Understanding Your Reality Thanks To The Information You Have In Dreams

Dream WarningEven though the superficiality that prevails in our absurd world distorted the real meaning of dreams, Carl Jung’s research and my research help you accurately translate the meaning of dreams with safety. You are able to understand the wise messages they contain.

Thus, you immediately verify that this information is valid. Since you have valid information that shows you the truth about yourself, you verify that this is the right translation of the meaning of your dreams.

For example, a patient submitted her dreams for professional dream translation for the first time. She was supposed to write her life biography besides writing down her dream. However, instead of writing the story of her life in a few words, she wrote her opinion about herself, telling me that she was a self-confident woman.

I told her that she had to write a few details about her past, her childhood, her parents and siblings, her traumatic experiences or anything else that marked her life, but she told me that she already had explained everything about her personality.

Her dream was clearly revealing that she had serious psychological problems. When I sent her my translations and I asked her again to tell me a few details about her past, she confessed that she had a horrible childhood and she had many past traumas. However, she was beginning a new life in another city and she didn’t believe that anyone could notice that she was not really self-confident.

She tried to pretend that she was strong and she was merely curious about the meaning of her strange dream, as if everything was fine with her. However, the messages contained in her dream revealed the bitter truth about her psychological reality. This dreamer immediately understood that she couldn’t mislead me; I had trustful information about her from the unconscious mind.

The scientific translations are totally different from the superficial interpretations of ignorant dream interpreters who interpret the meaning of dreams based on their personal opinion, or based on scientific research that follows the logic of our ignorant and one-sided human conscience. The scientific method of dream interpretation is a true translation of the meaning of the dream images based on the unconscious logic.

Carl Jung tried to understand the meaning of the dream language like an archaeologist who was trying to decipher the meaning of an ancient language. He respected the unconscious logic and the meaning of the most important images for all civilizations of the world.

He also studied the mysterious documents of the alchemists, discovering many revealing truths about the meaning of dreams thanks to this practice. This is why he is the only one who managed to discover the hidden meaning of the symbolic dream language, as I prove in my work.

My work is a continuation of Carl Jung’s work. I precisely followed his steps. Then, I precisely obeyed the unconscious mind.

You should follow my example because your obedience will help you make progress and solve your problems the fastest possible. Don’t waste your time with objections. You should be humble and remember that you are ignorant and absurd. Trust the unconscious wisdom and follow the guidance you have, even if it goes against your plans.

You should in fact be afraid of your ignorance and of the absurdity you have inherited into your wild conscience. There are many things you ignore about yourself and the world.

The unconscious mind that produces your dreams is God’s mind. This is why your dreams teach you how to deal with all life challenges. You are informed and guided.

Even if you are atheist you will verify that God is alive and speaks in dreams because this is a fact. All dream images are very well-organized based on the dream logic. The dream logic follows the logic of the unconscious mind, which is based on wisdom and sanctity.

When you will understand how to follow the dream logic and you will also learn the meaning of the most important dream symbols, you will understand the dream language. Therefore, you will be able to verify that the wise messages contained in your dreams can only come from a superior mind. These messages help you solve your psychological and daily problems.

My dynamic method of instant translation from images into words (derived from the complicated method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung) helps you immediately understand the meaning of all dreams. You simply exchange dream images with words that you can understand. I made this simplification by separating many dream scenes from many dreams dreamt by different dreamers, and understanding the importance of every image.

In other words, I analyzed every image of the dream based on the dream logic and based on the meaning of the dream symbols, without paying attention to the dream story. This is what you have to do.

I teach you how to discover another story behind the apparent dream story when you look at it based on the logic of your conscience. Behind the apparent dream story, you will find another story that reflects what is happening into your brain and psyche. Your dreams give you information about your reality.

When you look at your dreams based on the logic of your conscience your dreams are incomprehensible, but when you learn the dream language every detail of the dream makes sense. You have to translate the symbolic meaning of the dream images in order to discover the unconscious story.

We can translate literary works based on the dream language, and discover their symbolic meaning. I will give you an example taken from the literary book I wrote after facing a tragic car accident and losing the young friend who was next to me in the car, when I was a teen.

My book was the story of a beggar who wanted to put an end to hunger on earth. He had a terrible enemy; a white rock that lived on the clouds surrounded by many ghosts.

The white rock didn’t let the beggar find food. The beggar was revolted with the rock. He also was revolted with the human indifference to his attempts to save the world from hunger.

I started writing this book when I was almost 16-years-old, after the tragic car accident. I believed that the beggar was a big hero and I agreed with his ideas while I was writing his story.

However, when I became a dream expert (when I was 27-years-old) I analyzed this book based on Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation. Then, I verified that the meaning of the white rock in dreams is positive.

To my surprise, I saw that all personages of my book were important dream symbols. My literary book was a treasure for a dream translator. The translation of the symbolism contained in this book based on Jung’s method helped me find many answers for questions that my teacher couldn’t answer. Carl Jung would surely understand this fact if he could read my literary book.

The beggar represents a mature part of my personality that was feeling weak and impotent after facing a tragedy.

The white rock represents God.

A ghost represents neurosis.

Now I will translate the symbolic meaning of this part of my literary story, to show you the psychological story behind the apparent one.

The beggar who wanted to put an end to hunger on earth had a terrible enemy; a white rock that lived on the clouds surrounded by many ghosts.

The white rock didn’t let the beggar find food. The beggar was revolted with the rock. He also was revolted with the human indifference to his attempts to save the world from hunger.

A traumatized mature part of my personality was revolted with God because God’s image was distorted by my neurotic tendencies.

My neurosis was distorting God’s character. I was blaming God for mistakes generated by the human absurdity and evilness.

I believed that God was responsible for the human misery, the same way I believed that God had the obligation to protect my friend during the car crash, if He was real. I became atheist after the accident because I couldn’t understand God’s sanctity, and I ignored the depth of the human absurdity.

I analyzed every image of this part of my literary book based on the dream logic and based on the meaning of the dream symbols, without paying attention to the story of the beggar (the apparent story). I paid attention to the dream symbols, which helped me understand the unconscious story.

You will observe that you will find another story behind the apparent story of every dream when you will learn the dream language and exchange dream images with words you can understand.

Here is a simple dream to help you verify the same truth:

I was walking in a park when a dog started following me. I didn’t mind, but then the dog became a snake and I was afraid.

Now, I will translate this short dream, supposing that you are the dreamer.

I will ignore your story in the park. I will pay attention to the unconscious story, based on the dream symbols.

Dream Translation:

You represent your ego in dreams.

The park represents a place exposed to the outside world where you find an incentive of life.

The dog represents infidelity and immorality.

The snake represents a punishment that will force you to stop making a costly mistake.

Your ego will be tempted to be immoral when you will find an incentive of life and you will be exposed to the dangers of the outside world. This incentive of life can be a relationship with the wrong person.

If you will be immoral, you will be punished with a bad event that will put an end to your immorality.


As you can see, the simple scenes of walking in a park and the appearance of a dog (which reflect simple facts that happen all the time) give you important information, if these scenes belong to a dream. The symbolic dream language shows you what the unconscious mind that produces your dreams it telling you with these images.

The strange transformation of the dog into a snake is a characteristic of the dream that doesn’t happen in your daily life. This strange transformation is not strange at all if you will look at the dream images based on the dream logic.

Immorality and infidelity cause serious problems to your life. The fact that you will be punished in order to stop making a moral mistake makes sense. This is why the dog becomes a snake. This is a logical consequence. After accepting immorality and infidelity, you will face a bad event in your daily life in order to understand the meaning of betrayal, and stop acting this way.

When you know the dream language you verify that you have important warnings, explanations, and lessons in dreams. Your dreams don’t reflect your emotions and fears. Your dreams contain precious guidance that saves your life.

The fact that most people despise the meaning of dreams is a big irony. Our dreams are as important as our daily lives because they contain God’s words. All dreams are meaningful. All dreams work like psychotherapy and mind empowerment. Everyone needs this knowledge.

You should be grateful because you can have a direct communication with God through dream messages. You can make a question before sleeping, and have God’s answer in a dream. Many people have observed this fact into practice.

God’s answer won’t be the way you imagine. God doesn’t show you what you want to know, but what you must learn. In other words, He tells you what you should care about.

For example, let’s suppose that before sleeping, you asked God if it was a good idea to accept an invitation. Then, you had the dream about walking in a square, while being followed by a dog that became a snake.

This was God’s answer to your question:

“If you will accept this invitation, you will be tempted to accept immorality. Later, you will have to deal with the consequences of this mistake”.

As you can see with a few simple dream images the divine unconscious mind managed to show you what would happen in the future if you would accept this invitation.

God doesn’t answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to your questions. He makes you think and find the right answer by yourself. You have to think and conclude that it would be dangerous to accept this invitation. You can get involved with the wrong person (dog), and face a bad event (snake) in the end.

Now, if you are prudent, you will obey the divine guidance. If you are superficial and inconsequential, you will disregard this warning and accept the invitation. Then, you will face the consequences of this mistake.

You should be intelligent and obey the divine guidance, without doubting that God knows what will be better for you.

Sometimes it’s hard to do what the divine unconscious mind shows you in your dreams because you want to do something else. Perhaps you want to accept this invitation for dinner, but it wouldn’t be wise to disobey the divine guidance.

You always are protected when you respect the guidance you have in your dreams. Thanks to the information you have, you are able to avoid many problems. You may have the impression that you should do something else, but your opinion is based on ignorance. You should be grateful for having dream warnings, without complaining when you have to change your plans.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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