How Important Is Your Spiritual Reality?

DeathYou have a spirit, even though you tend to believe you are made only of flesh and bone. The fact that human beings have a spirit was confirmed thanks to the accurate translation of the meaning of dreams according to the scientific method.

The unconscious mind that produces our dreams is God’s mind, as Carl Jung had discovered, even though he didn’t obey the divine guidance like me. I could complete his research because I was obedient. I precisely followed the divine guidance in dreams, even against my will.

As a matter of fact, I disagreed with God’s method of purification because I had to accept suffering to transform my personality. I had the personality of a cruel dictator. I had to become a sensitive and sensible human being.

I always obeyed the divine guidance against my will. I didn’t want to do anything.

Everything I did to continue Carl Jung’s research was very difficult, dangerous, and tiring. I continued his research and I discovered a lot more because besides disagreeing with my suffering, I logically understood that I deserved it. I disagreed with it because it was painful, but I knew that I had to pass through painful experiences in order to stop being cruel.

I could see the content of my psyche. I had inherited a huge wild conscience (anti-conscience) that was destroying my human conscience. I could see that I had the behavior of a monster because I was impatient and demanding. I knew I had to learn how to be patient and humble.

My process of transformation was long because I was mentally ill. I was in fact lucky because I had the chance to restore my human conscience before it would be completely controlled by my absurd and evil anti-conscience. I shouldn’t complain because of my suffering.

I complained because I didn’t accept my pain, besides understanding that it was fair. However, I always obeyed the divine guidance. I knew that God was saving my spirit from eternal hell.

Hell is eternal for those who never learn the meaning of goodness. Since those who are evil don’t want to learn how to stop being evil while they are alive, they live in eternal hell after death. This is not God’s fault.

A spirit can abandon hell only after understanding and respecting the importance of goodness.

Therefore, your goodness is indispensable for your spiritual purification. You must learn how to cultivate real goodness in your heart.

Thanks to Carl Jung’s discoveries and my discoveries after continuing his research, today you can have a direct communication with God through dream messages. This is your chance to abandon your violent nature, and become a wise and sensitive human being before being judged.

Everyone is judged after death based on their goodness while they were alive. This is a crucial matter for every human being, but the materialistic and atheistic modern civilization disregards its importance.

You have to seriously understand that if God really exists – what can be easily confirmed now that I simplified Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation – this means that you have a spirit. Your spirit won’t disappear after your death.

You should care about your spiritual purification now that you have scientific proof of God’s existence. The wisdom found in dream messages doesn’t come from the ignored human mind. God is alive and answers all questions in dreams.

You have information about important matters in dream messages. This information is confirmed in your daily life. God helps you solve your psychological and daily problems, besides helping you purify your spirit.

Your material reality is somehow important, but your spiritual reality is much more important. You don’t know for how long your spirit can live in a hell after death. You only know that you cannot live more than 100 years on earth.

Now you can have trustworthy information about your reality and your future in your dreams. Learning the dream language is not a problem.

I believe you should agree with the idea of purifying your spirit while you are alive, so that you may have a decent life, and so that you may go to heaven after death. This was what I did when I was enlightened by the divine wisdom in dreams.

I was so far from perfection that I believed that God’s intention to make me purify my spirit was unreal. I would never become a perfect human being.

However, I changed so much after obeying the divine guidance that I felt I already was a saint.

God doesn’t believe so, since He always demands more from me, but I like my personality now. I’m glad because I managed to change my behavior, even though I complained a lot in the beginning of my process of transformation.

The beginning is hard. Every beginning is empty and dark. Everything becomes better when you start seeing positive results in your personality and in your life.

Everything is transformed at the same time. Your personality and your behavior define your destiny. Your life becomes better as you change your personality and you behavior is positive.

However, many times you have to accept suffering for a certain reason. Sometimes you must suffer in order to help the justice of God prevail in the cruel world. Other times you must suffer in order to help a friend.

Your life improves in general terms, but this doesn’t mean that you will live protected in a private paradise on earth.

You will have basic protection if you will obey the divine guidance, but earth is a place of transformation. Even if you will become a perfect human being, you will still have to help God transform every human being into a wise and sensitive person like you.

The Idiotic Attitude Of The Human Race

The biggest problem God keeps facing with the human race is that we don’t want to believe that our spirit is more important than our body. We don’t want to care about what will happen to us after death.

We insist on caring only about our material reality because we are idiotic beasts. We don’t understand that if we will obey God’s guidance we will successfully solve all problems. We insist on doing everything based on our selfish ideas.

We want to be free, even though we make numerous mistakes. We don’t want to pay attention to our religion. We like to be atheists.

This is why God is unable to save us from craziness and terror. Our absurdity is invincible.

If we cannot consciously understand that the way we live is absurd and we must change our crazy world, we cannot find sound mental health.

We cannot find peace and happiness in a world ruled by terror and violence. We cannot be happy in a world where poverty kills the biggest part of the world population.

We have to stop spending money producing weapons, and feed the poor. We have to stop hating human beings. Our insanity is ruining everything.

You must understand this truth instead of blindingly agreeing with the lies of the hypocritical world. You have to purify your spirit and condemn the cruel world.

You must feel responsible for those who are starving. You must save the victims of terror. You must help God eliminate all horrors, without closing your eyes before the global absurdity.

You must desire to attain sanctity, even if you believe that this is an unreal expectation. You can become a perfect human being and a true genius. Your anti-conscience steals almost all of your brain power.

When you will eliminate your satanic anti-conscience through consciousness, you will stop being idiotic. Right now you are not using the biggest part of your brain because it belongs to your wild conscience.

Your wild conscience is a rational animal that has no human feelings and generates terror. You have to be afraid of your wild nature, even if you cannot see what exists into your anti-conscience because you didn’t follow dream therapy like me and many other people.

You should be intelligent and follow dream therapy now. God can save your human conscience even if you have a severe mental illness.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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