Can Your Intelligence Depend On Your Heart?

IntelligenceWe believe that what differentiates human beings from irrational animals is our capacity to think, but this is not true. Thoughts can be cruel and misleading.

What differentiates human beings from irrational animals is not our intelligence, but our sensitivity. Our goodness and our peaceful attitude reflect our human behavior. Whenever we are violent and indifferent we act like irrational animals, even if we seem to be intelligent.

Our intelligence depends on our capacity to find peace and happiness. Otherwise, why would we be superior when compared to irrational animals?

If the fact that we are more intelligent than irrational animals doesn’t help us find peace and happiness, then being able to think is a curse. Our capacity to think must help us find the ideal solutions for all our problems; especially our existential problems.

However, only by thinking we are unable to find these solutions. Our anti-conscience became a demon exactly because it was unable to find peaceful solutions for its existential problems. It always was violent and therefore, it always ended up on terror. This is why it started liking terror. Its distorted nature is the result of a self-defensive mechanism. It feels pleasure with horrors because it is unable to find peace and happiness.

The capacity to think really is a curse; a fatality. We inherit an absurd and evil conscience because a thinking conscience has to deal with too many existential problems, which cannot be solved without organization.

You may be surprised with this fact, but I will give you more explanations. Only by thinking you cannot solve all the problems of life. Your capacity to think is not an advantage by itself.

You must be able to solve all your existential problems, control your behavior, understand your emotions, and develop your feelings and your sensitivity in order to find peace and happiness. Finding peace is a very difficult problem. If you are violent, this is impossible for you.

If you are very intelligent, but you cannot find peace you are not a privileged individual. You always are afraid and sad. Therefore, your intelligence depends on your sensitivity.

You are intelligent when you do intelligent things. You have an intelligent attitude when you are able to peacefully solve your problems, without hurting other people’s feelings, and without causing more problems.

If you are violent or indifferent you cause pain, and you provoke destructions. You have an idiotic attitude. The pain you cause to others comes back to you in another form.

You have the behavior of an irrational animal that is unable to perceive that human beings are imperfect creatures. If human beings are not perfect, this means that you have to forgive their mistakes. Otherwise, you will desire to kill whoever may make a mistake.

Your have to simply forgive all human beings, the same way you forgive an animal when it breaks things without understanding what it is doing.

You are a human being yourself. You can analyze your own example, since you belong to the same species.

How many mistakes have you made in life?

You don’t pay attention to this matter when you are angry with other people’s mistakes. When you judge others, you consider yourself numerous times superior, as if you were a perfect human being.

Your intelligence depends on your capacity to be sensitive enough in order to forgive your enemies instead of killing them. If you believe that you are intelligent when you kill all your enemies, this means that you are in fact crazy. You can kill the entire human race if everyone will seem to be against you.

Violence is idiocy and absurdity.

However, this is a difficult comprehension for your conscience, which is constantly influenced by your satanic anti-conscience.

You may theoretically believe in forgiveness, but if someone will do something against you, you will forget this conclusion and have the opposite reaction. You will desire to get revenge and destroy your enemy.

The tragic formation of the anti-conscience is the result of the ironies of life and of the formation of violent reactions before pain.

By thinking you are able to make many theoretical conclusions, but you cannot find peace based on theories.

You depend on sensitivity and goodness. You have to forgive others because you have a human heart. They don’t deserve forgiveness based on your thoughts, but you must forgive all human beings because you don’t deserve forgiveness the same way.

You may believe that your mistakes are not so bad, but other people’s mistakes are true crimes. However, your ignorance doesn’t let you judge your reality with a global vision.

Perhaps you would make worse mistakes if you were in your enemies’ shoes. Perhaps you have the impression that your mistakes are not really bad, but you are wrong. Your mistakes are as terrible as your enemies’ mistakes, or even worse.

You must be a philosopher. Peace depends on many indispensable conditions. You cannot find peace if you are hungry all the time, the same way you cannot find peace if you hate your enemies.

If you have to face both problems at the same time, your reactions will be negative. In order to solve this existential problem you must be able to find food, the same way you must be able to forgive your enemies thanks to your goodness.

Your goodness is the reason why you have to forgive someone. You have to forgive others because you are a good person who understands the human nature; even when you are hungry.

Without goodness you will never find peace, and without peace your life will be a true hell, even if it will seem to be desirable in some aspects.

If you are sad nothing else has any meaning. Even if everything else around you is wonderful, if you have a painful disease, or of you lost the person you love, you feel like a beggar.

Life is a complicated matter. You have to be well-organized in order to deal with it without losing your mind.

Alarming Dreams About Going Up And Down

All dreams are produced by God, as I could confirm, after continuing Carl Jung’s research. If you are an atheist you should understand that the hypocritical world ignores many truths, and at the same time it distorts many truths to its advantage.

The information you have in dreams comes from a superior mind. After completing Carl Jung’s research I found answers for all the questions he couldn’t answer, and for many other questions he didn’t make.

Do you believe that an ignorant and young woman like me (when I was 28-years-old, in 1989) would be able to continue the complicated research of a named psychiatrist and psychologist like Carl Jung?

If you do, you are naïve. His work was too complex. I don’t know how I managed to understand his complicated method of dream interpretation.

I would never be able to continue Carl Jung’s research and discover the existence of the anti-conscience even if I was a genius from birth. Only because God is the dream producer and the information I had in dreams was valid, could an ignorant creature like make such discovery. The information I had surpassed the false information of the hypocritical world numerous times.

I will show you how God helps you understand the influence of your anti-conscience in your dreams thanks to dreams about going up or down. Most people have many dreams about going upstairs or downstairs, or going up and down in an elevator.

Whenever you go up you go to the level of your human conscience, what means that you think based on human standards. You follow the logic of your human conscience, which contains compassion, forgiveness, and goodness. Therefore, you feel pain in your heart when you see that someone is suffering.

However, when you go down, you go to the region of your absurd and evil anti-conscience. This means that you think like a demon.

For example, while you were up, at the conscious level you were sorry for the poor and you wanted to help them. However, when you went downstairs you started following your anti-conscience’s logic and thinking that poor people are annoying and they keep irritating you.

This is a simple difference in the way you think and feel, depending on the logic you follow. Logic is a reasoning system that helps you find solutions. When you think like your anti-conscience you are a selfish monster. All your thoughts are based on selfishness and violence.

You have to think like a wise and sensitive human being instead of being influenced or controlled by your anti-conscience.

This example shows you that the information you have in dreams is about your mental health. Your mental health depends on your thoughts and feelings. You must be a sensible and sensitive person in order to be mentally healthy.

Whenever you have frequent dreams about going up and down this means that you keep following your anti-conscience’s thoughts, even though you try to follow the thoughts of your human conscience.

This movement up and down represents the dangerous movement of your ego in the two regions of your conscience. You are not able to keep being sensitive. Whenever you start being sensitive and showing compassion, your rude and cruel anti-conscience interrupts your human thoughts and kills your feelings, sending you many thoughts based on selfishness. These thoughts please your selfish ego, and make you forget other people’s pain.

All dreams have numerous details. If you are going up or down by elevator this means that you are making very dangerous movements in the two regions of your conscience, and you must be extremely careful because you can lose your mind at any time.

Now, depending on the details of your dream you will understand how and why you are influenced by your dangerous anti-conscience, and stop following its absurd thoughts.

Whenever you follow the logic of your anti-conscience, you gradually enter the labyrinth of craziness. This means that you make many costly mistakes. Then, you face their tragic consequences.

Your dreams protect your mental stability, showing you how to cultivate goodness in your heart. God helps you organize your conscience based on goodness and wisdom. This is how you can surely find peace and happiness. Based on this condition, you can be glad for being able to think, and you can consider yourself a really intelligent individual.

If you are able to find peace and happiness, you are intelligent. This must be your intention in life. You live in order to transform your wild self into a peaceful human being, so that you may find peace and happiness.

In order to find peace and happiness you have to understand the importance of goodness, and respect your moral principles. You must have the behavior of a sensitive human being.

The divine unconscious mind gives you many explanations about your thoughts and your behavior in dreams, to help you understand what to do, so that you may become a superior human being. Your thoughts are very important because they define your behavior and your actions.

Craziness begins with absurd thoughts. In the beginning your conscience is invaded by a few absurd thoughts, but in the end your conscience is destroyed. Therefore, you have numerous absurd and evil thoughts all the time, without being able to have human thoughts based on goodness.

In this situation you can commit crimes, without understanding the pain you are causing to the world because you are totally insensitive, and your anti-conscience took the place of your ego.

Science and religion are related. We become crazy when we are evil. We find sound mental health when we have the behavior of saints.

This is why dreams about going up and down are alarming signs. If you keep going down, you are in a dangerous situation. You are following the absurd thoughts of your anti-conscience, which are destroying your conscience. You must protect your human conscience by obeying the divine guidance in dreams.

If you keep going up, this means that you always are in the region of your anti-conscience (down), and you have to make many efforts to go to the conscious level.

You are able to protect your human conscience when you respect the importance of goodness and you think based on human concepts. When you protect your conscience, you are intelligent because you don’t let the demon you have inherited destroy your human personality.

God gives you many behavioral lessons and scientific explanations in dreams, besides helping you predict the future. You are helped in all ways. Everything depends on your obedience to the wise guidance you have. If you will obey the divine guidance you will prevent mental illnesses and become more intelligent without a doubt.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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