Understanding The Meaning Of Life And Death

Meaning Of LifeSomeone had to discover the true meaning of life and the meaning of death. I couldn’t imagine that this was my destiny, but after analyzing my life biography, my dreams, and my literary work based on Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation I could better understand the preparation I had. I could also better understand the dream language.

Since then I started obeying the divine guidance in dreams, even though I couldn’t understand the religious importance of the unconscious mind in the beginning of my research.

I believed that I should be a scientist instead of being a literature writer. Nobody would believe that an insignificant woman like me could continue Carl Jung’s research and discover the existence of the anti-conscience, which is our wild conscience.

The anti-conscience generates mental illnesses within our conscience. By discovering its existence and by fighting its absurdity, I could discover how to completely eliminate or prevent a mental illness.

I was worried because I didn’t have a scientific background, but later I understood the importance of my literary talent. My artistic vein helped me keep my sensitivity alive, even when my heart was frozen.

The most important fact in my long and difficult research was my obligation to put an end to hunger on earth. I had this desire because there were many poor people in Brazil where I was born, and the divine unconscious mind gave me an extraordinary literary talent.

I lived like a princess, surrounded by many beggars. This situation gave me the inspiration to write a book about a philanthropic beggar who wanted to put an end to hunger on earth. It happened when I was 15-years-old, after facing a tragic car accident.

I was revolted with the human misery. I stopped believing in the existence of God. Therefore, I was trying to put an end to poverty based on my suppositions. This is why in the end the beggar failed. He was unable to feed the poor.

This book helped me remember during my entire research that I had the obligation to help God put an end to poverty and terror, even though this was an impossible mission.

By analyzing the meaning of dreams and fighting schizophrenia into practice I could understand how all mental illnesses are formed and how they can be cured. I realized that a scientist would never be able to fight absurdity like I did because I had a purpose that surpassed the importance of my own existence.

I remembered my religiosity after realizing that the unconscious mind was God’s mind. I studied during twelve years in a Catholic school with Silesian nuns. I kept studying in the same school even after the accident, when I became an aggressive atheist.

I started accepting the possibility of God’s existence again a little bit before getting married, when I was almost 22-years-old. However, I didn’t have real faith. I simply understood that I was unable to understand God’s decisions because I was ignorant.

I could really recuperate my faith because I found proof of God’s existence by analyzing my dreams and my literary book “The Philanthropic Beggar” based on Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation.

My research was very difficult and dangerous, and I had no recognition from anyone. However, I understood that I would never be able to understand how to eliminate invincible mental illnesses if I would imitate the examples of the cold and indifferent scientific community of my historical time.

We are very far from sound mental health because we are insensitive. Everyone must follow a process of psychotherapy.

Human beings inherit a huge absurd and evil conscience from birth. There is craziness ‘a priori’ in the human brain. This shocking discovery was predicted by Carl Jung, who was afraid to continue his research. This is why he accepted ignorance from a certain point and on.

I had to continue his research from that point and on, to discover the existence of the absurd and evil anti-conscience, which proves the satanic origin of the human being. In other words, we are basically demons with a tiny human conscience; which is easily destroyed when we accept what is bad.

We are not human.

This is why our world is ruled by terror, but camouflaged by hypocrisy and indifference to the human pain.

A scientist wouldn’t have this vision. I had to be a literature writer first of all in order to understand this truth and condemn the global cruelty.

My literary book always reminded me the pain of those who have no human rights and no protection in the cruel world. I had to be a hero and bear my suffering, besides all difficulties.

Everything was tragic. There was no way to put an end to poverty, terror, violence, and immorality on earth. God was trying to make an impossible miracle.

Only goodness can save the human race, but there is no real goodness in the hypocritical world, and there is no goodness in the human hearts. Most hearts contain hatred, which works like poison.

Human beings merely pretend to be human. The only exceptions to this rule are the rare saints of the human history.

I had this notion in an obscure form when I was a teen because I was a literature writer and my book was giving me many explanations, but I couldn’t understand their real meaning. I wrote this book inspired by the unconscious mind, which gives us artistic talents, and philosophical and religious inclinations.

When I became a dream expert, I was able to understand the scientific and the religious meaning of my literary work by translating the symbolic meaning of the dream symbols found in my book. I clearly understood why the continuation of Carl Jung’s research had to be done by someone who wouldn’t belong to the scientific field from the beginning.

What really matters in life is our sensitivity, and not our intelligence. We should care more for our spiritual evolution than about having material pleasures. However, our idiotic anti-conscience keeps misleading our one-sided conscience with its evil solutions.

It’s hard to pay attention to our spiritual reality when we are so concerned about the material world. Our wild tendencies don’t let us prefer understanding the meaning of our abstract reality. We have many instinctive animal reactions.

We have to pass through a process of transformation during our lives, so that we may stop being demons and become sensitive human beings.

I’m telling you my story and everything I could discover to help you surpass the mindset of your historical time and win the fight against your wild nature. My work relates science to religion, giving you scientific and religious explanations. These explanations help you understand why you should desire to be a perfect human being.

Goodness has no meaning for the hypocritical world. However, it must be meaningful for you.

You have to learn how to transform your personality and your life thanks to your direct contact with God. Dream translation based on the scientific method gives you this power.

This alternative will give you self-confidence and safety. You will understand how to escape the traps of the world, and the logical traps of your anti-conscience.

You will stop following the lies of the hypocritical world. You will be a savior. Your work and your example will help the world understand the importance of goodness and wisdom.

You will follow the divine philosophy of life, and not the ridiculous behavior of your idiotic anti-conscience. You will feel better, and everyone around you will feel better thanks to your existence.

Goodness and wisdom will help you find authentic happiness that lasts forever. This is your real purpose. You have to become a perfect human being, so that you may find authentic happiness – instead of ending up on terror and despair.

Some people don’t want to believe in the dream messages when their dreams predict a severe mental illness. When I translate their dreams for them and I tell them that their anti-conscience is destroying their human conscience, what means that they will be cruel and immoral in the future, they tell me that they would never be able to be cruel or immoral in their lives.

They don’t understand that when their anti-conscience will manage to completely control their behavior, they will behave like wild animals and not like conscious human beings.

The divine unconscious mind sends warnings to all dreamers a long time before they will be exposed to dangerous life situations in order to prevent a mental illness.

The dreamers who pay attention to the meaning of their dreams and respect the divine guidance manage to eliminate their anti-conscience. They acquire total consciousness, and they become sensitive human beings who are able to find authentic happiness in life.

You must be one of them. This is indispensable for you because there are many dangers threatening your mental stability all the time. You must care about guaranteeing your mental stability before having serious psychological problems.

My discoveries are unpleasant and sad because I discovered that our nature is absurd and evil. However, the fact that I could discover this bitter truth thanks to the divine guidance means that now we can understand what to do to solve this problem.

We can eliminate what is absurd and evil from our minds and from our world by obeying the divine guidance.

There is more.

Nothing ends on earth, the same way that nothing begins here. There is life after death, and it depends on our attitude during our lives in the material world.

You have to stop being completely absorbed in your material reality. You must care about purifying your spirit, transforming your personality, and finding sound mental health because you will need peace after abandoning the material world. Without peace you will burn in hell.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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