The Power To Heal Yourself Through Dream Translation

Healing PowerYou will find sound mental health and physical health by following the guidance of the unconscious mind that produces your dreams. This means that you will heal yourself because your obedience to the guidance you have in dream messages is indispensable.

Your doctor is the unconscious mind that shows you what to do, but your cooperation is necessary. This is why you have the power to heal yourself. Everything depends on the execution of the divine plan for your psychotherapy and evolution.

The unconscious mind has a divine origin and reflects what exists into your brain and psyche in your dreams. You also learn many truths about the outside world.

You will heal yourself by obeying the divine guidance, without depending on anyone else. God is a doctor. You don’t need another psychotherapist.

Dream translation is a convenient psychological treatment because you don’t pay your doctor for sending you precious guidance in dreams, you don’t have to visit your doctor out of your comfort zone, and the world doesn’t need to know that you are following a psychological treatment.

You can learn the dream language yourself, or you can submit your dreams for professional dream translation online. This is a secret treatment.

The unconscious psychotherapy helps you stop having psychological problems. If you have physical problems, they will be cured when you will change your attitude. All diseases are the result of your erroneous attitude.

Some people believe that only a few diseases can be caused by psychological problems, but the truth is that all diseases begin because the individual is following the absurdity of his/her anti-conscience. Physical diseases work like punishments for those who listen to their wild conscience, but they prevent mental illnesses.

There are many holistic treatments today, and there are also many different psychological treatments. However, these treatments are not guaranteed methods to cure a mental illness or a physical disease. They are doubtable and dangerous methods based on experiments, personal conclusions, and theories.

Only the scientific method of dream interpretation guarantees your mental stability and your physical health because it is based on divine providence.

All ancient civilizations that believed that our dreams are produced by God and respected the dream messages had a wise attitude. However, the modern civilization managed to devaluate the importance of dreams with numerous subjective interpretations based on opinions.

The real meaning of the dream language was discovered by Carl Jung, as I prove with my research and discoveries, after precisely following his method of dream interpretation. Jung didn’t distort the meaning of the dream language with his suppositions because he looked for the meaning of the dream language like an archaeologist. He was trying to discover the meaning of an ancient language.

Popular dream interpreters and even psychologists interpret the meaning of dreams based on their suppositions, even when they make references to scientific studies. They ignore the dream logic, and the meaning of the dream symbols.

You will perceive the big difference between the scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me and all the other methods, because the scientific translations help you understand God’s words.

God’s words are not like the empty and hypocritical human words. God is a judge.

Most dream messages are negative, especially in the beginning of your psychotherapy. This happens because you have inherited an absurd and evil anti-conscience that is constantly trying to destroy your human conscience.

You must think and act like a human being and not like a demon. Only this way will you find sound mental health and physical health.

Your conscience is under-developed and one-sided. Therefore, you are far from balance. You tend to be absurd and evil, even though you hide this fact from the world and even from yourself.

The unconscious criticism is unpleasant because you are imperfect and you must fight absurdity. God doesn’t accept your imperfections. You have to eliminate what is negative into your brain and psyche.

The fact that the unconscious mind doesn’t try to please your ego proves that the information you have in dreams really comes from God, and not from your ignorant mind.

Your ego’s ambition always is to be in a superior position. The world takes advantage of this fact to make you desire to satisfy the absurd desires of your selfish ego, since the world wants to keep selling you many products.

All psychological treatments based on human suppositions do the same. They respect your ego’s intention to be at the top, as if it wasn’t absurd.

The unconscious mind shows you the truth as it is to help you guarantee your mental stability instead of believing that you are a sensible human being. You must understand that your conscience is under-developed in order to develop your conscience during your life.

The psychological treatment you follow by translating the meaning of your dreams and doing what the unconscious mind shows you helps you solve your psychological problems.

God doesn’t let you believe in illusions because only the truth can help you preserve your mental stability.

The truth is unpleasant, but you have to face it if you want to prevent a severe mental illness and attain higher levels of knowledge. If you will passively accept the absurdity you have inherited and the absurdity of the world, you will lose your mind.

Perhaps you already are neurotic, but you ignore this fact. The absurd modern civilization forces you to get adapted to your mental illness by giving you medication that doesn’t eliminate your absurdity, and transforms you into a vegetable without personality. This treatment makes you passively accept your suffering as if it was unavoidable, and get adapted to its existence.

You have to understand the truth about your mental condition by following the right treatment. The right treatment is based on showing you all your mistakes, so that you may stop doing what works against you.

You may dislike verifying that you make many mistakes and you are far from sound mental health, but you will feel better when you will understand that the mistakes you were making were causing many problems. By finally understanding that your behavior was problematic and correcting your behavior, you will avoid suffering.

Therefore, the initial sadness for verifying that you are not as intelligent as you believed you were will be replaced by gratitude and self-confidence. You will understand how to control your behavior and always act like a wise and sensitive human being.

Your mental and physical health will give you relief. You will verify into practice that you can heal yourself and get rid of diseases and mental illnesses by obeying the unconscious guidance. You don’t need surgical operations and medication. This is a natural treatment that depends on your obedience to the unconscious wisdom.

Obeying the divine guidance can be hard, but it is necessary. You have to recognize your ignorance, and your incapacity to decide what to do because you have inherited absurdity and evilness into your anti-conscience.

If you are following my lessons you already know how much I disagreed with the necessity to do many things in order to transform my personality. I obeyed the divine guidance even though I disagreed with God’s decisions because I recognized my ignorance and my absurdity.

Today I completely agree with the divine guidance, but when I was young I had many negative reactions. It’s hard to change your personality and stop being selfish and lazy. God demands the right attitude from you.

This is the truth. I’m not hiding anything from you.

Everything depends on your obedience to the divine guidance, but God is demanding because you are far from perfection. You have to become a perfect human being.

You will hate this necessity in the beginning, but you will love it when you will finish your process of transformation, and you will find peace.

You will also have the power to heal other people by helping them follow the divine guidance in their dreams. I teach you how to become a professional dream translator like me.

Dream translation will help you in your daily life, with your family and friends, in your work; everywhere. You will be able to predict the future and change the future development of your reality depending on your attitude.

This means that besides being cured, you will begin a new life, with many alternatives at your disposal. You will have the power to alter reality depending on your behavior. This is one of the most important alternatives you can have.

You will prevent diseases, mental illnesses, accidents, and many other misfortunes, besides being able to prepare the necessary conditions for your success in the future. The best of all is that you will follow a guaranteed plan that will really help you achieve your goals.

God doesn’t make tests. He already knows what you need.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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After my initial help, you’ll learn how to translate your dreams yourself with my dynamic method of dream translation, derived from Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation. The unconscious wisdom will guide you forever, and help you acquire complete consciousness. Click here to Submit your Dreams

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