and everything you know as a human being. If you will see someone fainting next to you, you know that you have to help this person. You won’t abandon them.

This is a logical conclusion based on your moral principles and on the laws you respect as a human being.

However, if you will follow the logic of your anti-conscience you will think that you are in a hurry, you don’t know this person, and you are afraid that this is an attempt to mislead you pretending to be sick. You won’t have a human reaction. You will be selfish and indifferent.

Your anti-conscience’s thoughts seem to be logical based on the cruel logic of your primitive conscience, which thinks like a demon and likes terror. However, you cannot understand that in the end you will find terror. You cannot believe that these thoughts have a very dangerous intention. In the beginning they seem to be inoffensive thoughts based on human concepts.

For example, your anti-conscience can make you desire to help someone, so that you may have material advantages for helping this person. However, it does it as if it had generous thoughts and its intention was to really help this person. Then, it makes you feel proud of yourself because you are so generous.

You represent your human conscience. You believe that you really have the intention to help this individual because you are a good person. Your anti-conscience makes you believe in this illusion. Then, it generates pride, which is an absurd attitude.

You shouldn’t be proud of your goodness. If your goodness was sincere you would be sad because of the other person’s problem instead of being glad because you have the intention to help them like a hero.

Therefore, you already have an absurd attitude from the beginning, even though you believe you are thinking logically. You should be serious and humble.

Then, your anti-conscience makes you pay attention to the fact that you will have many advantages for being a helpful friend because the person you are helping has a powerful social position. It makes you feel proud of yourself because you will help an important person.

Again, it generates an absurd reaction, which you believe is logical, because you are following the reasoning system of your idiotic anti-conscience. You are idiotic too. This is why you believe that your anti-conscience is smart.

You like to feed your ego and feel proud of yourself for some reason. Your anti-conscience takes advantage of this absurd tendency to impose its absurd thoughts to your conscience, and make you disregard all the dangers that are threatening your peace of mind if you will follow its absurd plan.

You believe you are intelligent and you have a smart way to approach an important person, who will help you in life.

However, this person won’t accept your help. You will be offended.

Then, your anti-conscience will start suggesting other ways to approach this important person. It will transform your intention to help them somehow into a special purpose. You won’t be able to think about anything else.

As you can see, the complications of real life and the absurd suggestions of your anti-conscience make you gradually get lost into the labyrinth of craziness, while you believe you are doing what ‘you want’.

If your conscience wasn’t bombarded by the absurd thoughts of your anti-conscience you would obviously conclude that you should simply forget this person. You wouldn’t keep insisting as if this was the purpose of your life; especially because the advantages you could possibly have were not guaranteed.

You would look for other ways to have advantages since the first way didn’t work, or care about another matter. However, your anti-conscience doesn’t let you think based on the logic of your human conscience. It sends you more absurd thoughts.

You stop listening to the thoughts of your human conscience. You listen only to your primitive anti-conscience’s thoughts, which have the intention to mislead you.

In this situation, you will keep making costly mistakes until you will come to the point of committing suicide or killing someone because ‘you wanted’ so much to approach that important person, but this was not possible.

You may believe that something like that will never happen to you, but you don’t know how your anti-conscience can force you to follow its absurd thoughts. It only needs to convince your conscience in the beginning. After making you follow its absurd thoughts, it sends you many other absurd thoughts with suggestions that will surely force to make numerous costly mistakes. The end of your conscience is unavoidable.

This is an example of what can happen to you if you have a strong anti-conscience. If this is your case you will acquire a severe mental illness.

Now, I will show you what happens when you are merely neurotic and your neurosis doesn’t become a severe mental illness, but never disappears.

Chronic Neurosis

Most people suffer from chronic neurosis when they become adults, but they can work normally. They are absurd only in certain circumstances. Our society accepts their behavioral mistakes as if they were part of the human nature, without believing that these people are mentally ill.

Neurosis is the beginning of the invasion of the anti-conscience in the conscious field. It can be easily cured through dream translation in its initial stages. Later, it usually becomes a severe mental illness.

However, many times the invasion of the anti-conscience is not complete, and it cannot go further because the person still keeps some human characteristics. Therefore, the anti-conscience never manages to completely destroy the individual’s conscience, but he or she will always suffer as a victim of the symptoms of neurosis.

Chronic neurosis is very dangerous, but not as dangerous as severe mental illnesses, unless it is turned into a severe mental illness at a certain point of the person’s life. Many people accept it as if it was ‘normal’.

A chronic neurosis means that you always listen to your anti-conscience’s thoughts, even though you still listen to some of your human thoughts. You are in the middle, between good and evil, believing that you may have benefits if you will be dishonest and selfish, but you don’t exaggerate.

This is a common mental illness not diagnosed by the ignorant world, even though there are many known mental illnesses. Since we inherit absurdity into the biggest part of our brain, we are mentally ill from birth. We have many absurd tendencies that are part of our animal nature. This is why we act like irrational animals numerous times.

However, we give different definitions to our absurdity. You call it temperament, personal opinion, or extravagance.

Now that you know the truth about the influence of the anti-conscience in the human mind and behavior you can understand that the definitions of the world are based on ignorance. You must be careful and eliminate your anti-conscience through dream translation.

Until today you didn’t have any really effective protection from absurdity, and you didn’t know that you should care about this matter even if you believe you are a reasonable person. Nobody is really sensible and sensitive in our world.

Now that you know what happens with the invasion of the anti-conscience into the conscious field you can understand how far from sound mental health all human beings really are. Therefore, you have to protect your conscience and your life.

Your dreams show you the bitter truth about your psychological system. They reflect your behavior, giving you explanations for your reactions. You understand why you behave in a certain way, depending on the stimuli of the environment, and on the influence of your anti-conscience.

Your dreams help you understand your past, change your behavior, and predict the future. You will understand the superiority of your psychotherapy through dream translation.

God is a generous doctor. You only have to obey the divine guidance in order to become a mentally healthy human being. You will also become more sensitive and intelligent.

Of course, obeying the divine guidance can be difficult. Unfortunately, you have to correct your behavior. This is unpleasant and tiring. The beginning is discouraging.

However, if you will realize that you have a terrible enemy causing numerous damages to your reasoning system and to your life, you will understand that getting rid of this enemy is the most important matter of your life. Your anti-conscience always is trying to kill your conscience. You have to change your behavior, so that you may stop behaving like your anti-conscience.

After the unpleasant beginning come the pleasant transformation of your personality and the improvement of your life.

Now you have the chance to eliminate what is causing numerous problems to your mind and to your life. You will verify that by translating the meaning of the most important dream symbols contained in your dreams you already will have precious information, even if you won’t be able to completely translate the meaning of a dream. Later you will get used with the dream language.

This knowledge is enough to help you gradually eliminate your anti-conscience through consciousness. You will understand how this process works by putting it into practice.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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