Is Art Important For Your Mental Health?

ArtMy words had to follow the scientific model because this way they would be convincing. However, I’m basically an artist who had to become a scientist. I was born to be a literature writer. Everybody could understand this fact by reading my poems and stories.

Unfortunately, when I was 18-years-old I had to abandon my country (Brazil) and I lost the Portuguese language. I had to live in Greece and get adapted to the complicated Greek language. I could speak Greek because my parents are Greek, but I didn’t know the meaning of many complicated words.

Then, I had to learn the complicated dream language by following Carl Jung’s obscure lessons about dream interpretation. Everything was very difficult for me.

However, I was a very good student. This was the best advantage I had, besides all difficulties.

Since 1990 I’m helping many people find sound mental health through dream translation. I don’t have time or inspiration to write poems, but I remember many of my poems and stories. When I was young I used to learn them by heart, and repeat them numerous times. I liked to remember my best poems and stories in numerous life situations.

This way, I kept them in my memory. Until today I remember many poems and stories, which were written by me many years ago, when I was young and ignorant.

These poems and stories helped me remember the importance of sensitivity when I grew up, even though I became cold and indifferent. They were inspired by the divine unconscious mind that gives us artistic talents, besides producing our dreams.

Discovering Your Artistic Talents

You may believe you are not helped by any artistic talent, but this is not true. You simply didn’t discover your talent because it is not as strong as the talent I had.

Art is very important for your mental stability, even if you are not an artist. You need art in your life.

Art gives you pleasure when you admire someone else’s work. You don’t need to be an artist to understand the benefits of art, but you must try to be an artist yourself; even if you don’t believe you have any talent.

You have to express your feelings in an artistic way, if not with words, through images and sounds. Art gives you emotional support. When you are an artist yourself, your artistic creations give you personal satisfaction.

On the other hand, an artist looks for perfection. Art is not something commercial, even though many people have distorted its value. This is why art is so important for your mental health. You must learn how to care about perfection. A real artist never rests if his/her creation is not exactly as it has to be.

Those who have great artistic talents have to face difficult life challenges. They are helped by an extraordinary artistic talent because they need more help, and they are able to evolve this way.

Everything depends on everyone’s personality. Many people need the help of an extraordinary talent, but they wouldn’t evolve thanks to this capacity. Only those who can achieve a higher level of knowledge are helped this way.

Why I Needed Help

I had to be an artist because I had to prevent schizophrenia. I also had to discover the satanic origin of the human conscience. This was my real destiny.

I believed I was born to be a literature writer, but I had to become a psychotherapist and learn how to cure invincible mental illnesses.

I had to like poems because I had to cry every time I would remember an old poem about the black slaves in Brazil written by Castro Alves, a great Brazilian author. Besides remembering my own creations, I also remembered the creations of many good writers.

The barbarity of the Portuguese (who discovered Brazil) with the Africans they imprisoned and forced to be their slaves marked my life when I learned their story. The cruelty of the Portuguese was one of the most important reasons why I immediately believed in the satanic origin of the human conscience when I could discover this shocking truth.

My suffering because of the pain of the black people when Brazil belonged to Portugal was very important for the maintenance of my sensitivity. Even though Brazil is not a racist country, there is discrimination against blacks until today. Many of the descendents of the slaves live on poverty.

The dramatic situation of the poor in my country was another reason why I understood that we are not human when I discovered that the biggest part of our brain and psyche belongs to our satanic anti-conscience.

My artistic background helped me remember the importance of saving the victims of violence when I had to study the meaning of terror. It also helped me truly believe in God’s existence when I understood that the unconscious mind was not merely a mysterious organ that produces dreams; it is God’s mind.

The Artistic Side Of My Scientific Work

I had to translate numerous dreams for many people during two decades before publishing my work because God was demanding. I had to help everyone find real solutions the fastest possible. My work had to be perfect.

Perfection was very important because I had to deal with many dangers. I had to be very careful and fight invincible mental illnesses with courage.

I had the spirit of a hero because I was a poet. I felt responsible for putting an end to poverty on earth. This was my intention since I suffered from a tragic car accident when I was a teen, and I started writing a literary book about how to put an end to hunger. I also wanted to help humanity find peace.

Thanks to my capacity to better understand the dream language, I could completely understand God’s guidance in dreams. I precisely obeyed the divine guidance because I knew that everything was impossible. I had this knowledge thanks to the literary meaning of my book, and later thanks to the translation of its symbolic meaning based on the dream language.

This book helped me remember that I had to be a hero because I had to obey God’s guidance. Only God knew how to help humanity find peace.

I couldn’t find any solution in the end of the book. I simply understood that everything was impossible because there was hatred in the human hearts.

On the other hand, Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation had to be simplified. It didn’t have any practical value for average people. My artistic talent helped me better understand the abstract meaning of the dream images, and discover the essential.

The fact that I was an excellent writer helped me simplify and clarify Jung’s method. I knew how to organize complicated matters.

I was also helped by my observations while I was curing real cases, especially when I had to translate a series of nightmares. The messages we find in nightmares are clearer than the messages we find in common dreams.

The mentally ill have only nightmares. All their dreams are bad because dreams reflect the dreamer’s psychological condition. By translating the meaning of their nightmares I managed to cure their mental illness thanks to the unconscious guidance in the dream messages. The real doctor is God, the dream producer. I’m merely a helper.

In the beginning I had the intention to give psychological support to everyone, but I saw that God cures also physical diseases after curing the dreamer’s psychological problems. The unconscious psychotherapy is superior. It works like alternative medicine.

The Basic Difference Between Good And Bad Dreams

Dreams work like medicine, and they are artistic creations. The dream language is poetical and philosophical. When you will master the dream language you will verify that God speaks like a prophet. Dreams contain prophecies and future predictions, with a poetical and philosophical meaning.

However, you cannot understand this aspect if you have nightmares. Nightmares are serious alarms. They are warnings that must make you change your attitude and fight absurdity. This is why their translation is simple.

Nightmares reflect terror because they predict severe mental illnesses. They don’t have an artistic aspect. Nightmares are shocking alarms. They are showing you that you have to urgently fight the craziness imposed to your conscience by your wild conscience.

Only peaceful dreams have a poetical and philosophical meaning. Peaceful dreams are food for thought.

You have interesting dreams when you are mentally healthy. When you won’t need to concentrate your attention on your behavior because you already have a wise behavior, your dreams contain information about other matters, which are more interesting than fighting absurdity.

Preparing Your Positive Destiny

The unconscious psychotherapy helps you discover your artistic talents. If you already know you have a certain talent, you will discover more talents. You have to develop your intelligence and sensitivity in order to develop your skills.

Art will help you in all ways, but you also need psychotherapy. Art alone is not enough.

God is very generous and sends you numerous dreams with important messages whenever you sleep. When you are sleeping your absurd and evil anti-conscience cannot invade your human conscience.

The dream language is symbolic because it must be secret. Your anti-conscience must not understand the unconscious messages, since they give you information about what your anti-conscience is doing against your conscience. Your enemy cannot learn the divine guidance before you do.

Your dreams help you fight your wild nature, which remains in a primitive condition. Your anti-conscience must be eliminated through consciousness.

The unconscious psychotherapy will help you find sound mental health, peace, love, and happiness. If you will be obedient you will prepare your positive destiny, and achieve superior goals.

Guaranteeing Your Mental And Physical Health

If you will be indifferent, you will be exposed to numerous dangers.

You have no protection in the cruel world, even if you have financial power. The world leaders are more powerful than you because they hold the global economy in their hands. There are many other dangers everywhere. You never know what can happen to you.

The worst problems you can have are related to your physical and mental health. Without health, nothing else has any meaning. If you are dying and feeling unbearable pain, or if you made a costly mistake that cannot be corrected, you cannot find peace.

Your mental and physical health must have all your attention because without them, you are not fine. If you are not feeling well, your life is unbearable.

However, you tend to disregard your mental condition and your physical health. You care more about the material world than about protecting your sanity. You don’t think you should try to be an artist. You don’t care about your spiritual evolution.

First of all you must care about protecting your mental health, since I discovered that we inherit a satanic anti-conscience, which is our second conscience, and thinks like a prehistoric man. The anti-conscience generates mental illnesses within our conscience. Mental illnesses generate physical diseases.

By translating the meaning of your own dreams you will understand how to escape the vicious circle followed by many people. You will pay attention to the importance of art, philosophy, religion, and science. Guaranteeing your mental and physical health through dream translation, and understanding how to prepare your positive destiny will be your best advantages in life.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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