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Mental HealthAll mental health treatments you find everywhere tell you that your recovery is not guaranteed. You may have to get adapted to your mental illness for life. The method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung is the only method that guarantees your recovery, as I prove with my work. I could continue Jung’s research and discover a lot more exactly because his method is the right one.

Your dreams are produced by the wise unconscious mind, which proves God’s existence into practice. Jung didn’t understand the real meaning of his own discovery because he was afraid to completely trust the unconscious wisdom.

I precisely obeyed the unconscious guidance, understanding that I shouldn’t trust my absurd and ignorant conscience. My attitude helped me discover the origin of all mental illnesses, and clarify all the obscure points in Jung’s work.

I could cure many people from mental illnesses through dream translation since 1990 because the unconscious mind is a doctor. The dream messages work like medication, even when they are frightening warnings.

Dreams help your human conscience become more intelligent and able to fight the absurdity of your anti-conscience.

All mental health issues are caused by the anti-conscience, which is absurd and evil. It is your second conscience, which remains in a primitive condition because it doesn’t want to learn anything new. It is an idiotic and self-destructive conscience. Its distorted nature is the tragic result of numerous frustrations and failures.

You inherit an anti-conscience because without it you wouldn’t be able to think. Your conscience must be able to understand the difference between what is good or bad in order to work. Both are part of your reality.

However, understanding what is bad has a negative effect. It made your anti-conscience prefer what is bad. Your idiotic human conscience tends to prefer what is bad too.

By being evil you seem to find an easier way to get what you want, without all the complications you would have to deal with if you would be honest. You don’t understand that whatever is bad becomes worse in the future. The positive results you seem to have when you are evil always have many negative consequences in the future.

Your human conscience understands that many times you have to make sacrifices in order to learn something, or in order to achieve a certain goal. You have to study and you have to work. Your human conscience accepts the necessity to suffer for a certain period of time with the intention to become a better person and achieve a higher level of knowledge.

However, your anti-conscience keeps trying to make you abandon your plans and rest. Your absurd and evil anti-conscience doesn’t let you evolve. It keeps trying to make you accept what is bad so that it may have the chance to generate a mental illness within your conscience.

This way, your anti-conscience will manage to control your behavior instead of being tamed by your human conscience. The main intention of your anti-conscience always is to mislead your conscience. It merely pretends to help you solve your problems in a more advantageous way.

When you have traumatic experiences in life, your anti-conscience has the chance to send you numerous absurd suggestions, with the supposed intention to help you easily solve your problems.

All mental illnesses begin with neurosis, or better saying, with depression, and then neurosis. Mental illnesses have numerous variations, but their initial form always is the same. The process followed by the anti-conscience for the destruction of your human conscience can be predicted, besides its variations.

Your human conscience is one-sided and under-developed because it works based on one psychological function from the four you have at your disposal: thoughts, feelings, sensations, and intuition. It also uses a half-developed psychological function to analyze everything and make its decisions.

The two and a half psychological functions that are not working in your conscience, are working in your anti-conscience. This means that your mind keeps following one conscience or another. The movement that is always happening in your brain is the following:

Your one-sided conscience has human characteristics, but it makes many mistakes because it doesn’t pay attention to the details it doesn’t perceive, like, or understand. Its center is your ego. Your absurd ego always has the tendency to have a superior social position.

Your absurd and evil anti-conscience has satanic characteristics and has an independent functioning. It keeps trying to destroy your capacity to think logically through craziness and despair.

Your wild conscience takes advantage of your traumatic experiences to invade your human conscience and impose its absurd thoughts . When you accept these thoughts without condemning their cruelty, it starts destroying your capacity to think logically with more absurd thoughts.

The anti-conscience justifies its crazy ideas based on selfish criteria. Its excuses are based on personal points of view that are not related to your objective reality as it really is, but they seem to be logical conclusions.

When your anti-conscience manages to destroy a big portion of your human conscience, it imprisons your ego into the labyrinth of craziness.

In order to be cured, you have to send your anti-conscience away, but it doesn’t abandon your conscience, since you keep following its absurd thoughts. You cannot understand that you are following thoughts that will force you to make dangerous mistakes. You believe that your anti-conscience’s thoughts are helping you solve your problems, but they will generate more problems instead of solving the ones you already have.

This is why the cure of mental health problems is impossible. Your anti-conscience is powerful because it occupies the biggest part of your brain. Your one-sided conscience cannot understand that the thoughts that invade your mind don’t belong to your human conscience.

Only God knows how to help you stop listening to the absurd thoughts sent by your anti-conscience when it manages to invade your conscience and destroy a portion of you conscience.

Your idiotic conscience trusts your absurd and evil anti-conscience, believing that it is ‘your’ conscience, while it is your primitive conscience, which thinks like a prehistoric man. It is not your intelligent and sensitive human conscience.

What is absurdity?

Absurdity is formed by illogical thoughts that generate despair. Your anti-conscience can think, but its reasoning system is absurd. Your wild conscience is your second conscience, which is basically idiotic, but pretends to be smart. Its intention is to destroy your conscience and control your behavior. It is sneaky and unfair.

Your anti-conscience belongs to you, but you ignore its content. You can see only the content of your human conscience. However, when your anti-conscience invades your conscience with numerous absurd thoughts and it starts destroying your conscience, you start seeing its content in your conscience. This is why you have unbearable symptoms, like dizziness, fainting, oral and visual distortions, abnormal reactions, unexplained fears, panic attacks, blackouts, and hallucinations.

You will never get rid of these symptoms if you won’t manage to send your anti-conscience away. If it will remain in your conscience, it will keep destroying your capacity to think logically through craziness, and causing numerous problems to your life.

The divine unconscious mind shows you in your dreams how you can escape the logical traps of your anti-conscience and stop suffering because of its interference. You have to be prudent. Otherwise, you will be an eternal victim of your anti-conscience and your mental illness will destroy your life.

If you believe in the empty words of doctors who tell you that you can have a ‘meaningful life’ besides being mentally ill, you must open your eyes and look for the right psychotherapy. You have to follow God’s guidance; and not the suppositions of the hypocritical world.

Your anti-conscience causes damages to your conscience even if you don’t seem to be mentally ill. It manages to influence or control your behavior in numerous situations. You must learn how to control your behavior and your life by following the safe guidance of the unconscious mind.

The unconscious treatment guarantees your mental health recovery because God knows how to help you fight the sneaky attacks of your anti-conscience, and find sound mental health. After getting rid of your dangerous wild conscience you will begin a new life.

You will learn how to use all of your brain power to your advantage, after consciously developing all your psychological functions. You will also have a balanced attitude, instead of being either introvert or extrovert. You will have both attitudes at the same time.

You will become a self-confident and wise individual and you will also help many people thanks to your extraordinarily personality and talents. You can even become a genius if you will keep following the divine guidance. You have this potential. Everything depends on your seriousness.

The scientific method of dream interpretation will help you understand many things at the same time, and change your behavior. By reading God’s words in dreams and following the guidance you have, you will be cured. You will become strong. Your mind will be clear.

This is guaranteed because your dreams really are produced by God. Carl Jung’s scientific discoveries, and my discoveries by following his lessons prove to the world that the unconscious wisdom must be respected. Many people are constantly verifying this truth.

The information you have in dreams helps you abandon your wild nature and become a superior person. You gradually follow a process of transformation that helps you stop making mistakes and find peace.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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