The Bridge Between God And Your Conscience

BridgeYour dreams create a bridge between God and your human conscience. Now that I managed to simplify and clarify Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation you can immediately understand God’s words in the dream images.

In order to complete the creation of this bridge with my work I had to discover the existence of a wild conscience in the human brain (anti-conscience), and how to transform it into a positive component of our human conscience.

Today you have the privilege to directly talk with God by making questions in your mind before sleeping, and having answers in the next day’s dreams.

Now that my work is ready you know that all dreams help you fight your absurd and evil anti-conscience, and develop your human conscience. Since you already know the main purpose of the dream messages, you are immensely helped in the translation of the dream images.

Many people believe that we create our dreams based on our imagination because they didn’t study Carl Jung’s complicated, obscure, and time consuming method of dream interpretation. Now that my work is ready everyone can verify that our dreams are produced by a superior mind that sends us precious guidance in the dream images, in a symbolic form.

The translation of the meaning of these images doesn’t depend on the dreamer’s interpretation. Most dreams are about our mental health.

Many scientists tried to understand the functioning of the human brain and interfere in this functioning with the intention to cure mental illnesses and generate positive reactions. However, the attempts to interfere in the functioning of the human brain without knowledge are very dangerous.

One example is the use of conditioning methods with the intention to generate positive responses. Our scientists try to solve a part of the problem they observe, without knowing its origin. They act based on suppositions and theories. The results of their scientific research depend on the way they interpret what they could find, based on the knowledge they have.

How scientific is a scientific research? How many theories are considered to be discoveries? Can many other people make the same discoveries and confirm that they are real if they will follow the same steps followed by the researcher?

Thanks to the scientific method of dream interpretation everyone can verify that the information and guidance they have in dreams comes from a superior mind; the divine unconscious mind, which is characterized by wisdom and sanctity.

Your dreams really create a bridge between God and your conscience. You will surely verify this truth by yourself once you start analyzing the meaning of your dreams based on the scientific method.

My research was based on my obedience to the divine guidance in dreams. It was not the result of my personal speculations and conclusions. Everything I could discover was practically given to me. I simply followed the clues I had in my dreams.

Now you can find the treasure of wisdom with the same road map. I made a new road map for you, with many shortcuts.

Even if you won’t be able to translate all your dreams in the beginning of your psychotherapy, you will be helped with the few dream symbols you will identify in your dreams. One dream symbol can give you many messages at the same time and help you understand how to solve your problems, even if you won’t be able to translate the entire dream where it appears.

For example, if you are sad with your friends, one dream image can help you understand why they are having a negative attitude. If you will have a dream about not being able to turn on the light and being in total darkness, this means that there are many things about your reality that you ignore.

You have to make a research and discover everything. The divine unconscious mind will help you find out everything you ignore.

You also have more information thanks to the dream symbol of darkness in this dream. You have the dream symbol of the light of lamps, which represents the false truth created by the hypocritical world. You couldn’t turn on the light because you cannot believe in the false information you have from the crazy world if you want to learn the truth about what is happening with your friends.

The things you have to discover about them belong to the region of the anti-conscience. The explanations you will have are totally different from the false impressions of the superficial world.

If you are having problems with the person you love you will have clear information about what is happening in their daily life, and in their psychological system. Dreams about love are the simplest ones. You will be able to easily translate their meaning after having a few lessons of dream interpretation based on the scientific method.

Dreams about your mental heath are more complicated. Their symbolism is different.

In the beginning you have to be patient and persistent. Later you will get used with the dream language and the dream logic. If you have urgent problems you can submit your dreams for professional translation and solve your problems the fastest possible, while you gradually learn the dream language.

You will verify into practice that the guidance you have in dreams really helps you understand the truth about your reality and the people who are around you. This knowledge can be trusted, and it completes the knowledge you have in your daily life.

After mastering the dream language you also learn how to translate everything that happens to you in your daily reality the same way you translate the meaning of dreams. This way you will have more information about your reality and the future, without depending only on sleeping and dreaming.

Your dreams and your daily life are connected. All your dreams are mainly about your psychological problems, your behavior, your life, your past, and your future. You have information about everyone that is important for you. You learn everything that can change the direction you are following in life, before facing decisive challenges.

Your dreams help you find God’s wisdom in the difficult moments of life. This is a precious advantage.

The Symbolic Dream Language

The dream language is poetical and philosophical because it helps you become sensitive. The symbolic dream language helps you understand what is really important in life.

Nightmares have another form because they reflect the absurdity of your anti-conscience. They show you the dangers you are exposed to.

Human beings are in fact demons with a human face. Your dreams show you everything you ignore about the functioning of your brain, which is mainly possessed by your anti-conscience.

Your dreams correct your behavioral mistakes. They help you abandon your wild nature and become a true human being. Some dreams have a poetical and philosophical meaning, other dreams are shocking revelations.

During the day you follow the lies of the ignorant and hypocritical world, which tries to make you feed your ego in order to keep selling you many products. You believe you have to be happy no matter what, and disregard what is bad.

At night, God shows you in your dreams that you are making many mistakes and you must be careful. You have to stop indifferently accepting what is bad in your life and in your behavior.

The symbolic dream language tries to make you pay attention to your spiritual reality. You have to respect your religion.

God expects from you the behavior of a saint. Only if you will completely eliminate your satanic anti-conscience and become a perfect human being will you be able to find peace and happiness.

You may disagree with God’s intention because you cannot evaluate the importance of spiritual perfection. You don’t think that your mistakes are so serious. You keep justifying your mistakes based on selfish standards.

However, you are judged based on the justice of God all the time. If you won’t obey the divine guidance and do what you know that God expects from you, you will be punished. You are not free to do whatever you may desire.

You live in order to be transformed into a sensitive and sensible human being. If you won’t follow this process of transformation, you will keep suffering because of the evilness and the absurdity you have inherited in your brain.

God is very generous. He has the patience to show you how to become a perfect human being and save the world thanks to your work and your wisdom. You only have to obey the divine guidance in your dreams in order to become a superior person.

I already showed you in many articles that when I was young I was neurotic, impatient, and demanding. I didn’t seem to be able to find sound mental health. My psychotherapy is a true miracle. I told you many details about my life biography and many of my dreams to show you the process of transformation I had to follow, since I can use my own example to give you lessons.

I cannot talk about other people’s lives and I cannot publish their dreams. Fortunately, my own case is very similar to many other cases. My example helps you understand the relationship existent between dreams and the dreamer’s life.

Sometimes I publish a few sentences of other people’s dreams without exposing the dreamers and without giving you details about their life biographies. I try to give you a big variety of lessons and help you verify that your dreams are treasures.

Those who pretend to interpret the meaning of dreams in the false world ruined the importance of dreams with their ridiculous suppositions.

The serious scientific translations based on the method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me prove to the world that God speaks in dreams. God’s words are totally different from human words. This is why God speaks with the symbolic dream language, based on images.

The dream language is the same for all dreamers of the world. The meaning of the dream symbols doesn’t change. The dream language is specific. You only need to learn it once in your life to have this knowledge and talk with God through dream messages forever.

You never stop dreaming. All dreams contain precious messages.

You will verify that the bridge created by Carl Jung first of all, and then by me, who completed his research, is a solid bridge that really helps you understand what to do in life. This bridge helps you evolve and become a true human being. Everything depends on your obedience to the divine guidance.

If you will be obedient, you will become a brilliant person. This is guaranteed because this is God’s intention. He wants to transform you into a big hero who will show to the world that His justice must be respected.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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