Protecting Your Mental Health And Opening Your Eyes

VisionI remember the time when I was afraid of everything, and I didn’t know what to do to protect myself and my family. I was afraid of diseases and accidents. I was afraid of the future.

My life biography was marked by a tragic car accident when I was a teen, and by my father’s mental illness. Many other tragedies showed me that there were many dangers in life. When I became a young adult, I always was depressed and angry. It was hard to try to find out how to live well, without facing unbearable problems.

When I discovered the unconscious guidance in dreams and I verified that the information I had was real, I was immensely relieved. Since then, dream translation is my best tool in life. The dream messages contain precious information and guidance about crucial matters because the unconscious mind that produces our dreams is God’s mind. This is why the dream messages are superior.

You can have this magical tool helping you in all ways like me. I teach you everything I know.

The scientific method of dream interpretation is based on the unconscious guidance, and on Carl Jung’s discoveries about the meaning of dreams and their healing power. It is not based on my personal speculations and conclusions. I’m merely transmitting to the world the knowledge I found because I was extremely obedient.

When I understood the power of dreams I decided to dedicate my life to dream translation. I was surprised with all the knowledge I found. You would be surprised like me if you could see everything I could discover. I say that ‘I could discover’, but the truth is that the divine unconscious mind practically gave me all the knowledge I found.

I was simply collecting and relating all the information I had in dreams. I also related this knowledge to the scientific discoveries of many scientists from different fields.

Even the books I found were exactly the books I should read in order to understand everything. I noticed that there was an organization in the order of the scientific books I was finding in a local book store about the topics of my interest. I even had a dream about it, which helped me understand that this organization was not a coincidence.

In the beginning I was following the materialistic and atheistic mindset of the modern civilization. I couldn’t believe in the existence of a spiritual reality. I became atheist after the car accident, but I started admitting God’s existence again when I became 22-years-old. However, I had no faith.

I even had aversion to spirituality. I didn’t like to believe in metaphysical phenomena or anything that couldn’t be logically explained. Through dream translation I gradually realized that I had to abandon the narrow-minded concepts of my historical time.

I bought a collection of books about unexplained phenomena. I saw that there were many things that our scientists couldn’t explain. We couldn’t say that they didn’t exist only because they couldn’t be explained according to the criteria of the scientific community of our historical time.

This was the beginning of my long path. I kept discovering that there are many things that we ignore, but we have the impression that our scientists know.

There are also many scientific discoveries that are not announced to the world and remain ignored, besides their value and their importance. This happens because those who hold the global economy in their hands don’t want to let us learn many truths that could open our eyes and uncover their lies.

Many theories are considered to be scientific discoveries. The chaotic situation that prevails in the scientific field is the same situation we observe in all fields. Competition transforms serious scientists into disgusting marketers.

Our crazy world is a disorganized chaos, only superficially organized in a few points.

You will understand this truth when you will stop following the erroneous concepts of the barbarous modern civilization, which are based on selfishness, violence, immorality, indifference, and greed. The way you think today doesn’t let you observe the global absurdity as you should. You may somehow understand that our world is dangerous and many things are not as they should be, but your vision is not clear.

For example, if you will take into consideration all the ads used to persuade you to buy many things you don’t really need, you will have an idea of how many impositions you are exposed to everyday. However, even if you will think about all the lies of the hypocritical world and all the horrors of the daily news, you will still have a superficial vision. You cannot really understand how much you are manipulated by the false world.

You have to be realistic and learn how the world really works, and how the human brain works.

You will find safe and trustful knowledge in your own dreams. The unconscious mind will show you everything you have to know in order to avoid suffering for making mistakes, and find peace. Dreams contain precious guidance that cannot be distorted by the atheistic and materialistic world.

You will discover that diseases and accidents depend on your attitude. This knowledge will help you protect yourself and your family.

You won’t depend on expensive doctors, hospitals, and dangerous medication that might make you suffer even more instead of eliminating your disease. You will know how to prevent or naturally cure a mental illness or a physical disease thanks to the divine guidance.

This is a fact that the scientific community dislikes because this means that the methods used by many scientists must be replaced by the unconscious guidance in dreams. They will lose their profits and privileges, and they will have to learn the dream language.

In the future all scientists will unavoidably use the scientific method of dream interpretation to cure their patients and solve all problems. The dream language is a blessing to the world. However, the acceptance of this modification is difficult. Many products will be considered to be useless or dangerous.

For selfish individuals, financial interests are more important that the general well-being and everyone is selfish on earth. The only exceptions to this rule are the rare saints of the human history.

Therefore, there are many obstacles to the general acceptance of the divine guidance. The world disagrees with this necessity because most people are controlled or influenced by their wild conscience. Our world is ruled by terrorists who use military forces to impose their rules. This is why there is poverty on earth.

Poverty is the biggest cause of most horrors, but the billionaires who govern the world like this unbearable situation because it is advantageous for them. They like to be the only powerful ones.

There are many conspiracies, corruptions, and crimes on earth that remain ignored, besides the ones we learn in the news.

You are misled by many false impressions. You live in a dangerous world without paying attention to numerous dangers. You have to open your eyes and understand how to prevent mental illnesses, physical diseases, accidents, and other misfortunes.

The divine unconscious mind will give you the protection you need, after showing you the truth.

You can easily verify the power of dreams by submitting a dream for professional dream translation, even before studying the dream language. You can also easily learn the dream language now that I simplified Carl Jung’s complicated and time consuming method of dream interpretation.

Fortunately, the internet unites all countries now that my work is ready, after nineteen years of research and cures. When I started writing my first scientific book (in 1988) everything was difficult. The computer didn’t exist yet.

Now you have many alternatives that your ancestors couldn’t have. The most important one is your chance to directly talk with God through dream messages. God answers your questions, helping you in numerous ways. However, You have to be obedient and serious.

You are ignorant and imperfect. This is a basic truth you should always have in mind.

This necessity is a complication because you are used with the selfish criteria of the hypocritical world. Your anti-conscience keeps influencing your idiotic ego. You don’t like to be in an inferior position.

You have to be realistic. Your obedience to the guidance of your natural doctor is indispensable. If you keep making mistakes, you cannot be transformed into a wise and sensitive human being. God knows a lot more than you do.

God’s special protection will give you sound mental health for life, wisdom, peace, love, and authentic happiness. You have to be obedient if you want to become the special person you can be thanks to this alternative.

Of course, God is not a dictator. You are free to disregard His guidance and make as many mistakes as you may desire.

However, you should prefer to evolve and use all of your brain power. If you will indifferently imitate the bad examples of the hypocritical world you will become mentally ill, or acquire a severe mental illness.

Perhaps you already are neurotic like the biggest part of the world population, even though you ignore this fact. You should care about protecting your mental stability more than about ‘living well’. You will never be happy if you are mentally ill.

The false world makes you get adapted to your mental illness and simply accept its existence. You may like to believe that you can be happy and have a ‘normal life’ even if you are mentally ill. Of course the world must sell such lies, since the biggest part of the world population is mentally ill, and our doctors are unable to cure mental illnesses.

My work opens your eyes because it comes from God, since I was obedient to the guidance I had. This is my lessons are based on showing you the truth about the human absurdity. I wouldn’t be able to have this vision by myself.

If you already are mentally ill, you have to follow dream therapy and completely eliminate your anti-conscience through consciousness.

Only God knows how to cure a mental illness. Carl Jung managed to cure his patients because he respected the unconscious guidance in dreams.

I managed to cure many people through dream translation since 1990 because God is an excellent doctor. I translated the guidance I found in everyone’s dreams. God cures everyone’s psychological problems; not the dream translator.

God is the dream producer. The world must recognize this truth and respect the divine guidance. Only God can cure mental illnesses because only God can put an end to terror on earth.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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