How To Have God’s Protection In Life

ProtectionAs I already told you numerous times, I discovered the existence of a wild conscience into the human brain and psyche, after continuing Carl Jung’s research. Thanks to my lessons you know that everything you have learned about the human mind is based on suppositions and theories. I already showed you all the absurdity existent in the human brain, and the absurdity of the world.

The knowledge given by the hypocritical world about the human brain cannot be trusted. Human beings ignore the internal functioning of the human conscience.

My discoveries after precisely following Carl Jung’s steps help you understand God’s words in dreams. God is alive and works like a natural doctor. All dreams contain important messages that help you understand how your brain works, how to fight absurdity, and how to evolve.

My work shows you that absurdity is generated by evilness. Therefore, cultivating goodness in your heart is more important than anything else. Through dream translation you will understand the importance of sensitivity for your mental stability.

At the same time, you will understand your mental condition and you will have scientific knowledge about your psychological reality.

You will become a peaceful, calm, sensitive, and sensible human being. Your psychological transformation will help you abandon the misery of your wild nature, and discover the amplitude of the divine wisdom.

The Importance Of Dream Warnings

Your dreams show you what you cannot see about your brain and psyche. You can see only your human conscience, but you also have a wild conscience (anti-conscience), which is absurd and evil.

You may believe you are able to control your behavior and you may think that you won’t fall into any trap because you are not foolish, but your anti-conscience is constantly trying to destroy your conscience and control your behavior. Your anti-conscience is your second, primitive conscience. It keeps trying to mislead your ego with the intention to destroy your capacity to think logically.

This means that you have a terrible enemy into your own brain. Your wild conscience is your wild personality. It imposes absurd thoughts and feelings to your conscience.

You may believe you are a reasonable person because you trust your conscience, but you don’t know how your anti-conscience manages to influence your mind and your behavior.

If you keep having dream warnings about the same dangers, this is because you tend to repeat the same mistakes of the past. You didn’t learn your lessons. Your anti-conscience takes advantage of your mistakes to impose its absurd thoughts to your conscience.

You believe you won’t do anything negative because you can see only your conscience. The influence of your anti-conscience is invisible to your eyes, but this influence is powerful. Your anti-conscience can transform you into another person.

Fortunately, you can be protected now that I could discover the existence of the anti-conscience. Now you know the dangers you are exposed to because you have inherited a wild conscience, which is absurd and evil. Thus, you can understand its attacks. The divine unconscious mind shows you in your dreams how to identify its absurd thoughts, and stop following them.

This is an unpleasant and sad knowledge, but it will save your life. By following dream therapy you will eliminate your dangerous anti-conscience and find peace.

In the past human beings ignored the existence of many dangers we are aware of today. This is why today we are able to prevent many diseases that killed our population in the past.

By knowing that you have a dangerous wild conscience, you will avoid its traps. The unpleasant occupation with the damages that your anti-conscience is causing to your conscience will help you stop suffering because of its interference.

This is a matter of safety. Right now you are not afraid of your anti-conscience because you don’t know how dangerous it really is. You tend to imitate the indifferent attitude of the hypocritical, immoral, and violent world.

However, you have to be serious. Your anti-conscience causes many problems to your brain and to your life, even if you don’t seem to be mentally ill.

God’s warnings in dreams show you the truth about the fight between good and evil. They help you understand why you have to become a perfect human being if you want to escape the tragic destiny of your ignorant ancestors.

Believing In The Information You Have In Dreams

I’m translating dreams for many people since 1990, and providing them with psychotherapy. I help everyone understand how to put the unconscious guidance into practice.

I’m not necessary if you will study the dream language based on my lessons. I teach you how to become a professional dream translator like me.

If you don’t have time or disposition for studies, you can submit your dreams for professional dream translation. You should do both. It will be better for you if you will gradually learn the dream language, while you submit your dreams for translation, and you learn how to solve your problems the fastest possible.

The dreamers who obey the divine guidance in their dreams manage to overcome their psychological problems, find their perfect match or improve their relationship, and find authentic happiness in life.

Those who are disobedient or impatient don’t manage to eliminate their anti-conscience. You must be obedient and patient if you want to have positive results.

While in the beginning you will feel that the unconscious mind is repeating the same warnings without a reason, in the end you will understand how dangerous the influence of your anti-conscience could be without the unconscious guidance.

You will have repeated dreams about the same matters until you will learn your lessons, and change your erroneous behavior.

You may believe you have already learned all the lessons you had to, but if God keeps sending you warnings about the same matters, this is because you are wrong. You still are vulnerable to the dangerous influence of your anti-conscience.

You must be humble and recognize your ignorance. You cannot see how powerful your anti-conscience is, and you don’t know what could happen to you in the future.

You must believe in God’s warnings, without thinking that you already know what you have to do. You may theoretically understand how you must behave, but if you are still vulnerable to the influence of your anti-conscience you can follow its absurd thoughts without understanding what you are doing.

Your anti-conscience is the primitive part of your brain, which thinks like a prehistoric man and has satanic characteristics.

Your anti-conscience wants to kill your human conscience and completely control your behavior. The self-destructive nature of the anti-conscience is the tragic result of the disorganized formation of the first live conscience that appeared by chance on the universe.

A conscience can understand the difference between good or evil. Your anti-conscience is a demon because the notion of the meaning of evilness made the primitive human conscience believe that evilness could help it achieve its goals. Your primitive conscience preferred evilness after discovering its existence. However, evilness generates craziness and terror.

You inherit a satanic conscience because you are able to think. If you think, you must know the difference between good and evil. However, this knowledge is very dangerous because you are induced to prefer evilness.

You are the human being concentrated into your tiny human conscience, which was created by God to help you fight the absurdity you have inherited. God works like a natural doctor because you indispensably need His help.

Alone you will never manage to eliminate your anti-conscience, unless you will decide to become a saint. You can find salvation based on your religion, but you must be more than serious in order to eliminate your wild conscience this way.

The translation of the meaning of your dreams will help you eliminate your anti-conscience faster. You will be sure that you will keep your mental stability for life because you will eliminate all the absurdity and the evilness you have inherited.

Until today nobody could understand what absurdity means and how we can protect our sanity. Today you have scientific and religious explanations in your dreams because I managed to simplify the dream language. Now you can understand God’s messages, and follow His lessons.

Seriousness And Consciousness

Seriousness is indispensable if you want to fight absurdity. You must be serious and careful. Your anti-conscience is eliminated when you acquire consciousness of your mistakes, and you change your attitude.

This means that you cannot be indifferent to any sign of absurdity. You have to pay attention to all details.

The unconscious criticism in your dreams helps you understand the truth about your mental condition. This knowledge is unpleasant because you admire your ego. You will realize that there is nothing admirable in your conscience when you will verify how far from sound mental health you are.

You may believe you are intelligent, reasonable, and serious, but you are not using all of your brain power. The biggest part of your brain belongs to your anti-conscience.

In the beginning this is an uncomfortable comprehension. You won’t like to verify the truth about yourself. However, in the continuation, you will learn how to get rid of the negative characteristics you have inherited, and you will become a brilliant person.

Your seriousness will help you understand all the important details for the transformation of your personality.

You will realize that you are not merely transforming the human part of your conscience into a better person, but eliminating your violent wild nature. The goodness you will cultivate in your heart will be a compensation for your initial efforts.

Goodness is medicine. God could discover its power, and this is why He is trying to help us understand the importance of goodness. If you want to have God’s protection, you have to love goodness.

However, you cannot understand the real meaning of goodness because of the distortions of the hypocritical world, and because of the negative reactions of your satanic nature. Only after eliminating your anti-conscience will you understand the power of goodness and wisdom.

Right now your knowledge about this matter is merely theoretical. If ‘sometimes’ you think like a demon, the meaning of goodness is incomprehensible for you. Your knowledge is superficial and your conclusions are hypothetical. You must stop being influenced by your anti-conscience in order to understand what is true or false.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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Dream Therapy

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