How Does Your Conscience Make Decisions?

ConscienceCarl Jung’s method of dream interpretation is complicated because the dream language is complex. Only a genius like him could relate so many different aspects and understand their similarities.

His method of dream interpretation must be recognized as the only method that really helps us decipher the mysterious meaning of dreams. His remarkable research and his discoveries were not properly evaluated by the ignorant and indifferent world.

All the false dream interpreters who are misleading the public with their suppositions about the meaning of dreams would never be able to do even a small percentage of all the work that Carl Jung managed to do.

Since he was a genius, he managed to understand many things at the same time. Only a few souls could learn his lessons and really understand his discoveries about the meaning of dreams.

I was one of them because I had many psychological problems, but I couldn’t follow a treatment. At that time I was a young mother, and I had to be with my baby all the time. Fortunately, I was a good student, and I managed to learn the complicated meaning of dreams based on his lessons. Later I managed to continue his research, and simplify his method, after discovering a lot more.

I could continue the work of a genius because even though I was young and ignorant, I precisely obeyed the guidance of the unconscious mind that produces our dreams, especially after understanding that it is God’s mind.

In the beginning I didn’t have this vision. I believed that the unconscious mind was a powerful organ that produced our dreams to help us cope with our psychological problems, without supposing that it was more than just an organ.

When I perceived the sanctity of the unconscious mind I realized that it really is God’s mind. God thinks like a saint.

God’s reasoning is totally different from our reasoning because we think like demons. We want to believe that we are human beings, but this is not true. We are too cold and indifferent. Our goodness depends on rewards, impressions, and secondary intentions.

We inherit absurdity and evilness into our anti-conscience, which is our wild conscience and occupies the biggest part of our brain. Our tiny human conscience is only a spot. It must be developed through consciousness. This is why God produces numerous dreams with important messages for our conscience.

We tend to believe that intelligence is based on reasoning, while this is not true. Intelligence also is based on sensitivity. There are many things that our cold reasoning cannot perceive, but our heart can feel.

Goodness is more important than intelligence because you need goodness in order to find happiness. Without goodness you will never find peace. Without peace, your happiness will be false.

We are in fact demons with a tiny human conscience that has human characteristics, but is constantly influenced by our satanic anti-conscience. This is why we are far from real goodness.

We are hypocritical actors who keep pretending many things all the time. We don’t admit the truth even to ourselves.

Therefore, understanding the real meaning of goodness is not a simple matter for our evil and absurd conscience.

Our conscience is absurd and evil like our anti-conscience, even though it also is able to be reasonable and sensitive. We prefer what is bad, but we must learn how to be afraid of what is bad, and always prefer goodness and wisdom in life.

Our human conscience is developed when we understand the importance of goodness, and we stop liking dishonesty. When we develop only our reasoning without developing our sensitivity, we are unable to understand the meaning of goodness. This means that we don’t become more intelligent if we don’t develop our sensitivity.

If you will care only about developing your reasoning, you may seem to be more intelligent, but you will become idiotic in other matters of your life, even if you will manage to make progress in logical matters. For example, Einstein was a genius in physics, but he was a bad father for his mentally ill son. He didn’t find purify his spirit. He didn’t find peace. He suffered from depression, and he couldn’t understand the meaning of goodness.

God helps you develop your sensitivity and show compassion to all human beings. You learn the importance of respecting your moral principles. You stop making mistakes, and you understand the meaning of wisdom.

How Do You Think?

You will be able to understand the way you think by translating the meaning of your dreams based on the scientific method discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me. Your brain is made of numerous neurons, which gather and transmit electrochemical signals. Through dream translation you will learn the messages they transmit.

The unconscious mind that produces your dreams reflects the internal functioning of your brain in the dream images.

By translating the meaning of your dreams you will verify that your self-defensive mechanism not always protects your best interests. Many times it blocks your actions, generating absurd fears. If your conscience is a slave to your self-defensive mechanism, it will make numerous logical mistakes.

Many people have he impression that our conscience helps us distinguish what is good and bad, and decide to do what is good because we can understand the difference between good and bad. No, this is not how every conscience works.

A conscience can think and understand what is good and bad, but this doesn’t mean that it will conclude that it must be good because it knows this fact. If a conscience is under-developed, it doesn’t care about the importance of goodness.

Your under-developed conscience always is trying to find smart ways to solve your problems, put your ego at the top, work less, have more material pleasures, and rest. It doesn’t care about what is good or bad. It cares only about having advantages in life because it is selfish, evil, and lazy.

Therefore, your conscience doesn’t mind using dishonest ways to achieve its goals. It hides this fact from the world, but it secretly accepts being dishonest in numerous situations. Your conscience is idiotic because it works based on only one psychological function and a half. It has satanic characteristics, besides having human characteristics.

Your anti-conscience is a terrible demon that generates mental illnesses within your conscience with its absurd thoughts. It keeps influencing your under-developed conscience, or invading your conscience.

Therefore the way you think is basically the way a prehistoric man thinks. You are only somehow more intelligent than a prehistoric man, and only when your mind and your behavior are not controlled by your anti-conscience.

Whenever your anti-conscience manages to invade your conscience and you start paying attention to its absurd thoughts, you gradually become absurd, but you don’t understand this fact. Your decisions are not really ‘yours’.

Logical Traps

Your anti-conscience is your second conscience, which is absurd and evil. It keeps sending you confusing thoughts with the intention to destroy your human conscience.

Even though you basically are a demon, you must identify yourself with the human being existent in your human conscience, which was created by God to help you transform your evil nature into human nature.

You must not believe that you are a demon, but that the demon you have inherited into your brain and psyche is not yourself. Your anti-conscience is Satan. It speaks with your own voice as if it was yourself, but you should have in mind that whenever you listen to the evil thoughts of your anti-conscience you are listening to Satan.

Your anti-conscience is not a human being. It is an absurd and violent animal that can think. You must be afraid of it.

You are the human being who loves goodness and wants to find happiness in life. Your conscience must help God transform your evil self into a perfect human being.

Craziness is generated by evilness. Whenever you are dissatisfied with your life and you are unable to solve your problems, your anti-conscience has the chance to prepare logical traps for your conscience.

It makes you desire to escape and do something different to solve your problems in a smarter way. It starts sending you thoughts like: “I’m tired. I hate my life”.

It pretends to be yourself, taking advantage of the fact that you are revolted because you had a negative experience. If you will start paying attention to these thoughts, your anti-conscience will keep sending you more absurd thoughts that don’t seem to be absurd in the beginning, but that always have the intention to mislead your conscience.

The logical trap will become worse as you will keep following the satanic thoughts that invade your conscience. In the beginning these thoughts seem to help you find better solutions for your problems, but in the end you will have to deal with a series of frustrations and deceptions. This is how your anti-conscience will completely destroy your human conscience, and you will be a mentally ill individual forever.

You must prevent this tragic end. Your anti-conscience prepares numerous logical traps for your conscience, taking advantage of every situation because it is sneaky and immoral. It doesn’t respect anything.

The fight between good and evil defines the meaning of life for every human being.

You have to learn how to avoid all logical traps, and completely eliminate your dangerous wild nature. This is how you will acquire sound mental health that lasts for life, and you will become a brilliant human being.

Your dreams will help you understand how to do everything you need. You must learn how to discern the absurd thoughts of the anti-conscience before being sure that a certain thought belongs to your human conscience.

Your decisions must be based on divine wisdom, and not on what your imperfect conscience desires. Only God knows what is better for you. You must recognize this truth and obey the divine guidance, even when your evil self prefers something else, and your conscience agrees with the demon.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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