Explanations For Unexplained Phenomena And Mental Health Issues

Unexplained PhenomenaWe live trying to have a good life, while we despise our spiritual reality. We should in fact pass through a process of spiritual and psychological transformation, without concentrating our attention on our material reality.

We have to learn how to be wise. This is the meaning of the human life in general terms, even though we ignore this truth.

The explanations I’m giving you come from the divine unconscious mind that produces our dreams. All dreams contain important messages. Now that I simplified Carl Jung’s complicated method of dream interpretation you can verify this truth by yourself.

All unexplained phenomena are explained by the fact that God exists, what can easily be verified through dream translation. You can simply verify that God is alive and speaks in a symbolic form, sending you important messages in dreams.

Another important explanation for many contrasting unexplained phenomena is the fact that Satan exists too. Satan is our wild conscience, the anti-conscience, which generates mental illnesses within our human conscience through absurd thoughts.

Most people lose their human conscience when they become adults and they start accepting the absurd suggestions of their anti-conscience. This is why most people are mentally ill and our world is ruled by terror, violence, immorality, hypocrisy, and greed.

I could discover the existence of the anti-conscience because I precisely obeyed the divine guidance in dreams, after precisely obeying Carl Jung’s directions. My work is based on my obedience. My work is not the result of my own speculations and personal conclusions.

I obeyed the guidance I had because I was ignorant and I recognized this truth. This recognition helped me learn that our reality is based on the fight between good and evil. I would never have this vision based on my suppositions.

God and Satan are not folkloric entities. Both are alive, and both keep trying to have your attention. Through dream translation you find scientific explanations for all religious mysteries.

God is the divine unconscious mind that gives you human characteristics and helps you eliminate your wild tendencies through consciousness.

Satan is your anti-conscience, which remains in a primitive condition. Its reasoning is idiotic and self-destructive. This is why it is violent and evil. Your anti-conscience tries to destroy your capacity to think logically through craziness. It is your second conscience, which thinks like a prehistoric man, but pretends to be smart.

The anti-conscience also generates accidents and other misfortunes in your daily life because it possesses satanic energy. It always tries to generate despair, with the intention to destroy your conscience.

Satan always is trying to transform you into a monster, while God always is trying to transform you into a wise and sensitive human being. You are the human being concentrated into your tiny human conscience. You must prefer God’s wisdom, but you cannot understand this truth.

God speaks in dreams and in your religion, hoping to have your attention, and hoping to have your obedience. Satan invades your conscience with its absurd thoughts, and forces your ego to agree with its crazy ideas. Both use different methods, and have a totally different behavior.

You should listen to God’s wisdom in your dreams and respect your own religion. All religions help you purify your spirit. You should follow your own religion because this is the one you better know.

The scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me helps you understand the relationship between science and religion. You will also understand the relationship existent between all disciplines. Philosophy and art are as important as science and religion.

You need many lessons to become a good person because you have inherited a satanic anti-conscience. You have to develop your human conscience while you are alive, so that you may become a wise human being.

Your ephemeral life on earth someday will end. Then, you will be judged based on your goodness.

The absurd modern civilization completely despises the value of goodness. However, this is not what you should do. You should surpass the mindset of your historical time, and respect the information you have in dreams.

You should care about your spiritual evolution. If you don’t know how to begin, you should try to be a good person in all situations, and with everyone around you.

This is not a simple matter, not only because you have inherited many negative tendencies, but also because everyone around you has the same problem; everyone makes mistakes.

You have to pass through a special process of transformation in order to become a good person. This is not a theoretical matter. Only by desiring to be good, you won’t achieve this goal.

The unconscious mind helps you understand the importance of sanctity and purity. You are able to verify how much the immorality and the violence of the world negatively influence your thoughts and your behavior. You also learn how to eliminate the negative tendencies you have inherited.

You cannot be a good person if you indifferently accept violence and immorality, and if you are indifferent to the human pain.

You are used to think according to the selfish logic of your historical time, but this logic is the result of the influence of everyone’s anti-conscience. This is why our world is a chaos where poverty, wars, crimes, and many other horrors are killing our population.

This logic is in fact illogical, but you cannot perceive its absurdity. You tend to agree with the generally accepted beliefs. You cannot recognize the global insanity.

When you will translate the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method you will verify that everything that the world shows you is false. You are induced to believe in numerous illusions.

You must follow the wise guidance of the divine unconscious mind, so that you may evolve and become the brilliant human being you can be.

God gives you freedom because He cannot force you to have a wise behavior based on goodness. You must consciously prefer to be a good person, and seriously believe that this is better for you.

God cannot be an imposer like Satan. God gives you explanations and lessons, helping you develop your own intelligence, so that you may consciously prefer goodness in life. You should be prudent and respect the wise guidance you have in your dreams, and in the religious lessons you had.

The existence of God represents salvation for humanity. We should already have understood that evilness characterizes the human nature. The existence of terror in our world proves that we are evil and absurd.

We have to recognize our evilness and our absurdity and obey the divine guidance, so that we may become mentally healthy. We cannot be indifferent to our absurdity, and insist on living the way we do.

The solutions we find for our problems generate more problems. We are unable to find peace without superior guidance. We have to humbly recognize our incapacity to find peace, so that we may learn how to become peaceful human beings.

You will clearly understand this truth by translating the meaning of your dreams, besides finding explanations for all unexplained phenomena. Your dreams are more important than any other information you could have about your reality. God explains everything you must know for your evolution, helping you find safe and effective solutions for all problems.

Many people cannot believe that the meaning of dreams is so important, but those who pay attention to the unconscious messages in dreams verify that they really come from God. The scientific method of dream interpretation opens new horizons for humanity, because it is the result of God’s lessons in dreams.

Now that I simplified Carl Jung’s complicated method of dream interpretation, and now that I discovered the existence of the anti-conscience, everything is clear and simple for you. Everything depends on your obedience to the superior guidance you have.

You can find more explanations by yourself. God is very generous, and always answers your questions in dreams.

Most people remember many dreams when they have mental health problems. If you don’t remember your dreams, you should concentrate your attention on this matter and write down your dreams when you get up.

You have to pay attention to your dreams immediately after wakening up, so that you may fix them into your conscious memory. Don’t start thinking about what you have to do in your daily life. First of all, pay attention to your dreams.

You can also use a tape recorder or your cell phone if this is simpler for you, especially if you don’t have time to write down your dreams when you get up.

Even if you don’t have time to care about your dreams when you wake up, you should at least fix them into your conscious memory. You can write them down later.

If you will seriously care about this matter, you will remember all your dreams, and have valid information about everything that is important for you.

The dream language is complex, but I transformed all complications into simple steps. You have all the information I could find during two decades in a simple and clear form, and all the information Carl Jung could find before me. My work is based on his work, besides being based on the unconscious guidance in dreams. Jung showed me how to understand the unconscious language.

Now you can find explanations and free psychotherapy in your own dreams, without having to go anywhere. Dream therapy is a great solution for everyone for numerous reasons. Being able to have safe and trustful psychotherapy and information in your own dreams is a big advantage.

Dream therapy cures even severe mental illnesses and physical problems, besides helping you improve your spiritual health. You also have many other advantages that right now you cannot evaluate, because you ignore everything you will learn by understanding God’s messages in dreams.

You will begin a new life. You must have this experience into practice in order to evaluate its efficiency.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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