Effective Psychotherapy For Schizophrenia Through Dream Translation

SchizophreniaSchizophrenia is a severe mental illness that cannot be cured; especially based on the suppositions of doctors who ignore the internal functioning of the human brain. The unconscious mind that produces our dreams possesses undoubtable wisdom, which surpasses the human knowledge. This is why the unconscious mind can cure any mental illness.

Carl Jung discovered this truth, concluding that the unconscious mind is God’s mind. I completed his research, discovering a lot more.

The unconscious psychotherapy for schizophrenia is the only effective one. Only the divine unconscious mind is able to cure a mental illness; even if it is a simple depression.

The unconscious mind has an internal vision of your brain, and reflects this vision in your dreams. You understand why you are suffering, and what to do to find peace.

Simple mental illnesses like depression or neurosis are cured in around 8 months of psychotherapy, but severe mental illnesses like schizophrenia or psychosis need time. Your treatment can take from 5 to 15 years, depending on your case. If you will cooperate with the unconscious mind, you will find sound mental health in only 5 years of psychotherapy.

This is not a long time if you will take into consideration the fact that severe mental illnesses cannot be cured and also the fact that those who follow psychotherapy based on human suppositions become dependent of this treatment for life. They never become strong and self-confident. Mental illnesses cannot be cured based on human knowledge because we are ignorant.

Five years are necessary for the restoration of your human conscience, which was destroyed by your wild conscience, the dangerous anti-conscience. After this period of time you will feel much better, even if you will still need this treatment.

In the beginning you should submit your dreams for professional dream translation, but later you can study the dream language yourself and translate your dreams without depending on a dream translator.

Human doctors give you medication, hoping to eliminate the symptoms of schizophrenia without knowing what causes absurdity. The unconscious mind gives you important information and guidance. You understand what is happening to you and how to fight craziness.

In the beginning this is hard, but this is how your human conscience will resurrect. You will stop being a victim of the invasion of your wild conscience into your conscience. You will learn how to fight craziness by offering resistance to your anti-conscience’s thoughts.

All abnormalities in your mind and behavior are caused by the invasion of your anti-conscience into the conscious field. This comprehension will give you relief.

You will understand how to stop being tortured by all unbearable symptoms and absurd thoughts, after verifying their origin. This is a process of consciousness that will help you become strong and self-confident instead of being afraid of your mental health problems.

This process is difficult, but the unconscious mind is God’s mind. There is another dimension in the dream messages. You are helped by divine wisdom, like all the ancient civilizations that believed in the power of dreams.

The current civilization distorted and despised the meaning of dreams, but you must avoid being misled by the hypocritical world. You must respect the precious messages contained in your dreams.

Carl Jung was a successful psychiatrist and psychologist because he respected the dream messages. I continued his research without having the intention to do so.

I was trying to find solutions for my own psychological problems, but in the end I discovered so much that I had the obligation to become a doctor. I had to accept his responsibility.

I simply obeyed the diving guidance. I was guided from the beginning to the end. You will be guided like me and my patients. God is a natural psychotherapist, and a teacher. You will be able to understand your psychological problems as if you were a doctor yourself.

The explanations you have in dreams help you understand what determines your behavior, what determines your destiny, and many other amazing truths you could never learn without this alternative.

You have confirmations in your behavior and life, and you also verify that these explanations are related to many other details of your life.

You feel consoled because you understand that you were not responsible for making mistakes in the past, since you were controlled by your anti-conscience. This vision helps you forgive yourself.

This is the most important matter of your life; especially if you made many costly mistakes in the past.

You also learn how to forgive your enemies and calm down. The peace of the unconscious mind helps you find internal peace.

Your mind and your heart will be clear. You will verify into practice that the divine unconscious mind knows how to help you get rid of all the unbearable symptoms of schizophrenia. You will also verify that you will have the chance to begin a new life based on wisdom, after making many mistakes when you were ignorant, and you were an easy victim for your anti-conscience.

You will follow a process of spiritual evolution and deeply understand the importance of sanctity and spiritual perfection. This is the purpose of all religions, which were all created by the same God to teach us different aspects of our complex spiritual reality.

God helps you discover the power of wisdom and goodness. You stop being misled by your wild conscience and by the false world.

* You find sound mental health and spiritual health

* You have the chance to use all of your brain power in a positive way

* You become more sensitive

The path you follow helps you find completion. The restoration of your human conscience depends more on you sensitivity than on your intelligence.

You will gradually become familiar with the symbolic dream language, which describes what is happening into your brain and psyche. Even the information you have about the outside world always is related to your personal life. Your dreams help you stop making logical and behavioral mistakes imposed by your wild nature.

You find peace. Real peace, based on wisdom and goodness, and not on illusions.

Your process of transformation will help you become a superior person, independently of your age. You can begin a new life at any time.

After eliminating your anti-conscience through consciousness, you can become a genius. You will have the chance to use all your talents.

Your intelligence will increase without limits. You will be able to achieve your goals without being intimidated by any challenge.

This means that your psychotherapy through dream translation opens new horizons for you. After finding sound mental health you will also understand the meaning of life. You will become a brilliant person, and you will be happy with your life.

In the past you couldn’t have the alternative you have today. Only today my work is ready. Carl Jung’s complicated method of dream interpretation was confusing and incomplete. You needed my simplifications to be able to easily understand the unconscious language.

You should study my lessons while you submit your dreams for translation. You will be able to better understand my translations, and at the same time you will have private lessons of dream translation.

After the initial five years you may be cured, or you may need more time. You will be able to translate the meaning of your dreams by yourself after my practical lessons while I will translate your dreams, and after studying my ebooks.

Do you believe that five years is a long time? Yes, it can be considered to be a long period of time. However, the restoration of your conscience is difficult; as a matter of fact it is practically impossible.

You should be grateful because you will find sound mental health and wisdom if you will respect the divine guidance. Your strange dreams help you naturally overcome your psychological problems through many ways.

The atheistic and materialistic world cannot understand the importance of wisdom and goodness, but you have to surpass your historical time. Carl Jung’s scientific research and my scientific research helped me find undoubtable proof of God’s existence.

The world cannot understand the religious importance of this fact. Jung concentrated his attention on the scientific importance of his discoveries because he was a scientist. I completed his research thanks to my capacity to understand the philosophical and poetical aspect of the dream language.

Your dreams will give you real knowledge, and you will manage to restore your human conscience. You are sure that you will be cured. This is a guarantee that human doctors cannot give you. You are not safe when you trust human suppositions and theories.

You can trust the divine guidance because it is based on wisdom and sanctity. You will verify this truth into practice. You will be relieved from the beginning of your path because you will understand that the guidance you have really is superior.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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