Divine Guidance Based On Dream Predictions

Divine GuidanceThe fact that many people believe that dreams have no meaning is strange and enigmatic. Why should the dream images be disorganized and unimportant, since they come from a natural source? Our organism is well-equipped with many natural protective functions.

Of course dreams are meaningful warnings, the same way that all the other indications of danger that automatically advise our body that we must protect ourselves are important warnings.

Whenever you feel pain in a certain part of our body, do you conclude that you should ignore this matter because this pain ‘has no meaning’?

Of course not. You understand that you have to investigate why you are having problems.

The same way, you have to learn the dream language and understand the warnings sent by the divine unconscious mind that produces your dreams. You have to understand why your natural doctor sent you bad dreams. The unconscious guidance is safe because it is based on wisdom and sanctity.

All dreams have an important meaning. They are organized based on the unconscious logic.

You may believe you are a normal person, but you ignore how much craziness you have inherited into your anti-conscience. You can see only the content of your tiny human conscience. You ignore what exists into your wild conscience.

Many people make costly mistakes at a certain point of their lives because they don’t pay attention to the meaning of their dreams. Then, they acquire a severe mental illness. A severe mental illness like schizophrenia or psychosis is a constant nightmare.

God sends you nightmares to prevent severe mental illnesses, or cure a mental illness already formed into your human conscience. A frightening nightmare is the prediction of a live nightmare in the future. A nightmare tries to prevent a terrible mental disorder.

The meaning of dreams was distorted by many impostors, but I prove to the world that only Carl Jung found out the real meaning of the complex dream language. His work cannot be compared to the work of average scientists. His method of dream interpretation wasn’t comprehended by the ignorant and hypocritical world because it is too complicated.

Only because I precisely obeyed the divine guidance in dreams and I cured many people through dream therapy during two decades, could I simplify the dream language and the process of psychotherapy you must follow.

My work helps you easily understand the meaning of dreams and solve your problems without wasting time. My research was not based on scholarly knowledge. I precisely obeyed the guidance of the wise unconscious mind, without believing in the lies of the hypocritical world.

This is why my lessons are totally different from the false information of the world.

I accepted to precisely obey the divine guidance because I understood my inferiority. You may believe that my attitude was obvious since I could understand the depth of my ignorance after learning many things I ignored. However, it was a difficult decision for a selfish person like me. When I was young I was indifferent, cruel, and lazy.

I trusted the divine wisdom instead of following my ignorant and absurd conscience. You should follow my example because this is a safe option. You are absolutely safe when you obey the divine guidance; while you always are in danger when you trust your own conscience.

First of all, your human conscience must stop being influenced by your anti-conscience. You have to develop all your psychological functions, instead of being satisfied with one and a half psychological function like now.

Today the word craziness is related to originality and freedom. However, my work shows to the world that there is nothing original in the human behavior. My discoveries prove to the world that freedom on earth is a myth.

The word ‘craziness’ must be associated to total absurdity. I clearly show to the world that we are absurd because we have inherited absurdity and evilness into our anti-conscience. This is why there is poverty on earth.

Poverty is death. A poor person cannot have a decent life.

Since we are indifference to the poverty that kills a big portion of the world population, this means that we are crazy. Poverty is terror because it is unbearable, and there is no way out. The fact that we insist on trying to live happily in parallel with terror clearly indicates that we are insensitive and absurd. Our indifference denounces our insanity.

There are many other details that denounce the human absurdity. The hypocritical world works based on craziness and terror. The fact that I prove to the world that we basically are demons with a tiny human conscience is an obvious explanation for the horrors that characterize our world.

This discovery confirms that we are unable to find peace and happiness. However, we accept our absurdity, and we try to get adapted to numerous absurd conditions and situations. We don’t want to see the truth. The existence of terror on earth proves that we are absurd demons. The indifference of those who are protected and have many privileges to the horrors faced by those who are poor, also proves that we are demons.

This is a discovery that couldn’t be made by an average scientist because a cold scientist is unable to feel the human suffering. A literature writer like me had to continue Carl Jung’s research, and then, become a scientist. First of all I had to be educated based on the unconscious wisdom through the magical inspiration that whispered the stories and poems I should write.

My sensitivity was kept alive thanks to my literary talent, even though I became neurotic when I was a teen, after facing a tragic car accident. This accident helped me understand the meaning of death many years later, when I became a dream expert. I had many dreams with explanations about the meaning of death.

My scientific research proves God’s existence to the world, and at the same time, it proves Satan’s existence, since we have inherited a satanic anti-conscience. Thus, my scientific discoveries also have a religious meaning.

God exists and He is exactly as described by all religions of the world, which were all created by the same God, the same way that the same God created different animals and plants. Our planet was specially created by God in order to cure our satanic anti-conscience and transform it into a positive component of our human conscience.

All dreams contain God’s guidance, even simple dreams that seem to belong to your daily reality. Everything in a dream has a symbolic meaning. The guidance you have in dreams helps you evolve, instead of being a victim of your wild nature.

You can understand how your future will be unfolded thanks to dream predictions, and verify the importance of your obedience to this guidance. You our obedience helps you avoid bad consequences.

You will be able to trust your own conscience when you will acquire total consciousness. Right now you have to obey the divine guidance, so that you may develop your intelligence and sensitivity.

Alone you will never manage to find balance. You have to be humble. You are not as intelligent as you may believe. If you won’t develop your human conscience based on God’s guidance, you will remain in an under-developed stage.

While the materialistic and atheistic world tries to make you get adapted to your mental illness, the divine unconscious mind teaches you how to become a mentally healthy individual, and save the world with your wisdom. The unconscious mind transforms you into a wise and sensitive human being.

Then, you help God put an end to craziness and terror on earth, thanks to your brilliant example and your work.

Most people believe that they have to care only about themselves and their own family, but this is a big mistake. The mindset of the barbarous modern civilization is eliminating the importance of goodness.

The commercial world promotes selfish ideals to everyone with the intention to keep selling numerous products to the indifferent population. You have to escape the traps of your historical time, and help God correct our mistakes.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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