Why Do We Have So Many Nightmares?

NightmareEveryone has many nightmares in their lives. Some people have recurring nightmares, even if they seem to be happy and they cannot relate their bad dreams to what is happening to their lives.

All dreams are produced by God (the unconscious mind discovered by Carl Jung) with the intention to protect our human conscience from the attacks of our absurd and evil anti-conscience, which is our wild conscience.

God sends us nightmares when we are becoming mentally ill for being influenced by our satanic anti-conscience, or when we already are mentally ill. Many nightmares also reflect dangers that come from the outside world, but these dangers are related to our psychological system.

Everyone must face dangers and problems that will help them stop making the mistakes made by their one-sided human conscience. These mistakes facilitate the invasion of their anti-conscience in the conscious field.

This is why people who have the tendency to become murderers (because they have a strong anti-conscience) always have to face dangerous and painful life situations. They have to learn how to tame their wild nature, and act like conscious human beings.

Other people have to learn how to overcome their anxiety. This is why their daily lives are characterized by stressful situations. Everyone is in the environment they have to be in order to understand their absurd tendencies, and change their behavior.

This means that everything in your life is a lesson. Everything is part of your process of transformation.

If you have many nightmares and bad dreams this is an alarming sign that must make you follow dream therapy in order to eliminate your anti-conscience. If you will be indifferent to these signs, you will gradually lose your mind without understanding what is happening to you.

You will also have a sad life biography. Your life, your behavior, and your dreams are connected.

Your nightmares reflect the truth about your mental condition and what is really happening in your life. If you are happy with your daily life while you keep having nightmares, this means that you are making numerous mistakes you cannot perceive.

The Worst Nightmare

There are numerous scary nightmares that indicate severe mental illnesses. However, the worst nightmare you can have is not a nightmare you will have while you are sleeping.

If you will make a costly mistake because you didn’t pay attention to the warnings you had in your dreams, your life will become an unbearable nightmare.

You will commit a crime and acquire a severe mental illness. One crime will force you to commit many other crimes in order to hide the first one.

You will feel disgusted with yourself. You won’t bear remembering various shocking scenes. You will try to forget them, but they will insistently appear in your mind.

At the same time, you will lose your memory. You won’t be able to remember other things. You will gradually become less intelligent.

Your satanic anti-conscience will control your mind, your behavior, and your life. You – the human being existent into your destroyed human conscience – will merely observe what the demon is doing in your place. This means that you will be a slave of your anti-conscience.

You must prevent this tragic end by following the guidance of the divine unconscious mind in your dreams.

If your life already is a nightmare, you must follow dream therapy the fastest possible. You should submit your dreams for professional dream translation.

Even if you will become a billionaire and you will live in the most beautiful place of the world, you will hate your life. You will hate yourself.

Everyone else will hate you the same way.

Everyone will understand that you are a sneaky demon with a human face.

Your children will be ashamed of you.

You will have many enemies. You will never find peace.

Having The Courage To Be A Hero

God expects a lot from you. You must have the courage to fight your anti-conscience. You also have to fight the absurdity of the world. God wants to transform you into a big hero.

Of course, you don’t want to be a hero. You prefer to be a lazy and indifferent sinner. Your satanic anti-conscience influences your behavior even if your mental illness is not severe.

You are mentally ill from birth because your under-developed and one-sided human conscience is absurd, even though not as absurd as your huge anti-conscience.

You want to be a coward. You don’t want to fight craziness, and you don’t want to correct the world.

This is why you have to make many efforts to accept obeying the divine guidance. God expects to see you having the behavior of a saint even if you are the worst demon of the world.

You may believe that this is an absurd expectation, like I did when I faced this problem. God seemed to believe that I had supernatural powers, while this was not true.

I complained a lot. I believed that God was crazy for demanding so much from me.

I also believed that God was crazy because He wanted to cure absurd demons. This was impossible. He had to accept this fact. I didn’t want to be a hero because He wanted to save the human race.

Nobody deserved salvation.

God should simply abandon the human race, and let me rest. I had no courage to do anything after discovering that all human beings were demons.

I disagreed with His plan for the salvation of the human race from craziness and terror because this was impossible.

After complaining for hours and hours, I obeyed the divine guidance because I remembered that I was ignorant, and I remembered that God was giving me the chance to prevent schizophrenia.

On the other hand, I was afraid to be punished. I always was punished with pain in certain parts of my body whenever I disagreed with God’s guidance, and I didn’t want to do what God demanded from me.

I always obeyed the divine guidance in the end because I started remembering many things, especially my literary book The Philanthropic Beggar, which was written after the tragic car accident I had to face when I was 15-years-old.

I wrote this book based on my magical inspiration, which came from the unconscious mind that produces our dreams and also gives us artistic talents.

Thanks to this literary book, God managed to make me feel responsible for the poor. I had the moral obligation to put an end to poverty on earth. This book helped me understand this obligation. At the same time, this book helped me understand that human beings couldn’t find peace because their hearts were filled with hatred.

This book helped me understand that I would never be able to put an end to hunger on earth based on my rational theories. Without love, there was no solution for us.

God seems to demand too much from poor human beings.

However, we are not ‘poor human beings’ as we may believe. We are terrible demons with a tiny human conscience artificially created by God to help us fight the absurdity we have inherited. This is the truth.

You have to identify yourself with the human being existent into your human conscience, but the bitter truth is that you basically are the demon existent into the biggest part of your brain.

You are not a human being as you believed when you ignored the existence of your anti-conscience. You are a demon who must become really human by obeying the divine guidance.

You have to analyze the truth independently of the way you feel when you understand your satanic origin.

This is a shocking truth, but since you have satanic characteristics, you are indifferent to terror. So, you don’t really understand its meaning.

You may be able to logically understand how tragic this truth is, but your heart doesn’t feel it.

This is why you keep offering resistant to the idea of becoming a hero. You don’t want to assume this heavy responsibility.

You know you are too far from perfection, and you don’t want to be perfect. You don’t feel you have the capacity to save the world thanks to your work.

However, God is sure that you can save the world if you will become a hero. This is why He insists so much in transforming a lazy and indifferent creature like you into a big hero.

You must realize that this is your chance to evolve, and the only way to surely preserve your mental health. If you will be indifferent and lazy, your conscience will die. Don’t let your life become a nightmare.

If your life already is a nightmare, you simply have to accept the necessity to become a hero.

God is demanding and His guidance doesn’t take your suffering into consideration.

As a matter of fact, since you basically are a demon, you must suffer in order to become sensitive. Therefore, God doesn’t pay attention to your suffering when you have to correct your erroneous behavior. God seems to be cruel, but you are the cruel one in this case.

You are afraid of suffering. You try to avoid suffering the more you can, but God disagrees with this intention.

You have to accept carrying your cross because you must stop being a demon. You must be transformed into a perfect human being.

God doesn’t accept negotiations. You have to really carry your cross, no matter how heavy it is.

You also have to accept being crucified without hating your enemies. God expects from you the behavior of an angel, independently of how evil you may be.

As a matter of fact, your psychotherapy is based on transforming you into a sensitive human being through suffering. This is the only way through which you, the human being existent into your conscience can tame the huge demon existent into your anti-conscience.

You have to suffer while you respect the justice of God, so that you may stop suffering when you will become a perfect human being.

You can accept this suffering when it is not too heavy and you understand that you have to make many efforts to achieve your goals. For example, you understand that you must suffer studying if you want to pass and finish your studies. However, you don’t agree with your suffering when you have to climb many mountains.

I can understand how you feel because I had to be a super hero. God demanded too much from me. I don’t know how I could obey His guidance.

I had numerous reasons to be obedient because I didn’t want to become schizophrenic like my father, and I already saw signs of absurdity in my mind and behavior when I was a teen.

On the other hand, I was a terrible sinner. God saved me when I was ready to betray my husband because I was in love with another man, who was married too, and was my husband’s best customer.

I understood that I was receiving divine grace. God was saving my sanity and my dignity, even though I had abandoned my religious education.

If you don’t feel the same pressure, you will tend to prefer being indifferent to necessity to fight the absurdity of your anti-conscience, and to the necessity to change the world.

However, your anti-conscience won’t let you rest. Your suffering will be unbearable.

You have to be a hero and obey the divine guidance, even when you disagree with God’s wisdom.

God may seem to be too demanding, but He always knows what He is telling you. God is an excellent doctor. When you will see what you will be able to do, you will agree that you really had the capacity to be a hero.

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