Is Modernism Dangerous To Your Mental Health?

ModernismModernism is a concept based on modern ideas or expressions. It is an audacious style in the arts that substitutes classical and traditional forms with irregular and abstract images.

At the same time, it is a social movement that modifies traditional beliefs with new ideas. It is the acceptance of a free and disorganized lifestyle, in opposition to the well-organized lifestyle of previous generations.

Since you belong to the modern era, you obviously believe that modernism reflects an advanced mindset. You like to belong to the modern civilization.

You believe you are lucky because you have many facilities that your ancestors couldn’t have, without paying attention to the negative side of the modern philosophy of life.

Of course, modern ideas have positive characteristics since they are more flexible and they put an end to the old taboos of the past, but they also have many negative characteristics. You should pay attention to what is bad, so that you may avoid being affected by its negative influence.

If you indifferently follow the ideas of your historical time, you will make many costly mistakes.

For example, modern music is very good but classical music is superior. The perfection you find in a classical composition is extraordinary. This means that you should keep listening to classical music, besides listening to modern music. If you don’t listen to classical music you are disregarding the best music of the world.

And what about the extraordinary paintings made by many brilliant artists, before the appearance of the strange modern shapes?

Their beauty surely proves that they are better than modern paintings. Abstraction in art can be beautiful, but this is not guaranteed. Modern creations seem to be ugly when compared to classical forms.

You shouldn’t believe that modernism is an admirable style. It is a cold, abrupt, and obscure style that reflects the chaotic situation of the atheistic and materialistic modern civilization.

Our teens are wearing T-shirts with skulls because they are reflecting the barbarity of the modern civilization, and not because they are ‘modern’. They are not expressing something totally original that belongs to their generation.

Today’s teens believe that the skulls have another meaning, but the truth is that they reflect terror. Our commercial world is a living hell camouflaged by superficiality and hypocrisy.

If you will analyze the philosophy of life of many ancient civilizations you will verify that they used to pay attention to many things we despise.

Do you believe you should disregard the ancient wisdom?

There are numerous citations of dreams and dream interpretations in the Bible, but modernism invaded this area too, invalidating the importance of dreams. This is why nobody believes that our dreams are sent by God. Biblical lessons were interpreted by the modern clergy as if they had a ‘symbolic meaning’ that was not real.

However, the importance of dreams is extraordinary. All dreams are produced by God. This is a scientific discovery made by Carl Jung, even though he didn’t understand its religious importance.

Thanks to his discoveries about the meaning of dreams and thanks to my discoveries after precisely following his steps, today you have proof of God’s existence. Most importantly, you can read God’s words in the dream images and learn how to successfully solve your problems.

You will stop following the dangerous mindset of the violent and immoral modern civilization. You will be able to evaluate the wisdom contained in the dream messages, and in numerous ancient philosophical thoughts.

Modernism is dangerous to your mental health because it makes you accept what is absurd without condemning its absurdity. You are used to like abstract paintings that may merely reflect various artists’ mental illness. You are also used to accept many strange behavioral abnormalities as if they were ‘original’ modern reactions.

The freedom expressed in the modern style is violent and aggressive. It doesn’t help you feel better or become a better person.

If you believe that modernism is better than traditional ideas and creations, you should stop for a moment and think about this matter.

For example, today most people believe that religion is unimportant. They think that science can explain everything. Therefore, God is not necessary.

However, this is a false impression. Many scientific discoveries in numerous fields have already proved to the world that we must admit the existence of a superior entity if we want to be realistic. Our scientists cannot explain how so many different animal and vegetable species could appear in our young planet.

They are not even able to explain how the first live cell appeared on earth. If its appearance was the result of molecular combinations made by chance, the right formula for the appearance of life wouldn’t be accidentally found in only four billion years and a half, which is the age of our planet.

The modern concepts are not based on real facts, but on superficial conclusions, theories, manipulations, and illusions.

You believe you are better informed than your ancestors. However, you ignore basic truths that they had discovered because they paid attention to their spiritual reality. You are a materialistic slave of the global absurdity.

If you want to stop suffering as a victim of your own ignorance and as a victim of the wild tendencies you have inherited, you must stop wasting your time. The dangerous lies of the world are destroying your immune system. You are passively accepting everything you should disapprove and condemn.

On the other hand, you are not using your extraordinary capacities because you keep living like an animal. You have to discover the power of your spiritual reality.

You can change your destiny depending on your attitude. You can have many alternatives at your disposal, but first of all you have to eliminate your negative tendencies. You cannot be indifferent to your mistakes, the same way you are indifferent to the mistakes of the world. You have to change your life and help God change the world.

In the future modernism will be replaced by wisdom and spiritual perfection. Now that everyone can easily read God’s words in dreams a big obstacle for the human salvation was eliminated. My work helps you find the free and safe psychotherapy of the divine unconscious mind in your own dreams. I worked very hard for two decades to give you this alternative.

Everything depends on your obedience to the guidance you have. This is indispensable if you want to stop suffering for making costly mistakes.

You have to obey the divine guidance because you have an absurd and evil wild conscience that didn’t evolve like your human conscience. Your conscience is under-developed and one sided conscience, and must be developed.

God gives you many explanations in your dreams. You understand what you have to do. You cannot eliminate the absurdity you have inherited if you keep making mistakes.

Sometimes obeying the divine guidance is hard, but you should understand that if you won’t change your behavior, you will have to deal with worst problems in the future. God helps you get prepared to deal with future situations a long time before facing them. You will realize that thanks to your obedience to the divine guidance in dreams you will avoid many complications.

This is guaranteed. God doesn’t make tests.

Many times you won’t be able to believe in a dream prediction because what you will predict will be very different from what you were expecting, but you will verify that the prediction was true three years later. Other times you will predict facts that will happen the next day.

Your dreams contain precious lessons that help you stop being influenced by your wild self, so that you may evolve and use all of your brain power. Your dreams show you what will happen in the future to help you have the right attitude, and successfully face all challenges.

The guidance you have in dreams helps you transform your personality and control your behavior in all situations.

Therefore, even when the divine guidance will be unpleasant for you, you should have in mind that this is a preparation for the future. It also is necessary because you have to eliminate your negative tendencies.

You should abandon the modern concepts and understand what is good or bad based on God’s wisdom. The crazy ideas of the world are very dangerous.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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