Discovering Your Mission In Life

Wild Conscience The human nature is as violent as the animal nature. All wild animals reflect our own violence.

This information is found when we translate the meaning of dreams according to Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation. Our planet was specially created by God in order to eliminate our violent tendencies.

This information is confirmed also when we relate many scientific discoveries that prove God’s existence to the world, along with scientific discoveries that prove our satanic nature.

These discoveries helped me trust the unconscious mind that produces our dreams and is in fact God’s mind. They also helped me verify that we really are evil when I discovered the existence of a wild conscience (anti-conscience) into the biggest part of the human brain.

The anti-conscience has satanic characteristics. It is the tragic result of the disorganized formation of the first conscience that appeared on the universe by chance, before God’s existence.

I continued Carl Jung’s research by obeying the divine guidance in dreams. I only had the intention to find solutions for my own psychological problems, but God had the intention to make me discover the anti-conscience and fight its absurdity.

My obedience to the divine guidance helped me discover truths that the hypocritical world ignores.

I don’t know how I managed to do everything I had to in order to obey God’s guidance. God was very demanding, but I shouldn’t complain because I was a terrible demon.

I already was controlled by my anti-conscience when I found the psychotherapy of the unconscious mind through dream translation. Without God’s guidance I would surely become schizophrenic.

My cross had to be heavy in a way or another because it was impossible to fight the absurdity of the anti-conscience and the absurdity of the world at the same time. I had to be a big hero.

God chose me for this unbearable mission because I was too strong. On the other hand, I was ready to betray my husband because I was in love with another man. God saved my human conscience at the last moment, showing me that I had to forget this intention.

Then, I discovered the existence of the anti-conscience. I had to care about saving my sanity instead of thinking about my deception, and the love I felt for a man who couldn’t be mine.

God makes many interesting combinations, always with the intention to save our conscience.

I understood that I deserved my suffering, but I complained all the time. I wrote numerous blasphemies in my notebooks.

I was a monster. I couldn’t have the behavior of a saint. Only in the beginning I tried to be like Saint Mary, but my goodness didn’t last long.

I complained all the time, but I was obedient. I never disobeyed the divine guidance; even when I had to accept unbearable suffering.

I was obedient like a soldier because I was afraid of my shocking discoveries, and afraid of my own absurdity. I trusted the divine wisdom. I understood that I couldn’t trust the human knowledge, and I couldn’t trust my own thoughts.

Thanks to my obedience I learned how to eliminate the anti-conscience. Then, I started curing mental illnesses by translating many people’s dreams and providing them with psychotherapy, without payment.

The real doctor is God, the dream producer. I’m merely a helper.

I managed to simplify Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation because I had to work fast if I wanted to be able to help all the people who needed my support. Jung’s method was too time consuming. The necessity to work faster forced me to find ways to immediately define the meaning of dreams.

However, translating the meaning of a patient’s dreams is only the beginning of the process. What really matters is to help him/her obey the divine guidance, and do what will help him eliminate his anti-conscience.

The mentally ill are disobedient because they are controlled by their anti-conscience. The fight against their own wild conscience is very hard for them because they keep listening to their anti-conscience’s absurd thoughts. When they follow these thoughts, their satanic anti-conscience becomes stronger and their human conscience is destroyed.

They cannot understand that they must not listen to ‘their own thoughts’, since all their thoughts are in fact absurd thoughts sent by their anti-conscience. This is a complicated matter.

The cure of a mental illness when a big portion of the person’s conscience already was destroyed, is an impossible miracle. Only God can make this miracle through dream messages, with patience and persistence. God gives many explanations to our conscience.

Human doctors don’t have an internal vision of the human brain, and they ignore many of the physical laws that determine the functioning of our planet.

Our planet is in fact a huge hospital. We have to be cured because we are absurd. We are absurd and evil because we inherit a terrible anti-conscience from birth. This happens because without it we wouldn’t be able to think. We would be like all irrational animals.

Our human conscience is God’s gift. God gives us a tiny human conscience to help us transform our satanic anti-conscience into human conscience. We must identify ourselves with the human being existent into our human conscience, and not with the demon that occupies the biggest part of our brain.

When we don’t offer resistance to the absurd thoughts sent by our anti-conscience to our human conscience, we return to our original nature, before receiving a human conscience.

This means that if you want to preserve your conscience you have to obey God’s guidance. If you will be disobedient, Satan will destroy your conscience and you will become a monster.

Even if you believe you are far from craziness you have to realize that your mental health is fragile. You have inherited craziness into your wild conscience, but you cannot see its content.

Your tiny human conscience must be very careful to be able to deal with all the absurdity existent into your anti-conscience.

There is also violence and absurdity in the cruel world. You are in a very dangerous position, even though you ignore the bitter truth.

Fortunately, I managed to find out how to deal with this dangerous reality. You are learning the bitter truth while knowing that there is salvation for the human being. I understood that I had to give you this guarantee before revealing the truth. This is why I accepted to wait two decades before publishing my work, even though I complained numerous times because I had to be so patient.

God was my victim. He depended on me because I had to execute His plan. He had to bear my explosions of anger numerous times.

I always complained, besides being extremely obedient. Then, I asked for God’s forgiveness because I understood that I shouldn’t complain. I always promised I would stop complaining, but I kept complaining because I disagreed with my suffering. I delayed a lot to get out of this vicious circle.

You should be better than me, even if your cross is too heavy. Now you know that I was saved and I managed to save many other people. My victory is your guarantee.

When I was dealing with this strange reality, I didn’t know when I would finally achieve my goal, even though I was sure of my big victory because I was precisely obeying the divine guidance. I had no doubt that God knew what I had to do in order to triumph over all challenges.

Even if you are not mentally ill – based on the definition of the world, you are constantly tempted to be evil. There are so many temptations everywhere that a few of them surely will manage to get your attention. Your anti-conscience takes advantage of every opportunity to impose its absurdity to your conscience.

You are mentally ill from birth because your conscience is under-developed and you have a huge primitive conscience. The hypocritical world cannot recognize many abnormalities in the human behavior. Even if according to the definitions of the world you seem to be a normal person, you can have a severe mental illness that was not discovered yet.

If you will obey the divine guidance like I did, you will find sound mental health. The divine unconscious mind will help you surpass all obstacles.

If you are not a terrible sinner like me, your cross won’t be heavy. If you are a terrible sinner as I used to be when I was young, you must carry your cross without complaining like me. Now you know a lot more.

Your position is better than mine, because now my work is ready. Everything is simpler for you.

You can eliminate your violent tendencies without wasting time. Now you know that this is why you are alive. Eliminating your violent nature is your obligation. You have to become an angel.

I know you don’t like this idea and you don’t believe you can attain sanctity, but sanctity is sound mental heath and wisdom. You have to attain this level of consciousness if you want to find peace.

If you don’t want to find peace, you will find terror at a certain point of your life, in a way or another. I could give you numerous examples.

You should prefer to be a hero and fight your anti-conscience, instead of being a victim of its craziness.

The Justice Of God

God judges our behavior and punishes us whenever we listen to the demon’s absurd thoughts. We are punished while we are alive, thanks to a long process of transformation. We are more punished after death, without having material pleasures.

God must punish all human beings with diseases and difficult situations because we keep listening to the demon existent into our anti-conscience. If we listen to the demon, we are controlled by our anti-conscience. Therefore, we are cruel and indifferent.

While the Catholic Church makes us believe that God forgives everything because He knows that we are imperfect creatures, God is revolted and disgusted with our sins.

God knows that we are monsters. He doesn’t close His eyes before our sins and before the terror that characterizes our world, like we do.

God’s punishments are painful, but they work like surgical operations for our soul.

Eliminating Violence Through Consciousness

Consciousness is a painful and dangerous process for demons. God gave us an under-developed conscience not only because we have to gradually develop our conscience by consciously understanding our mistakes.

We couldn’t receive a completely developed human conscience because we have inherited craziness and evilness into the biggest part of our brain. If we had total consciousness from birth, we would be able to see the content of our anti-conscience.

If we could see this absurd and evil content, we wouldn’t have the courage to fight so much craziness. We would commit suicide.

The existence of the anti-conscience is a tragedy.

God had to hide the bitter truth from our tiny human conscience in order to give us courage to fight absurdity. We had to believe that we are God’s children, and not Satan’s descendents.

Now that I’m revealing the truth to the world, we already know that we can become perfect human beings and attain sanctity. A few human beings already managed to attain sanctity in our long history. This is not an impossible goal.

Now everyone also knows that God gives us clear guidance in dreams. This solution is much better for us because we have more information in dreams than in religious teachings.

Now we have a scientific perspective of our mental condition, besides understanding its religious meaning. Therefore, we can accept the truth without being discouraged. This is why now is the perfect historical time for the revelation of the truth to the world.

The world will probably need more than one thousand years to be transformed after having this knowledge. Don’t wait for the global recognition to finally take action. You have to eliminate your anti-conscience now that you know how dangerous it is.

This knowledge is painful, but it represents your salvation. While you ignored the truth you were wasting your time, and digging your own grave.

You have to be a hero and completely eliminate your violent anti-conscience while you are alive. Otherwise, you will be punished after death. There is hell for all demons. This means that committing suicide is not a solution; on the contrary.

You have to show courage. Even if you are not Catholic you can understand the symbolic meaning of the crucifixion of Jesus. You will find similar teachings in your own religion.

You have to accept being crucified without hating your enemies, but trusting the divine wisdom. In a world of demons, those who are not crucified are the crucifiers. There is no justice on earth because our world is governed by Satan.

You must have the behavior of an angel, even when everyone will abandon you. Jesus was abandoned, betrayed, and tortured, but He didn’t have the behavior of a demon. He showed compassion for His enemies.

Jesus Christ was a hero who came to our cruel world in order to teach us the real meaning of goodness, even though He already knew that He would be crucified.

You should imitate His example or the example of your own hero, depending on your religion. Even when the entire world will be violent, you must be calm and patient.

This is extremely difficult. However, the difficulties of life help us find solutions.

It was very difficult for me to translate the meaning of dreams so fast when I started curing others through dream therapy. However, this difficulty forced me to find solutions. Without this difficulty I would never try to simplify Carl Jung’s complicated method of dream interpretation. I only wanted to find solutions for my own psychological problems. God made me become a doctor, and look for ways to translate the meaning of dreams faster, even though always respecting the dream language.

You will find numerous similar examples in the human history. The necessity to find solutions for your own problems will transform you into a hero.

You have a special mission like me. I executed one small part of God’s complex plan like Carl Jung, and many other people. You have to help God too, depending on your personality and life biography.

You must be brave and defend God’s wisdom in the cruel world. This is what God expects from you. The fact that you must be cured and become a mentally healthy individual is only a part of your mission. You also have the moral obligation to help God put an end to craziness and terror thanks to your example.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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