Why You Depend On God To Acquire Consciousness

imagesCAN5NSLIYour conscience must learn how to live peacefully, so that you may find happiness. At the same time, it must help you survive.

However, your conscience ignores its mission. It concentrates its attention on your survival, believing that this is the purpose of your life. Your conscience wants to survive, avoid suffering, and have many material pleasures.

The biggest part of your brain belongs to your anti-conscience, which is your wild, primitive, absurd, and evil conscience. Your tiny human conscience is under-developed and one-sided because it works based on only one and a half psychological function from the four you have at your disposal (thoughts, feelings, sensations, and intuition), as Carl Jung had discovered in 1920.

I managed to confirm that his discoveries were real in 1988, when I started writing a scientific book with the intention to prove to the world that his method of dream interpretation is the only one we must learn, since it is the only method that accurately translates God’s words in dreams. Jung was not really impressed with his own discovery, but I could better understand the importance of the divine guidance in dreams.

You have to develop your conscience by developing the psychological functions that are not working in your conscience, during your life. Otherwise, you won’t be able to analyze all the aspects that compose your reality in order to make intelligent decisions.

God produces dreams that work like psychotherapy for your conscience. They have a psychotherapeutical effect even when you don’t understand their meaning, but you have to be intelligent and translate the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method, so that you may understand the information and guidance contained in every dream.

My work is a continuation of Carl Jung’s work, and basically the result of my obedience to God’s guidance. The explanations I’m giving you were discovered during nineteen years of studies and cures through dream translation.

I’m showing you what I could learn about the learning process of the human conscience, so that you may understand why you depend on God to acquire consciousness.

An Obscure Communication

Dreams are mysterious. You tend to forget your dreams as soon as you wake up. You ignore the dream language. Why does God send messages to your conscience this way?

God cannot be clear because your anti-conscience must not understand His guidance before your human conscience does. Otherwise it would distort God’s words, and you wouldn’t have any protection against your satanic anti-conscience.

There are many other problems. Your human conscience must be developed thanks to your consciousness. You have to understand your mistakes, correct these mistakes, and stop making them.

You have to learn new things every day, and relate this information to the knowledge you already have. Your conscience must make all the necessary work by itself in order to really understand what it is doing, and really evolve. God cannot help your conscience too much. Otherwise, you will completely depend on God’s guidance.

You have to think by yourself and learn everything by yourself. Your intelligence cannot be developed without your cooperation. Your conscience must work making a research all the time, and then, make conclusions. You have to be like a detective or a philosopher, and always look for the truth.

However, besides all these necessities, your conscience is bothered all the time by the intromissions of your anti-conscience, which keeps trying to invade your conscience and generate a mental illness. This is how it will manage to control your behavior instead of being tamed by your human conscience.

Your conscience is not really free to learn and decide what to do based on its reasoning system. It is constantly misled by the absurd thoughts of your anti-conscience.

This is an unfair situation. Your poor human conscience is intoxicated by the absurd thoughts imposed by your primitive conscience, while it is trying to learn, evolve, and survive.

On the other hand, you live in a crazy world. You are contaminated by the violence and the immorality of the world. How can your conscience follow a healthy evolutionary process if it is influenced by your anti-conscience and by the cruel world all the time?

This is impossible. This is why most people are mentally ill and our world is characterized by terror.

Why God gives us the freedom to transform our world into a living hell? Why didn’t He create a world where we would be forced to be good instead of being evil?

The problem is the necessity of development of our conscience. We have to be free to make mistakes, so that we may learn from our mistakes. Otherwise, our conscience won’t become more intelligent. We have to be tested, so that we may learn how to offer resistance to our anti-conscience’s evil thoughts.

If we were forced to have a predetermined behavior, we would be robots. We wouldn’t be able to think by ourselves. This is why our freedom is indispensable.

However, this is a freedom limited by many conditions. God tries to help us understand the importance of goodness through many ways. Without God we are not able to deal with so many obstacles and triumph over so many challenges.

Your conscience must be able to learn without being bothered by absurd thoughts that make you stop being concentrated on your main purpose. Your anti-conscience’s thoughts distract your conscience all the time. They also generate absurd fears and many negative reactions.

This is why dream therapy is indispensable for you, even if you don’t believe you have psychological problems. Your anti-conscience doesn’t let you abandon an erroneous behavior. It doesn’t let you have peaceful relationships. It keeps ruining your life.

Instead of learning and evolving, you waste your time making mistakes, and facing their consequences.

There are many dream images that denounce the constant influence of your anti-conscience. For example, whenever you are running in a dream, you are running away from your anti-conscience. In other words, you keep trying to avoid having the erroneous behavior imposed by your anti-conscience, while this is very difficult for you.

You almost have the negative behavior imposed by your anti-conscience, but at the last minute you manage to control your anger, or your tendency to be childish, or whatever denounces the influence of your wild conscience in your behavior.

This is why you keep running away from your anti-conscience. You are not in a situation of serenity. You are almost losing control.

You must understand how to stop being tortured by your anti-conscience, so that you may have the chance to peacefully analyze your reality and make your decisions without bad influences. You cannot evolve and attain higher levels of knowledge if you are constantly worried, in an anxious state.

This means that the learning process of your conscience is complex and depends on many factors. You will understand every aspect by translating the meaning of your dreams. This comprehension will help you organize your conscience.

You acquire consciousness when you understand the spiritual dimension of your life. After understanding the difference between good an evil, you understand the importance of goodness. This is how you stop being a rational animal, and you become a true human being.

You believe that you are intelligent when you learn how to survive and have material pleasures, but this is not true. You are intelligent when you are a conscious human being and you don’t make behavioral mistakes.

Why Your Obedience Is Indispensable

Many people believe that a human being doesn’t need to believe in God in order to be a good person; especially atheists. This is a big illusion.

Since we already inherit a satanic anti-conscience from birth (otherwise we wouldn’t be able to think) this means that we are in fact demons with a human face. Our tiny human conscience is constantly influenced or controlled by our anti-conscience. Alone we will simply become criminals.

We depend on God to acquire consciousness because we are monsters. The terror, the violence, and the immorality that characterize the world prove this truth, but we are so blind that we still believe that there is ‘some goodness’ in the human race. We don’t want to understand that we are evil and crazy.

The false goodness of some human beings is based on their financial and social privileges. Otherwise, they would be murderers and thieves.

God gives us the freedom to disobey His guidance, so that we may understand the importance of our obedience.

This is not an imposition, but if you are intelligent enough, you will understand that your human conscience depends on the divine guidance to find peace. Your obedience to the divine guidance in dreams and in your religion is the best option you have in life, even if you will have to accept suffering in order to transform your personality.

I already showed you many times that I would never find peace because I was too absurd when I was young. I had to accept suffering like a hero during many years because I was too cruel and evil. The fact that I managed to continue Carl Jung’s research is based on my resistance, because I’m too strong.

The fact that I’m so strong is related to the fact that I was one of the worst demons existent on earth. I didn’t have any chance to find sound mental health and attain sanctity in my life. I was predetermined to become schizophrenic like my father.

God clearly showed me this truth in my dreams and in my literary creations. So, I understood that my obedience to the divine guidance was my salvation, even though I always disagreed with my suffering.

I hated suffering, like everyone else. I obeyed the divine guidance besides disagreeing with my suffering because I recognized that I was unable to deal with my dangerous reality alone. I realized that God knew what was better for me, besides hating His method.

My case was one of the worst ones. I managed to save my human conscience because I was extremely obedient.

When you understand the importance of goodness, you accept making sacrifices. I was so obedient not only because I understood the severity of my mental illness, but basically because God transformed me into a hero thanks to my literary talent, which was inspired by the divine unconscious mind.

I never disobeyed God’s guidance because God told me that He depended on my example to save the world. I wouldn’t bear all the suffering only with the intention to save my conscience. I wouldn’t bear all the suffering with the intention to save the world thanks to my example, which I didn’t believe that could be so important.

However, I understood that I had the obligation to help God. He wanted to save the human race. So, for Him, I had to be obedient.

This is how you have to think. You should obey the divine guidance in order to help God save the world thanks to your example, because He needs your example the same way He needed mine.

If you will look at everything from this perspective, you will have the courage to attain sanctity. You will stop believing that this is an impossible goal.

You have to accept suffering in order to become a true human being. If you run away like a coward whenever you have to accept suffering, you will never become really human. God depends on your acceptance in order to transform you into a perfect human being. You have to accept suffering when necessary, without hiding yourself.

Your conscience will become more intelligent when you will be sensitive enough to understand that your dignity is more important than all the material pleasures you could possibly have if you would follow your criminal mind.

Your human conscience must understand the spiritual dimension of your process of transformation. You have to become a perfect human being because only this way will you find peace.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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