New Revelations About The Meaning Of Life And Death

Divine RevelationAfter continuing Carl Jung’s research I could discover that we have inherited a wild conscience (anti-conscience) that is absurd and evil and occupies the biggest part of our brain and psyche.

I could also confirm that the unconscious mind that produces our dreams is God’s mind, as Jung had concluded, even though he didn’t completely obey the divine guidance in dreams.

Since I precisely obeyed the unconscious guidance, I could discover the meaning of life and death. As a human being, I always was concerned about the human suffering. However, in the end I understood that we deserve suffering because we are incorrigible demons.

Our tiny human conscience agrees with our huge anti-conscience instead of agreeing with God. We don’t want to learn the meaning of goodness. We prefer evilness like the demon.

We like to be violent and get revenge. We don’t want to learn how to forgive our enemies and show compassion for everyone.

This is why our anti-conscience easily manages to destroy our human conscience with the mental illnesses it generates.

This is why our world is ruled by terror, violence, immorality, hypocrisy, financial power, indifference, and greed. Our crimes and all the horrors that characterize our lives clearly prove our satanic nature, but we justify our crazy behavior with ridiculous excuses based on selfish criteria.

I precisely obeyed the divine guidance in dreams mainly thanks to my literary talent, which was inspired by the unconscious mind that gives us artistic talents, besides producing our dreams. My literary talent helped me better understand the dream language, and trust the divine wisdom.

I could verify my prophetic capacity when I became a dream expert (six years after writing a strange literary book) and I managed to translate the symbolic meaning of the mysterious book I had written when I was an ignorant teen.

My literary book showed me that it was impossible to help humanity find peace and happiness because the human hearts contain hatred. Only love can save the human race, but love cannot exist in hearts filled with hatred.

This was the beginning of my enlightenment. I had to understand the global absurdity, and later discover the absurdity we inherit into our anti-conscience. This discovery couldn’t be made by a scientist. It had to be made by a very religious person because the anti-conscience is Satan.

I was a literature writer who had to become a scientist by obeying the divine guidance, and who had to fight absurdity while praying all the time. I remembered the religious lessons I had in the Catholic school I had studied during twelve years, understanding the meaning of my religion.

The anti-conscience is an absurd and evil primitive conscience that feels pleasure with terror. The existence of this terrible wild conscience in the human brain gives us explanations for the absurdity and the violence that characterize the human race.

God always is very sad because of the existence of terror on earth.

He gives us freedom while we are alive in the material world because our conscience must be developed. God cannot act like a violent dictator. If He would force us to obey his guidance, we wouldn’t transform our personality and understand the meaning of goodness. We would be conditioned to act as if we could understand the importance of goodness, but we would be false actors.

Our freedom is very dangerous, but we must learn how to deal with all life challenges without accepting the evil suggestions of our anti-conscience, which is a demon.

Our tiny human conscience was created by God to help us transform the demon into a human being.

We believe we are only what we can see on the conscious surface. However, the conscious surface is only the tip of the iceberg. We also are our huge anti-conscience, which is hidden in the bottom of our psyche. It belongs to us, even though we cannot read its thoughts. We can only read the thoughts it sends to our conscience.

This inheritance is necessary because we have to be able to distinguish what is good and bad. We must learn what evilness is in order to understand the difference between right or wrong. However, this is a dangerous knowledge because we tend to prefer what is evil. Evilness seems to be an easier way to do what we want, even though it is disgusting, and it generates many problems.

God thinks like an angel, but we think like demons. We merely pretend to be human. We don’t admit that we have an evil side, even when we can recognize it.

We are eternal actors who pretend to be human, even to ourselves. We keep justifying our sins with lies and selfish desires, which we respect as if they were logical justifications. We don’t care about justice; only about our own interests.

This is why we cannot understand God’s thoughts. We cannot understand why He doesn’t help us solve our problems, why there are so many obstacles in our lives, and why we have to suffer.

We suffer because we keep making costly mistakes, and generating suffering. We suffer because we are absurd and evil, but we must learn how to be wise and sensitive. Suffering is part of our process of transformation because we have to become sensitive, instead of being indifferent to other people’s pain.

Hell After Death

Nobody cares about what will happen to them after death. Everyone is concerned with their material life on earth.

However, since we are demons and we don’t learn how to be human thanks to the human conscience we receive from God, we go to hell after death. God gives us freedom while we are alive, but after death we are judged based on our goodness.

Therefore, we suffer in hell. This information was found in dreams. It completes the verification of our satanic nature.

Everyone has the same basic lessons about the meaning of life and death in dreams. You only have to learn how to translate the meaning of dreams based on the scientific method discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me, to confirm this truth.

What I’m telling you is not my invention.

Unfortunately, if we don’t transform the demon we came from into human being during our lives, we have to go to hell after death. We have to be transformed into human beings by passing through experiences that will be more painful than the experiences we had on earth, and without being relieved by material pleasures.

If you believe that God is cruel because He tortures demons through unbearable suffering with the intention to help them become sensitive human beings, you must realize that God didn’t create Satan.

Satan exists before God’s existence. Satan is more powerful than God because terror is invincible.

God managed to discover the power of goodness, but our idiotic conscience doesn’t want to obey God’s guidance. This is why our satanic anti-conscience manages to destroy our human conscience and we return to our original satanic nature, what means that we stop having human feelings.

We have to be transformed into human beings because if we won’t learn the meaning of goodness, we will keep causing numerous destructions.

We already were living in eternal hell when God had the idea to give us a human conscience to help us understand the importance of goodness. God created our planet hoping to be able to make this miracle.

However, until today God was unable to win Satan because we prefer violence, immorality, and cruelty. God is unable to teach us the meaning of goodness.

The fact that we go to hell after death means that we return to the place where we were, before God’s existence.

God is not cruel. God is the biggest victim of our evil nature.

How To Go To Heaven After Death

There is also heaven for those who attain sanctity during their lives. You must be one of them.

In order to attain sanctity you must care more about your spiritual evolution than about your material reality. You have to stop being materialistic and selfish.

This is very hard because you are a materialistic and selfish creature from birth. You will be helped by God if you will translate the meaning of your dreams, and you will obey the divine guidance.

Your obedience is necessary. You are so far from sound mental heath and wisdom that alone you will never manage to achieve a higher level of consciousness. You will repeat the same idiotic mistakes forever.

You have to humbly recognize your incapacity to become a perfect human being without God’s help.

You are ignorant and deficient. Your intelligence is limited. You have to learn how to develop your intelligence and your sensitivity. This is indispensable if you want to find sound mental health while you are alive, and if you want to go to heaven after death.

God is trying to teach us this truth thanks to our religions from the beginning of our history, but we don’t take religiosity seriously.

Today, we are modern atheists who try to find solutions based on scientific theories and human suppositions. We want to believe that our technology will be able to solve our existential problems.

In the Middle Ages human beings had discovered that the demon exists and we must be afraid of Satan, but the barbarous mindset of the modern civilization annulated the existence of the demon, transforming Satan into a mythological ghost.

Now that my work is ready and we can clearly understand God’s words in dreams, we have explanations that we couldn’t have before.

Satan is alive and occupies the biggest part of our brain and psyche. We have to eliminate the demon through consciousness. In order to do so, we have to obey the divine guidance in dreams and in our religion.

Our dreams give us explanations for religious mysteries and mental health problems. God is an excellent doctor and teacher.

You must follow the divine guidance if you want to become a superior human being, and find eternal peace and happiness.

The False Goodness Of The World

You have to definitively understand that the false goodness of the world is based on hypocrisy. In order to understand the real meaning of goodness you have to stop being materialistic. There is no way to be materialistic and learn the meaning of goodness at the same time because both are opposite values.

If you care only about your family, your children, and your friends, you are not a good person, even if you are good with the people you care about. You have to help others the same way you help your family and your friends, without waiting for compensation, and without announcing your generosity to the world.

If you care about having material pleasures and you don’t pay attention to what you are doing in life, you are merely wasting your time. You will surely have to pass through worst experiences after death to learn the lessons you didn’t learn while you were alive.

This is a very unpleasant fact, but I must complete the information I’m giving you because this is what God expects from me. I cannot be kind.

Instead of believing in the hypocritical world, you must follow the divine guidance in dreams. The commercial world is misleading you.

There is no goodness in a world were poverty, wars, and crimes exist. Goodness cannot exist in parallel with terror, violence, and immorality.

You have to stop following the lies of the world and learn how to become a perfect human being, so that you may escape the tragic destiny of the incorrigible human race.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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