How To Easily Have Superior Knowledge

KnowledgeI was a literature writer since 7-years-old. My words fed many people’s souls. They gave life to many people’s thoughts, and answers to many people’s doubts. The wisdom contained in my words was not mine. It belonged to my magical inspiration.

My magical inspiration was not my invention. It was a strange feeling. When I had inspiration I abandoned whatever I was doing to write down my thoughts.

The moments of inspiration were sacred. During these moments I was able to write like a genius. Beautiful and meaningful words with rhymes would come to my mind like gifts.

When I tried to write by myself my words were heavy. I spent hours trying to write a decent sentence. I couldn’t like anything I had written.

When I had inspiration, everything was so different. I had to read my own words numerous times before being able to understand what I had written. These words didn’t come from my ignorant mind. They were incredibly wise.

Later I discovered that my magical inspiration was sent by the unconscious mind that produces our dreams and gives us artistic talents. I also discovered that the unconscious mind was God’s mind. Carl Jung had discovered this truth before me, but he was not impressed with his discovery.

I was ignorant and young when I managed to understand Carl Jung’s complicated method of dream interpretation, but I fell on my knees after discovering that the unconscious mind was God’s mind. My literary talent helped me recognize the unconscious sanctity, and my religiosity helped me have the right attitude before God’s wisdom.

I remembered the lessons I had in the Catholic school I had studied, even though I passed through six years of atheism after suffering from a tragic car accident. The verification of God’s existence thanks to the dream messages didn’t let me doubt that God was protecting me.

My obedience to the divine guidance helped me continue Carl Jung’s research and discover a lot more. Otherwise, I would never be able to continue his complicated work.

I understood that I was prepared to be obedient thanks to my literary talent. I trusted the divine wisdom in dreams the same way I trusted the wisdom contained in my poems and stories. I knew that this wisdom was real.

Therefore, I knew that there was a superior mind in the universe since I was a child, thanks to my extraordinary literary talent. I could better understand this superior mind when I became a dream expert.

With time and more studies, I realized that this was only one of the reasons why I had to be a literature writer in order to continue Carl Jung’s research. Since I managed to discover the existence of a wild conscience in the human brain, which proves the satanic origin of the human conscience, I had to be able to give courage to the world after making this discovery.

Besides helping everyone understand how to find sound mental health through dream translation, I had to help the world accept fighting the absurdity and the evilness of the anti-conscience, which generates mental illnesses within our conscience.

The existence of a satanic conscience in our brain is a tragedy. How could I reveal this bitter truth to the world without causing depression with this news?

In the beginning I believed that everyone would be shocked with the truth. However, I saw that most people are in fact indifferent, or they become angry with the idea of having a satanic nature.

Nobody becomes sad because nobody really believes in the bitter truth. Nobody understands how terrible it is. The existence of a satanic conscience in our brain is a horrible fact.

I didn’t know how to present this truth to the world and have the world’s attention. Later I looked at this knowledge based on another perspective, and I found the solution I needed.

Now that we know that we have inherited a satanic anti-conscience that keeps trying to destroy our human conscience, we can help humanity prevent all mental illnesses. Everyone will follow dream therapy before having psychological problems.

We can also cure all existent mental illnesses. God cures even severe mental illnesses in dreams.

Now we can transform our world. Now we can understand that we have to eliminate poverty, craziness, and terror. We can understand that we have to stop creating wars.

Now we will eliminate our prisons and asylums. Our world will work based on wisdom, and not based on violence.

Instead of trying to adapt our lives to the rhythm of the crazy world and simply accept the things we cannot change, we will transform our world into a place where everyone will have the chance to evolve.

Therefore, by learning the truth and understanding how to fight absurdity, humanity will find peace.

God’s Pain

The obedience to the divine guidance is a miraculous solution for the human race. I knew that everyone would be able to theoretically realize this fact.

However, would everyone agree with the necessity to obey God’s guidance after all my explanations?

I didn’t believe this was possible, no matter how many explanations I could give to the world. Obeying the divine guidance many times is irritating, tiring, and painful.

Who would agree with the necessity to always obey the divine guidance, no matter what?

I believed I was the only exception because I was very well-prepared to be obedient, but most people didn’t have the same preparation.

God is demanding. He doesn’t accept our imperfections. I knew how hard it was to be obedient. Many times I complained for hours and hours before finally obeying the guidance I had.

As a human being I always was concerned about my own pain, and about the human pain in general terms. However, at a certain point I stopped caring about me and everyone around me, and I started paying attention to God’s pain.

I remembered many parts of the book I started writing after facing the tragic accident and losing the friend who was next to me in the car. I was 15-years-old at that time. I wrote my literary book during six years, exactly the period of time while I was atheist. After the accident I became an aggressive teen.

I started admitting the possibility of God’s existence when I was almost 22-years-old, a few days before getting married. However, I had no faith. I really started believing in God’s existence when I became a dream expert (when I was 28-years-old) and I could understand the dream language better than Carl Jung, who was my teacher and doctor.

He partially cured my neurosis, and he taught me everything I knew about the meaning of dreams, but my literary talent helped me understand many details in the poetic and philosophical dream language that his eyes couldn’t perceive. The contact I had with the unconscious mind through my magical inspiration is the real responsible for my obedience to the divine guidance in dreams.

Jung was afraid to obey the unconscious guidance. He couldn’t see the anti-conscience. He ignored many things. I found his work ready, and I merely completed the end. However, the end was so important that it surpasses the importance of Carl Jung’s discoveries.

I managed to prove to the word that we must obey the guidance we have in dreams without fears. God is our protector.

My work is very important because I precisely obeyed the divine guidance. It is not based on my personal speculations and conclusions. Everything I’m showing you is what the unconscious mind showed me. Therefore, this is God’s work, which was merely executed by me.

Anyone could be in my place. They only needed to the same literary talent I had, and the same information I found in a series of scientific books.

My merit is only my obedience to the divine guidance, what was difficult and painful for me because I was selfish and lazy. I would never understand anything without all the support I had. I was guided from the beginning to the end.

This means that the same way that I managed to easily have superior knowledge by translating the meaning of my dreams according to the scientific method, you can easily have superior knowledge by translating the meaning of your dreams like me.

If you don’t think that it was an easy way to find superior knowledge because I had to work hard for two decades after continuing Jung’s research and discovering more, you are not paying attention to the fact that now my work is ready. Everything was very difficult for me, but it won’t be difficult for you. You don’t need to make any research. I even simplified the dream language for you.

Now that my work is ready you can easily learn the dream language, and also submit your dreams for professional translation. Now you have a road map. You know where you will find the treasure.

You will be able to learn many things you ignore and become a true genius by translating the meaning of your own dreams, and obeying the divine guidance. You will follow the necessary process of transformation in a few months, or in one or two years, unless you suffer from a severe mental illness. In this case you will take more time, but you will achieve a superior level of knowledge.

Sometimes you will like to be a hero. You will understand that you have the moral obligation to become a wise and sensitive human being. Other times you will feel like a big victim of the destiny.

You must go ahead and trust the divine wisdom, independently of the way you feel. God cannot give you many explanations because they would be incomprehensible for you.

You are imperfect and ignorant. You have to transform the demon that occupies the biggest part of your brain into a human being. This is a very difficult mission.

I’m showing you the truth as it is. Transforming a demon into a human being is in fact an impossible mission.

Your anti-conscience is your evil self. It is your primitive conscience, which didn’t evolve with time. The fact that you have inherited such conscience is a tragedy. This tragedy is the result of the disorganized formation of the first live conscience.

You need this evil and absurd conscience in order to think because you must understand the difference between what is good and bad. You are the human being concentrated into your tiny human conscience.

Your anti-conscience teaches you what is bad. The unconscious mind that produces your dreams gives you artistic talents, and philosophical and religious inclinations. Your human conscience must prefer God’s lessons instead of listening to the demon.

You have to be really serious if you want to be able to get rid of your evil anti-conscience because it easily misleads your conscience. After getting read of it, you will understand why you couldn’t be happy while you were influenced or controlled by a demon. You will thank God numerous times. However, while you will be fighting its absurdity, you won’t like your position.

The comprehension of the shocking truth must put an end to your indifference. There is a huge demon trying to destroy your conscience through craziness, in your own brain. This is a terrible truth, but now that you know it you can protect yourself from your hidden enemy.

Perhaps you don’t want to believe me because you don’t want to accept fighting craziness. It’s easier to be indifferent to this information, and believe that I’m exaggerating.

You have to be intelligent.

Do you think that I would desire to prove this bitter truth to the world if it was not really true and if this was not really necessary?

As I tried to show you from the beginning, I didn’t know how to present the shocking truth I had discovered to the indifferent world. This was a very difficult, dangerous, and unpleasant mission.

When you learn about mysterious murders by the same murderer, or when you learn stories about terrorism, bullying, and abnormal behavior you can believe me when I tell you that there is a demon in the human being.

However, you don’t believe me when I tell you that the same demon that controls the behavior of those who acquire a severe mental illness exists also in your own brain. Don’t be naïve. Everyone inherits the same monster into their wild conscience.

The fact that some people manage to have a strong human conscience doesn’t mean that their anti-conscience is weak, or that they will always manage to control their behavior. Everybody needs psychotherapy.

There is demon in our brain generating terrible mental illnesses within our conscience, and tragedies in our lives. Some people manage to escape craziness, but the truth is that we are hypocritical and false. We merely pretend to be sensible. Even those who seem to be ‘normal’ are in fact mentally ill.

For example, schizophrenic murderers are excellent actors. They are able to work normally, and they seem to have a normal behavior in numerous social occasions. Their absurdity is not visible to the outside world. They show abnormal behavior only in certain circumstances; usually when they are alone.

Many murderers have powerful social positions and are giving orders. This is why our world is ruled by terror, violence, immorality, hypocrisy, financial power, and greed.

Numerous mental illnesses characterize our population, but we don’t pay attention to this fact. We keep trying to create a private paradise in a living hell.

This is a tragic situation. We have to understand that all mental illnesses must be cured, and the world must be transformed. We cannot keep living this way.

We must put an end to poverty. We will never find peace without compassion.

If you will think about the news you read in the newspapers everyday, you will realize that our world is a dangerous cement jungle. We are crazy because we live this way, and because we insist on trying to find happiness this way.

How can we be happy in a world where justice is merely a game?

How can we find sound mental health if we are constantly betrayed and abandoned by so many enemies?

The chaotic situation of the world proves our insanity and demands our attention. We are insane, but we hypocritically pretend that we are ‘trying’ to solve our problems. Our ridiculous solutions never work, besides generating other kinds of problems.

This fact made me understand God’s pain. He is trying to transform crazy demons into wise and sensitive human beings without success, because this is impossible.

When I realized this fact I stopped being sorry for the human race, and I started being sorry for God. His pain is more than unbearable.

We keep blaming God for the horrors we face, but these horrors are the consequences or our mistakes and sins.

If I didn’t have this vision, I wouldn’t bear my difficult mission. Everything I did was done for God. I would never accept sacrificing my life for the human race after understanding how disgusting we are.

We don’t deserve salvation.

We are ungrateful, sneaky, false, lazy, and selfish. The satanic origin of our conscience transforms us into monsters because we don’t try to learn anything. Our human conscience repeats the mistakes of our anti-conscience.

My philosophy of life completely changed when I understood that our world is a living hell camouflaged by hypocrisy and indifference. In the end I understood that I was lucky because I had this vision, and I didn’t believe in illusions.

Since I’m an average human being who simply had the chance to continue Carl Jung’s research by obeying the divine guidance, I believe that average human beings like me will follow the same process I did.

I believe that everyone will understand the importance of obeying the divine guidance because God doesn’t deserve His suffering. The human part of everyone’s brain will understand this basic truth in the end, like I did.

We have the moral obligation to obey the divine guidance and become perfect human beings, even if we don’t want to be perfect.

I told God numerous times that I didn’t want to attain sanctity. This was impossible for me. However, God showed me that this was what I had to do if I wanted to help Him. He needed my example.

God is trying to save us from craziness and terror, even though He didn’t create our satanic anti-conscience. The anti-conscience is the tragic result of the disorganized formation of the first live conscience by chance.

God created our human conscience to help us fight the demon we inherit into the biggest part of our brain and psyche, but we must obey the divine guidance in order to fight the demon.

God depends on our obedience to be able to save us from craziness and terror. If we do what our ignorant conscience desires, we do what our anti-conscience desires. Our conscience agrees with the demon because it is under-developed. It must be developed thanks to our obedience to God’s wisdom.

The big drama of the human race is in fact the big drama of God’s life. God is the biggest victim of the existence of evilness in our brain.

God is unable to save us from despair because we never agree with His wisdom. We prefer the idiotic solutions of the demon.

This is why we insist on trying to create a private paradise surrounded by terror, immorality, and poverty. We don’t want to understand our absurdity. We prefer to be indifferent to the truth.

Our idiocy is clearly visible in the ridiculous commercial world we created, which is ruled by violence, terror, immorality, financial power, indifference, and greed.

You should prefer to always obey the divine guidance, even if you will feel like a victim. The crazy world is very dangerous and your anti-conscience is a powerful demon. Only God knows what is better for you without a doubt. Even if it will be difficult for you to be obedient in the beginning (as it was difficult for me), in the end you will change your behavior and become a brilliant person.

Do you believe that an ignorant and young literature writer would be able to find scientific proof of God’s existence, and learn how to put an end to all mental illnesses?

My progress shows you into practice what you will be able to do if you will obey the divine guidance like me, even if you don’t believe that you can be a special person.

You have numerous reasons to prefer obeying the divine guidance instead of preferring your dangerous freedom. Everything depends on your capacity to evaluate the importance of goodness and wisdom.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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