Discovering A Guaranteed Mind Empowerment Method

IntelligenceEven though the meaning of dreams keeps being distorted and despised by the ignorant world, my research and discoveries prove to the world that Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation accurately translates God’s words in dreams.

Jung’s method helps all dreamers understand their psychological problems and become more intelligent. They also have information about the outside world and other people’s minds.

I managed to clarify all the obscure points in Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation, and transform it into a fast method of instant translation.

Dream translation based on the scientific method works like psychotherapy, mind empowerment, and spiritual purification. The meaning of your dreams helps you eliminate your wild nature, and become a wise and sensitive human being.

This is a miraculous process of mind empowerment that transforms you into a genius. You have this potential, but the biggest part of your brain belongs to your wild conscience (anti-conscience).

When you manage to transform your anti-conscience into conscious content that has human characteristics, you become more intelligent and sensitive, and you use all of your brain power.

The transformation of your personality is a big advantage, but you don’t want to begin following this process. The beginning is difficult. In the beginning you have to change your behavior in order to stop making mistakes. This is uncomfortable and tiring.

You are lazy and you hate behavioral changes. You are constantly influenced by your wild nature. You become angry all the time, and you are impatient.

Everything depends on your capacity to understand that this process of transformation is indispensable. You have to eliminate your wild tendencies because they are dangerous.

You are far from sound mental health because your conscience is one-sided and under-developed. You have inherited an absurd and evil anti-conscience that bothers your evolution. It tries to destroy your human conscience through absurd thoughts.

You have to accept facing the necessary fight against absurdity instead of being manipulated by your anti-conscience. Your anti-conscience is your second conscience. It works in parallel with your human conscience, and it invades your conscience all the time.

Your human conscience must become powerful by transforming your anti-conscience into human content. You have to offer resistance to the absurd thoughts of your anti-conscience, and obey the divine guidance. This way you, the human being existent into your tiny human conscience will be stronger than the demon that occupies the biggest part of your brain.

Dream translation is a miraculous method of mind empowerment that helps you acquire sound mental health and purify your spirit from all sins, while you become more intelligent and sensitive.

By following the unconscious guidance in your dreams you abandon the satanic nature of your wild conscience. You stop being a rational animal who indifferently accepts violence and immorality. You become a sensitive human being who understands the importance of goodness.

The extraordinary result of this process of transformation should convince you that you have to follow it without wasting time. However, the real reason why you have to follow this process is not the fact that you will become a genius, but the necessity to preserve your mental stability.

This reason is more important than developing your conscience. You have to fight absurdity. Otherwise, you will lose your conscience and become a puppet of your anti-conscience.

Your anti-conscience generates terror and despair because it is an idiotic and self-destructive demon, even though it pretends to be smart.

You have to seriously follow dream therapy because you have to eliminate your anti-conscience before losing your mind. You never know how your anti-conscience can manage to generate a mental illness within your conscience.

Your psychological transformation is complex. You have to stop being an absurd and evil under-developed primate and become a perfect human being. This is a long process, but it is shortened when you follow dream therapy.

You understand what you have to do, since you can read God’s words in dreams. Therefore, you do what helps you eliminate your anti-conscience the fastest possible.

Your intelligence depends on your sensitivity. If you are insensitive and indifferent, you make many mistakes.

The Idiocy Of Evilness

Whenever you are evil you cause pain to other human beings, and you follow the absurdity of your anti-conscience, which destroys your human conscience. Your anti-conscience makes you pay attention to the evil side of everything.

It presents evilness as if it was a smart way to have advantages in life. However, evilness always is destructive.

You have to be afraid of whatever is bad. Those who are dishonest always face bad outcomes in the future. When you are dishonest you are punished for your wickedness.

When you are sincere you have more advantages, and you are not afraid of the truth. Your goodness is rewarded.

You are used with false impressions given by your anti-conscience. This is why you believe you have to hide the truth, and you are hypocritical. However, sincerity is much better. Sincerity helps you always have a balanced attitude and avoid numerous dangers.

Intelligence depends on goodness. You become more intelligent when you stop being selfish and violent, and you cultivate goodness in your heart.

However, you are used with another definition. You believe that intelligence is the ability to learn or understand things, or to deal with new or difficult situations. You believe that you are intelligent when you have a high mental capacity, and you are characterized by quickness of understanding.

Your intelligence also depends on your capacity to show compassion, and have a sensitive attitude. If you will make conclusions based only on reasoning you will make costly mistakes. Intelligence without sensitivity is very dangerous. With this intelligence you can create bombs.

When you use your intelligence to follow the satanic suggestions of your idiotic anti-conscience you end up on craziness, terror, and despair. Your intelligence must be organized based on sensitivity.

Your goodness must be more important than the advantages you could have in a certain situation. Your goodness helps you respect your moral principles and the truth. It doesn’t let you fall into logical traps.

Evilness seems to be more advantageous because it is simple. It can be advantageous for a certain period of time, but if you will be dishonest your advantages will be turned into nightmares.

This means that a safe process of mind empowerment depends on a process of psychological transformation and spiritual purification. The mind empowerment methods you find in the ignorant world don’t take everything into consideration.

The Importance Of Good Mental Health

If you want to become more intelligent, you have to begin by acquiring sound mental health. First of all you have to stop making behavioral mistakes and stop thinking based on erroneous concepts.

Good mental health is indispensable when you want to achieve higher levels of knowledge. If you follow absurd thoughts, you cannot make progress in all areas.

Your mental health is necessary because it defines your spiritual health. Your spirit is more important than your body and your temporary material life.

In a few words, you need psychotherapy because your life is extremely important. Your life on earth defines the future of your spirit after death.

You should be intelligent and understand that you have to follow dream therapy not only in order to have good mental health while you are alive. Your transformation into a wise and sensitive human being is indispensable, especially because you won’t become inexistent after death.

Since God exists, what can be verified by anyone through dream translation, this means that we have a spirit. Satan exists too, and occupies the biggest part of our brain. We can verify this truth by reading the barbarous crimes that are committed everyday in our world.

Good mental health is based on wisdom and sanctity. You must help God transform your wild nature into human nature by obeying the divine guidance in your dreams. This is how you will become a perfect human being.

Then, you will use your intelligence to feed the world and put an end to hunger. You will build schools and hospitals. Your wisdom will help humanity find peace. Your work will solve numerous problems.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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Dream Therapy

If you are in a difficult situation, you can send your dreams to me for a professional dream translation and psychotherapy. I will help you solve your problems thanks to the unconscious guidance in your dreams.

After my initial help, you’ll learn how to translate your dreams yourself with my dynamic method of dream translation, derived from Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation. The unconscious wisdom will guide you forever, and help you acquire complete consciousness. Click here to Submit your Dreams

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