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Symbolic Sign Psychology is the scientific study of mental states and their processes, with the intention to understand what determines human and animal behavior. In other words, psychology is a science that analyzes the human mind and behavior in comparison to the animal behavior, trying to understand why we behave the way we do.

Since they don’t have an internal image of the human brain and its functioning, psychologists can only observe the human behavior from outside, and relate this fact to the characteristics of everyone’s personality and life. After this observation, they make conclusions.

Therefore, psychology is a mysterious science based on observations, comparisons, and theories. This is why there are so many different psychological studies and treatments. Every psychologist can make a different study with different conclusions.

If you will compare the work of three known psychologists who marked the beginning of the formation of psychology as a science in our history, you will verify that their studies and conclusions were totally different.

Sigmund Freud related everything he could observe in the human mind and behavior to hidden sexual desires. Alfred Adler related everything he could observe to the hidden intentions of the person’s ego. His psychology is based on the inferiority complex.

Carl Jung’s work was more complex. He related everything he could observe to the existence of a personal and collective unconscious. His detailed analysis of the meaning of dreams and their importance gave him a better vision of our psychological problems and their solutions.

After them, numerous new psychologists developed different theories, based on different studies. Today there are so many psychologists following different methods that you don’t know which method can be trusted.

Statistics and facts reveal that most psychological treatments never end. They cause dependence to their patients, without solving their problems. This means that these supposed treatments simply give a temporary support to those who have psychological problems.

Therefore, if you have emotional and mental health problems, you are probably afraid to make a trip that may never end and that will force you to keep spending money, even though you will never recuperate your psychological energy.

I had this vision many years ago, when I was a young mother and I was looking for psychotherapy because I always was depressed and angry. Of course, there are many new methods today, but 30 years ago the situation was almost the same.

I was afraid to trust a psychologist. I didn’t have money for a treatment that would force me to keep visiting my psychotherapist forever, without helping me become a self-confident person. On the other hand, I had to be with my baby all the time. I had to do many other things for my house and my family. I didn’t have time for psychotherapy.

Fortunately, I started reading many scientific books, besides psychological ones, and I decided to precisely follow Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation. He discovered the right method because his method helps us understand the unconscious words in the dream images. The unconscious mind is in fact God’s mind. This is why we have precious information and guidance in dreams.

After continuing Jung’s research I could clarify and simplify his method of dream interpretation and verify that we don’t need the help of a psychologist if we follow the unconscious guidance. The unconscious mind already is the best psychologist we could find. Dream interpretation according to the scientific method is an independent science.

The divine unconscious mind shows you the truth, giving you many explanations about your mind and behavior. These explanations are not based on suppositions. You verify by yourself that you are able to understand the way your brain works, and what determines your behavior.

The unconscious psychotherapy is the only absolutely safe and effective psychotherapy you can find. You are cured thanks to God’s wisdom and sanctity. The information you have in dreams surpasses the material reality.

After mastering the dream language, you also have information in your daily life. You are able to read the symbolic unconscious messages in signs of your daily reality.

The symbolic meaning of your reality gives you more information and protection. Whatever is symbolic is not merely an abstract notion. It has a real meaning that gives you information about your material reality and protects you from numerous dangers.

For example, could the dream catcher prevent nightmares? Yes, because Native Americans respected the meaning of dreams. The dream catcher had a symbolic meaning for them, since they respected the symbolic meaning of the dream language.

The symbolic meaning of something is not a meaning that depends on the observer, or that is a variation of its literary meaning. The symbolic meaning of objects, animals, and facts based on the dream language gives you specific information and guidance.

You understand many things you ignored, and you are able to predict the future thanks to this information. This means that the symbolic meaning of your reality is extremely important.

For example, a swan in dreams represents wisdom. If you will observe a swan in your daily life, this fact means that you are becoming wiser. The swan is a positive dream symbol. Its symbolic meaning in your daily life is the same meaning it has in dreams. Therefore, you can feel confident after verifying that you are becoming wiser thanks to this sign.

You are used with the material reality and you cannot easily understand the importance of the abstract information you have when you know the dream language. You believe that everything in your reality happens by chance, while this is not true.

The fact that you went to a park where you found a swan swimming didn’t happen by chance. You needed the message given by this dream symbol in order to trust your knowledge. This sign was a confirmation. You really are becoming wiser. This is not a false impression.

By learning the dream language, you have an internal vision of your psychological condition. You also have trustworthy information abut your reality and the future even without sleeping and dreaming because God gives you many signs in your daily life, the same way He produces helpful dreams.

In order to have this vision you must stop following the narrow-minded concepts of the materialistic and atheistic modern civilization. Of course there is a spiritual reality, since God exists and speaks in dreams. If you will pay attention to the existence of your spiritual reality you will have many confirmations of its veracity.

The scientific method of dream interpretation helps you discover what exists behind the apparent reality. You stop thinking based on narrow-minded materialistic concepts.

There is a purpose for the human life. We don’t live in order to have interesting experiences and find happiness. We live in order to transform our wild nature into human nature. Only then, can we find authentic happiness. This is why everything in our planet gives us information about our main purpose.

We understand if we are making mistakes, or if we are following the right path thanks to the symbolic information we have in dreams and in our reality.

This means that you can trust the unconscious treatment through symbolic messages. You will surely find sound mental health and solve your daily problems thanks to this knowledge because it is not based on human theories.

Your basic treatment will finish in a few months of psychotherapy. You may need to continue this treatment for one year (or more) if you have serious psychological problems, but you won’t be dependent on this treatment forever.

Even if you have to keep following the unconscious treatment for two or three years because you had many traumatic experiences and you need more time to get rid of negative emotions, you have free psychotherapy in the dream images for life. God never stops sending you dreams with precious information and guidance, and meaningful symbolic signs.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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