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Anti-Conscience I was excited with all the knowledge I found in the dream messages. I couldn’t imagine that this was only the beginning of a very long journey. When I became a dream expert and I discovered the existence of the anti-conscience – which is our wild conscience and has satanic characteristics – I understood that human beings are not really human.

The anti-conscience occupies the biggest part of our brain and psyche. We are in fact demons with a tiny human conscience.

In the beginning I was not shocked with my shocking discovery because I was insensitive and ignorant. I didn’t realize its real importance. Since then I started paying attention to all the characteristics of the human behavior that reflected our satanic nature.

I had no doubt that some people really seemed to be evil, but it was hard to believe that the people I considered to be good were as evil as everyone else. However, I had the chance to gradually verify the coldness and the indifference that characterized everyone’s behavior, and confirm the bitter truth. Everyone’s ‘goodness’ is false. It has a short duration, and it depends on numerous conditions.

After discovering the satanic origin of the human conscience I had to enter into contact with the members of the Catholic Church in Athens. Even though Greece (where I live) is an Orthodox country, I had studied in a Catholic school in Brazil (where I was born). Both religions are practically the same, with a few differences.

I had to remember my old religiosity. This was part of God’s plan. I had to be obedient, even though I didn’t like this idea.

The unconscious mind is God’s mind. I had numerous confirmations of this fact.

By translating my dreams I learned that I was neurotic and I would become schizophrenic without treatment. I had to precisely obey the divine guidance to save my sanity. At the same time, I had to become a doctor and learn how to cure others through dream translation.

Everything was part of God’s plan for the elimination of craziness and terror on earth.

My initial enthusiasm disappeared when I understood my reality. I had to study the meaning of terror and understand the psychological characteristics of the mentally ill, who are completely controlled by their anti-conscience.

I clearly verified that human beings are not really human. Everyone merely pretends to have human characteristics. Even people who seem to be intelligent are in fact mentally ill, but their insanity is not comprehended by the psychiatry and the psychology of our historical time.

Everyone needs psychotherapy, and this is why God works like a psychotherapist. God produces meaningful dreams that protect our mental health from the attacks of our anti-conscience. We are mentally ill from birth because we inherit absurdity into the biggest part of our brain, and we tend to become more absurd with time. Our intelligence is limited by numerous factors.

Our anti-conscience keeps trying to destroy our human conscience through absurd thoughts, with the intention to completely control our behavior.

In 1989, when I was in the beginning of my arduous mission, I visited a Catholic organization I found in Athens. When I told everything I could discover to a Catholic nun, she started yawning.

Yawns are cold and insensitive reactions before someone else’s pain, or before bad news. They are also indifferent reactions before important knowledge. Yawns are generated by the anti-conscience to make us disregard important information.

I had a clear confirmation that sister Alberta was a demon. Her cold and indifferent reaction indicated that she didn’t want to pay attention to what I was telling her. When I told what I had discovered to many Catholic priests, I clearly verified that they really were monsters. At least sister Alberta was kind, and she tried to be human.

All priests became infuriated with me when I condemned the Catholic Church, telling them that God was more revolted with those who should represent Him on earth than with the worst sinners of the world.

Everyone goes to hell after death because God’s servants on earth are doing nothing to save the human race from terror and despair. God’s servants are as materialistic as everyone else. They are not trying to attain sanctity. They are not doing exactly what they know they should do, because they are not respecting the divine guidance .

Of course, God is revolted not only with the members of the Catholic Church, but also with many other hypocrites who do nothing to help humanity find sound mental health, while they pretend to represent God on earth.

Yawns are not related to the necessity to sleep like most people believe. They are reactions generated by our anti-conscience to make us have the tendency to relax when we should be alarmed by what we are learning, or when we should be sensitive and feel someone else’s pain.

Animals yawn too because they were created by God with the intention to reflect the human behavior. Everything in our planet was specifically created with the intention to transform our absurd and evil anti-conscience into human conscience. All animals and plants have a special meaning for our psyche.

We have to understand the importance of goodness. However, we are so evil that God cannot help us transform our satanic nature into human nature. God worked hard creating our planet, and He works hard producing dreams that contain important messages, but we are indifferent to His lessons.

This vision became shocking when I understood its importance, but nobody else could understand my vision because they didn’t study the meaning of dreams and a series of scientific topics like me. They didn’t have a direct contact with God through dream translation like me.

In 1989 I felt alone in the world, without being able to explain what I had discovered to anyone. Whenever I tried to do so, everyone laughed. Nobody could believe that human beings are demons and that our supposed ‘goodness’ is false.

Many people became very irritated with me. They couldn’t agree with the conclusion that they were demons. This was a big offense to their ego.

I knew I had to complete my scientific book to prove my discoveries to the world if I wanted to be comprehended, but I couldn’t publish my work before finding out how to completely eliminate the anti-conscience, and many other difficult matters.

I also had to simplify Carl Jung’s complicated and time consuming method of dream interpretation. Nobody would have the patience to follow so many steps to understand the meaning of a dream.

I couldn’t give explanations to the world during two decades because I was still studying, researching, and curing many people through dream therapy without having time to write my book. I was simply taking notes.

I had to accept my loneliness, since I was the only one who could discover the truth about the human nature, and how it affects our lives. It was hard for me to participate of various social activities. I knew that everyone was false. I couldn’t behave like those who ignored the truth, but at the same time, I couldn’t be strange. I had to get adapted to this situation.

I believed that I should be protected and helped, but I had to deal with all difficulties alone. It was irritating to bear my suffering and face all problems without anyone’s support.

I hated God’s plan for the elimination of craziness and terror. I believed that I should be in a powerful social position, and I should have the support of many other people to be able to carry on my difficult mission. I wrote numerous blasphemies when I understood what God was expecting from me. His plan couldn’t be executed by a simple human being.

God seemed to believe that I had supernatural powers. If I would write this plan, it would be totally different.

However, who was I?

I was ignorant and absurd. I didn’t know how to put an end to craziness and terror.

I didn’t even know how I managed to understand Carl Jung’s complicated method of dream interpretation and discover a lot more. The truth is that only because I precisely obeyed the divine guidance in dreams could I surpass Jung, who was my teacher and doctor.

I had to obey the divine guidance without complaining. Only God knew how to help humanity find sound mental health.

By analyzing my own behavior I verified that I was a terrible demon, one of the worst ones. I understood that I should be grateful because I had the chance to become a human being. My obedience worked like psychotherapy for me.

When my personality was transformed, I understood many other truths. I was ashamed of my initial revolt. I didn’t think about God’s pain because He had to transform demons into human beings. I always was concerned with my own pain.

I managed to finally publish my ebooks in 2007 and 2008 thanks to the wonderful internet, which was made for me. The internet is the fastest way I could find to transmit my knowledge to the world.

Even though I had to work hard during two decades to complete my work, I had the chance to immediately show to all the population of the planet what I could discover by translating the meaning of dreams based on Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation.

However, many people didn’t believe me. In order to verify the truth they have to translate their meanings according to the scientific method. I give many free lessons to the public to help everyone start learning the basics, but many people don’t take advantage of my generous lessons.

Other people simply submit their dreams for professional translation. This is a practical solution, especially for those who have serious psychological problems.

I also have very good students who are learning the dream language and reaping the benefits of this knowledge. Many of my students are translating their friends’ dreams for them.

Of course, it will take some time until the entire world will really understand the importance of everything I could discover after precisely obeying the divine guidance in dreams, but everyone will surely learn my story. This is obvious, since my work is in fact God’s work. I was simply following the guidance I had, without completely understanding God’s plan.

I could understand God’s intentions many times, but other times I couldn’t see why I had to do something in a certain way. I obeyed the divine guidance like a soldier because I was afraid of everything. I was afraid of my absurdity, and afraid of the absurdity of the world. I couldn’t imagine exactly where this plan would take me, but I trusted God’s wisdom and sanctity.

God’s plan is complex, and it keeps going on. God always is trying to eliminate evilness. Evilness generates craziness and terror.

The comprehension that our wild conscience has satanic characteristics is painful, but it is the only way we can stop being controlled or influenced by our anti-conscience. While we ignored the truth, we were victims of the absurd thoughts that invaded our conscience.

Now we know that we must be careful. Many of ‘our’ thoughts are not really ours. They are sent by our primitive conscience to our human conscience with the intention to destroy our capacity to think logically.

The mentally ill understand this invasion, but many other people cannot believe in the existence of a second conscience that works in parallel with our human conscience, besides invading it all the time. They believe that they are able to keep their mental stability forever, but this is a false impression.

Everyone indispensably needs God’s psychotherapy in dreams.

This comprehension represents the end of craziness and terror. Now that everyone can understand that we are basically demons who must learn how to become human, everyone will obey the divine guidance in dreams. This is guaranteed because we are victims of our wild conscience. Now we will stop being manipulated by its absurd thoughts.

Now we have proof of God’s existence, and now everyone can easily understand the dream language and have a direct contact with God.

The best evidence given to the world is the fact that anyone can verify that by using the scientific method of dream interpretation, they are able to understand God’s words in dreams. Everyone can verify into practice that they have trustworthy information about their mental condition, their reality, and their future in their own dreams.

This is not a theory or a supposition, but a proven fact.

Now you can learn the meaning of the symbolic dream language independently of your educational level, and verify by yourself that God is alive. You will see that the messages contained in your dreams don’t come from your ignorant human mind. They are sent by a superior mind that knows your past and everything that is part of your life.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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