Logical Thinking And The Unconscious Wisdom

Symbolic MeaningIn order to understand what logical thinking really is you have to be able to identify the illogical aspect in someone’s reasoning. This is a very difficult matter, especially if you are following a logic based on ignorance and suppositions.

How do you know if your criteria are based on logical assumptions?

If you want to be objective you have to follow a series of rules. You cannot think based on your imagination. This is another very difficult matter because you are not able to analyze all aspects of your reality.

You tend to analyze only the aspects you understand and like. You don’t pay attention to numerous other very important aspects you should take into consideration. This happens because your conscience is under-developed and works based on only one and a half psychological function; instead of using the four psychological functions you have at you disposal (thoughts, feelings, sensations, intuition).

By translating the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method you are guided by the unconscious wisdom. The unconscious mind discovered by Carl Jung is God’s mind. This means that your dreams contain God’s words. This is a very important discovery. Carl Jung didn’t understand its real dimension. I completely trusted the unconscious wisdom, and this is why I could continue his work.

The divine unconscious mind is an excellent doctor and teacher. Your dreams contain important guidance about crucial aspects of your life; they talk about your mental condition, your future, and your happiness.

My work proves to the world that Carl Jung discovered how to translate the unconscious words in logical explanations that we can understand. My work also proves to the world that the unconscious mind that produces our dreams follows another logic, based on wisdom and sanctity.

The logic of our conscience is based on selfishness. This means that we tend to follow the narrow-minded concepts of our evil nature.

When you will understand the reasoning of the unconscious mind, you will better understand the meaning of dreams, and you will better understand the meaning of logical thinking based on valid criteria that are related to your reality as it is.

God gives you numerous explanations in dreams. This fact proves God’s existence into practice. God is alive and gives you answers in the dream images.

These images have a symbolic meaning you have to learn, the same way you learn a foreign language. Then, you will have this knowledge for life.

You will verify that the unconscious wisdom shows you many truths you ignored, which are confirmed in your daily life and fit other aspects of your life. The scientific translations transcribe God’s words without distortions. This is why you learn how to analyze your reality by developing your intelligence. You learn how to use all your psychological functions.

Many people cannot believe that the meaning of dreams is important because of various distortions of their meaning that cause frustration to those who try to understand their dreams. They cannot find interpretations that can be trusted.

The scientific translations respect the meaning given to the dream images by the dream producer; the wise unconscious mind. When you translate a document, you must understand the meaning given to the document by its author. You cannot distort the author’s words. Otherwise, you won’t translate this document. You will write a subjective interpretation of what you read, based on your personal opinion.

This is what all dream interpreters do. Only Carl Jung managed to understand that all important images for the human race already had a meaning that must be understood; and not invented.

After mastering the dream language you will be able to translate the symbolic meaning of paintings, literary works, and religious or philosophical documents. The dream language is everywhere.

If Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation wasn’t really able to translate God’s words, I wouldn’t be able to continue his complicated and dangerous research by following the unconscious guidance.

My discoveries complete and clarify his obscure and complicated method of dream interpretation because I was guided from the beginning to the end. The divine unconscious mind showed me what I had to do. God practically gave me all the knowledge I’m transmitting to the world.

If you will obey the guidance you have in dreams, you will be transformed into a wise and sensitive human being, and help many people. Your process of transformation depends on the characteristics of your personality and on your life biography. If you will be a good patient and student, you will find all the solutions you need in a short period of time.

You will become always more and more intelligent as you analyze the meaning of all dreams (not only yours, but other people’s dreams as well), and as you relate this knowledge to many other aspects of you life. After learning the dream language you will also have information about your reality without having to sleep and dream.

You will learn how to translate the symbolic meaning of facts and events of your daily life. This capacity will give you valid information about your reality and the future.

When you respect the rules of the scientific method, the information you have is not doubtable like the information you have when you trust other methods.

Dream predictions can be trusted. However, you have to learn how to translate the meaning of dreams based on the right method in order to have safe information.

Your future depends on your behavior. You define your future based on your actions. The unconscious mind shows you in your own dreams the different possibilities of the development of the future, depending on your attitude.

You will learn how to think based on valid criteria after learning how the world works, how everyone’s brain works, and how the divine unconscious mind thinks. You will have explanations about what is valid and really important in your reality.

Right now you have a partial vision of the world, and you ignore how the human brain works. Your opinion is influenced by the global opinion because you follow the mindset of your historical time.

You believe that many excuses could be considered to be fair justifications, while this is a false impression. This is only one example of the erroneous ideas you accept because the world agrees with them. Excuses are attempts to justify mistakes instead of admitting them. They are not valid criteria.

The unconscious wisdom will show you how to discern the truth behind many lies. Dream translation according to the scientific method is a method of mind empowerment, which works like psychological transformation, and spiritual purification. You have everything at the same time.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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