Causes Of Depression And Fast Depression Treatment

DepressionCarl Jung was a pioneer. He managed to discover the real meaning of the dream language and the power of the unconscious psychotherapy. However, the world couldn’t understand and follow his complicated, obscure, and time consuming method of dream interpretation. Only a few souls could follow his steps. I was one of them.

Only after translating many dreams for many people for two decades could I simplify his complicated method of dream interpretation

Many people ignore how powerful the dream messages really are, and this is why they don’t believe in their importance. They are used with interpretations based on suppositions, which cannot help the dreamer in any way.

The scientific translations are totally different from the interpretations based on suppositions. They respect the meaning given by the divine unconscious mind to the images that compose the dream. The dreamer understands that the dream messages come from a superior mind.

The unconscious mind is God’s mind. This is why you can absolutely trust the information you have in dreams. The scientific translations accurately translate God’s words, giving you precious information and guidance you couldn’t have otherwise. Thanks to this information you understand the origin of every problem.

I will give you an example by talking about the case of a relatively young married man, who was deeply depressed and couldn’t understand why. His wife was pregnant. He loved his wife, and he was glad because they would have a child. He was happy with his job and his house. He couldn’t understand why he had suicidal thoughts.

He told me that he would try dream therapy because he had many nightmares and he couldn’t rest at night. However, he didn’t seem to believe in the power of this treatment. He asked me how he could know that my scientific interpretations were describing the meaning of the dream, and not my personal opinion.

I told him that he could learn the dream language himself, and better understand my professional translations. Later, he would have this knowledge always helping him, besides being able to verify that the dream images have a specific meaning. I have to remember the meaning of the dream symbols in order to translate the meaning of a dream.

Every image has a meaning given by the dream producer; the unconscious mind. I told him that he could verify that my translations were based on the meaning of the dream symbols already known.

This is why translating the meaning of the dream language is exactly like translating the meaning of a simple language made only by words, with the difference that the dream translator must translate images into words.

The dreamer told me that he had no intention to be my student. I explained that he didn’t need to learn the dream language in one day, but that it would be better for him if he would read my ebooks and understand how the human brain works, while he would submit his dreams for translation.

However, this was not really necessary. He could simply submit his dreams for professional translation and understand how to solve his problems.

After submitting two short dreams for translation, he understood why he was depressed. His attitude completely changed.

While in the beginning he was suspicious and indifferent, when he saw how brilliant the dream messages were, he became very interested on the meaning of his dreams. Then, he started studying the dream power collection with enthusiasm.

I cannot tell you many important details about this case because I must respect the dreamer’s privacy. I will only mention the fact that many men have feelings of weakness like women who suffer from postpartum depression. Many men are afraid of their responsibilities as fathers, even though this fear is usually visible only in mothers, who become depressed when they understand that they must take care of their children for life.

This is a heavy obligation that many people cannot bear, even though they theoretically like the idea of having a child, and even though they have the financial conditions to raise their children without problems. This fear is caused by many unsolved psychological problems, and many mistakes made by the dreamer in the past.

Dream therapy is a fast and clear depression treatment that shows you exactly why you are depressed and what you have to do. Most people solve their basic problems in 8 moths of psychotherapy. However, there are people who need more time because they have many psychological problems. The therapy can take 3 years, but you start feeling better after the initial 8 months of dream therapy.

This is the shortest and the safest treatment you can have. If you will become a dream translator yourself by studying my lessons, you don’t need a dream translator, but if you have serious problems, you should submit your dreams for professional translation. You can learn the dream language with time.

You may believe you know the reasons why you are depressed, but the real causes cannot be understood without real knowledge. You think based on your suppositions, and based on the suppositions of the world. Therefore, you believe in erroneous concepts, lies, and distortions of the truth.

The unconscious mind that produces your dreams cures your psyche based on wisdom and sanctity. By analyzing the meaning of your dreams you will be able to find out how you came to the point of being affected by depression.

The unconscious mind shows you the truth as it is. You stop believing in illusions. You learn how to solve your psychological problems, and better organize your life.

I will mention another example to give you another lesson. A mature woman (50 – 60 years-old) couldn’t understand why she was tortured by depression. She was happily married for the second time. She had only one daughter who already was an adult and was living in her own apartment, in the country where she was born. The dreamer was living in her husband’s country, in another hemisphere.

She told me that she needed a fast depression treatment because everyone could understand that she was depressed and she wanted to hide this fact. She sent me a very short dream for professional translation, telling me that she never had long dreams.

I told her that she had to pay attention to her dreams immediately after waking up, without thinking about anything else, in order to keep this information in her conscious memory. I also told her that by writing down her dreams in a dream journal she would remember more details.

After submitting three short dreams for translation and understanding some of her psychological problems, she remembered a long dream. This dream clearly reflected the real reasons why she was depressed, helping the dreamer understand how to stop being tortured by unbearable feelings.

I can only tell you that she believed that her depression was caused by the fact that she left her country and her daughter, even though they had a relatively good relationship, and she liked her husband’s country.

However, her real problem was related to the way she interpreted other people’s behavior. She couldn’t understand most people’s reactions.

The unconscious mind helps every dreamer get rid of false impressions and understand the essential. I cannot tell you many details that would help you clearly understand this dreamer’s problem, but you could verify that apparent causes are not enough to explain the real reasons why someone becomes depressed.

The unconscious treatment is superior because it comes from God. Carl Jung couldn’t understand the real importance of this fact, besides having discovered it before me. I completed the missing parts in his research, clarifying all the obscure points in his complex work.

This is why I directly show you what you will verify by translating the meaning of your dreams. You will learn how to transform your violent tendencies into peaceful and positive reactions. You will use all your psychological functions. Your life will completely change.

You will definitively stop being depressed and find motivation to begin a new life, based on different criteria. The divine unconscious mind shows you how you can prepare the positive conditions you desire in the future. You have endless advantages when you have a direct communication with God through dream messages, but you have to be humble and obedient.

Many times you will have to work and change your behavior. This is necessary because you cannot have the behavior imposed by your wild nature if you want to find peace and happiness.

Dream therapy is a natural treatment that works like mind empowerment. Your participation is indispensable because you have to become more intelligent and sensitive. You have to tame your wild reactions. They work instinctively, what means that you don’t think before acting in numerous occasions.

Your dreams help you control your behavior and always act based on wisdom. You will stop following the mindset of the commercial and hypocritical world after understanding God’s words. Your extraordinary personality will help you find authentic happiness that lasts for life.

You will also help the world, and become a strong and self-confident person. You will never become depressed again.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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After my initial help, you’ll learn how to translate your dreams yourself with my dynamic method of dream translation, derived from Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation. The unconscious wisdom will guide you forever, and help you acquire complete consciousness. Click here to Submit your Dreams

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