Discovering The Power Of Sanctity

SanctityMy original lessons about the power of sanctity are surprising the world. These lessons come from the divine unconscious mind that produces our dreams and proves God’s existence into practice. Only because I was an obedient student, could I learn everything I’m teaching you.

Sanctity is perfect mental health and wisdom. You should desire to attain sanctity during your life. However, you have inherited an evil and absurd wild conscience, the anti-conscience, which doesn’t let you understand the importance of goodness.

This is why you have a negative reaction whenever you think about becoming a perfect human being. This is a goal you have no intention to achieve, and you don’t believe you should care about this matter.

You should have a different attitude because the meaning of life is not what the absurd modern civilization makes you believe. You are not alive in order to waste your time however you may desire. Instead of repeating the common mistakes of the human race, you must learn how to definitively stop making mistakes through dream translation.

You will do only what will bring positive results in the future. This is possible when you consciously obey the divine guidance because you understand that goodness is indispensable.

Now you know that you have inherited an absurd and evil conscience that didn’t evolve with time. Therefore, you can understand how dangerous absurd thoughts really are. You are not naïve like you used to be in the past, when you ignored the existence of your primitive conscience, which is constantly trying to influence your reasoning and your behavior.

Now you know that all negative thoughts are not innocent. When you accept what is bad you are not being original and creative. When you like to be crazy instead of following the social rules of your community, you are not doing anything differently from what your grandparents did. When you disagree with your religion and with the moral principles it shows you that you must respect, you are merely imitating your ancestors’ reactions.

There is nothing original in the human behavior. The human race keeps repeating the same tragic mistakes. Betrayal, revenge, and hatred keep killing our population like bombs for uncountable years.

The world always was ruled by terror and violence. Only a few civilizations could escape the destructive power of craziness and terror, but only for a certain period of time. All peaceful civilizations disappeared when the barbarous ones conquered the world.

We are in fact under-developed primates. We have to develop our intelligence and sensitivity while we are alive. We live in order to get prepared to die.

There is life after death, but nobody wants to pay attention to this fact. You should be open-minded and relate all the information I’m giving you. If God and Satan exist (what became very clear now that we know that God produces our dreams and Satan is our absurd and evil anti-conscience) this means that we have a spirit.

Now you can understand why you have to attain sanctity while you are alive. You cannot passively let your satanic anti-conscience generate invincible mental illnesses within your conscience through absurd thoughts. You have to fight its absurdity, and disagree with its evilness.

This is not a simple matter. You are not able to recognize your anti-conscience’s absurd thoughts. You need the unconscious guidance in your dreams.

You must learn how to eliminate your dangerous wild nature. Otherwise, you will have a sad life, and your spirit will suffer.

Finding peace is very hard. Most people find superficial peace based on having material pleasures, but whenever something goes wrong they don’t know how to deal with life’s challenges. They are manipulated and misled by everyone, and their anti-conscience takes advantage of their mistakes, generating a neurosis.

Thus, attaining sanctity is a guarantee that you will never become a victim of your anti-conscience. You have many other advantages that you are not able to evaluate right now because you didn’t achieve a higher level of consciousness yet. You will pass through a process of spiritual purification that will help you find peace.

Your spiritual perfection and your perfect mental health will help you easily solve problems that are impossible to be solved based on the methods used by those who ignore the meaning of life. You will verify that the spiritual reality is more important than the material one, and that you can change your material reality by following a process of psychological and spiritual transformation through dream translation.

Your objective reality depends on your attitude and behavior. You can cure incurable diseases and invincible mental illnesses if you will obey the divine guidance. This method is more efficient and safe than any other method you may find in the hypocritical world.

You tend to believe that what is bad is necessary in certain circumstances. For example, you believe you should punish your children when they do something they shouldn’t have done. However, if you will be violent with your children you will generate negative feelings and reactions.

If later they will become problematic teens, you won’t be able to control them in any way, and you will fell powerless. You must learn how to be diplomatic and respect your children’s personality. Violence generates anger, revengefulness, and hatred.

The world makes you believe that you have to be selfish and always think about your own interests. However, if you will be indifferent to someone else’s pain, you will act like a monster and not like a human being.

I could give you numerous examples in order to show you that you indifferently accept what is bad, while considering it ‘necessary’, without realizing that what is bad is destroying your life.

If you are a selfish monster, who will desire to be your friend and will care for your pain?

You don’t think you are a monster because you are selfish, but if you will seriously analyze this matter you will verify your own cruelty. When you are selfish you are disgusting. You disregard the most meaningful moments of life because you always are thinking about having advantages, and you always are in a hurry. You have no heart.

You believe you simply have a ‘neutral’ attitude (which is neither bad nor good) and you really have to take care of yourself. This is indispensable in life. You have to defend yourself.

You believe that this conclusion is right and you don’t even want to know why it is not. You believe you are misled when someone tries to convince you that you have to stop thinking about your own interests, and be generous.

Your idiotic conscience cannot understand that your life would be better if you were a good person and if instead of having a negative behavior, you were humble, sincere, generous, friendly, and helpful. You cannot associate goodness to intelligence.

You believe you are intelligent when you are evil, but this is a secret you will never publicly admit. Your idiotic conscience believes that you have more advantages when you are dishonest, but you manage to hide this fact from the world and pretend to be honest.

This is why you have to pass through a process of psychotherapy. Your idiotic conscience must become intelligent and sensitive. Even if you know many things, your conscience still is idiotic if you didn’t eliminate your anti-conscience through consciousness and goodness.

Ideas are very dangerous because they can be absurd. The fact that you can think and you have many alternatives thanks to this capacity doesn’t mean that thinking is an advantage. As a matter of fact, being alive is not an advantage by itself.

The awareness of your existential problems is a painful experience. The worst of all is the fact that you have half awareness because you use only a small portion of our brain power. You cannot understand the real origin of all problems.

Human beings are in fact idiotic and under-developed primates, but we believe we are intelligent. We are even proud of our intelligence.

Unfortunately, our human conscience is one-sided. We use only one and a half psychological function from the four psychological functions we have at our disposal (thoughts, feelings, sensations, intuition). We also have an attitude either introverted or extroverted, while we must develop both attitudes at the same time.

Now that you know this truth, you should follow dream therapy based on the scientific method, so that you may learn how to become more intelligent and sensitive. You have to be different if you want to escape the tragic destiny of most people in our world. Your happiness depends on numerous factors. I’m talking about your spiritual happiness, the only one that really matters.

You have to organize your thoughts if you want to have advantages for being a thinking creature. Without organization you will make many mistakes and face frustrations, deceptions, and despair.

You have to carefully follow a wise plan if you want to be successful in life. You are unable to make this plan because you are ignorant, but you have the divine guidance in your own dreams. God knows how you can develop all your psychological functions and become a perfect human being. He gives you many lessons, so that you may understand the process you are following. You are informed and guided.

Dream translation based on the scientific method is a miraculous solution. You only have to understand the importance of goodness and precisely obey the divine guidance.

Sometimes obeying this guidance is hard, but even harder would be to face many difficult problems alone and get lost. You should be grateful for being guided. You are sure that God will help you attain sanctity and achieve superior goals.

You think that a saint is someone who is always suffering, and this is why you dislike the idea of attaining sanctity. However, a saint suffers because of the existence of evilness, while indifferent sinners don’t pay attention to misery and terror.

A saint is a mentally healthy person who doesn’t agree with absurdity. Saints are sad with the human misery, especially because they know that we could be brilliant human beings like them. However, we keep wasting our time with our mistakes. We keep suffering and generating suffering, because we are indifferent to what is bad in our lives and in the world.

You should attain sanctity and disapprove terror, violence, immorality, poverty, and all the horrors that characterize our crazy world. Only this way will you help God eliminate craziness and terror on earth, and only this way will your spirit be able to rest.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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