The Safest And Fasted Method Of Mind Empowerment

SafeI had the intention to be wise from the time I was an ignorant child. I believed that wisdom brings happiness. However, I didn’t know how to find real wisdom, and I was misled by the hypocritical world.

When I became an adult I realized I had many psychological problems that had to be solved. I had to stop being depressed and angry all the time.

Fortunately, I found Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation, after studying many other methods that didn’t help me learn anything about the mysterious meaning of dreams.

Only Carl Jung’s method helped me find sound mental health through dream translation. Then, I started curing many people by translating their dreams for them and helping them put the unconscious guidance into practice.

Until today, most people despise the meaning of dreams. They are influenced by the interpretations of false dream interpreters, who interpret the meaning of dreams based on their imagination. After verifying how ridiculous these interpretations are, they don’t think that the meaning of dreams could be a serious matter.

However, the scientific translations are totally different from the subjective interpretations based on suppositions. The scientific method helps you understand God’s words in dreams. This is a surprising truth you can verify by yourself. The dream messages are not based on empty words.

You will understand that you are not using the biggest part of your brain on your behalf. You have to learn how to become more intelligent. Through dream translation you are guided while you follow a process of mind empowerment that also works like psychological transformation and spiritual purification.

You learn how to use all your psychological functions. This development gives you a global vision of your reality. You also understand that the information you have in dreams comes from God, and you discover a new dimension in life.

Your thoughts stop being concentrated only on your material reality. You are able to absorb the abstract meaning of your existence. This is the meaning existent behind false words, and beyond the camouflage of indifference and superficiality.

This is the safest and fastest method of mind empowerment you can find because it is based on divine wisdom. You should be afraid of methods that don’t help you become a mentally healthy individual. If you want to become more intelligent with the intention to spend your time doing what wouldn’t help you evolve as a human being, your intelligence won’t help you find happiness.

On the other hand, many methods of mind empowerment are dangerous for those who are mentally ill, while they ignore this fact. First of all you have to follow psychotherapy and stop having psychological problems, fears, erroneous ideas, and immature behavior. Then, you will be able to develop your intelligence.

Most people care about dream therapy because they already are mentally ill. Everyone is cured by following the guidance of the unconscious mind in their dreams, but the mentally ill keep repeating the same mistakes. They have a big difficulty on learning how to stop making behavioral mistakes. Thus, their treatment is longer.

As an intelligent reader, you should translate the meaning of your dreams before having unbearable symptoms and strange reactions. Dream therapy is a mind empowerment method that helps you prevent mental illnesses. You should care about guaranteeing your mental stability before dealing with difficult psychological problems and before making costly mistakes that cannot be corrected.

You have to be sure that you are a mentally healthy individual. This is the most important matter of your life, even though you ignore its real importance. My discoveries after continuing Carl Jung’s research prove to the world that we are under-developed primates. Our human conscience is only a spot. We have a huge wild conscience that doesn’t let us evolve because it insists on being violent.

Your conscience helps you think and judge your reality. If you think based on a primitive conscience that didn’t evolve with time, you think like a prehistoric man, and not like a conscious human being. Your anti-conscience is absurd and evil, but you ignore this fact. It sends numerous absurd thoughts to your human conscience with the intention to destroy your conscience. You must be able to recognize this truth by criticizing your thoughts.

However, the world doesn’t help you understand your mistakes. On the contrary, the world makes you accept the absurd suggestions of your anti-conscience.

Human beings may have discovered many things, but we still act like animals. We are not human. This is why poverty, wars, crimes, and many other horrors keep killing our population.

When you think based on your anti-conscience, you disregard what is bad. You don’t pay attention to the negative effect of distortions of the truth, and blatant lies. You stop thinking logically. You also become more insensitive and disconnected to your daily reality.

Through dream translation you will learn how to stop being a slave of your wild conscience. You will become more intelligent and sensitive. You will understand the importance of goodness and wisdom.

The mind empowerment process you will follow will help you have an extroverted and introverted attitude at the same time. You always will be sensible and sensitive. Therefore, you won’t make mistakes.

The information you will find in the dream messages will help you start using on your behalf the brain power used by your anti-conscience. Your human conscience will become stronger, and you will learn how to find authentic happiness in life.

The absurd modern civilization presents you a happiness based on having material pleasures because it is ruled by hypocrisy and greed. The world sells you false happiness based on illusions.

Your dreams show you the truth about your psychological content and your reality because they are produced by God. You will surely notice the big difference existent between the wisdom found in the messages of the unconscious mind, and human knowledge.

I prove to the world that all metal illnesses are naturally and safely cured through dream therapy. When our psychiatrists and neurologists will finally understand this truth, they will learn how to cure their patients without destroying their immune system with dangerous medication.

Until this day will come, you should not expect to see anyone recognizing the value of my work. I’m an independent researcher who precisely obeyed the divine guidance in dreams. I didn’t follow the lies of the hypocritical world and the knowledge ‘approved’ by the marketers who hold the global economy in their hands.

The knowledge you find in your dreams doesn’t come from the cruel world. You will become a doctor only because you will learn how mental illnesses and physical diseases are formed. You will also learn how to cure mental illnesses and diseases through dream translation. You can help many people with this knowledge, even if you are not a psychiatrist or psychologist. The real doctor is God, the dream producer.

The alternatives you have at your disposal have no limits. You can use this knowledge in your daily life, in your work, and in all circumstances.

You will also learn how to translate the meaning of the facts and events of your daily reality the same way you translate the meaning of dreams. You will have information about your reality and your future without sleeping and dreaming. The dream language is everywhere because God is everywhere. The dream language is a symbolic language that helps you understand God’s guidance in all situations.

After continuing Carl Jung’s research and discovering a lot more, I could simplify the dream language and the process of psychotherapy you must initially follow in order to start using all of your brain power.

In the beginning of my research I was too young and I already was neurotic. Everything I could achieve is the result of my obedience to the divine guidance. I’m not giving you lessons based on my personal opinion.

Dream therapy based on the scientific method of dream interpretation is a safe method of mind empowerment because it is based on divine wisdom, and not on human suppositions.

By obeying the unconscious mind, you will surely achieve superior goals. This is not only a matter of becoming more intelligent. The unconscious treatment is a deep process of transformation that helps you begin a new life; a meaningful and beautiful life.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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After my initial help, you’ll learn how to translate your dreams yourself with my dynamic method of dream translation, derived from Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation. The unconscious wisdom will guide you forever, and help you acquire complete consciousness. Click here to Submit your Dreams

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