Proving God’s Existence In The 21st Century

21st CenturyThe supposition that we could be able to understand God’s words was considered to be absurd in the 20th century. This attitude was not based on the big distance that separates God from imperfect human beings, but based on the atheism and materialism that characterized this historical time.

God didn’t seem to be necessary. Our scientific and technological progress seemed to give us answers to all questions.

However, posterior scientific discoveries revealed that life couldn’t have appeared on our planet thanks to the successful of molecular permutations made by chance in four billion years and a half, which is the age of our young planet. The right formula for the appearance of life had to be tried many billions of years more before being successful, according to the calculations of the astronomer Fred Hoyle.

The revealing discovers of the ethologist and biologist Konrad Lorenz and his group of researchers manage to prove to the world that the human and the animal behavior work based on behavioral programs. This means that Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution is based on the false impression that the environment can influence the evolutionary process of an organism.

Lorenz clearly showed to the world that the evolutionary process of every organism is prepared to follow specific programs, which work independently of the environmental conditions.

After studying Lorenz’s work, I concluded that we must admit the existence of a superior mind that managed to prepare and organize all behavioral programs, which help all animals get adapted to their hostile environment before they have the chance to learn this behavior from other members of their species. This superior mind is the same mind that produces our dreams; the divine unconscious mind.

Even though the materialistic and atheistic mindset still characterizes our population in the beginning of the 21st century, my scientific discoveries about the importance of the meaning of dreams prove God’s existence to the atheistic world. This is the end of atheism and hypocrisy on earth.

The accurate translation of the meaning of dreams based on the scientific method of dream interpretation proves that all dreams contain precious messages for our conscience. This alternative is helping many people overcome mental illnesses and physical problems.

The scientific method is based on Carl Jung’s discoveries and on my discoveries after following his steps. I completed his research, giving you all the explanations you need in order to understand the meaning of dreams and the meaning of life.

Emotions like anger, envy, cowardice, and cruelty have a different aspect now that I could discover the satanic characteristics of our wild conscience, after precisely obeying the unconscious guidance in dreams. All negative emotions are generated by our wild conscience (anti-conscience), which occupies the biggest part of our brain and psyche.

This knowledge helps you identify the influence of your wild side whenever you have a negative attitude. You can also understand other people’s behavior thanks to the emotions they reflect.

Now you have a vision that Jung’s students couldn’t have. I show you the real reasons why human beings have a violent and insensitive behavior. Therefore, now you know that you cannot believe in the selfish excuses of the hypocritical world.

The world believes that our negative emotions are ‘natural’ reactions, while they reflect abnormal behavior. We have to be sensitive and sensible to be considered mentally healthy. If we have negative reactions, our behavior is irrational and insensitive.

Today you can understand the human behavior and recognize the global absurdity thanks to the unconscious lessons in dreams. The unconscious wisdom proves God’s existence into practice, explaining the origin of the human suffering. By reading God’s words in dreams your knowledge will surpass the narrow-minded concepts of the current civilization.

The 21st century is marked by the accurate translation of the meaning of dreams and the verification that God really speaks in dreams. It is also marked by the shocking discovery of the existence of a satanic conscience in the human brain, which works in parallel with our human conscience. This means that now we can understand why our world is governed by terror, and how we can find peace.

Preserving Your Mental Stability

Your dreams help you understand which parts of your personality are influenced or controlled by your anti-conscience. This identification is unpleasant, but it saves your life. You learn how to stop being a victim of the absurdity and the evilness of your wild conscience, and a victim of the crazy world.

Your dreams protect your mental stability by showing you the dangers you are exposed to, before you have to deal with dangerous situations in your daily life.

Most dreams predict the future, showing you what can happen if you will follow the absurd thoughts of your anti-conscience. They also show you how to stop following these thoughts, and become more intelligent.

You have to systematically translate the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method for a certain period of time to verify the benefits of this practice. My work helps you clearly understand God’s words in dreams. God helps you eliminate your dangerous anti-conscience, and develop your human conscience.

My work is based on the unconscious wisdom. I precisely obeyed the divine guidance in dreams, while Jung simply admitted that the unconscious mind was a ‘good counselor’ for our conscience. He didn’t believe we should precisely obey the unconscious guidance like me.

The knowledge I had in my historical time helped me have a different attitude; especially thanks to Konrad Lorenz’s work. My life biography also prepared me for the acceptance of the necessity to obey the divine guidance. I had verified that the human conscience was absurd through many ways.

We are in fact under-developed primates. Our human conscience must be developed through consciousness. The part of our brain that belongs to our wild conscience must follow an evolutionary process, so that our human conscience may use all of our brain power. We eliminate our anti-conscience as we acquire consciousness of our mistakes.

The anti-conscience is an idiotic and self-destructive conscience that thinks like a prehistoric man. It is not irrational, but its reasoning is absurd. We have to understand the mistakes we make when we listen to our anti-conscience, and change our attitude.

As we change our attitude by following the divine guidance in dreams, we become more sensible and sensitive. Therefore, our anti-conscience becomes weaker, and our human conscience becomes stronger.

This process was analyzed by Carl Jung thanks to the work of the alchemists. He concluded that there was an indispensable necessity to transform our psyche. The process of transformation described by the alchemists is the same process described in dreams .

You have to follow this process of transformation in order to develop your tiny human conscience and stop being vulnerable to mental illnesses. Your evil anti-conscience must be tamed and acquire human characteristics, so that your human conscience may prevail in your brain and psyche.

A New Historical Time Based On Wisdom

The alternative to understand God’s words in dreams is the beginning of a new historical time based on wisdom. Until today we tried to govern our world based on our absurd ideas. This is why we created a living hell. Poverty, crimes, wars, and numerous other horrors are part of the routine in the world we created based on our suppositions.

Now that we could discover that we are under-developed primates who have inherited a huge anti-conscience that has satanic characteristics, we can finally understand why we must be guided by God in order to find sound mental health.

While we believed that we were intelligent and able to decide what to do, we couldn’t understand the importance of obeying the divine guidance. Now we saw that we are unable to find peace and happiness based on our suppositions.

Therefore, this is the right historical time for the global acceptance of God’s superiority. Now we are finally able to understand why we must obey the unconscious mind instead of doing what our idiotic conscience desires. Our human conscience is almost as idiotic as our anti-conscience. It must be developed during our lives.

God is not a dictator. He had to let our conscience understand that we will never find peace and happiness because we are violent. God had to wait until our conscience would be able to understand that we are absurd. This was the only way to make us stop insisting on our own plans.

Now that we could verify that we will always live threatened by terror if we will keep being violent, we can understand why we must obey God’s guidance in dreams.

Until today we couldn’t understand why we had to obey God’s wisdom and respect our religion. Today we know that the main reason of this necessity is our satanic nature. We must learn how to become sensitive and sensible human beings by doing what God shows us, instead of doing what our selfish and ignorant conscience desires.

So, now we will start studying the positive aspects of obedience, and understand why we should be grateful for having the chance to be guided by God. Of course it is much better for us to be guided by divine wisdom, than to decide what to do based on our suppositions.

Now we are ready to stop being proud of our intelligence, and recognize our idiocy. Thus, now we can find peace, wisdom, and happiness by obeying the guidance of our natural doctor.

The obedience to the divine guidance in dreams is a miraculous solution for humanity. Now we can put an end to craziness and terror on earth.

The obedience to the divine guidance is the solution for all human problems.

However, everyone must agree with this necessity. God cannot impose His will. We have to agree with His wisdom, even when it goes against our selfish desires.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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