The Formation Of A Mental Illness As A Sudden Phenomenon

imagesCAJUYP7NAfter continuing Carl Jung’s research in the unknown region of the human psyche through dream interpretation I could discover the origin of mental illnesses and understand the human nature. My shocking discoveries reveal that human beings are not really human.

This happens because we inherit a huge anti-conscience, which is absurd and evil. Our tiny human conscience was artificially created by God in order to help us transform the absurd and evil content we have inherited into human content. In order to do so, we must respect our religion, and obey the divine guidance in dreams.

Carl Jung was the only one who managed to discover the hidden meaning of the symbolic dream language as I prove in my work. My research is a continuation of his research and mainly, the result of my obedience to the divine guidance in dreams.

You have two consciences. One of them is known. You know your human conscience, which is one-sided and under-developed, but has human characteristics. You believe that this is the only one you have.

However, you also have a second conscience that thinks like a demon because it has satanic characteristics. Your second conscience keeps trying to destroy your human conscience and control your behavior. You ignore its existent, but it is as real as your human conscience.

All mental illnesses are generated by the absurd thoughts of your anti-conscience, which invade your human conscience whenever they have the chance. They don’t seem to be absurd from the beginning, but they are misleading thoughts that cause craziness and despair.

God produces your dreams to help you tame your wild nature and stop being a demon. You must learn the meaning of goodness. However, you don’t understand the importance of this mission.

You are the ignorant human being concentrated into your human conscience. You should obey the divine guidance and develop your conscience so that it may stop being one-sided, but you keep listening to the demon’s suggestions, even though you pretend to be a human being.

Your goodness is more important than anything else, but you keep forgetting this fact. This is why you have many dreams about the same aspects, analyzing different problems, which always are related to your incapacity to stop being selfish.

Many dreamers feel discouraged in the beginning of the dream therapy because the divine unconscious mind keeps sending them the same dream warnings.

They are unable to stop repeating the same mistakes. Even after logically understanding that they are making mistakes, they keep making the same mistakes, as if they ignored that they were doing something negative that works against them.

They are discouraged by the repetition of the same warnings, but they don’t do anything to change their behavior. This is why the unconscious mind keeps repeating the same things.

Repetitions are indispensable when we want to learn something. The unconscious mind knows this fact.

You may have the impression that you already understood the importance of a certain warning, but you are superficial. Tomorrow you will forget this matter, and make the same mistakes of the past. You have to pay attention to what the unconscious mind shows you in your dreams and change your attitude.

You will have many warnings until you will really learn your lessons. God doesn’t let you be an irresponsible student. You have to really understand your mistakes and definitively stop making them.

In the beginning your process of transformation is difficult because you are absurd, evil, insensitive, and lazy. You are used to be this way, even though you pretend to be a good person. You don’t want to change your personality.

You don’t mind making costly mistakes. You don’t want to attain spiritual perfection. You don’t have the right mindset to follow this process of transformation.

Your humbleness is indispensable. You have to accept the necessity to change, and become really human. Even if you believe you are a good person, this is not true. You have to eliminate your anti-conscience through consciousness.

Your Idiotic Conscience

Whenever you have an idea, you must analyze your intentions. For example, if you will do something with the intention to get revenge of someone else, even if you will seem to be doing something good for those who ignore your real purpose, you are following your anti-conscience’s thoughts.

You may believe that someone is a sneaky person and therefore, they deserve to be punished. However, if you will be evil with an evil person you will be a terrible sinner; as if you were evil with a saint.

You must respect your moral principles. This must be applied to everything you do in life.

You probably don’t consider yourself an evil person, but you have to understand that your brain doesn’t contain only your human conscience. The biggest part of your brain is possessed by your dangerous wild conscience.

You are evil even when you have the impression that you are a good person. There are many details in your behavior that reflect insensitivity, but you cannot perceive them.

You also are idiotic because your human conscience is deficient. Your anti-conscience is more idiotic than your conscience, but it is intelligent enough to mislead your conscience.

You have the impression that you are a conscious human being, but you make many mistakes. You are not really intelligent. You may be able to work normally for years, but if one day something strange will happen to you, you can act like a mentally retarded.

For example, let’s suppose that you have an important social position and you are respected by everyone. However, certain day in your life you do something terrible because you were inconsequential. You were driving without paying attention to what you were doing because you were tired, and you suddenly hit someone with the car.

You see your victim bleeding in the desert road, but instead of calling an ambulance and assuming your responsibility, you ran away because you are afraid to be considered a murderer. You want to protect your social image.

You believe you are intelligent because you care about protecting your ego. You don’t care about the other person’s life, and you don’t care about justice.

This means that your idiotic and selfish human conscience started following the absurd thoughts of your idiotic and evil anti-conscience. You have the behavior or a retarded person because you don’t realize that more important than anything else is to save the life of your victim.

This is the most obvious thought a human being would have based on his/her human conscience. However, your idiotic conscience was dominated by intense fear.

Instead of acting like a human being, you are insensitive and you listen to your anti-conscience’s absurd thoughts.

Your anti-conscience makes you think about your good reputation. It starts sending you thoughts about how terrible it would be if everyone would learn that a responsible person like you was not driving carefully as you should, and you killed a person.

Your anti-conscience makes you believe that your humiliation is more important than your victim’s life.

Therefore, you commit a crime. You let your victim die because you don’t have the courage to admit that you made a stupid mistake. At this point, your anti-conscience has the chance to send you many other absurd thoughts that will transform you into a cruel monster.

Now, let’s suppose that someone saw what happened and you are discovered by the police. You are accused not only for making a mistake that a serious driver would never make, as well as for killing a human being and abandoning your victim. Your case is published in all newspapers.

Your social image is the worst one you could have, and your weak human conscience condemns your ego for acting like a monster. You become psychotic or schizophrenic. You may even have a heart attack and die after understanding how irresponsible you were.

Before the tragic accident you seemed to be a sensible human being. However, during the tragic moment you were controlled by your anti-conscience.

Of course, your anti-conscience didn’t manage to suddenly control your behavior. It was gradually destroying your sensitivity and your capacity to think logically for years, but you didn’t realize what was happening to you.

This sad example shows you that you must indispensably eliminate your dangerous anti-conscience before losing your mind, or you have to indispensably follow dream therapy if you already lost your mind.

You have to pass through a process of transformation, so that you may always act like a sensible and sensitive human being. Your sensitivity protects your mental health, while your thoughts are misled by the absurd thoughts sent by your anti-conscience.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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