Divine Enlightenment In Dreams

RevelationThe commercial world keeps working based on violence. Nobody pays attention to the terrible daily news announcing wars and denouncing crimes, even though many people worry about their own interests after reading these events.

Many times the shocking news manage to impress the public, but not for long. Interesting ads and superficial facts are more effective.

Everyone here is induced to feed their ego. We want to have a pleasant journey and enjoy our daily lives.

We are suffering through many ways, but we pretend to be fine. Of course, it depends on our social position. Those who have human rights (because they pay taxes) believe that they should be happy, since this is a human necessity.

Some of them are exhibitionists. They like to show to the world their numerous possessions.

Even though they are surrounded by poverty, terror, violence, and immorality, they believe that they deserve to be happy because their justice is based on selfishness and greed. Happiness is a civil right for those who have money in banks.

Multiple mental illnesses are torturing the world population. Numerous incurable diseases kill many people all the time.

However, the mentally ill will never be cured based on suppositions. This is why many schizophrenic murderers have powerful social positions.

They hold the global economy in their hands. They are our leaders. Nobody can be against their desires. Otherwise, they will simply die.

Even though the world keeps becoming worse, many people insist on looking for happiness in the big mess we created in our exploited planet.

Then, they wonder why they keep having nightmares. Why can’t they simply rest at night?

Because when we sleep God sends us important messages in dreams, uncovering the bitter truth. Our dreams reflect the fight between our human conscience and Satan’s ideas.

We are absurd and evil because we have inherited a wild conscience, the anti-conscience, which is a terrible demon. Our tiny human conscience must offer resistance to the demon’s suggestions.

God sends us messages while we are sleeping because then we are not influenced by our anti-conscience. The dream language is incomprehensible to our conscience, but our human conscience can learn the symbolic dream language and understand God’s words in dreams.

God cannot be too clear because our anti-conscience must not understand His words before our conscience does. Otherwise, it will distort the divine messages and we won’t have any protection against our satanic anti-conscience.

The dream language is complex, but Carl Jung managed to decipher the perfect code for an accurate dream translation. Now that I simplified his complicated method, you can easily understand God’s words in dreams. You will avoid following the tragic destiny of the human race, and evolve without limits.

The truth becomes clearly visible thanks to dream analysis based on the scientific method of dream interpretation.

Many people want to get rid of their nightmares without understanding their messages because they ignore that their bad dreams reflect their own absurdity; the absurdity existent behind the scenes, while they pretend to be decent human beings.

God cannot let us disregard the horrors of the world, and the absurdity existent into the biggest part of our brain.

This is why our dreams reflect our behavior and the absurd tendencies we have inherited. They reflect the truth we don’t want to see because we insist on following the materialistic ideals of the world.

We don’t want to pay attention to our absurdity. We like to be irresponsible and indifferent.

Our dreams denounce our cruelty.

Now you can understand that the incomprehensible dream images make sense when you know what exists in the human brain. Now you can also understand that what seems to be normal (because everyone agrees with it) is in fact absurd.

Therefore, instead of believing that ‘dreams are just dreams’ you should conclude that your dreams are as important as your own life because they help you eliminate your wild side.

The dreams you have when you sleep open your eyes, while the lies the world imposes to your conscience destroy your immune system. You must pay attention to the meaning of dreams, and stop trusting the false information of the hypocritical world.

The truth about your reality is totally different from the image you have, which is based on your ignorance, your suppositions, and the distorted information you have from the false world.

You have to pay attention to the unconscious lessons. The unconscious mind that produces your dreams and works like a natural doctor is not merely a natural organ. The unconscious mind is God’s mind, as I’m proving with the information I’m giving you right now.

You must care about your spiritual purification more than anything else. Nothing is more important than the elimination of your satanic anti-conscience through consciousness.

What Is Evilness?

Evilness is the opposite of sanctity. If you don’t have the behavior of a saint, you are evil. This is the definition given by God to the meaning of evilness.

We don’t know what is evil because we accept evilness as if it was not as harmful as it really is. We have distorted the meaning of evilness.

We don’t think that if we are not perfect, we are evil. We believe that we are ‘good’, even though we have many defects. Our definition is far from the truth.

If you ‘sometimes’ accept evilness, you are evil. Even if you usually are a sensitive human being, if sometimes you are not perfect, you are evil.

Evilness is whatever is morally wrong or bad.

You are evil when you cause harm or injury to someone. You are evil if your behavior is characterized by selfishness and anger.

You are evil when you have evil thoughts. You are evil when you are false. You are evil if you cannot understand your own evilness because you have no sense of justice.

The cruel world doesn’t help you understand the real meaning of evilness and the importance of goodness.

Fortunately, God gives you all the lessons you need in your own dreams, but you have to learn the meaning of the symbolic dream language. This language is based on images instead of words. You have to translate images into words that you can understand.

Carl Jung discovered the meaning of the most important dream symbols and the dream logic. I completed his work discovering the meaning of many other dream symbols, besides discovering the existence of the anti-conscience. Today you can understand how to translate the meaning of your dreams without wasting time like Carl Jung and his students.

After mastering the dream language you will have this knowledge for life. If you know a second language you know how simple it is to learn another language. This is not as hard as learning many things that depend on complicated knowledge. Learning a language depends on your capacity to understand what the other person is saying by respecting the codes of their language.

The same way you exchange words when you translate simple languages made by words, you exchange dream images with understandable words. Each image has a specific meaning, the same way that each letter of the alphabet of any language has a specific meaning.

After learning how to translate the meaning of dreams based on the scientific method, you will be able to clearly understand God’s words in your dreams for all your life. The dream language doesn’t change, it is always the same. You will have free psychotherapy in your own dreams forever, and you will also be able to translate other people’s dreams. The dream language is the same for all dreamers.

You will learn directly from God the real meaning of evilness, and you will eliminate it from your personality.

Your dreams show you the truth as it is, without distortions.

You will verify that there is too much evilness in your mind and behavior. You have the impression that you are a normal human being, but the human nature is abnormal because of the existence of the anti-conscience.

Everything you have learned from the hypocritical world is false. Even religious documents were distorted by our evilness and absurdity.

We try to adapt the bitter truth to our interests, instead of paying attention to the religious lessons we had exactly as they are.

You have to learn the truth from God, without human interventions. Thanks to Carl Jung’s discoveries and my discoveries, today you can have this privilege.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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