The Obedience To God’s Guidance And Your Safety

ObedienceOur freedom on earth is not really true, since we are limited by many factors. However we have the impression that we are free to do whatever we may desire. We don’t think about the consequences of our actions.

If you will think about all the horrors of the world you will realize that our freedom is dangerous. However, God gives us freedom on earth because we must become conscious human beings.

If we didn’t have the freedom to kill someone else we wouldn’t understand the importance of social rules. Our conscience must understand many moral aspects, even though we have the freedom to disregard our moral principles.

If we wouldn’t be free to transform our reality and follow our own thoughts, we wouldn’t be conscious creatures. We would be robots without a personality.

We are free, but at the same time God tries to help us understand how to behave. This is why He sends us many dreams with information and guidance.

You may believe that this method of communication is not really effective, but you are not taking into consideration the effect of dreams in everyone’s psyche. Many people made important decisions based on a vivid dream. Other people made important scientific discoveries thanks to the vision they had in a dream, even without knowing the dream language.

There are many dreams that seem to be somehow comprehensible for our conscience. The dream language is complex. It gives us information about many different aspects at the same time.

When you will learn the meaning of the dream images based on the scientific method you will understand God’s words. Then, you will be able to understand the divine wisdom.

Your dreams transport you to different places where things that don’t happen in your daily life can happen. Dreams follow another logic. They give you lessons with examples.

God tries to make you follow His logic, which is based on goodness and wisdom. You have to abandon the selfish and idiotic logic of your human conscience and pay attention to the sensitive and philosophical language of your natural doctor; the divine unconscious mind.

You are used with violent reactions, lies, and various negative expressions. You cannot easily understand God’s purity. The immorality that characterizes your anti-conscience (and also your human conscience) doesn’t let you understand the meaning of innocence, purity, sincerity, and loyalty.

The immorality of the world imposes even more immorality to the immoral tendencies you already have. This is why you are not able to perceive God’s perfection.

In order to understand the precious information you have in dreams you must have the right attitude. Besides having to learn the meaning of the dream symbols and the dream logic, you also have to understand your position and have the right attitude with God.

You are an imperfect sinner who must be corrected. God produces your dreams in order to save your conscience from craziness, and help you develop your intelligence.

Your dreams contain important behavioral lessons, life lessons, and information. You have information about other people and the world. You also learn what will happen in the future.

By following the divine guidance in your dreams you understand the way God thinks. You achieve a higher level of consciousness.

This means that your freedom to do whatever you may desire is not an advantage. Only if will obey the divine guidance will you be successful in life.

Freedom can be considered an advantage if you will compare it to slavery. Of course, it is better to be free, but your freedom is very dangerous. You have to follow the right guidance instead of acting based on your suppositions.

Freedom is simply a basic condition for your development and evolution. It is not a purpose. You don’t live in order to be free. You are free because you are not a slave.

If you will waste your time doing whatever you may desire you won’t follow an indispensable evolutionary process. You must stop being a violent rational animal, and become a calm and sensitive human being.

Prohibitions And Obedience

When you accept prohibitions and you obey the guidance you have, you avoid numerous dangers. The divine guidance protects your conscience from numerous horrors.

In the narrative about the original sin God prohibits Adam and Even to eat the apple, but they were disobedient. The apple represents wisdom. However, wisdom without preparation for its comprehension becomes terror.

The wisdom represented by the apple was the comprehension of our capacities. We shouldn’t understand how much we were able to do alone because we would be tempted to disobey the divine guidance.

This is what our conscience does until today. We don’t accept God’s prohibitions. We want to learn what is evil. We want to have dangerous adventures.

The dream language is so different from the language of our human conscience because we have to understand many things we disregard in our daily lives and in our own behavior. We have to accept God’s prohibitions, even if we disagree with them.

Of course we disagree with prohibitions because we want to be free. However, if we will find poison without knowing what it is, we may believe that it is beneficial to our health. God’s prohibitions have a meaning.

The Ten Commandments seem to be very simple, but they are not respected by almost anyone until our days:

1. You shall have no other gods before Me.
2. You shall not make idols.
3. You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain.
4. Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.
5. Honor your father and your mother.
5. You shall not murder.
7. You shall not commit adultery.
8. You shall not steal.
9. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
10. You shall not covet.

This list is not respected at all. We have many false idols, money is most people’s god, we don’t respect God’s name, we don’t respect sacred days if we want to make money, and we are indifferent to our moral image. Our newspapers describe numerous crimes committed based on the disobedience to this list.

Everyone disobeys these commandments in many ways. Those who seem to be morally correct have many material advantages that help them present a good social image to the world, but their ethics are theoretical.

If they didn’t have all these advantages, they would have the behavior of criminals.

Why We Must Be Tested

We believe that God should have created a planet with ideal life conditions for us, but He created for us a planet where numerous dangers are threatening us all the time because we are evil. We must learn how to stop being selfish, aggressive, and dishonest.

We must be free because we must be tested. We have to overcome our problems by ourselves using everything we have at our disposal because we have to develop our intelligence. At the same time, we are tempted to listen to the absurd suggestions of or satanic anti-conscience. We are also tempted to believe in the lies of the hypocritical world. Our conscience must combat many attacks.

Thinking is a big complication that generates many other complications.

Our thoughts define our behavior and actions. Our thoughts give us answers for our doubts.

However, if we follow absurd thoughts, we end up on craziness and terror. We have to learn how to avoid following absurd thoughts in order to preserve our sanity. God gives us information and guidance in dreams in order to help us prevent craziness.

Many people disliked the title of my ebook Craziness Prevention because they were offended with the idea that they could be crazy. However, I prove to the world that there is craziness already accumulated into the biggest part of our brain. Our tiny human conscience is a thin cover. Under the thin human cover, we have a satanic primitive conscience that is totally absurd.

This was the worst discovery a human being could make. God chose me to be the first one who would have this knowledge because I was insensitive and cruel. I had to suffer in order to become a sensitive human being.

I was selfish, lazy, impatient, demanding, and indifferent. Therefore, I could bear having this knowledge without fainting. God demanded a lot from me because I was too evil and I could bear carrying the heavy cross I deserved.

Many people complain about their destiny, thinking that if they had better life conditions and if their parents were not mentally ill, they could be happy. However, everyone has to face the problems that will test their reactions, depending on the mistakes they tend to make according to their psychological type.

Everyone inherits their parents’ psychological problems. Everyone must avoid repeating their parents’ mistakes.

This means that you cannot complain. If you have a sad life biography this is because you have inherited a strong anti-conscience and you must eliminate many negative tendencies.

On the other hand, you must realize that you don’t live to be happy. You want to be happy, but first of all you have to transform your personality. This is why you are alive.

You can be happy when you will become a wise and sensitive human being, but you must accept suffering until you will become a perfect human being.

Therefore, don’t be jealous of those who have a nice family and good life conditions. They are wasting their time pursuing material pleasures instead of transforming their personality and attaining spiritual perfection. They will be punished for their indifference through many ways while they are alive, and also after death.

You should care about your own process of transformation. Your obedience to the divine guidance in your dreams is your salvation.

God is very generous, even though he is a serious doctor and judge. You should be obedient like me and my best students and patients, so that you may transform your personality and find peace.

Without peace you cannot find happiness. Peace depends on forgiveness and compassion.

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