Discovering How Your Brain Woks

Wild ConscienceWhen you learn the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method you understand your psychological content. The unconscious mind that produces your dreams works like a psychotherapist because you need psychotherapy, even if you don’t believe you have psychological problems.

You have inherited absurdity and evilness into your anti-conscience, which is your wild conscience. Your human conscience is deficient because it works based on only one and a half psychological function. You need help in order to transform your anti-conscience into a peaceful and positive component of your human conscience. This is not a simple matter because your anti-conscience is a dangerous demon.

Many people believe that the unconscious mind exaggerates when and I tell them that they have a hidden suicidal tendency or a dangerous immoral tendency, after translating the meaning of their dreams. They cannot accept the truth because they ignore what exists into their wild conscience.

A human being is not always a conscious individual. The biggest part of our brain belongs to our anti-conscience.

This means that you don’t know who you really are and what dangers are threatening your mental stability. You can see only the content of your human conscience.

The unconscious mind that produces our dreams has a divine origin and proves God’s existence into practice. Many people despise the importance of dreams because they ignore the meaning of the dream language, which was discovered by Carl Jung as I prove with my research and discoveries.

When you are able to understand God’s words in your dreams, you verify that the unconscious mind is an excellent doctor and teacher. You have clear information about how your brain works.

Many impressive dreams prove by themselves that there is an important meaning in the dream images. However, this meaning was distorted by too many impostors.

The truth is that the dream language is complicated. This is Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation is so complicated that only intellectuals have the patience to precisely follow his steps. His method also is incomplete. I had to clarify everything with my research in order to give you real knowledge in a simple manner.

The real meaning of the dream language cannot be understood by impostors who didn’t study everything that Jung could discover. His work is so complex that even the psychoanalysts who follow his psychology don’t know how to translate the meaning of dreams based on his method of dream interpretation.

The fact that I could simplify the dream language and the process of psychotherapy you must follow is a big advantage that Jung and his students couldn’t have.

Carl Jung ignored the basic reason why the unconscious mind produces our dreams, since he ignored the existence of the anti-conscience. However, he had discovered that craziness already exists in the human brain, after analyzing the words of patients who suffered from severe mental illnesses. He verified that they talked about things they ignored. Their words didn’t fit their daily reality.

After discovering the existence of the anti-conscience, I verified the depth of the human absurdity. This comprehension was the main reason why I accepted to precisely obey the divine guidance.

You may believe that human beings are reasonable creatures, even though sometimes we are absurd. However, the truth is that we are under-developed primates. Our conscience is idiotic. It must be developed through consciousness. The truth is that we are basically violent and cruel creatures, and we rarely act like human beings.

This is why our world is a living hell camouflaged by hypocrisy, indifference, superficiality, and greed. Our laws don’t protect poor people. Our laws protect murderers and thieves who can pay expensive lawyers, and bribe many people.

We are manipulated by those who hold the global economy in their hands. Corruptions, conspiracies, and crimes are part of the routine. There is no justice on earth.

Everything you know is based on hypocrisy, distortions of the truth, and numerous lies. All the knowledge given to you by the hypocritical world is false.

If you want to learn the truth about your mental condition you have to be serious and respect the unconscious messages in your dreams. Your dreams provide you with a safe, natural, and effective mental health treatment based on God’s wisdom and sanctity.

The divine unconscious mind doesn’t exaggerate when you have many dream warnings, which are in fact reflecting your mistakes. You believe you are able to control your behavior and respect your beliefs, but your anti-conscience is always trying to make you act like a demon.

You don’t know for how long you will be able to keep your sanity. Your mental stability is constantly threatened by numerous absurd thoughts. On the other hand, numerous wild tendencies start working automatically in your behavior, depending on the stimuli of your environment. You react instinctively all the time.

You are not able to control your behavior in all situations as you may believe. You depend on numerous factors in order to be able to show reasonable behavior. If you won’t have the necessary conditions to maintain your sanity, you will lose your mind.

If you believe that the mentally ill reflect signs of absurdity, you are wrong. Most people seem to ‘suddenly’ become mentally ill at a certain point of their lives. Of course, if you will analyze their life biography you will observe that they started showing abnormal behavior a long time before having visible absurd reactions. This means that you never know when or why someone who seems to be a reasonable and normal individual can completely lose their mind, and do crazy things.

Besides this fact, you don’t observe the mentally ill all the time. You don’t know when they show abnormal behavior, and to whom. They can pretend to be normal in most circumstances and reflect absurdity in a few situations, when they are not exposed to the outside world. Therefore, nobody knows that they are not as reasonable as they seem to be. As a matter of fact, nobody knows who is mentally ill or not in our world because the mentally ill are excellent actors.

Most people in our world are neurotic. Neurosis is a collective mental illness that characterizes the behavior of so many people, that we tend to consider it ‘normal’. However, the fact that a mental illness is observed in the biggest part of the world population simply means that it is a common mental illness. A mental illness doesn’t stop being absurd only because many people are affected by it.

What I’m showing you is totally different from what the world shows you about your mental health because my lessons are not based on my suppositions. I’m teaching you what I could learn from the divine unconscious mind. I also had to fight absurdity into practice and then, cure many people through dream therapy into practice for two decades.

The crazy world sells you antidepressants and tries to make you ignore your nightmares. I tell you that you must be afraid of medication, and follow the natural and safe treatment you find in your own dreams. This treatment is safe because it is based on divine wisdom, and not on human suppositions. You will understand the difference between the unconscious psychotherapy and the dangerous methods based on human inventions.

As an example of the human absurdity I could mention various attempts of many psychotherapists to eliminate the negative effect of traumatic experiences faced by soldiers in a war. Their attempt to prevent post-traumatic stress disorder in soldiers that face the horrors of a war reflects their own insanity. The truth is that this attempt reflects the human insanity in general terms.

Instead of doing everything we can to stop wars, we try to get adapted to terror based on indifference. This attitude is so insane that we should be able to immediately understand our absurdity only because we act this way. However, we are insensitive.

The cure for post-traumatic stress disorder on earth is the end of violence and immorality. We must prevent traumatic experiences by obeying the divine guidance, instead of following our absurd ideas. Every country is protected by military forces and many wars keep happening in our barbarous world because we are crazy.

We have to stop doing crazy things instead of trying to get adapted to our absurdity.

However, we justify our absurdity with hypocrisy and superficiality. We are ridiculous actors.

If I would show you all the absurdity of the world, I would have to write a book, or a series of books about this topic. There are numerous horrors in the world. A few of them are known, but many other horrors remain ignored.

You believe in numerous illusions.

You believe that military protection is ‘necessary’. You don’t want to pay attention to the absurdity you accept as if it was ‘reasonable’. You agree with the selfish, materialistic, and atheistic mindset of your historical time, without criticizing your attitude, and without analyzing the global absurdity.

The unconscious mind will open your eyes and show you everything you ignore about yourself and the world. You will understand how a mentally healthy person must be.

When you will have this vision you will understand that your historical time is not as advanced as you believe it is today. You will verify that we are not wiser than those who lived in the Middle Ages.

You will be grateful for being able to learn the truth thanks to the divine guidance in your dreams. You will also help the world find peace, since you won’t be controlled or influenced by your absurd and evil anti-conscience like most people.

You will be different. You will find peace and happiness, and give peace and happiness to the world.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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