Can You Find Happiness In A Cruel World?

Cruel WorldAll religions teach us that we must accept our suffering in order to transform our personality and become real human beings. We have to respect the justice of God, which is based on wisdom and goodness.

We have the same lessons in dreams, with more explanations. All dreams are produced by God, as Carl Jung had discovered, and as I could confirm after continuing his research and discovering a lot more.

Almost everyone in our world has the intention to find happiness based on having material pleasures. God keeps trying to show us that we have to accept our suffering in order to become perfect human beings, so that we may find authentic happiness based on wisdom.

We cannot be happy while we are evil. However, we don’t believe that this is true. We insist on defending violence and selfishness, even if we pretend to be sensitive and care about the general well-being.

We accept evilness in numerous circumstances, especially when we seem to be in a favorable position, but we are excellent actors. We hide the truth from our social environment. We pretend to disagree with dishonesty and falsity.

This is why we cannot be corrected.

You must be able to get out of the vicious circle that marks many people’s lives. By translating the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method you will understand when and why you make mistakes.

Then, you will accept suffering in order to correct your behavior. This is a sad but unavoidable necessity. The biggest part of your brain and psyche belongs to your anti-conscience. You have to eliminate your anti-conscience through consciousness and understand the meaning of your actions.

You want to be happy right now, without passing through a process of psychological and spiritual transformation. You don’t think that it is indispensable.

However, you have to understand that without transforming your personality you cannot find authentic happiness. You won’t be able to escape tragic moments in life, even if you have a lot of money.

If you depend on your material reality, you will lose your mind if you will lose everything you have.

You cannot be sure that you always will be protected. Calamities, accidents, betrayals, and many other unexpected situations can suddenly put your fragile mental stability in great danger. You have to learn how to always control your behavior, without showing anger and without abandoning your moral principles.

Most people in the world are superficial and indifferent. They are controlled or influenced by their dangerous anti-conscience, but they don’t pay attention to what they are doing. When they have to face the consequences of their mistakes, they have a nervous breakdown. They are unable to deal with the difficulties of life.

You have to be serious and avoid facing tragedies. Nobody wants to think about what is bad, but if you want to avoid what is bad, you must learn how to identify all the traps of the way.

Your anti-conscience and the cruel world prepare many traps for you. If you will walk without paying attention to where you are going, you cannot avoid falling into an invisible trap.

Finding authentic happiness in a cruel world depends on your capacity to accept suffering in order to change your violent behavior, and on paying attention to what is bad and could ruin your life.

You also have to understand that your happiness on earth cannot be perfect. You are in a place of transformation. Many times you have to accept suffering in order to defend the justice of God.

You cannot try to avoid suffering no matter what like those who hide the truth because they are dishonest. You must have the courage to say the truth and assume your responsibilities when something goes wrong. You must accept suffering in order to save someone else. You must cry because of somebody else’s pain, without being indifferent.

You also have the moral obligation to help God eliminate craziness and terror on earth. You cannot be an observer who does nothing to save those who have no human rights.

The Dangers Of Indifference

We believe that indifference is simply a neutral attitude. However, indifference is craziness.

When you are indifferent to someone else’s suffering this means that you are totally insensitive. You are disconnected from your external reality. You have the behavior of a criminal, or the behavior of an accomplice who hides the criminal.

Many people believe that criminals who manage to escape the human justice are not punished by God. This happens because they don’t follow the criminals’ lives for many years, and they ignore many details about their personal issues.

If you are indifferent to human suffering and you try to live your life the best way you can, you will be punished on earth, and after death.

God delays to punish the worst sinners. He lets them verify the consequences of their mistakes and sins with time. They are punished when they are able to understand their mistakes and regret.

God can punish anyone in one second. An incurable disease or a sudden death can immediately punish any sinner, after many years of an invisible psychotherapy in their daily lives. God gives to all sinners the chance to verify how evil they were and how many mistakes they made. They face various situations that put them in their victims’ shoes.

This fact cannot be comprehended by an observer who ignores many details. This is why most people have the impression that criminals and dishonest people are not punished.

You should be afraid of God because He doesn’t show tolerance to human beings who become demons after listening to their anti-conscience’s thoughts. God simply waits the right moment to definitively punish a sinner, after gradually punishing him/her in his daily life.

God is not a tyrannous, but a doctor. He is forced to punish demons in order to transform them into human beings, so that they may attain sanctity, and finally stop suffering because of the terror they generate.

You must be serious and understand that you are not free to do whatever you may desire as you may believe. If you won’t obey the divine guidance, you will be transformed into a demon. This happens because you have inherited a demon into your anti-conscience, which keeps trying to control your behavior and spread terror everywhere.

You must be afraid of your anti-conscience. Your wild conscience is your worst enemy. It keeps trying to destroy your life and generate a severe mental illness within your conscience.

The truth I’m showing you is bitter.

You are used with beautiful lies because you pay attention to the false information of the hypocritical world. I’m sure you don’t want to believe me.

However, I have the moral obligation to open your eyes because I’m God’s servant. Everything I’m teaching you is not my invention. You can verify the truth by yourself by translating the meaning of dreams according to the scientific method.

God is revolted with the human race because nobody obeys His guidance.

You must be obedient like me. I was numerous times worse than you because my neurosis had signs of schizophrenia when I started following dream therapy. If someone like me could win the fight against craziness and even become a doctor who is curing many people from severe mental illnesses since 1990, don’t you think that you can win this fight?

Even if your mental illness is as severe as my mental illness was, you can find sound mental health and help God save the world thanks to your work and your brilliant example.

You can become a genius after eliminating your terrible anti-conscience. You have numerous capacities and talents you ignore because your anti-conscience possesses the psychological functions you need to be able to use this part of your brain.

First of all you have to become a sensitive human being. Then, you will achieve higher levels of knowledge. Your evolution has no limits.

Therefore, even though in the beginning you have to face your tragic reality and you have to suffer transforming your personality, in the end you will surely find authentic happiness that lasts for life, and follows you after death.

What happens to your spirit after death is the most important matter of your life, but you concentrate all your attention on the material world. Your spiritual purification is indispensable.

You don’t live in order to have material pleasures. You have material pleasures in order to at least have this relief, while you follow a difficult process of transformation.

The material reality is temporary. I don’t need to prove this fact because you know that someday you will die.

Since the material reality is temporary, and since you have a spirit that remains alive after your death, you must care about your spiritual evolution. Your spiritual health depends on your mental health.

You have to translate the meaning of your dreams to find sound mental heath, so that you may find spiritual health. While you are violent and absurd, you cannot understand the real meaning of goodness and peace.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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