The Scientific Meaning Of Hell

imagesCA28XWPNYou don’t live in order to be happy as your selfish ego desires. You live in order to transform your wild conscience (anti-conscience) into a positive component of your human conscience. In order to do so, you have to obey the divine guidance.

Your life must be dedicated to the transformation of your personality.

You will be helped by following the unconscious guidance in your dreams. The unconscious mind discovered by Carl Jung is God’s mind. I continued his research by obeying the divine guidance in dreams.

The hypocritical world makes you believe that you should care about having numerous material pleasures and feed your ego. You always are pursuing money, glory, and power. However, if you are trying to live like a king in a living hell, this means that you are absurd and insensitive.

You don’t want to believe that you must care more about your spiritual purification than about your life on earth. You believe you can have a pleasant life on earth, and at the same time have a good life after death.

As a matter of fact, you don’t really care if your spirit will remain alive after your death. You care only about your life on earth.

You don’t want to believe that you must stop being selfish and change your behavior. The same way, you don’t want to change the world. You want to live in a private paradise, even though you are surrounded by terror, violence, immorality, and poverty.

You must realize that instead of having this absurd intention, you must prefer to evolve and transform the world into a place where everyone will have the chance to evolve.

You can have a few material pleasures during your life on earth. You can do many things, but what really matters is to transform your personality. You have to become a perfect human being.

You also have the moral obligation to save the world from craziness and terror. You cannot be indifferent to the horrors of the world. If you are indifferent, this doesn’t mean that you have a ‘neutral’ position. This means that you are cruel because you are insensitive.

Indifference to the human pain reflects cruelty. The cruel world we created is the result of our cruel behavior.

If you want to be a mentally healthy individual, you have to put an end to the human suffering thanks to your work and your example. You cannot agree with the hypocritical world and spend your time pursuing material pleasures.

Of course you need food, clothes, a house, and many other things, but the acquisition of material objects must not become an obsession for you.

Having material pleasures is an obsession for most people because they are influenced by their absurd and evil anti-conscience, and by the crazy world. If you want to have a decent life and stop suffering after death, you have to be different. Your dignity is more important than anything else.

You must respect God’s wisdom instead of following your selfish desires.

I could discover this truth after continuing Carl Jung’s research. You can discover the same truth if you will precisely respect the teachings of your religion.

You will find more explanations and lessons in dreams. Your dreams give you scientific knowledge, and spiritual education.

Defining Your Purpose

Since you live in order to be transformed into a perfect human being, you must define your purpose in life. For example, when you play chess you know that your purpose is to capture the opponent’s king. You won’t win the game if you will disregard your main purpose.

The same way, you must understand that if you want to have a meaningful life and avoid going to hell, you cannot live on luxury, disregarding your spiritual health.

Thanks to the accurate translation of the meaning of dreams according to Carl Jung’s discoveries and my discoveries after continuing his research, you have scientific explanations about the meaning of hell.

You have to transform your satanic anti-conscience into human content. Your life is an important opportunity to stop being absurd and evil, and become a true human being. You must recognize this truth, and have this purpose in mind.

There is hell after death for the demons that are not transformed into human beings during their lives. This is a religious truth that can be scientifically explained now that we know that we have a satanic nature.

Now we know that our anti-conscience occupies the biggest part of our brain. Therefore, we are demons with a tiny human conscience.

We must believe that we are human beings and develop our tiny human conscience, so that we may become really human. However, since our anti-conscience is so powerful, we can understand that we are more evil than human. Our sensibility and sensitivity are deficient. We are basically cruel.

We justify our selfishness with theories, believing that we have the right to follow an ‘individualistic’ lifestyle. We only want to live the best way we can. We don’t care about justice.

We are rational beasts that violently devour the material reality, without understanding what we are doing. This is why our world is ruled by terror, violence, immorality, and greed.

Our behavior is visibly absurd, but we don’t want to admit the truth. We don’t care about finding out the truth.

We care only about having material pleasures. This is why poverty is killing the biggest part of the world population, while another part of the population is indifferent to the misery of those who have no protection in a living hell.

If you will logically think about this matter you will realize that demons really should suffer in order to stop being cruel. This is the only way they can possibly understand that they must stop causing pain.

However, when you think that you are a demon and you must go to hell, you don’t believe that this is a fair situation. You feel like a victim.

You are indifferent to craziness and terror, you do nothing to become really human, but you feel like a victim when you think that you will go to hell after death. This reaction is the result of your selfishness.

Of course, you prefer to believe that this story is false. You like to ignore what can happen to you after death while you are alive.

This is why I’m trying to open your eyes. Since God is not a myth and since we have inherited a satanic anti-conscience, you have to believe that if you won’t transform your personality and purify your spirit you will go to hell. You will have to pass through bitter experiences in order to learn the lessons you didn’t learn while you were alive.

When you are alive you are free. You have the power to do whatever you may desire.

However, since you are a demon, you don’t want to learn how to develop your human side. You don’t mind being evil. You simply hide this fact from the world.

You don’t want to believe in God’s existence. You are not afraid of God. This is a big mistake that will make you suffer more than you can possibly imagine.

You must be afraid of God because you will be judged after death based on your goodness during your life. You have to be transformed into a wise and sensitive human being. Your suffering works like psychotherapy.

God cannot let you be contaminated by craziness and terror.

You can be indifferent to this information because you are free to decide what to do in life, but if you want to act like a conscious human being you have to take it into consideration. This information completes the image of your reality. Now you have a general vision of the truth.

In the past human beings used to believe that people were possessed by demons when they were absurd and cruel. Today we give different definitions to our barbarity. We try to justify the terror that characterizes our world as if it was not really shocking.

However, the truth is that we really are controlled by a demon whenever we are cruel. This demon is our satanic wild conscience.

When the demon manages to completely destroy our human conscience, we stop having human characteristics, but this is not visible to the world.

This is why schizophrenic murderers seem to be conscious human beings. They don’t act like irrational animals. They seem to know what they are doing, but they follow absurd thoughts sent by their anti-conscience.

We inherit a schizophrenic demon into our anti-conscience because without it we wouldn’t be able to think. However, we must transform this monster into a human being by consciously obeying God’s guidance. We must prefer the justice of God.

This is a very serious matter; it defines the meaning of the human life and death. God tried to show us this truth by creating numerous different religions that teach us exactly the same basic truths.

We must care about our spiritual purification, and not about having material pleasures.

You have to understand this fact and precisely obey the divine guidance in your dreams. You must transform your dangerous anti-conscience into human conscience, and have a peaceful life. If you won’t find peace and sound mental health while you are alive, you will regret having lost the opportunity to evolve while you were relieved by material pleasures.

You have material pleasures on earth in order to have the courage to face your difficult process of transformation. If you concentrate your attention only on having material pleasures, you are disregarding your big opportunity to abandon hell forever.

Earth is a kind of hell with some parts that seem to be a paradise. We suffer a lot on earth for numerous reasons because we must be transformed, but we are relieved thanks to our material reality. After death, we are not relieved in any way.

You must be intelligent and understand that what really matters is your spiritual transformation. There is heaven for those who eliminate their satanic anti-conscience through consciousness.

God demands a lot from you because He is a doctor, but He is generous and patient. This is why He sends you numerous dreams with important messages.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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