The Power Of Goodness And Persistence

GoodnessWhen I managed to find a way to have a direct communication with God because I became a dream expert, I believed that God would talk about the meaning of goodness. I had no doubt that the unconscious mind discovered by Carl Jung was God’s mind. I found proof of this fact everywhere.

I used a small notebook with codes taken from a book written by Francisco Candido Xavier, a Brazilian spiritual leader. Thanks to the codes collected in my notebook I could understand God’s answers for various questions. The codes were combined with the dream messages.

I cannot give you clear technical explanations about how this system of communication worked into practice. I’m simply trying to show you that with great difficulty, I started having more information about my reality thanks to this notebook with codes, besides having information in my dreams.

I was excited because I could talk with God. In the beginning I was superficial. At that time I was 28-years-old. I was ignorant, and I believed in numerous illusions.

When I started understanding the divine messages with the codes and I managed to transcribe entire sentences (after hours of combinations; this was a very time consuming method) I was finally able to understand what God was trying to tell me.

With time and practice I managed to understand God’s words without wasting so much time with the combinations. However, instead of feeling better because our communication improved, my enthusiasm completely disappeared.

God kept talking about terror, violence, immorality, and poverty.

I was hoping that at a certain point God would finally talk about the beauty of goodness, but He kept talking about terror, crimes, and wars.

This was a process of consciousness for me. I had to understand the tragic human reality.

God told me to write a list with all the dangers that threaten the human being on earth. I started writing. Diseases, earthquakes, inundations, insects, wild animals, and so on. God kept telling me to think about something else, there were many other things I forgot. I made a big list.

God explained that we are punished on earth because we spread terror and violence everywhere.

I had to study the meaning of terror and all the details of the behavior of criminals. I had to learn how to fight mental illnesses by obeying the divine guidance in dreams, and cure the mentally ill into practice.

I also had lessons about the meaning of sanctity.

First of all I had to understand the human reality. I had to understand what seems to be good but is in fact evil, and stop believing in illusions. Only after having this lesson, could I understand the real meaning of goodness and sanctity.

Sanctity is forgiveness, compassion, sincerity, humbleness, patience, generosity, and wisdom.

The cruel world cannot understand the value of real goodness, but you must be able to understand this truth. Goodness is a powerful alternative.

The world makes you believe you should be indifferent and evil, while you pretend to be a good person. However, you must be sensitive and sensible, without following the bad examples of the world.

When you have the behavior of a saint you are protected from all dangers, and you save the world thanks to your wisdom. This is a powerful alternative that will change your life, and will help you change the world.

The ridiculous ideals of the hypocritical world are based on violence and immorality. You must abandon the lies of the world and discover God’s wisdom. Your own dreams will help you achieve this goal.

Nothing can be more powerful than forgiveness and compassion before violence and terror. God explains everything about this matter in dreams and in religious lessons. All religions teach us the importance of goodness and peace.

We follow the idiotic reasoning of our anti-conscience. This is why we believe that evilness is a smart way to solve our problems. We think that the lessons we have in our religion are made for children, and not for adults.

However, evilness is idiocy and craziness. Only goodness can help us solve our problems without generating more problems.

The Human Reality

Goodness is powerful and can save the human race, but evilness is more powerful than goodness because we can easily destroy something. However, when we want to build something, we must face a series of difficulties and problems.

Goodness depends on the acceptance of sacrifices, work, patience, persistence, and faith.

We have to make many efforts to be able to understand the importance of goodness. This is not a simple matter for us.

We have inherited a huge anti-conscience, our human conscience is deficient and must be developed, we live in a cruel world, there are many dangers threatening our peace of mind and our life in our planet, but we must learn the meaning of goodness and transform our personality.

Everything is very difficult for us, but instead of being serious and paying attention to all the dangers that are threatening us and everyone else, we disregard what is bad.

We don’t want to think about poverty, terror, violence, immorality, and all the horrors of the world. We want to pay attention only to what is beautiful and good.

God created for us a beautiful planet with numerous animal and vegetable species. Their appearance on our young planet cannot be scientifically explained if we will take into consideration the age of our planet, and the fact that so many different species couldn’t be the result of pure chance.

We like Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, even though Konrad Lorenz and various biologists already proved that this theory is based on false assumptions.

God created our planet with the intention to transform our absurd and evil anti-conscience into a positive component of our human conscience. However, we transformed our dangerous planet into an unbearable hell.

We disregard this fact, and we concentrate our attention only on what is beautiful and good. We are absurd and insensitive.

Our world is governed by terror and violence because we are violent, and we don’t care about God’s intention to save us from hell. We don’t want to learn the real meaning of goodness and discover the power of sanctity.

You have to be different if you want to save your sanity and find peace.

Today you can clearly understand God’s words in dreams and immediately solve your problems. God will help you transform your personality and save the world from craziness and terror thanks to your brilliant example.

Now that I simplified and clarified Carl Jung’s confusing and time consuming method of dream interpretation you have the chance to have a direct communication with God thanks to the immediate translation of the meaning of your dreams, and thanks to the signs of your daily life.

You can translate the meaning of facts and events the same way you translate the meaning of dreams, and have more information about your reality and the future.

Your main intention is to find sound mental health and peace. This is what defines the meaning of your life. Everything else helps you achieve this goal, or is an obstacle in your journey.

The fight between good and evil defines your existence as a human being. You must discover the power of goodness by following the divine guidance, and fight the evilness of the crazy world.

Everyone cares about finding happiness, making money, and having many material pleasures. You must care about your spiritual purification. You have to help God eliminate craziness and terror thanks to your work.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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