Intriguing Dreams That Predict The Future

Dream Symbol Intriguing dreams about strange situations, complications, and transformations predict the future. For example, here is a sentence from a dream dreamt by a young woman:

He drops two items on the floor that looked like capsules. One of the pills changed into a blue dragon with eyes at the tail. I was frightened and later it turned into a lion, then a dead cockroach.

As you can see there is a strange process of transformation going on. Pills become a blue dragon, which becomes a lion, and then becomes a cockroach. This is a strange sequence when you look at it based on the logic of your conscience, and you ignore the meaning of the dream symbols. Nothing makes sense.

The meaning of dreams is symbolic. You have to learn the meaning of the most important dream symbols, and you have to follow the dream logic, which is based on the unconscious wisdom and sanctity.

This dream is showing to the dreamer what will happen in the future with this sequence. I cannot write down the entire dream (which is long) and the dreamer’s life biography because my translations are private. I can only use a few sentences of the dream to give you practical lessons, without revealing important details about the dreamer.

You can have this vision in the ebook Dream Interpretation as a Science, where you will find real examples of dreams and translations. The dreamers who participated of my temporary offer of free professional dream translation agreed to let me use their dreams and their life biography in order to teach you all the details of the process you must follow when you translate a dream.

Now, I will translate the part of the dream I’m using to give you today’s lesson.

Dream Translation:

He drops two items on the floor that looked like capsules.

The capsules represent medication, a way to cure a disease. They are a solution that may work or may not work.

The fact that your perfect match dropped the doubtable possibility to cure a disease on the floor means that he has no hope to ever cure a disease this way. The disease is a mental illness and not a physical disease.

These capsules represent a solution that couldn’t work, and he realized this fact.

The fact that they were two indicates that they would cure the two psychological functions that are not working in your conscience.

One of the pills changed into a blue dragon with eyes at the tail.

The dragon represents evilness.

The blue color represents understanding.

The tail represents vulgarity, lack of morals.

The eyes represent the vision you have.

This means that this false solution to put an end to a mental illness will bring evilness to your psyche, even though this evilness will be disguised as if it was showing understanding and it was not evil.

This evilness will analyze everything based on immorality and vulgarity.

In other words, the solution your perfect match found to put an end to your mental illness is a solution that will transform you into an evil woman who will analyze everything based on immorality, even though you will pretend to show understanding.

I was frightened and later it turned into a lion

This means that the evilness will transform you into a selfish and demanding person who easily becomes angry.
Your ego was afraid of this dangerous process of transformation into evilness and then, into selfishness.

then a dead cockroach.

The cockroach represents a disgusting person who is immoral and indifferent, a person who is extremely selfish and unfair.

This means that your selfishness became disgusting behavior.

The fact that the cockroach was dead means that in the end you will lose everything, after becoming so disgusting.


This dream warning was about the dreamer’s behavior in the future, when she would have to face a big challenge. The unconscious mind was showing her what would happen if she would follow the absurd thoughts of her anti-conscience when she would face a difficult situation. The dreamer had to be careful, and control her anger.

When you know the meaning of the dream symbols and the dream logic, you can understand the unconscious messages. You have information about the future in your dreams in order to get prepared for what will happen, and have the right attitude.

Intriguing and vivid dreams prepare you to face challenging situations in the future the best way you can. Each challenge is like a test.

When you are a student you have to get prepared to answer many questions in a test by studying this matter. Exactly the same happens with your life. You are prepared to face the future thanks to the lessons you have in your dreams. The precious information you have in your own dreams helps you deal with all life challenges.

Sometimes you know that you will have to face a certain challenge in the future and you try to get prepared for it, but there are many unexpected situations in life. This is why you need the unconscious guidance, and the predictions that give you clear information about what will happen in the future – and why.

The information you have is based on divine wisdom. The unconscious mind that produces your dreams is God’s mind. You should be grateful for this information, even if you have bad dreams.

If you usually have bad dreams and nightmares and you cannot understand why God should upset you with such dreams, you have to realize that your dreams reflect the influence of your wild conscience into your human conscience. The dangerous situations you face in your dreams help you avoid dangerous situations in life, and preserve your mental stability.

Many nightmares are predictions of the future. They show you dangers you cannot see, and many other dangers you know that are threatening you, but you are not doing anything to protect yourself as you should.

Since we inherit and absurd and evil anti-conscience that is constantly trying to destroy our conscience, we always are in danger. God is a very serious psychiatrist and psychologist who tries to protect our mental health from the attacks of our absurd and evil anti-conscience.

The anti-conscience also causes problematic situations, accidents, and other misfortunes – always with the intention to destroy our conscience through craziness when we will be desperately looking for solutions.

Nightmares predict a mental illness. You ignore what is happening into your brain and psyche. This is why you believe that your bad dreams are annoying. You have to translate their meaning to understand how to protect yourself, and how to prepare positive results for you in the future.

When you will stop making mistakes, you will stop having nightmares. You will have positive dreams, which will reflect your progress and help you explore the dream power.

Positive dreams are pleasant. They are not mysterious and scaring like intriguing dreams that make you sad and worried. Intriguing dreams with many dangerous adventures and strange transformations indicate that you are passing through a difficult period of time in your daily life.

They are giving you an image of what is going on into your brain and psyche to help you understand what to do. When you face unexpected problems you have many negative reactions that bother you, while you have to care about solving your problems instead of complaining and becoming irritated.

Through dream translation you learn how to always show wise behavior. You understand the origin of every problem. Therefore, you stop making mistakes and wasting your time. You calmly analyze all details, without falling into the traps of your anti-conscience, and into the traps of the cruel world.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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